There’s Nothing Like Baseball by Angela Johnson

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There’s Nothing Like Baseball

by Angela Johnson

illustrated by Eric Velasquez

Story Overview: I’m reading There’s Nothing Like Baseball in class this week. I’m learning that making inferences is a smart guess. That’s because it is based on story clues and what I already know. In this story, when Emma is just a little girl, she loves baseball. She watches her brother play. Because she likes it so much, I think Emma will play baseball when she grows up.
Genre: Realistic Fiction is a made-up story that could happen in real life.

1. imaginary-existing only in the mind (adjective)

2. uniform-special or official clothes that members of a group wear.


3. practices-times set aside to work on skills (noun)

4. tryouts-tests to judge a person’s skills (noun)

5. starting-to be in a game at the beginning (adjective)

6. coach-a person who trains people who play sports (noun)
Strategy: Generate Questions: Good readers ask questions to help them understand the story. Questions may be: Who are the characters? What is the setting? What is the problem of the story?
Skill: Making Inferences is when you make assumptions about a story based on the clues in the story and in pictures and on what you already know in real life.
Grammar: Plural and Possessive nouns are reviewed.
Spelling List: Words with long o are spelled with /o/, /oa/, /oe/ and /ow/.

grow, mow, crow, toe, goes, toast, soap, foam, told, most

Review words: light, mind

Challenge words: between, few, example

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