They’re after everyone. I can’t find a place to hide. The government says we’re safe here, but we all know they’re only saying that to avoid panic. I’ve been in this facility since the beginning


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They’re after everyone. I can’t find a place to hide. The government says we’re safe here, but we all know they’re only saying that to avoid panic. I’ve been in this facility since the beginning. So far, I haven’t seen a zombie. But I know they’re coming. I wonder where they are. While we’re sitting here cowering in fear, are they planning? Or do zombies have to sleep?

This place is disgusting. It’s not really a place to live. Everyone in the world is here. We’re all mashed together in this little camp. “Safe from the zombies” they say. Everyone is required to live with a roommate. Mine is Corey Smith. He is pretty cool. But he is always talking about fighting; he wants to beat the zombies, singlehandedly. We are given food, and other daily necessities. That part is nice. But it’s so small here. I mean, EVERYONE in the world is here. We’re all just trying to survive.

Lockdowns are horrible. We’re all supposed to stay in our cabin, with the doors locked and the windows shut. Lockdowns only happen when someone spots a zombie, which is basically every night. Everyone is so paranoid, they mistake trees for zombies. Last night, we had a lockdown. During lockdowns, we’re supposed to be quiet. But Corey and I talked. We had a long conversation. He is worried about his little sister, Abby. He hasn’t seen her since the attack. He’s afraid they got to her. He said that we should go look for her, and keep looking, no matter how long it takes. So, since we’re all in this together, we’re going to look for her.


The sights here are heart wrenching. People here are dying. They are dirty, hungry, and tired. I’ve seen so many people that haven’t made it. I’m getting scared for Corey. He isn’t showing that it affects him. But I know he is losing hope. I can see it in his eyes. Every time he sees someone dead on the side of the street, his hope goes down. But we’re going to find his sister. We’ve been looking for her for at least six hours. He’s going crazy. He keeps thinking he sees her. He’s scared, like, four people so far. I think it’s time to give up for today. I forgot to mention, we all have a curfew. In your cabin by 8:30 pm, or else. No one wants to find out what or else means. People are saying they will probably feed you to the zombies. I’d like to believe that’s not true.

We had another lockdown last night. This time someone really did see a zombie. You could hear the screams all night. Kids were scared to death. Screaming made it worse. The authorities tried to stop the screaming, by using threats. That sure helped a lot. Now everyone is going to take the lockdowns seriously. Corey and I were in our cabin when someone tapped on our window. I almost screamed, but then we found out it was just an officer making sure we were okay, and quiet. I have a feeling that the zombies are closer than we think.

When we woke up this morning, it looked like a massacre. It pretty much was. There were probably fifty people on the ground, dead. I guess a zombie got in. I hope it was more than one. I would hate to know that one zombie could do that much damage. As soon as Corey saw it, he ran around the bodies, checking to see if Abby was there. She wasn’t. We started to leave. We saw a priest, he was praying for their souls. Corey joined him. But I kept walking. Their souls need more than prayer.


I think we’ve been in here for a month. No one can keep track of the days in here. Not that anyone cares what day it is. The bodies are piling up. The sad part is; they will never get a funeral. Their friends and family might not survive, either. We’re not sure if anyone will survive. I don’t think we will. The numbers are going down. We started with everyone in the world. We will be lucky to leave with a third. Other than the fear, this place is boring. We are just stuck in here, twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week. All we do is eat, lockdown, sleep. Then we wake up and do it over again. The older kids love this. No school. All they have to do is try to survive. I’d rather have school.

No one even knows where the zombies came from. One day everything was normal. The next day, we were at war with zombies. I didn’t even know zombies existed. Maybe they don’t. I still haven’t actually seen one. I’ve only seen what they have done. I don’t want to seem paranoid, but maybe this is all the works of the government. They will do anything, won’t they? Now, I’m not saying they’re heartless pigs who go around pretending to be zombies just for fun. But, maybe there is a different reason. Maybe it’s just to show people who’s in charge. We are kind of relying on them for protection right now. No one is willing to see if it really is true. The people are too afraid of what would happen if there really are zombies out there. But, personally, I think it has gotten way out of hand.

I wonder if they saw me….

I was running fiercely through the alley hoping that the zombies didn’t see me; all alone hoping to run into my best friend Andrew who can hopefully pray to his God to keep us safe during this time. I heard a cracking noise and I began to yank out my spear so that if I ran into one of these creatures I can stab them without a shadow of doubt, but as I began to run faster the footsteps grew faster and I started to panic so I ran even faster than before faster and ended up falling and I just knew from that moment on that I was going to die, but I saw that the so called zombie was a person and it turned out to be Andrew who was shockingly carrying an AK-47 gun in his hand along with his bible. He would never leave that behind that little thing was like his life he depended on it for everything I’m pretty sure if he could he would marry his bible. As me and Andrew began walking we heard a noise but it was a distant noise like you almost had to stop and listen because it was so far away, we both were getting scared so we took another way down the alley and soon ran into a whole heaping load of zombies just waiting to eat a human, and those zombies are pretty darn smart too but before I could get out a single word Andrew started shooting those things from left to right but they wouldn’t die it was almost like they were immune to bullets so we just ran the other way down the alley as we were running we saw a light it was so distant that we could barely see what type of light it was but we kept running toward it because we knew that we were ordered by the government to be in a cabin but they never gave directions to this so called cabin. The night grew longer and I ran out of breath but didn’t stop running, as we got closer to the light we could see that it was a cabin and we were trying to get to it before we ran into another zombie. When we got there the doors were locked, we didn’t know if we were supposed to wait outside until morning, or just bam on the door until someone came which is what I did while I was banging on the door a girl came up to the door she was kind of intimidating to me at first but once she opened the door for us she wasn’t bad after all, but she was hurriedly rushing me and Andrew into the cabin because if more zombies see that there are more people coming into the cabins then they definitely won’t leave this place alone, once we got in ,the place was very small so were the rooms and since me and Andrew are best friends we decided to be roommates. Once 8:30 hit everything was locked down once we were in the cabin we were in there was no leaving or entering, but in this cabin there are a bunch of crazies these people are so paranoid it not even funny how paranoid they are. They are so worried about the zombies that they don’t even stop to think hey! were half safe here and what I mean by half safe is were no more safer than the next person the government just decided to put the people who are alive together and I’m surprised the zombies haven’t bit them in the butt yet, this is crazy where they have everybody who is still alive in this joint. They should have put us in a whole other country so everyone will be able to sleep without being paranoid.


Each cabin had two separate beds one by the wall and the other by a window, the window had a special covering over it so that if we ever encountered a zombie it wouldn’t be able to break the glass, but I’m not worried about the window I’m more worried about my mom and dad. When this zombie thing happened they broke into my house and attacked my mom and she is no longer alive, and when the government told us where we had to go my dad stayed behind at home where my mom died he just wasn’t ready to let her go. He said that he would catch up with me but he never did my dad isn’t good with directions. My dad means so much to me and it hurt so bad to just suddenly leave him behind I feel as if I should have never left him back in a place where he will literately die of either starvation or loss of water. I am very worried about him. So I’m going back to get him my dad is strong he is a warrior, I think I will be fine if I have a box of matches and some of my sharpest spears…. I decided that I was leaving the next morning with a full drawn out map of how to get there and back. I am not telling anyone because as soon as I tell someone they may put bars on my window so I can’t sneak out, but these people can’t stop me and from this point on I began to say…. I AM A WARRIOR.


Breathe… In and out… 2 days I have been sitting around this hole with no vodka. I am thinking about getting my friend and going to look for some in the morning, if I can survive that long. I heard there is a bar right down the road from where we are holed up at. I’ll start my search there. Alcohol is banned in the camps but I will sneak it in I guess. I mean, come on, try to take cigarettes away from somebody who smoked half their life, well this is no different and if I have to I’ll spend the night outside. I woke up around 6:00 this morning, not that time really matters anymore. I got my friend Alex up to come with me. We have been searching for about 2 hours with only a little luck. Sneaking the alcohol we find back in the camp will be relatively easy because they don’t check your bags if you show up at last minute. So far we have found only 1 bottle of vodka and a bottle of some really good wine. For some reason our skill at finding zombies is a lot better than finding what we are actually looking for. We have been through at least 3 crowds of zombies in the little time we have been out. We have killed about 90 zombies and were running a little low on ammo. We finally decided to go back to the camp. We got there around 7:00 pm, so we were ok. We drank a little of our findings of the day then went to bed.


I got up rather early for me this morning. I decided to take a trip to the armory with Alex to pick some more ammo and a couple guns to take with us. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, we are going to go look for my girlfriend today. I really hope she is okay. I really don’t know what I would do without her. Anyway they apparently got some new guns. We decided to trade in Alex’s M16 assault rifle for a brand new L96 Sniper rifle, a M80, and a couple Beretta pistols. We got out of the camps at around 1:00 in the afternoon. We figured it was the best time to go out because that seems to be when there are the least zombies around. We started looking around the last place we knew she was. Of course the government was absolutely no help whatsoever but then again what can you expect from a bunch of lying hypocrites. They found out what we were doing and told us it was a waste of time and we wouldn’t find her which made me really mad. I looked the governor in the eye and told him if I didn’t find her I would come back and kill him. It really isn’t his fault but I was really mad because he wasn’t helping he was just making the situation worse. I don’t really plan on killing him at all because I know we will find her and if we don’t, I probably won’t come back. We were searching for 3 hours before we found any trace of something helpful. We found a note that read, A few survivors and I have taken refuge in an abandoned house about 3 miles west of this location. Immediate help upon finding this letter will be greatly appreciated. Holy crap!! I shouted. She might be with the survivors. But it is almost curfew replied Alex. The hell with curfew I said. I will spend the night with the zombies if I have to. I am going up there now. You can go back if u want but I will be going to that house. Alex replied with a smile and said if you are going up there you can bet your life I am going with you.


Back in Russia we respected our women and we would do anything for them. Here at the end of the world is no different. We reached the abandoned house described on the letter to see a swarm of zombies huddled around the house. “What are we going to do?” asked Alex. I guess we will wait for a little bit but let’s find somewhere to hide out for a little bit. We found a barn about 20 yards to the south of the house that we decided to hide in. Okay I will take first watch I said to Alex. Thanks, he replied. My shift began at about 8:00 pm and I was on duty until 1:00 in the morning then Alex took his turn as I slept. Around 3:00 in the afternoon I was awakened by Alex who was continuously saying they’re leaving, they’re leaving!!! What? I asked. The zombies. They’re leaving; we can sneak in the house. We got inside the house and everybody was in the basement hiding. Is there a Julie Here? I asked. Yes, replied someone in the corner, but she is really sick and we can’t move her because she would slow us down too much during travel. Ok, I said, I will take care of her but we are moving back to a camp in the morning. How are we going to move her someone asked? This is where the whole “we will do anything for our women” thing comes into play. Let me worry about that in the meantime you guys get some rest we are moving out in the morning.


I wish I had a gun…….

I have never seen something like this before except in movies but I didn’t know that they were real. I’m sitting here with Georgia, my girlfriend, in our room that we were assigned waiting for day to come so I could kick some zombie butt. Georgia is holding a MAC-10 with nuclear bullets inside that she had brought from home. I have a TEC-9 with bullets that she gave me. We both have silencers. We can hear the noises of the zombies, the moans, the other survivors being bitten and turning into zombies, along with frantic screams every two minutes. I knew the world would end but not like this. I am so tired. Next thing I know, I wake up and its morning. Breakfast is being served while the music CD is playing. I asked, “Can I go home quickly to see if I can salvage any useful materials?” The guard says, “Yes, but hurry! Don’t let it be night when you come back or the zombies will tear you apart! You can’t reason with them. They may be old loved ones but if I were you, I wouldn’t want to be eaten by someone I loved.” We get up and go to my house while staying on guard. We find more nuclear bullets and some grenades that my dad had stored for an event such as this. I got some bandages and water. We then packed and returned to camp just in the nick of time. We set the equipment in the refrigerator so it will stay cool and not blow up and kill anyone because of the radiation.

The external doors are locked and barricaded with metal and wood bars and nails because the zombies have seemed to be able to unlock doors and walk and climb on walls. I pray to God, “So help me, I will put some of these demon-worshipers in their place!” Georgia then says to me, “I wish that my family was with me. They were on vacation in Sweden but were transferred to a safe camp in Northern Switzerland after the apocalypse started.” I say to her, “Don’t worry. Everything is gonna be fine.” We kiss and go to sleep. The next day it’s the same routine. Get up, eat breakfast, and lock the doors and go to sleep. I hate doing the same thing over and over and over again. But this is the way you have to live in order to survive. As soon as we get wall barriers, we will be able to play outside and do what we used to do. It’s like having like a gated community. They started yesterday but the construction was interrupted when someone spotted a zombie running toward the camp and we went into lockdown. The walls are almost finished. They are being covered with a very slick material so that the zombies can’t walk or climb up it. Georgia and I started playing horse and table tennis. The time was about 11:50 a.m. When we finished, we started to watch Looney Tunes on my DVD player.

The next day, we had a meeting on how we were going to start fighting back the zombies. We all got equipped with battle gear. Ammo holders, extra guns, grenades, headbands, and war paint. We were ready to mobilize. We had four stations set for battle on the top of the wall with machine guns. We also had several bazooka shooters on the wall. It turned dark at 8:50 p.m., right after we had been placed in our battle stations. Georgia and I were placed on ground control, fighting zombies on foot with hands, guns, grenades, and any other weapons we were provided or found. It was 9:13 p.m. when the zombies came out of a crack made by Satan. We started shooting at any and every zombie that we saw in our peripheral and straight ahead. They ran at us like a bunch of dogs chasing after a fox. Everyone who was on the wall just started firing bullets, throwing grenades, just going full out war on them. One of the zombies started tearing through the wall. I shot him with several bullets and he fell to the ground. I threw a smoke grenade down and climbed down the ladder to fix the wall. I found more piles of steel and wood and hammered those on the wall with unmovable nails. I climbed back up the ladder and felt something catch my foot and I just started shooting. The thing let go and I went up the ladder to continue war. By that time it was about 4:55 a.m. I yelled to Georgia, “Georgia! I need more ammo!” She threw up a magazine and said, “Hey, I’ll go bac/k to the room to reload!” It was about 5:39 when the zombies went back to their waiting places. I was glad that was only the first wave. Everyone had gotten off the wall that was partly damaged and went back to their rooms and slept. When we woke up it was about 12:10 p.m. We got breakfast. The breakfast was different this time. Instead of the usual toast, jam, and milk, it was catered from McDonalds because someone found a working McDonald that we could build a metal tunnel to so that we would not be caught by zombies. I just wish that it wasn’t this hard to live. Everything was so easy five years ago.


Why is the government so stupid?

You’d think we’d be in a state of anarchy. Seeing as it’s the “end of the world.” This place is so insane. I’d rather get this over with. I don’t like being attacked by things that shouldn’t exist, especially with the government constantly watching our every move. I’ve been walking around, trying to find some people who will leave with me. Isabelle is going to leave with me. Amitola and Andrew are too. None of us see the point in staying here. Yes, we’re safe. But I’d rather be safe somewhere else. I’ve loaded up on everything necessary, food, guns, and blankets. We have been in here so long that they’re running out of supplies. Pretty soon, we’re all going to die from starvation, not the zombies.

Isabelle is sick. We can’t leave yet. We were planning on leaving today. But I can’t care for a sick person while fighting off the zombies. It seems that everyone is getting sick. I’m praying to God that I don’t get sick. If I get sick, it’s all going to be over. I’ll be stuck here until I die. I guess I’ll die here no matter what.

People are leaving camp left and right. They come back, of course. I wouldn’t if I were them. I wonder if they realize that they’re not as safe as they think they are. The government is just telling everyone what they want to hear. If you’ve seen the zombies, you know the government is lying. Isabelle has a theory; she thinks this is something the government is doing. I’ve yet to see any proof of this. I guess she thinks they’ll do anything. I suppose I can see that. Although, that would be a very risky thing for them to do. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Isabelle were right.

I woke up this morning and started to look for Abby. I should probably give up. If I haven’t found her by now, I’m probably never going to find her. What if a zombie got her? I don’t even want to think about that. She’s my little sister. If those zombies got her, they’re going down. They do NOT have the right to take my family. I’ll personally kill every single one of them.


Have you ever looked at the stars to pretend everything is okay? I have. I found Abby last night. She was in a pile, with the rest of the victims. She didn’t get inside fast enough when the zombies got in. I took one look at her and ran the other way. I didn’t want to have that image burned into my mind. I can’t believe I didn’t save her. What kind of a brother am I? I don’t even care if I get out anymore. I’m a failure. Isabelle doesn’t know yet. I knew I shouldn’t have gone looking for Abby alone. I wonder what her last thoughts were. She was probably too scared to think. I want this to be over. It’s gone too far. I’ve lost my sister, my home, and my security.

Why does this have to happen to us? Too many lives have ended in such a horrible way. I’ve lost all faith in the government. Not that I had that much to begin with. This whole thing has been unnecessary. People are dying in ways they shouldn’t have to worry about. Zombies? Who would’ve thought that we would have to survive through a zombie apocalypse? I remember when I used to think the existence of zombies was insane. Just like aliens. I bet aliens are next, if we survive. Maybe it’s punishment. For everything we, as the human race, have done wrong. We have done some pretty screwed up things. Maybe I should join the zombies. I don’t want to eat people or anything. I just don’t want to get eaten. I guess I’m still going to leave camp.

Today’s the day. We’re packed and ready to go.

“Are you sure we have everything?” asks Isabelle.

“Yeah. If we need anything, we can find it somewhere,” I say.

We’ve decided to leave at night. Yes, it’s risky. But it’s also safer, in a way. The authorities are too busy making sure the cabins are locked to check the outside gates. We can get out in four seconds. That’s probably why the zombies get in so easily.

We got out without any problems. Well, we were almost spotted once. But that was a false alarm, just a person staying out late. I bet they got caught. At least we didn’t. It literally looks like a warzone out here. Houses are in pieces. I’m not sure why. It seems like most of the war has been fought out here. I didn’t think there really was a war. I just thought we were hiding from the zombies. I guess I was wrong. Right now, our only plan is to walk. Walk as far as we can. Then, maybe, we will find a safe place to stay. The people back at camp probably are better off there, because they wouldn’t know how to survive out here. Maybe we should lead the zombies back to camp and let them in. Ha, that would show them. I have no respect for anyone who lives at the camp anymore. They’re all just letting this happen. If they all would stand up and fight, maybe this would be over.


The Hardest Thing Ever….

Me, Amitola, Corey and Isabelle managed to sneak out the cabin without anyone seeing us which are surprising considering what Amitola has on right about now. As we are on our way we are careful for how fast we walk, how slow we walk for the simple fact if we run across one speck of a zombie then we might as well get a funeral service ready for our bodies, not like we’ll have one anyways. So as we tip-toed down the alley me and Amitola came through, we saw that it wasn’t the brightest idea because there were these two outlines of bodies but it was too hard to see if they were zombies or those stupid guards the government sent to watch over the “cabin”. As we began to get closer to the figure Isabelle whispered in my ear “we should go the other way….” And we all began to walk the other way and right when we began to tip toe the other way there was a strong and fierce voice that shouted HEY YOU THERE!!!, we all began to run as fast as we could not looking back or anything just running as if we were running from the coppers. The night grew longer and I developed this big headache that just wouldn’t leave no matter how hard I tried it got worst and worst so I just decided if I take a quick nap it will probably go away since ya know there isn’t much to do for a brain tumor, my nap resulted in me falling asleep and the guys managed to carry me in an old wagon they found on the side of the road where a little girl died from a zombie, and that’s when I woke up on an old ragged chair that smelt revolting, but I noticed that there was no body in the house that I was resting in so I began to look high and low for them and saw a note on the front door that said be back later went looking for useful…PS the crew. While they were gone I decided to look around the old small house to see if I could find anything useful, but couldn’t find a thing, as the day grew longer I was still waiting for them to return. I began to get worried because I started thinking things like they left me, or they died from a zombie attack. So I just told myself to relax and take a breather because it’s not like I can check the time, but I told myself if they aren’t back in 15 minutes then I am going to go look for then whether it’s risky or not I’m still looking for them. It was about 10 minutes later when I heard a shuffle sound of a messed up car and I ran out to see if it was them and it was they came back with a truck full of gas.

While we were in the truck we couldn’t find anything to talk about since nobody really knew each other well enough so I began to tell them the story about how I got a brain tumor since nobody knows I have it I think now would be a good time to tell them just in case something were to happen . So I told them about how I got rushed to the hospital and this really annoying nurse woke me up saying “Are you ok?” “what’s your name?”, in a very high pitched voice and as I began to look around I saw my brothers and my parents at my bedside along with my best friend Amitola and she looks at the nurse and says,

“What’s wrong is he ok”, said Amitola

The doctor is afraid to say what’s really wrong

“Hey doc. can you tell us what’s up’ says one of Andrews brothers

The doctor decides not to tell them because he decides someone from the family should what’s going on with Andrew and he ends up telling Amitola. “Excuse me miss can I talk to you out in the hallway for just 1 moment please” says the doctor. And Andrew took a long pause on his story and began to look at Amitola and saw that she had eyes full of tears building up in her eyes, and he says to her “I don’t have to finish if you don’t want me to Ami” says Andrew “no they need to know just in case something were to happen to you Andrew tell them”. So as I was saying the doctor pulled Amitola out into the hallway and told her that her best friend Andrew has cancer, and I remember from that day hearing her cry so hard that it was hard for me to listen to her. “ so did Amitola end up telling you” says Isabelle, “no she doesn’t in fact she was crying so hard that she could barely say anything so the doctor came in and said, “ well that didn’t go quit how I planned so I’m just going to tell you,” he took the longest pause ever I mean this guy could have gotten an award for this, but then he began to tell me “you have a brain tumor which resulted in cancer, now there are ways where you can get rid of this cancer just as long as you corporate and follow the procedures you should be ok”, and the only thing I could say is “why me”.


We got up at 12:00 in the morning to head back to camp. We got about a mile from the abandoned house when we saw a truck driving up the road. Think it’s a search crew asked Alex. No, I replied. I don’t think they would come looking for us all the way out here. We soon realized it was a large group of people that were in fact running away from the camp we were at just 2 days before. You guys headed back shouted one of the strangers. That’s the plan, I replied. Well could we convince you guys to join our group? Let me talk to them I said. We talked for about 5 minutes and made a decision. So… I said, most of our group will in fact be headed back to camp but me my friend and my girlfriend will be joining you. Great replied one of the strangers. How will we all travel in the truck though one of them asked? I found a 1969 Chevelle SS about 2 miles up the road that we can ride in if you guys want to give us some gas. Sure. We can also give you a ride up there if we go slowly enough. Sure that would be appreciated I replied.


We drove about 100 miles away from camp before we found an old house we could hole up in for the night. When we got inside I said we never properly met but my name is Victor This is my friend Alex and my girlfriend Julie. My name is Andrew and this is Amitola and Isabelle replied Andrew. Cool, I said. I am gonna go see if theres anything useful upstairs while you guys get set up for the night. I went upstairs and found a radio, some cheez-its, a Remington 700 rifle, and a Spaz-12 shotgun. I went back downstairs and turned on the radio. Immediately The Beast And The Harlot by a7x began playing on full volume. CRAP!!!! Turn it off!!! Shouted Andrew. Damn it I shouted. I hope none of the zombies heard that. Amitola looked out the window and replied no I think we are ok. Thank god said Isabelle. I second that, said Andrew. We better not do that again. We might not be so lucky next time, said Andrew. I agree I replied. Okay everybody, get some rest said Isabelle, were moving out in the morning, we can’t stay in one place very long or we won’t survive very long.

Victor & Friends

We got up at 4:00 and everybody was prepared to leave. What exactly is our plan I asked? Andrew responded. We are going back to the camp to get necessary medical attention because Julie isn’t going to make it if we don’t and we are going to pick up some supplies while were there. We will probably spend 2 days there but then we are leaving for good. Okay, I replied. We got into the car and Nightmare by a7x was playing on a cd. Well that is definitely a good song to be listening to during the end of the world said Andrew. I know, I replied, but it’s still a good song. We arrived close to the camp around 6:00 but we had to leave our cars about a mile away because they would take them away if we got caught with them. We arrived at the camp at 7:00 and we were in our rooms at 8:00. We went around trying to recruit a couple people for our group. We didn’t have any luck so we went back to our rooms. We got in our rooms at 12:00 p.m. so we decided to go to bed. We slept in until 2:00 p.m. the next day. We finally got up and we went to gather up some medical supplies as well as guns and ammo.


This world is something new to me….

After two days of fighting off zombies, I had to rest. I slept from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm two days later. When I woke up, Demarcus said, “Dang, you really must be tired from all that fighting!”

I just nodded.

I asked him, “When are we going to leave camp?”

He said, “I don’t know, why you ask?”

I replied, “I heard a group of campers were going to leave here because they didn’t think it was safe enough. I want us to join the group so that we can at least have friends on this messed up world, and so that we can have at least a chance at going to Jamaica like you said. Then we could probably get married after the age limit, and have kids.”

He said, “Maybe we should join the group, I mean, it wouldn’t be so bad to hang around people, seeing as though we don’t have any friends.”

So we got up, got breakfast and started toward where the group of kids was that were going to leave.

I asked, “Hey, is it alright that we join your group?”

A guy with a weird Russian accent, who looked like he just drank a tub full of Vodka, joked with us saying, “Back in Russia, we not as-ked group if can join, we as-ked group if group can join us in dilemma time, but this Russian make acception this time.”

He smiled and gave us the wink, meaning that we were in the group. We met up with the rest of the group who were glad to meet us. There was Amitola, a Native American girl that thought the government did this, Victor, the Russian actor is what I like to call him, Victor’s girlfriend, who we didn’t know much about, Isabelle, a nice girl I thought, Corey, who was paired up with Isabelle, and Andrew, a man diagnosed with brain cancer.

Isabelle said, “Glad to have you in our group, we were just about to plan our next escape.”

I said, “That’s cool with us. Demarcus owns a blue Hummer H3. The guards said that if he were to leave, he could not come back with it. It would be great for our get away.”

Victor asked, “Does he know how to drive it?”

Demarcus said, “I can drive it, got my license early if anything like this happened.”

Everyone gave him kudos for having a car big enough to fit us all and that can run over the zombies.

“So….what is the plan for your next attempt at escape?” I asked, “Demarcus’ house isn’t too far from here. Maybe we could stay there until we find a better place to stay.”

Corey said, “That is a great idea. Maybe we should do that.”

Then everyone started comin’ up with more ideas on how to stay safe. Amitola said that we could strap a machine gun on top, along with a seat, so that someone can shoot at anything that comes in its way. There would be a rotating block under both so that the person can turn around with the gun. Corey said we should put some huge swords on the sides so that zombies running towards it would hit the swords and die. Victor said that we should let him be the one on the roof of the car since he has better aim with machine guns. Isabelle said that she would clean the swords every night. Andrew then came up with the idea on how we were going to escape. He said that we would go the next morning, eating an early breakfast. We would go in the middle of the road so that the zombies have less room to walk and would scatter. As soon as we reach the house, one person would open the garage and let the car in. We would then make beds in the living room and camp there until morning. The next day we would eat breakfast and start looking for another home. When we find one, we will get stuff from the previous home and go to the next home. That procedure goes over and over until we find the safest house we can find.

Everyone was in agreement on that was what we were going to do. So the next morning, we went exactly as planned. We reached Demarcus’ Swiss supposed to be temporary home. When we reached there, we saw a gas station across the street. Isabelle and Corey said that they would go and get gas for the car. We found some swords that Demarcus had stocked up on, along with the machine gun and car seat, with seatbelt, that was supposed to go on top of the car. We then started putting the swords on little compartments that were found lying around and bolted them to the car. The moving block that was going on top of the car was being bolted along with the seat and the machine gun. A bolted box next to it was for ammo. There was a ladder leading to it on the back side of the car. We then waited for Isabelle and Corey to come back with the gas. When they returned, they brought other supplies that may be needed, such as water, snacks, and keys. We were all set to go, but where were we going to go.

Demarcus said, “My grandma’s house is around the corner and up the street from here. Maybe we could go there.”

So we packed up our things and headed for Demarcus’ grandma’s house.


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