This is not meant to be printed off and given as a test…this document is to give you ideas of how this standard might be assessed. Please use these as an example when you are developing your own formative assessments

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(This is not meant to be printed off and given as a test…this document is to give you ideas of how this standard might be assessed. Please use these as an example when you are developing your own formative assessments. Remember formative assessments are to be given throughout the teaching of a standard to help you guide your instruction based on students needs. A good formative assessment should have a mix of multiple choice as well as open ended.)

Pronouns 3rd Q1

ELACC3.L.1. a., f. sample assessment questions

**This is NOT intended to be given to students as a test. This is a bank of questions that can be used to assess the standard. Please make your own assessment from this bank of questions, and feel free to add your own!

1. The boys promised that them would take care of the dog.
Which pronoun should be used in place of the underlined word?
A. they
B. their
C. those
D. they’re

3. We always have spaghetti for supper on Thursdays.

The underlined word is
A. a verb
B. a noun
C. a pronoun
D. an adjective

Which word pronoun could replace the underlined words in each sentence?
1.) I am going to Jacob’s performance.
2.) I will tell Linda’s friend about the book.
3.) Look at the turtle’s shell.
4.) This is my family’s garden.
5.) Does that look like Mike and Sue’s car?
6.) This is my family’s houseboat.

7.) Please put this on Mark and Laura’s patio.

8.) Did you see the peacock’s feathers?

10. They were happy to see there friends at the park.

In the sentence above, which word should replace the underlined word?
A. she
B. him
C. thair

  1. their

13. My sister and me like to work in the yard.

Which word should replace the underlined word to make this sentence correct?
A. I
B. us
C. her

  1. them

Write the pronoun found in the box below that can take the place of each noun.

he it she they

we you

___________ 1. Mrs. May walked down the street to catch the bus.

___________ 2. Mary and Paul are going to visit friends.
___________ 3. The turtles were glad to see Aaron.
___________ 4. Lucy drove the tractor on the farm.
___________ 5. The soup was delicious!
___________ 6. Mr. Wheat played the trumpet for the class.
___________ 7. The presentation was very interesting.
___________ 8. Brian rode the horse.
___________ 9. Gianna petted the puppy.
___________ 10. Kali and Susan performed in the talent show.
___________ 11. Timmy and I baked a cake for our father.

___________ 12. Mark went skiing with Barry.

___________ 13. Mark and Joe did well on the science project.
___________ 14. Lois cleaned the house.

Choose the pronoun that belongs in the blank.
4. This telephone number belongs to Betsy. It is _____________.
5. You and I live in this house. The house is _____________.
6. My dog is bigger than your dog. The larger dog is _____________.
7. You go to Maple School. The school is _____________ .
8. Ted's baseball is over here. The baseball is _____________.
9. That skateboard belongs to Jan. The skateboard is _____________.
10. You want the last slice of pizza. The last slice is _____________.
11. Mom and dad's car is in the driveway. The car in the driveway is _____________.
12. My brother and I bought tickets. The tickets are _____________.

Read the sentences. Write the singular pronoun or pronouns you find in each sentence.
1. James gave me the book Boom Town. ______________________________________
2. He says it makes him want to live back in the Old West. ________________________
3. I read it from cover to cover in one afternoon. ________________________________
4. I will tell you that it is about a girl named Amanda. ____________________________
5. She starts a pie-selling business. ___________________________________________
6. Many people buy pies from her. ___________________________________________
7. I read how she gets other people to start businesses and help the town. _____________
8. It makes me want to start a business, too! ____________________________________
9. Maybe I could open a bakery. _____________________________________________

10. I could open it with my mom._____________________________________________

Read each sentence. Replace the underlined word or words with a plural pronoun. Use clues in the sentences to help you decide.
1. James, Sarah, and I decided to start a cookie business.
2. Have you and your friends ever tried to start a business?
3. James and Sarah made the cookies.
4. I painted signs while I waited for James and Sarah.
5. Then there was a phone call for James, Sarah, and me.
6. James, Sarah, and I had our first customers!
7. The cookies were still warm from the oven.
8. Sarah carefully wrapped the cookies.
9. James, Sarah, and I delivered the cookies to our customers.
10. The people were delighted and promised to order more.
Proofread the paragraph. Circle any incorrect pronouns.
We recently read Boom Town. They is the story of a girl named amanda.
Her helped her town grow by starting a pie business. Us decided to try the
gooseberry pie recipe in the book. Mom suggested using blueberries instead.
Then Mom thought there wasn’t enough sugar. Him kept adding more. I
thought there weren’t enough berries. You piled them so high that there
wasn’t enough dough to cover them. Then me forgot to turn on the oven. No
wonder the pie took so long to bake!

Rewrite the paragraph with the correct pronouns. Make sure all proper nouns and I are capitalized.


Write yes if the underlined word is a pronoun. Write no if the underlined word is not a pronoun.

1. Have you read about Amanda and her pie business?

2. She started making gooseberry pies for the settlers in California.
3. They bought many pies from Amanda.
4. The settlers in her town realized there was a need for other businesses.
5. Amanda helped them think of ideas.
6. Soon they had built a busy town.

B. Underline the pronoun in each sentence. Then write S if it is singular or P if it is plural.
7. We visited a museum over the weekend. _____
8. The guide showed us how people lived during the California Gold Rush. _____
9. She said that towns sprang up where people searched for gold. _____
10. I had read about the Gold Rush in the book Boom Town. _____
11. It has become one of my favorite books. _____
12. We read it during class. _____

Read the sentences and the possessive pronouns in parentheses. Circle the correct possessive pronoun.
13. The students in_____ class are designing carousels. (our, ours)
14. I am almost finished with _____ . (my, mine)
15. Did you finish ______ ? (your, yours)
16. Nina and Nick showed me _______ designs. (their, theirs)
17. Nina used dinosaurs in ______ . (her, hers)
18. Nick put only birds in ______ carousel. (his, their)
19. I liked both of ______ . (their, theirs)
20. Each carousel had ______ own style. (its, their)

21. ______ carousel would be different from anyone else’s design. (Your, Yours)

22. All of ______ are different. (our, ours)
23. I hope the teacher likes ______ ! (my, mine)
24. ______ class has worked really hard. (Our, Ours)
Read the sentences. Replace the underlined word with the correct pronoun.
25. Her moved to California. _______
26. Amanda baked pies for they. _______
27. Them bought Amanda’s pies. ________
28. Amanda’s brothers helped she. _______
29. The pie business kept she busy. _______
30. Amanda gave he an idea. _______
31. Him opened a trading post. _______
32. People said, “Look how Amanda’s pies have helped we!” _______

Read the sentences. Choose the correct pronoun in parentheses to complete each sentence. Write the pronoun.
33. My brother, sister, and___________ visited our aunt’s farm this summer. (me, I)
34. _____was very different from where we live. (It, Them)
35. _____each had our favorite animals. (Us, We)
36. _____ liked the roosters in the yard. (He, Him)
37. _____preferred the little goats. (Her, She)
38. Have_____ ever seen a baby goat? (you, your)
39. _____followed us around like puppies. (They, Them)
40. Could_____ have one as a pet? (we, us)
41. My aunt says_____ eat a lot. (they, them)
42. _____ feeds them three times a day. (Her, She)
43. “Why don’t ask_____ Uncle Ben for help?” I asked. (your, you)
44. “________ is busy feeding the cows,” she said. (He, Him)
Read the sentences. Choose the correct pronoun in parentheses to complete each sentence. Write the pronoun.

45. Ms. Robinson read_____ Beatrice’s Goat. (us, we)

46. It is about a girl named Beatrice and the goat given to_____ . (her, she)
47. The story showed how Beatrice’s family took the goat’s milk and sold_____ to raise money. (it, its)
48. Beatrice’s family used the money to send _____ to school .(her, she)
49. Josh listened to the story with _____ . (I, me)
50. I told I had met some goats last summer at a farm. (he, him)
51. We played with_____ a lot while we were there. (they, them)
52. “I will show_______ a picture of a baby goat,” I said. (you, your)
Replace each underlined word or group of words in each sentence with the correct subject or object pronoun. Write the new sentences.
53. Mom and Dad took Tim and me to a petting zoo.
54. A sign explained how to behave with the animals.
55. Tim petted a baby goat.
56. Two other goats came along and poked at Tim and me.
57. Mom told Tim that they were looking for food.
58. Tim said to Mom and me, “I hope they don’t think I’m lunch!”
59. Dad took a picture of Tim and the goats.
60. Should I send you and Grandma a picture of the goats?
Read the first sentence in each set. One of the four sentences that follow it correctly replaces the underlined words. Circle the correct sentence.

61. Our goat Annie lives in the small barn behind our house.

A. They lives in the small barn behind our house.

B. You lives in the small barn behind our house.

C. Them lives in the small barn behind our house.
D. It lives in the small barn behind our house.

62. Annie eats breakfast with my family every morning.

A. She eats breakfast with us every morning.
B. Her eats breakfast with us every morning.
C. We eats breakfast with her every morning.
D. They eats breakfast with us every morning.

63. Dad listens for Annie’s hooves tapping on the porch.

A. We listens for it tapping on the porch.
B. He listens for them tapping on the porch.
C. He listens for they tapping on the porch.
D. I listens for her tapping on the porch.

64. My parents feed Annie a mix of different foods.

A. Us feed them a mix of different foods.
B. They feed him a mix of different foods.
C. You feed us a mix of different foods.
D. They feed her a mix of different foods.

65. Goats will eat anything yous give them!

A. We will eat anything you give them!
B. She will eat anything you give them!
C. It will eat anything we give them!

  1. They will eat anything you give them!

Write the possessive pronoun on the line.
66. Riverbank State Park in New York City is famous for its carousel. _______
67. Milo Mottola told people about his idea for the carousel. _______
68. He asked his art students to draw animals for the carousel. _______
69. Their designs were used to make the carousel. _______
70. Our class plans to take a trip to the park. _______
71. Lily wants to see the animal designed by her cousin. _______
72. My mother told me to take a picture of the carousel. _______
73. Will your class go on any trips this year? _______
74. This is the first trip for our class this year. _______
75. My father is going on the trip with us. ________

Open ended:

Write a short about either a real or imagined adventure that you have gone on with a friend. Be sure to use pronouns correctly.
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