This is the story of a victim of the man-made radiofrequent radiation


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This is the story of a victim of the man-made radiofrequent radiation.

I live and work in The Hague, The Netherlands. I used to live in an apartment in the densily populated Bezuidenhout area, near Central Station. My workplace moved several times, but the office was always in the city centre. I remember in 1998 I already got complaints like blurry sight and the feeling of electricity in my fingers. I got 'rsi' (repetitive strain injury) then, but recovered. Like other people, I was not aware of the risks of the growing 'electrosmog'. Only afterwards I heard a colleague became 'electrohypersensitive' (ehs) in the same office and therefore lost his job.

In the fourth quarter of 2002 technical inconveniences arose in and around our appartment. All channels of cable-TV became blurred. I could not repair this even by installing double shielded coax cables. Neither could the cable company by installing a new socket. The doors of my car often were unlocked in the morning. A digital clock changed to 00.00 several times. The CT1 wireless telephone did not work well anymore. Etcetera.

I remember that we (me, my wife and child; then respectively 50, 32 and 5 years old) had health problems in 2002 like lack of energy (not even for holidays and birthday parties). The child always was bed-sweating and -wetting, my wife sometimes had stings in her body, she went to bed early and we did not wake up refreshed as before. Our child clearly had cognitive problems, sometimes she wanted to put a question, but could not remember what. At the end of the day, she became extremely agile. Nevertheless, we were not aware of environmental problems and also we used a lot of electrical equipment in the house, computer screens, microwave, heating blanket, mobile phones (GSM), and others.

Still in 2002 I noticed that the conifer in the garden (we lived at the second floor) got brown spots. I wondered, because I have known this tree for almost 12 years to be sound. The neighbour, a professional gardener, did not have an explanation. Afterwards, it seems to coincide with the placement of a beam transmitter in August 2002, straight over our apartment. At the beginning of 2003 the joint central heating started to produce loud bangs in the basement. Whatever we tried, we could not repair. Afterwards I think the computer control was disrupted by electromagnetic fields.

In Februar 2003 my agony started. I woke up in the night many times. I remember one time it felt as if my brain was sloshing and cooking, quite frightening. Then I could not sleep anywhere in the appartment anymore for four nights. My skin felt like burning. We then met an acquaintance from another town. She noticed we were exhausted and invited us to stay with her for two weeks, in a smaller town. A wonder happened: no sweating, no bed-wetting, no stings, no burning skin. We slept well and were refreshed in the morning.

I concluded the problems must have an environmental cause. In the next two weeks I went to the appartment everyday. Within ten minutes I became unwell. I discovered that my skin temperature rose 0,5 degree in the city centre of The Hague. I measured electrical pulses in the steel furniture in the apartment. At some places a compass needle turned South instead of North. I suspected electromagnetic radiation, but since the Health Council of The Netherlands said this was impossible, I looked for other sources like noise with inaudible frequencies, extremely low magnetic fields or stray currents. Some people thought me to be crazy.

After two weeks we returned to the apartment. To me it was like hell. I could not sit down, felt electrical currents in my body, got extremely nervous and anxious, felt vibrations in my belly, the soles of my feet started burning terribly, I felt tingling in my legs, sometimes my muscles moved unintentionally, I woke up every hour, feeling burned. Could not concentrate during the day, felt weak and sick, got palpitations of the heart (up to 110 beats pro minute).

The general practitioner could not find anything wrong. Blood tests did not show any known disease or disorder. However, my blood pressure was high (160-110). I bought a test device and found that at some places and times my blood pressure was quite o.k. and my heart beat down to 82. This was outside the city center. We slept in Rotterdam as well, but there my complaints returned, like heavy attacks in the morning and around five o'clock in the afternoon.

I experimented with sleeping under aluminium foil and under towels, soaked in milk. This softened the suffering a lot and I could sleep again. Next I connected my body with earth in the electricity cupboard. The tinglings and vibrations disappeared. But, the current from my belly into the copper wire was hurting me too much. I still have a burning scar there. I also experimented putting all electricity off, but it did not make any difference. I started to sleep inside a steel cupboard and it did help somewhat. I sometimes felt a strong electrical current when I touched steel furniture. At one time my feetsoles were burning too much, I could not walk on them anymore. In the meantime the loud bangs of the heating system continued.

I went to a neurologist and he found nothing known wrong. I went to an electro-acupuncturist, she told me I was absolutely acidificated and intoxicated. Since regular medicine did not help at all, I used homeopathic medicine and it seemed to do something good. Apart from that I consulted alternative healers. They told me about jealousy and insufficient protection. We used many alternative medicines, tried praying, incense, healing bathes, paranormal healers, but all efforts were without success. I also went to a psychiatrist. He did not find any known disease or disorder and suggested polyneuropathy or intoxication.

I could not sleep at all in the appartment and started sleeping in the car near nature resorts, on parkings and elsewhere. I was unable to do my job for almost six months. In the summer of 2003 I tried to buy new glasses. It was impossible, three times the measurement of my eyes gave different results. More and more I realised that man-made radiofrequent radiation seemed to be the cause of my suffering. I bought a set of high and low frequency measurement devices (Aaronia) and indeed, high frequency radiation was less where I felt better and did not have palpitations and a high blood pressure.

An acquaintance invited me to sleep in a room with low radiation, for some months. During the day I was really sick, could hardly work. Afterwards I realise that the office was 250 metres from a large tower broadcasting radio, TV and shortly also digitenne (DVB-T) and digital radio (the appartment was about 1000 metres from the tower). And the neighbourhood was full of GSM- and now also UMTS-antennas and beam transmitters. At my desk I measured 370 nT at 50 Hz. My legs became painful, I became dizzy and got headaches. I tried to work out of the office as much as possible.

It was difficult to find another house and we were extremely stressed. I decided to buy a house in Scheveningen, not far from the sea, with a basement under ground level, not surrounded by antennas like in the city center. It is quite expensive and worn, not nice and affordable like the apartment. But what could I do? And then, after the removal, I felt sick again and discovered the DECT-telephones of the neighbours. They received and accepted CT-telephones from me instead. In the basement, radiation by GSM and DECT was minimalised to 1 mikroWatt/m2, according to the Aaronia HF-Detector (should detect between 3 MHz and 3 GHz).

We were exhausted and hardly able to move, furnish and organize the house. Until today, half of the moving boxes is still packed. Our living situation is really bad and expensive.

In Februar 2004, a few weeks after the removal I woke up in the night with the tingling feeling in my legs. I developed severe depression and anxiety and was taken into the psychiatric hospital. There, I suffered from the TL- and energy saving lamps as well as from the DECT in the ward. I had to sleep in a steel framed bed, the Aaronia measurements were high. I have crawled on the floor from pain in my belly. Using my mobile phone (the only way to reach me) gave me severe headaches.

After six months, a long time of observation and personality tests, alternating the ward and home, the diagnosis came: no known psychiatric disease or disorder found. At home I felt that the neighbour had introduced his DECT again. I asked him and he confirmed. The CT telephone was not functioning well. I have given him a radiation protection bag, he has put the base of the DECT inside. Since then the radiation is less. The TFT-screen of my computer shows vertical moving waves however. There must be other radiation sources around. Probably the street is full of DECT-base stations, wireless computer networks and digital babyphones. Also there is a harbour nearby (radar) and at the end of the street I feel the currents of GSM-antennas in my fingers.

I discovered a neighbour has a WLAN in his basement, probably the frequency is above the maximum of the Aaronia HF-Detector. Modern devices are often above 3 GHz. I suppose I am sensitive to this WLAN now as well. Every night I wake up a few times and feel like swarming inside my belly, have a whistle in my ears and many times tingling in my legs. In the morning my joints are stiff and I feel worn out, but at least I fall asleep every night again, thank God. The situation is better than before, in the apartment. Nevertheless the quality of my life is low. I can't go to meetings in rooms with DECT, WLAN and people using mobile telephones. A diner in a restaurant near some GSM-antennas results in heavy pains and unwellness the next day.

I succeeded to buy new glasses in the summer of 2004 (again, different measurement). I went to another neurologist, had an echoscan again, many blood tests etcetera. The general practitioner and the specialists find nothing wrong in their views. In the meantime my teeth deteriorate, my muscles are painful, my sight sometimes blurred and in general, my health declines. My belly is growing abnormally and the upper part can be very painful. Fungoid spots are growing. Sometimes I crawl on the floor from pain, cry and ask for help. It will not come, because doctors, politicians, most scientists and other people do not believe radiofrequent radiation can do any harm. My energy is low, I can't do much but my job, the most urgent things and keeping in touch by e-mail and the world wide web.

I almost forget to mention the worst part. My workplace has recently moved to the top of a 90 metres tall office building at 180 metres from the large tower broadcasting traditional and digital TV and radio. In the office there are no DECT and WLAN, but a lot of computers, GSM (the mobile phones are not working well, probably the large tower interferes) and energy saving high frequency TL-lamps. I am burned there immediately, when I have been there a working day my head feels like radiating, my skin and inside feel like burned, my hands and belly swollen, my eyes hurt, I feel electrical discharges from the soles of my feet, I have difficulty thinking and concentrating, I get nausea and sometimes an aching headache (the same when using a mobile phone). It lasts for a night and day afterwards. Some of the damage seems to last and I wonder if I will be o.k. ever again.

There is no other conclusion than certainly, the man-made radiofrequent radiation and my suffering are correlated. Since there is no other disease or disorder found and since from the anamneses and stories of other victims (all ages, both sexes) no common disease or disorder appears, it is reasonable to conclude man-made radiofrequent radiation is not only related to, but also the cause of our agonies. I have a lot of blind experiences. Typical components can be found in the stories of all victims suffering from radiofrequent radiation sickness. I know some victims personally now and the stories are horrifying.

A month ago I had to work for a week in the Jaarbeurs Messe in Utrecht. Two years before the circumstances were identical and I did not have any problem. This time however I got very sick, could hardly walk to the railway station at the end of the day, had blurred sight, felt strong electrical currents in my fingers, in the night it was very painful and I even vomited. At the end of the week I checked the venue and in every exhibition hall there are four UMTS-antennas, some five metres above the public. With the best intention I can't find any other cause of my troubles.

I invite anyone to investigate my case and find out what is the matter. Based upon my experiences and knowledge by now, the rational conclusion is that the producers of contemporary man-made radiofrequent radiation are torturing and possibly even murdering people, animals and nature. I know it is difficult to imagine for those who are not (yet?) suffering themselves, because radiofrequent radiation cannot be seen. Life is going on like usual. Nevertheless, something has changed. The levels of radiofrequent radiation are skyhigh, compared with ten, fifteen years ago. Also the character has changed into digital and pulsed. Believe me, there is a problem. It is time to act, to prevent worse. 

(name and address withheld, but known)

The Hague, The Netherlands
April 24, 2005


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