This Tournament Goes to Eleven 2007 Movies / Videogames (half-and-half subject packet) Written by: Chris Ray (Maryland)- movies Eric Mukherjee (Brown) & Mike Bentley (Maryland)- videogames


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This Tournament Goes to Eleven 2007

Movies / Videogames (half-and-half subject packet)

Written by: Chris Ray (Maryland)- Movies

Eric Mukherjee (Brown) & Mike Bentley (Maryland)- Videogames

Tossups (1)

1) This film's climactic scene is facilitated by the ricochet of a “Christmas present from uncle Ahmed” given to the “Beast from the Middle East,” played by Kal Penn.  An encounter with some heavily-armed Koreans is averted thanks to the protagonist's emergency stash, but he forgets to hide the receipt.  That protagonist declares that his “inner killer” has been awakened after a conversation with Ronnie Rizzat, voiced by Snoop Dogg.  Tec, the leader of the I-9s, can't afford a gamecast and is forced to deal with his emotional and muscled subordinate and his ex-girlfriend Shondra.  Blair Underwood tasks PJ and Sean, later known as Bloodbath and Tree, to kidnap gubernatorial candidate Bill Gluckman's son, and to “scare the black out of him.”  B-Rad G sticks to his terrible, terrible rhymes in, FTP, what movie starring Anthony Anderson, Taye Diggs, and Jaime Kennedy as an aspiring white rapper from the namesake Los Angeles suburb?

ANSWER: Malibu's Most Wanted


2) He chokes an Indian man with a phone cord soon after infecting Scott, who along with Tammy encounters him while hitting the casinos of Las Vegas.  His most unquestionably ridiculous actions occur as he lusts after Princess Zarina on a research station while being pursued by Michael Jackson and a mad scientist.  He later somehow ends up as a statue in Mack Daddy's Compton estate and slaughters some aspiring rappers, later returning in the next installment, Back 2 tha Hood.  Originally, he terrorizes Jennifer Anniston, including a memorable scene in which he sings about playing pogo on someone's lung.  Played by the diminutive and brilliant Warwick Davis, FTP, identify this title character who searches for his missing pot of gold in of a series of horror films, a murderous little man from Irish folklore.

ANSWER: The Leprechaun


3) A key memory in this film involves two boys trying not to drown while holding onto a basketball.  The film's most distinctive moments occur when an infared-X-ray hybrid shot is used, to demonstrate the extent of bodily harm when arms and spines are broken and hearts are impaled.  That impalation occurs when the protagonist is unwilling to fight a motorcycle-riding assassin, and must engage in an utterly ridiculous sequence in which he beats her to death using his love interest's limbs.  Maurice constantly gets his ass kicked by “Dim Sum,” once during a pickup football game and again with a fire hose.  Colin O'Day, played by D.B. Woodside, is thrown out of a window by the same man who murders Han Sing's brother at the behest of Triad boss C'hu, who is also Han's father.  Trish shoots Isiah Washington's Mac before Han confronts Kai, and the two reunite, avoiding the tragic fate of the movie's namesake.  Starring Jet Li and Aaliyah, FTP, identify this movie in which Montagues and Capulets are replaced with Blacks and Chinese.

ANSWER: Romeo Must Die


4) This character presumably has a cameo in a music video featuring Maja Ivarsson and Travis McCoy.  This friend of John Sanders has his weapon stolen by Three Gs after Claire Miller, his semi-love interest, provides him with weaponized hairspray as he tries to repair the air conditioning.  He accompanies Big Leroy during the film's climax, after which he declares “all praise to the Playstation!”  His central task is protecting Sean Jones from a diverse group of assassins unleashed by gangster Eddie Kim, during which he loudly announces “I have had it with these mother-fucking snakes on this mother-fucking plane!”  FTP, identify this Samuel L. Jackson-played protagonist of Snakes on a Plane, who shares his first name with a certain Mr. Longbottom from the Harry Potter series.

ANSWER: Neville Flynn (accept the “mother-fucking snakes” quote before mentioned)


5) One character in this film expresses his opinion that “when you read the TV Guide, you don't need a TV” and later informs the protagonist that the rule for borrowing the car without asking is filling it up with gas.  That protagonist first becomes suspicious due to the aggressive behavior of Thorn, while one of the most memorable scenes involves insect-ridden Chinese food.  The first casualty of the title group is young Marco, after whose death Sam Emerson flees with Laddie and Star. Recently plans were announced for a sequel, entitled “The Tribe,” which will feature Edgar Frog, played by Corey Feldman, but will probably suck now that Corey Haim has pussied out.  FTP, identify this classic in which Jason Patric's Michael is terrorized by Kiefer Sutherland and a band of California vampires, whose title references a group of directionless youths from Peter Pan. 

ANSWER: The Lost Boys


6) He claimed that he cried heavily when Marissa died on The OC, while discussing his turn as an FBI agent in The Last Mimzy with Conan O'Brien.  He provided the voice of The Wolf in Air Buddies and Big Daddy in The Land Before Time XI, a far cry from his emphatic yell toward police pursuers that “you can't catch Papa Bear” while tearing off on his Harley in Armageddon.  In addition to typical roles as Attar in Planet of the Apes and Balthazar in The Scorpion King, he turned in a not very comedic role as Ricky Bobby's crew chief.  He is perhaps best remembered for being betrayed by Bruce Willis in The Whole Nine Yards as Frankie Figs, and for his Best Supporting Actor nomination for the hulking but mentally handicapped miracle healer John Coffee in The Green Mile.  FTP, identify this immensely large black actor, known for his distinctive, deep voice.

ANSWER: Michael Clarke Duncan


7) In one scene of this film, a man with prominent facial tattoos declares that he is too smart to become Governor, while another centers around Daunte Culpepper's touchdown pass to Jim Kleinsasser.  Dan Akroyd, who receives his funding from a reference to Tommy Boy, Callahan Auto, steals one main character's best penis joke in this film.  Ula declares that “sharks aren't dangerous” before revealing his bleeding shark bite and being told to “go smoke another one.”  The protagonist's attentions are drawn by light reflecting off a knife in the Hukilau, and he is successful with an architectural modification of a waffle structure, though his later attempts fail.  Sean Astin's Doug memorably does not know there will be a steroid test for Mr. Hawaii, but still helps his father trick Lucy every day.  FTP, identify this film centering around Adam Sandler's attempts to woo Drew Barrymore despite her memory loss.

ANSWER: 50 First Dates


8) The film ends with a decision to move to Albuquerque and to avoid retirement, an act considered after the main character watches a music video in which the singer professes to “keep the ladies screamin'” before having sex with the prostitute Mandy.  Mark Ellis derides one character for wearing a wrist appendage “fucking upside down,” shortly before that character vomits for the first time.  Aaron Eckhart supervises LL Cool J, as Julian, and Lawrence Taylor, as Luther, who is nearly killed after James Woods, the team doctor, covers up his injury.  Depicting Cameron Diaz as a manipulative owner and Dennis Quaid as an aging and sucking reference to Dan Marino, it centers around the rise of black quarterback Willie Beamen.  Praised for its stylized yet authentic depiction of professional football, FTP, identify this Oliver Stone film starring Jamie Foxx and Al Pacino, named for the inability to predict whether a team will win or lose on a certain day.

ANSWER: Any Given Sunday


9) A major subplot revolves around Michael Gough's character and the fictional ailment MacGregor's syndrome, possibly a pun referencing the name of the producer, which prompts the line “take two of these and call me in the morning.”  Diamond heists are revealed to be only a facilitator for the primary antagonist's endgame, which leads to a showdown by a large telescope.   Elle McPherson has absolutely no place in the film as Julie Madison, particularly since the leading actor declared that he played the protagonist as gay.  Barbara Gordon becomes Barbara Wilson, played by Alicia Silverstone, and combines with the terrible acting of Chris O'Donnel, Uma Thurman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to utterly destroy the film.  FTP, identify this fourth and distressing installment of the 1990’s Batman films, featuring George Clooney as a clearly homosexual caped crusader.

ANSWER: Batman and Robin


10) Richard Edson identifies himself to this character's best friend as a professional, and at the close of the film his primary nemesis is offered a gummi bear that is guaranteed to be “real soft and warm.”  Grace's discussion of this character includes a mention of “sportos, bloods, and waistos,” and he engineers the existence of the Coughlin Brothers Mortuary and uses a reservation by Abe Froman to embarrass a pompous maitre d'.  He sings “Twist and Shout” despite the fact that his father, who recommends using a warm towel to cure his fabricated illness, is in the same region of downtown Chicago, and manages to avoid a discussion of “something D-O-O economics” by Ben Stein.  After parking lot attendants joy ride in a Ferrari 250 GT, he is forced to pull his friend out of pool before abandoning Cameron and Sloane to rush home, where Jennifer Grey's Jeanie covers for him and Ed Rooney, this character's principal, is thwarted.  Played by Mathew Broderick, FTP, identify this truant who takes a “day off” in 1986 John Hughes film.

ANSWER: Ferris Bueller (accept either name)
Bonuses (1)
1) Identify these hallmarks in the illustrious career of Rutger Hauer, FTPE:

[10] Hauer can't seem to go a year without playing one of these creatures.  Such roles have included Lothos, who battles Kristy Swanson, Kurt Barlow in 'Salem's Lot, and the title role in Dracula III.

ANSWER: Vampires

[10] Hauer's favorite role was as Roy Batty, who leads the replicants against Harrison Ford's Rick Deckard in this film.  Oh yeah, it was based on some story about sheep by Philip K. Dick.

ANSWER: Blade Runner

[10] Hauer also plays a robot in this story of a post-apocalyptic war between super-intelligent robots who are seeking out a buried stash of guns that doesn't actually exist, despite the fact that they could easily make new ones.  Its entire budget was tripled when producers hit it big at an Eastern European casino.

ANSWER: Omega Doom


2) Identify these actors who allow Hollywood to carry on the proud tradition of reinforcing ethnic stereotypes, FTPE:

[10] If you want a really fucking scary kung fu Asian sorcerer for your upcoming B movie, this star of Elektra and Rising Sun is your man.  He might be most famous for playing Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, and for anglicizing his name by inexplicably adding “Cary” in front of it.

ANSWER: Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

[10] It's important to remember that all Mexican-Americans are scary-looking, heavily tattooed ex-cons, as this brilliant character actor reminds us.  A frequent collaborator with Tarantino, with whom he starred in From Dusk Till Dawn, he will play the title character in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming movie adapted from a Grindhouse trailer, Machete

ANSWER: Danny Trejo

[10] So far this packet's writer hasn't seen this African-American actor play a character who isn't involved in a shooting.  He is best known for playing Greg Pratt on ER, starring as Odin James in O, and for playing Eminem's best friend in 8 Mile, which earned him a reference in “Lose Yourself.”

ANSWER: Mekhi Phifer


3) Answer these questions about the Universal Soldier franchise, FTPE:

[10] This pretty famous Belgian martial arts actor appeared in both films as Luc Deveraux.  He's also known for Bloodsport, Double Impact, and Kickboxer.

ANSWER: Jean-Claude Van Damme

[10] This African-American star of Spawn and Exit Wounds played the personification of a raging supercomputer named SETH in Universal Soldier: The Return.  He is also good at martial arts.

ANSWER: Michael Jai White

[10] Universal Soldier: The Return also exhibited the illustrious talents of this guy, who had a role in Ready to Rumble as himself.  Oh yeah, he's a really big, really bald professional wrestler.

ANSWER: William Scott “Bill” Goldberg


4) Identify the pairs of actors who are involved in these fictional breakups, FTPE:

[10] These two stars appeared in the film The Breakup.  A few months later, they broke up themselves, after one of them had previously been dumped by Brad Pitt.

ANSWER: Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn

[10] Laura Burney, played by the star of Erin Brockovich, leaves lunatic abusive husband Martin, whose portrayal by an Irish actor made Sleeping with the Enemy memorable.

ANSWER: Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin

[10] Holden McNeil, played by a famous star of Good Will Hunting, loses his mind and proposes a threesome with Banky and his formerly gay girlfriend, played by an actress who also unfortunately found herself with a role in Biodome.

ANSWER: Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams


5) 40-30-20-10-1, name the film from scenes.

[40] Ending credits

[30] The main characters repeat the word “shenanigans” shortly after watching some humorous Afghanistanimation translated by a creepy German dude.

[20] Rabbit's efforts to distract Burton and Smy prompt the latter to scream “Hey, you there. . . Bear Fucker. . . do you require assistance?”

[10] Thorny, Foster, Rabbit, Mac, and Captain O'Hagen try to strategize how to prevent their station of the Vermont Highway Patrol while Farva defects to the local cops.

[1] The phrase “these snozzberries taste like snozzberries” is shortly followed by a graphic displaying the phrase “Super Troopers.”

ANSWER: Super Troopers


6) It opens with a scene in which Morse Code is used to disrupt a cocaine deal.  FTPE:

[10] Identify this film starring Andy Lau, which centers around the mutual infiltration of the Hong Kong Police Force and a local mob boss's organization.

ANSWER: Infernal Affairs (or) Wu J'ian Dao (or) The Path without End (or) Mou Gaan Dou

[10] Infernal Affairs is probably best-known in the West for inspiring this 2007 Best Picture winner by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Jack Nicholson, and Matt Damon.

ANSWER: The Departed

[10] This massive Hong Kong star played the protagonist in Infernal Affairs.  He also starred in In the Mood for Love and 2046, and is known for sharing his name with an older, fatter Hong Kong actor.

ANSWER: Tony Leung Chiu Wai (or Short Tony or Little Tony)


7) Name these poorly-chosen Sean Connery roles, FTPE:

[10] Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman co-starred with Connery, who played insane, kilt-wearing August de Wynter in this awful attempt to set a 1960’s TV series to film.

ANSWER: The Avengers

[10] This weird, sort of James Bond film was actually made concurrently with Roger Moore's Octopussy.  It costarred Kim Basinger, and its title might be a reference to Sean Connery's improbable return to the series, or to the universal critical astonishment that such a return could have sucked so much.

ANSWER: Never Say Never Again

[10] Sean Connery wears the most disturbing outfit ever developed, a red mankini with crisscrossed suspenders, in this awful Sci-Fi film about a giant fucking head that talks about how the gun is good, but the penis is evil.

ANSWER: Zardoz


8) Identify the characters as well as the actors who played them, given these acts of destruction, For five points per answer:

[5,5] The destruction of the second Death Star, while he commanded the Rebel assault from the Millenium Falcon in Return of the Jedi.

ANSWER: Lando Calrissian played by Billy Dee Williams

[5,5] Pretty much everything that was ever destroyed in the Lethal Weapon franchise, including numerous cars and office buildings, despite the best efforts of Danny Glover's Roger Murtaugh.

ANSWER: Martin Riggs played by Mel Gibson

[5,5] The organization of Project Mayhem, which eventually leads to the demolition of several office buildings and is revealed to be due to the actions of Edward Norton's alter ego.

ANSWER: Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt


9) It uses the various flashbacks of Persian Gulf veterans to tell the story of a downed helicopter and its pilot, who was killed in action.  FTPE:

[10] Identify this 1996 movie in which an army officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder tries to evaluate whether or not Meg Ryan's character deserves a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor.

ANSWER: Courage Under Fire

[10] Courage Under Fire starred this actor, who won an Oscar winner for his role as Alonzo Harris in Training Day.  He also starred as Ruben Carter and Malcolm X.

ANSWER: Denzel Washington

[10] Courage Under Fire drew inspiration, specifically in its use of multiple perspectives of a single event, from this Akira Kurosawa film depicting the rape and murder of a woman near a certain city gate in Nara, Japan.

ANSWER: Rashomon


10) Identify these awesome monsters from B horror films masquerading as actual mainstream cinema, FTPE:

[10] This titular entity is not an archaeological artifact but rather a crazed genetic mutant that tears through the Chicago Natural History Museum and for some reason keeps devouring hypothalmuses.

ANSWER: The Relic (five bonus points for anyone who answers Mbwun)

[10] This ancient demon emerges for twenty-three days every twenty-three years to harvest organs to ensure its longevity.  It has appeared in two films, attacking a bus full of basketball players in the second, and is shown to possess the ability to whistle a certain tune.

ANSWER: The Creeper (From Jeepers Creepers)

[10] This large, slow moving, gelatinous entity was famously battled in a 1958 film by Steve McQueen.  He is lamely defeated by being frozen with fire extinguishers.

ANSWER: The Blob

Tossups (2)

1) One notable side quest in this game sees the party using the Cloak technique to sneak into Dodonpa’s hideout, and another sidequest involved battling Deadbeard on Crossbone Island.  The main antagonists of this game come from the same clan as Karst and Agatio, who are the antagonists of its sequel  It begins with a party lead by Kraden entering Sol Sanctum, only to be confronted by a large, floating one-eyed rock.  Psyenergy is the magic of choice, which is obtained from summon spirits known as Djinn.  Centering on Ivan, Garrett, Mia, and Isaac’s quest to stop the activation of the elemental lighthouses, FTP, name this 2001 Game Boy Advance RPG by Camelot Studios.

ANSWER: Golden Sun
2) The sequel to this game featured the nomadic Vagyr, and one important race in this game refer to themselves as the “unbound”.  The expansion pack to this game featured an antagonist that the Bentusi named “The Devourer”.  The plot is set off by the finding of the ancient ship Khar-Toba, and the Taiidan is revealed to have exiled the main race to the planet Kharak.  It centers on the Kushan’s search for the title location, a place called Hiigra, and this game was notable at the time for featuring full 3D movement.  With an expansion called “Cataclysm”, FTP, name this 1999 Sid Meier real-time strategy game.

ANSWER: Sid Meier’s Homeworld

3) In Chex Quest, this object was transformed into the LAZ device, and upon inspecting a replica of this object, Jon Stewart stated that he “just got a hard-on”.  Originally, this object was set to spray fireballs in every direction, but the programmers decided to tone it down after this slowed the framerate to a crawl.  In one appearance, it is explained that the projectiles from this weapon contain a chip that prevent them from harming the user; in that same entry, charging it for too long causes it to explode.  In addition to causing up to 800 points of damage, it sends a series of rays in a forty-five degree spread, which is sometimes enough to kill Spider Masterminds and Cyberdemons in one shot.  FTP, name this gigantic, powerful weapon from the DOOM series.

ANSWER: the BFG (accept BFG9000 or Big Freaking Gun or Big Fucking Gun)

4) Various materials in this game refer to a group known as the Cloven, who supposedly speak Russian and eat their dead.  One weapon in this game is a sniper rifle whose secondary mode allows you to slow down time, and another useful weapon can tag enemies and send a continuous stream of homing shots toward them.  The end of this game features an attack on the main tower, which houses several flying tentacled telepaths called “Angels”.  The action begins when the protagonist’s unit lands in York only to see it completely taken over by the Chimera, who rule the rest of Eurasia.  Featuring Sgt. Nathan Hale, FTP, name this 2007 Insomniac Games first-person shooter, exclusively for the Playstation 3.

ANSWER: Resistance: Fall of Man

5) One notable boss in this game is a scientist who throws syringes at the player, and its second episode features mutant soldiers with third arms holding extra guns.  Its protagonist later appeared in Spear of Destiny, and is implied to be the father of Commander Keen.  Notable games using its engine include the hilarious Super Noah’s Ark 3D, and this game’s other bosses include a general who’s name translates as “Fat Face” and Adolf Hitler in a mechanized suit.  FTP, name this game that stars B.J. Blazkowicz, an Id Software first-person shooter from 1992, which was remade in 2003 as a “Return” to the namesake “Castle”.

ANSWER: Wolfenstein 3D

6) In one instance in which this character appears, he is challenged by the Rindoukan master Makoto; in that same entry, he seeks out and battles the hermit Oro, who tells him to come back in fifteen years.  The prodigy Sakura wishes to train under him, and she manages to duplicate his signature move, albeit with less power.  He learned his craft under Gouken, and is almost consumed by his desire for revenge against his master’s murderer, Akuma.  He shares many of his techniques, including the Rising Dragon Punch, with his best friend Ken Masters.  FTP, name this wandering warrior from the Street Fighter series, whose best known attack is the Hadoken fireball.


7) One future entry in this series is supposedly an RPG prequel, set to be released for the XBOX360 and subtitled Code Chronos.  The evil committee in this game is responsible for creating the clone Alpha-152 in one entry, and for brainwashing Genra; said organization was originally headed by Victor Donovan, but it is currently headed by Helena, whose mother was assassinated by Christie.  Other characters include the protagonist of Ninja Gaiden, Ryu Hyabusa, and other entries include two in which all of the female protagonists are invited to Zack Island to play volleyball.  FTP, name this series with characters like Ayane, Lei Fang, Gen Fu, and Kasumi, best known for the exaggerated breast physics of the female characters.

ANSWER: Dead or Alive

8) In one scenario, this character eventually marries and has a son named Marcus.  He once gets involved in an effort to free the Krazoa spirits from the dictator General Scales, during which he befriends Prince Tricky and meets his love interest Krystal.  Upon escaping from a battle with the help of someone that remarks that he’s “become so strong”, he states that “nothing’s wrong” upon being questioned by his teammate.  He graduated from the Academy with Bill Grey, and he leads a mercenary band that is often hired by General Pepper.  FTP, name this figure who has destroyed Emperor Anglar, the Aparoid Queen, and Andross with the help of his teammates Falco, Peppy, and Slippy, the protagonist of Star Fox.

ANSWER: Fox McCloud (accept either; accept Star Fox before mention)

9) This game shares many of its play mechanics with the company’s earlier effort Silhouette Armageddon, and during development was codenamed Project RS2, indicating it is the spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun.  The protagonist is a member of the resistance movement Tenkaku named Shinra, and he fights against the “Chosen People” known as the Horai.  Its chapters are titled “Ideal”, “Trial”, “Faith”, “Reality”, and “Metempsychosis”, and the final boss of this notoriously difficult shooter takes the shape of a gigantic yin yang symbol.  FTP, name this 2001 game by Treasure in which you must switch your ship’s polarity in order to avoid damage from endless streams of black or white bullets.

ANSWER: Ikaruga

10) One character by this name is a robot who accompanies X and Zero to Giga City in Megaman X Command Mission, only to betray them to Epsilon. Another character by this name is revealed in a dream sequence to be Clyde Arrowny, the former partner of Baram and father of Relm in Final Fantasy VI.  Another character by this name stars in a game in which he defeats Mephiles the Dark.  He had earlier teamed up with E-123 Omega and Rouge, and was originally introduced as a prototype of the ultimate life form, created by Gerald Robotnik.  FTP, give the shared named of these characters, the most famous of which is the aforementioned evil clone of Sonic the Hedgehog.

ANSWER: Shadow

Bonuses (2)

1) Turns out the PSP is actually the home to some pretty kickass strategy RPGs.  Name some of them from clues, FTPE.

[10] The title character in this "historical" SRPG developed by Sony possesses the ability to transform into a much more badass warrior thanks to the possession of a magical gem.  Its combat system also has the relatively unique burning aura, and historical figures like the Duke of Bedford are present... although so are demons.

ANSWER: Jeanne d'Arc

[10] The PSP recently saw a remake of this seminal Playstation Strategy RPG subtitled The War of the Lions.  The main character, Ramza, uncovers a conspiracy by the Ivalice church of Glabados in this game.

ANSWER: Final Fantasy Tactics

[10] The PSP saw another recent portable version of an established Strategy RPG series released, this one subtitled Afternoon of Darkness.  The portable version of this Nippon Ichi Software game adds an Etna mode in addition to the traditional story where the plot centers around Laharl and his castle.

ANSWER: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

2) Identify these things obnoxious homophobic 12 year olds do in the Halo series, FTPE.

[10] The really cool kids would hit this button on their cable modem when they had host in Halo 2 in order to duplicate map weapon spawns and make everyone else pause while they got free kills.

ANSWER: Stand-By

[10] Getting on top of this really popular level in the original Halo was a big deal in the early days of the series.  It was remade into Coagulation in Halo 2, and was also the setting of some chronicles of Red vs. Blue in a popular machinima.

ANSWER:  Blood Gulch

[10] Perhaps the most famous instance of cheating thus far in Halo 3 was done by this man, still an obnoxious 12 year old at heart, who had his friends quit out of games to boost his stats.  This point guard recently underwent left knee surgery after a game against the Timberwolves.

ANSWER: Gilbert Jay Arenas Jr. (prompt on "Agent Zero" and "Hibachi" I guess)

3) The Protoss are really expensive to play, but oh so much fun; answer some questions about their heroes and some of their units, FTPE:

[10] These units’ main draw is their Psi Storm technique, but their hallucination technique is also good if used correctly.  Two of them fuse to form an Archon.

ANSWER: High Templar (prompt on partial answer, do not accept “Dark Templar”)

[10] These large, very slow mechanical caterpillars fire Scarab drones at enemies, which do massive amounts of splash damage.  Excellent against that group of 100000 Zerglings sitting outside your door.

ANSWER: Reaver

[10] The Protoss Expiditionary Fleet is headed by this figure who, at the end of the game, rams his ship into the Overmind in order to destroy it.

ANSWER: Tassadar

4) The Wii was billed by many fan-boys as the future home of the revolution on console FPS's, but that hasn't necessarily been the case.  Identify some of these games that have had differing levels of success in accomplishing that, FTPE.
[10] Probably the best example of FPS controls so far is this game developed by Retro Studios.  Like its predecessor, Phazon-infected Dark Samus serves as an enemy, along with the traditional Space Pirates.

ANSWER: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

[10] This Wii launch game by Ubisoft met with mixed reactions amongst critics.  As protagonist Scott Monroe, you not only go to Tokyo to get your girlfriend Miyu back, but you also learn how to sword fight with a katana.

ANSWER: Red Steel

[10] Although this game's controls were not terrible, pretty much everything else was.  IGN called it a mash up of the series' Instincts and Evolution games, but with low res textures it was no where near as good as Crytek's original.

ANSWER: Far Cry: Vengeance (prompt on just Far Cry)

5) Identify some of these classic arcade games developed by Williams from clues, FTPE.

[10] Rather than riding a horse, Player 1 rides on an ostrich and Player 2 on a stork above a lava pit in this game, where you also try to kill Hunters, Shadow Lords, and very annoying pterodactyl.


[10] One of Williams' first hits was this difficult game, where you battle mutants, briters, and landers trying to beam humans up from the planet below.  It is also known for its confusing control screen, with reverse, thrust, fire and hyperspace buttons in addition to a joystick.

ANSWER: Defender

[10] Williams licensed this 1982 Irem game, where players are apparently a Luna City cop.  Your vehicle attacks both forward and up, battling enemies like UFOs and even more deadly rocks and crevices.

ANSWER: Moon Patrol

6) Not all casual games have to suck.  In fact, the puzzle genre has seen some pretty entertaining games released recently.  Identify some of these, FTPE.
[10] This RPG and Bejewled hybrid is set in the same environment as the developer's previous series, Warlords.  The battle system includes skull tiles that damage the enemy, and outside of battle players can build up a citadel to capture certain enemies.

ANSWER: Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

[10] A version of this PSP launch game by the maker of Rez was released for Xbox Live last year.  The most important gameplay element revolves around special blocks that make lots of adjacent blocks light up.

ANSWER: Lumines

[10] This sequel has the hilariously long Japanese title of "Tohoku University Future Technology Collaborative Research Center's Professor Ryuta Kawashima Presents" this game.  It added new modes like Clock Spin, Change Maker and Piano Player.

ANSWER: Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day!

7) Answer some questions about some early forms of online play on consoles, FTPE.

[10] The Dreamcast's first online game was this one, where your ultimate objective is to use arrows to guide mice into a goal while avoiding cats.

ANSWER: ChuChu Rocket!

[10] Before the Dreamcast, Sega ran this really early version of the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Genesis.  You paid a monthly fee through your cable provider to access content like demos of possibly the best game of all time, Primal Rage.

ANSWER: Sega Channel

[10] Sega Channel was the sole source of an English translation of the third installment of this game until the release of the Sega Genesis Collection.  This side scrolling beat 'em up series has you playing as one of three warriors, like Gilius Thunderhead, in an attempt to defeat Death Adder.

ANSWER: Golden Axe

8) Identify some of these games that used some pretty crazy input devices, FTPE.

[10] This Dreamcast game, which will be seeing a new Wii version, came with a pair of maracas that the player shaked at differing intensities at a grinning, sombrero-wearing monkey while music played.

ANSWER: Samba de Amiga

[10] In the upcoming Smash Brothers game, this character will be using the bongos used to control him in a music game and an even stranger platformer, his namesake "Jungle Beat".

ANSWER: Donkey Kong

[10] This game, a pack-in with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt in the Family Fun Fitness NES bundle, saw players racing against competitors like Turtle, Horse and Cheetah via the Power Pad.

ANSWER: World Class Track Meet (prompt on "Stadium Events" and "Running Stadium"; this game is not called Track and Field, do not accept that)

9) Just because Mortal Monday was over a decade ago, it doesn't mean that videogames have stopped attracting controversy.  Identify some of these more recent instances of controversy in games, FTPE.

[10] This Rockstar game was originally given an Adults Only rating by the ESRB, effectively banning it from the major consoles.  As a result, death sequences are now blurred and you don't have the "fun" of castrating someone with pliers anymore.

ANSWER: Manhunt 2

[10] A Super “This Event” Massacre RPG was developed by Danny Ledonne and starred protagonists Eric and Dylan. The game about this event was pulled from 2007 Slamdance Game Competition, but you can still download it from its website and battle demons in hell after the protagonists kill a lot of people and are themselves killed.

ANSWER: Columbine School Shootings

[10] His "A Modest Video Game Proposal" was taken literally when the Fighting Hellfish created Defamation of Character, a murder simulator devoted to him.  He is currently in danger of getting disbarred by the Florida Bar.

ANSWER: John Bruce "Jack" Thompson

10) Recall the glory days of your parents telling you to “get off that damn machine”? Name these RPGs on the Super Nintendo, FTPE:

[10] Supporting characters in this time-hopping Squaresoft epic include Marle, Frog, Lucca, and Magus, who attempt to stop the reawakening of Lavos in 1999 AD.

ANSWER: Chrono Trigger

[10]  This game sees a rare team-up between the main character and Bowser in order to stop Smithy from taking over the world.

ANSWER: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

[10] Like many great stories, this game stars an anonymous boy and his dog, who are transported to the space station Omnitopia in the title fantastic land.  It shared many of its mechanics with Secret of Mana.

ANSWER: Secret of Evermore


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