Thomas Farm Road, Montgomery Village, md  October 2013

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19201 Thomas Farm Road, Montgomery Village, MD  October 2013

Dear Parents,

My name is Ms. Harmon and I am the Counselor at Whetstone Elementary. I am looking forward to working with all of you. I am delighted about the new emphasis on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and how it supports students’ academic success. The School Improvement Plan now has specific expectations for what we want students to know and be able to do to be successful. The SEL goals ties in really well with the PBIS program which we will continue this year. We have seen dramatic improvements in students’ behavior at Whetstone; the recess/lunch data showed significant reductions in problem behaviors. We will continue to implement the PBIS program at Whetstone and look forward to seeing increases in student’s pro-social behaviors.
This year, staff and parents are committed to helping our students:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness by navigating their emotions daily in all settings

  • Manage stress by analyzing their thoughts and actions to make responsible decisions (choices)

  • Develop social awareness by showing empathy and collaborating with peers

I support students’ learning a number of ways:

  1. Teach monthly classroom guidance lessons

  2. Attend Educational Management Team Meetings

  3. Facilitate 504 Evaluations Meetings
  4. Facilitate Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plan Meetings

  5. Meet with all new students and their classroom Ambassadors monthly

  6. Teach coping skills in the following counseling groups:

    1. Care Bears (Grief/Loss)

    2. Banana Splits (Divorce)

    3. Cool Cats (Anger Management)

    4. 5th Grade Magnet School Application Dates
      November 8, 2013—Application deadline

      December 7, 2013— Testing at Roberto Clemente

      December 13, 2013—Teacher recommendations due

      Friends R’ Us (Friendship)

    5. Energizers (Impulsivity/ADHD)


Please note that anything discussed in a counseling setting is confidential. I will only share information if I feel the child is at risk of hurting him or herself or someone else.

No Putdowns Pass it Around

October 2013

K-5: Think About Why

We compared putdowns to poison. When we take something in our body that doesn’t belong there, we feel icky and when we are passed a putdown, we feel icky. But just because you are passed a putdown don’t mean you need to pass it on. We read the following books to illustrate ripple effect of passing the putdown poison:

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz by Byron Barton

The Quarrelling Book by Charlotte Zolotow

We analyzed the story and thought about what patterns we noticed in the story and considered why the characters passed the putdown poison. Another book you can read to your child that illustrates the ripple effect of passing the putdown poison is Because the Rain Came Down by David Shannon.

Our Ambassadors for 2013-2014

1st Grade: Mateen Golchin, Annalise Riley, Ryan Jacobson, Kaitlyn Vu, Noella Agbor, Oscar Jones, Larry Pritchett, Nimaya Fernando, Fabian Jejia, Yaslin Gonzalez, Alex Pilligua, Emily Boyle, Mayafee Haq, and Asahel Hernandez

2nd Grade: Alexander Lake, Brenae Cobbs, Justin Sanchez, Rosalia Orges, Malick Sarr, Naydeline Castillo, Cristian Bonilla, Jaidee-Ann Mata, Jennifer Comayagua, Edwin Riveria, Alexander Argueta, Kai Diaz, Helen Nogales, Iverson Howard

3rd Grade: Rachel Crespo, Luke Fisher, Melvin Ayala, Therese Dang, Dane Pullen, Talaya Miles, Lucinda Beckert, Michael Lobe, Samantha Valencia and Chance Davin

4th Grade: Ryan Pranger, Alexis Bartrop-Sackey, Desayly Baires, Tanisha Wilson, Helen Kreitzer, Fredy Morales, Joel Anaya, Maya Orellana,

5th Grade: Christopher Thomson, Sarah Coreas, Lizette Ponce, Allen Agregado, Maureen Turcios, Marquez Graham, Olivia Davis, Jonas Clark
These students have been chosen because they are good role models for their peers. Congratulations!!!

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