Tickets, Please by D. H lawrence


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Tickets, Please by D.H Lawrence

The techniques you are required to be able to identify and comment on on PROSE are:

  • Characterisation

  • Plot

  • Structure

  • Setting

  • Theme

  • Turning point/ Key incident

  • Imagery/language

Work on this short story will prepare you for the exam in May. Remember that you are not being tested on your knowledge of everything covered in a text – you are being assessed on how you respond to a given task.

Task One: The opening paragraph

Make notes on the opening of the story. Consider:

  1. How the author creates a bleak setting i.e. word-choice

  2. What techniques the author employs in order to create war imagery

  3. Sentence structure and its purpose

Task Two : Annie Stone

Build up notes on Annie:

Appearance, name itself, her job, relationship with others, personality, changes in attitude etc

Make sure you include evidence from the text to back up the comments you make.

Task Three: John Thomas

As above for Annie – with evidence.

Task Four: Theme

Consider the main themes in the story and use the text to back up your observations.

Task Five: War Imagery

Comment on the use of war imagery in the story. Identify word/phrases used which have connotations of war/death/destruction.

Task Six: Turning point/key incident

Make notes on the attack on John Thomas:

  • Who is involved, why they do this, whether (in your opinion) he deserves it or not, how it is done
  • Animal imagery used to describe the girls and him

  • Supernatural references and their effects

Task Seven: Vocabulary

Underline any words you are unsure of and find a dictionary definition for each. This will help you to develop your own vocabulary as well as help you to understand the text more fully.

Task Eight: The Ending

Consider how Annie’s character has changed

What is significant about the quotation, “Show yourself a man, and don’t bear a grudge.”?

Comment on the effectiveness of the ending e.g. how the girls have changed, how John Thomas has changed etc and how you feel as the reader having witnessed the attack.

Task Nine: Critical Essay Question

Choose a novel or a short story in which there is an obvious climax or turning point.

Show how the writer leads up to this turning point or climax, and say what its

significance is for the rest of the story.

Plan: Questions to ask yourself

  1. What does the task require me to do? E.g. key words (underlined)

  2. How do the techniques fit into the response e.g. character, setting, theme, imagery etc. Remember they must fit into the task. Don’t merely list them.

  3. What is the turning point?

  4. How does the author build up to this point? How does he create character, setting etc up in order to get to the turning point?

  5. Which quotations are relevant to your response?

  6. Have you got an interesting introduction?

  7. Does every paragraph link with the previous and refer to task?

  8. Do you have a suitable conclusion?


When writing this essay you should demonstrate:

  • Understanding of the text

  • Be able to analyse the text and the techniques used

  • Comment on how the techniques help you to understand the text i.e. what they tell you/suggest etc – evaluation

  • Write as accurately as possible; spelling most words correctly, using proper sentences, paragraphs and expressing yourself appropriately. Expression.

Example Introduction

The short story “Tickets, Please” by D.H Lawrence has a shocking turning point where the main character Annie Stone and friends attack John Thomas. Lawrence explores the theme of relationships throughout the story and uses the turning point, characterisation, imagery and setting to convey the harshness of the attack.

This essay will be completed as homework and is due in on Thursday 25th March. If you have any problems with the essay, you must come and see me.


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