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church as a person-affirming, world-transforming

society within the emerging global community.

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Title: The sacred scriptures of the Japanese, with all

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setting forth the narrative of the creation of the

cosmos, the divine descent of the sky-ancestor of the

imperial house and the lineage of the earthly

emperors, to whom the Sun-Deity has given the rule of

the world unto ages eternal.

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proceedings of the Tenth Bishops' Workshop, Dallas,

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Conference Author: Workshop for Bishops of the United States and Canada

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Title: The art of conversation and how to apply its


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Title: Creative spirituality : the way of the artist / Robert


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Title: Sharing the journey : support groups and America's new

quest for community / Robert Wuthnow.

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Title: The blue cliff records, the hekigan roku; containing

one hundred stories of Zen masters of ancient China.

Translated and edited with commentary by R. D. M.


Personal Author: Xuedou, 980-1052.

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Title: God, man, and religion; readings in the philosophy of

religion [by] Keith E. Yandell.

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Title: Hindu scriptures; selected, translated and introduced

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Title: Prayer : a history / Philip Zaleski & Carol Zaleski.

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Title: The development of neo-Confucian thought, by Carsun


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Title: The way of Chuang Tzu, by Thomas Merton.

Personal Author: Zhuangzi.

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Summary: Free renderings of selections from the works of

Chuang-tzæu, taken from various translations.

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Title: Moralities : a diachronic evolutionary approach / by

Paul Ziff.

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Title: Myths and symbols in Indian art and civilization.

Edited by Joseph Campbell.

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Title: Faith, morals, and money : what the world's religions

tell us about money in the marketplace / Edward D.


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Title: Society without God : what the least religious nations

can tell us about contentment / Phil Zuckerman.

Personal Author: Zuckerman, Phil.

Publication info: New York : New York University Press, c2008.

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