Title: new avengers disassembled


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New Avengers script

Issue 25



Jimmy - so thrilled to be doing this.

As you may or may not know, this book is the end for the New Avengers. This story is running parallel to events in Mark's massive Civil War story.

And because of this there will be some visual reference for you.

Also, I write full script. But see it as a guide. You take us where we need to go any way you see fit. If you agree with my choices, fine. If not, you do what you got to do.

After the art is in I always re-script or polish and make sure its all smooth.

Don't be thrown by the quiet beginning. A quiet, noble, tense opening enhances the chaos of the last half of the book. Its set up like that on purpose.

Think about the TV show 24. A slow build to sheer madness.

Page 1-


Earth's Mightiest Heroes united against a common threat! On that day The Avengers were born - to fight foes that no single hero could withstand!

Captain America! Iron-man! Luke Cage! Spider-man! Wolverine! Spider-woman and a mystery powerhouse known as the Sentry have gathered together to fight as the new Avengers.

Jessica confesses to the Avengers that a few months ago she had lost her powers and hydra had offered to get them back for her if she would act as a double Agent. She went directly to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director nick fury and told him the truth, but fury surprised Jessica by telling her to take the deal.

She was working in secret with Fury until Fury quit S.H.I.E.L.D. And went underground. Now she is a double agent reporting only to Fury but Fury is no longer in charge.

Everyday is death defying as she tries to uncover who is behind S.H.I.E.L.D.'s corruption, who is behind Hydra's power base. Everyday a double cross. And then Captain America made her an Avenger putting her in even more danger. Putting her in a horrible position.

The Avengers agree to work with her and Fury to find out who is behind all of this.

THE CIVIL WAR IS HERE! With a country divided over the rights of a masked hero in this increasingly paranoid and helpless society, The united states government enacts a super power registration act: Demanding any and all masked crime fighters to register for work as a paid law enforcement for the government.

Failure to register is a crime.

The superhero community is ripped apart with Iron-man leading a group of heroes that agree to work within the system and sign the act.

Page 2- 3

Double page spread

1- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower- afternoon

Huge panel. Page tall. Almost full page. Wide of Manhattan. A very detailed skyline of Marvel Manhattan today. Devil in the details.

The giant Stark/ Avengers tower gleaming in the hazy afternoon But... The Sentry Watchtower is crackling over it. Part of it. Melded with it.

As described in issue 10- The Stark tower was built on the land the Watchtower was originally built on and now they have meshed into a crackling iconic center of the marvel universe that could be seen from anywhere in the world.

Now Avengers tower isn't just some building. Its a beautiful beacon of hope in the quiet city.

A tiny figure of Sentry and Ms. Marvel flying away from the building.

Reads: Avengers TOWER, NEW YORK CITY

2- Ext. Avenger's tower/ street level - Same

Wide panel across the rest of the spread. Widescreen. Street level. Wide profile of the very, very busy new York city street.

The front of the building across the street. a flank of ten or fifteen cape killer S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents stand guard. Its war time.

Capekiller units are like higher tech black ops HULKBUSTER units. See Civil war reference.

3- Wide of across the opposite side of the street. Bystanders mill by. Busy new Yorkers.

In the midst, standing under an awning of a deli, A man. Think Robert Downey junior in the movie kiss kiss bang bang. Eyes wide. Ragged. Hasn't shaved or slept but it kind of looks good.

He is a little drunk. A little coked up. Sweaty, nervous. About to do something insane. We've never met this man before.

4- Same but tighter, people walk by, the man, never taking his eyes off the cape killer's across the street pulls out a palm pilot type of devise and starts tapping it.

5- Still working on his palm pilot, he looks up across the street. Intense. Sweating.

6- Over the man's shoulder, He hits enter. We now see that this palm pilot is very high tech.

7- Same as 5, but tighter. The man's intense glare. He looks across the street. This is the moment.

8- Widescreen. Over the man's shoulder, looking wide across the street. The cape killers freeze in place. The armor is frozen, but its hard to notice just now.

9- Same as 7.

10- The man's p.o.v. The Capekiller's are frozen and actually tipping over. Falling over and falling on to each other.

Only a couple of passers by even notice this odd situation.

Spx: clang

Spx: clung

11- Same. The man walks away from us and right towards the fallen Capekiller's and is sauntering right inside the Avengers tower lobby.

Page 4-

1- Int. Stark towers/ main foyer- Same

Wide. Profile. The man walks in the giant glass doors that look like any giant glass doors of any building in New York except its deserted and there's a big marble a in one of the walls.

Its a huge marble and glass modern structure. He are dwarfed by the design. He stops in his tracks by the security system voice.

Security system

Welcome to Stark towers.
Identification please.

2- High looking down. The man looks up and speaks into a blue tooth style headset that he is fumbling to get onto his ear.


Anthony Stark.

Password: 45654

3- Security system p.o.v. High looking down at the man being scanned by high tech bio infra red.

A full biological read of the man is coming up as Tony Stark aka iron man. His vitals is being taken simultaneously. Lots of rolling white text.

Somehow the computer sees this man as Tony Stark.


ID check confirmed.

Welcome to Stark towers.

Please proceed to elevator bank 2 for top floor access.

4- 'Camera' on the marble floor. The man walks away from us and for the elevator banks.

5- Int. Avenger's tower/ main conference room- Same

Jarvis, in profile, is walking by a wall of high tech monitors in between the kitchen and the main conference room, he is holding a tray of teas and coffee.

He pays no mind to the man in the monitors.

There is different angles on every monitor. One of the screens shows the man in the elevator looking right at us/ him in a wide angle lens.

6- Int. Avenger's tower/ main conference room- Same

Small panel. Tight on the man standing in the doorway to Avengers main floor. He sort of peaks in. In awe and very nervous.

Page 5-

1- Big panel. Huge panel.

Over the man's head and shoulder showing the Main meeting room. Gorgeous. Huge. Steel girders giving away to huge plate glass windows.

One entire floor of the tower is sparse yet opulent conference room.

A huge glass table. All around him in every direction is a great view of New York city skyline at dusk. And a gorgeous giant mural of the new Avengers on the right wall.

See young Avengers for the image.

2- The man walks into the room. Examining it. Looking around. Waiting to see if anyone is in there, if anyone is coming.

3- Wide of the steps up to the kitchen, Jarvis, backlit, comes in from the kitchen. He's been cleaning. He has a towel and his sleeves rolled up. He stops in his tracks.

On the left is the control panels and bank of monitors built into the wall.

4- Jarvis' p.o.v. Looking a couple of steps down and wide. The man is standing there. Just staring back. The image of the Avengers on the far wall.

5- Jarvis dives for the control panel on the wall. He doesn't know who this is, but its an intruder and there's a war and he ain't taking any chances.

5- The man nervously, pulls a high tech gadget out of his jacket. An iron-man repulsor ray not attached to the armor. And shoots a pointed repulsor ray.

Its not a practiced move. Its nervous. This man is not a violent man by nature.

Spx: fshammm

6- The ray hits Jarvis in the shoulder, Jarvis lunges back off of the controls. In pain, spasming.

Spx: thup



Page 6-

1- Tight on the control panels and bank of monitors built into the wall. The Alarm has been sounded.

Reads: Avengers TOWER HIGH ALERT

2- Profile. The man is at the controls and is nervously punching in a bunch of codes.

Spx: beep boop bop beep bep

3- Over the man's shoulder looking at the control panels and bank of monitors built into the wall. He hit the alarm over ride.


4- High looking down, over the man's shoulder, The man looks down at the unconscious Jarvis. He passed out.



5- Low looking up. The man crouches and feels for a pulse. He isn't proud of what he's done.


Wow, You really dove for that thing.
Sorry about this.
Jarvis, right?
I really am sorry.
But I'm not the one that put you in harm's way like this.

6- Looking down, over the gleaming shoulder of Iron-man. The man is about to stand up from hovering over Jarvis and turns to see that Iron-man is standing right over him.


So its not really my fault, now is it?


Tell me this isn't happening.

Page 7-

1- Huge panel. Low looking up.

The man is looking up to see Iron-man. Iron man is standing there. Crackling with anger.

Iron-man is a man wearing a red and yellow tank. A massive power source. Crackling.


Tell me I don't have to kill you for what you just did.

2- The man, in awe, almost like he might cry, looks up to him like he's about to confess or cower and says-


Cincula tempest mupon.

3- Same as one but tighter. The armor is frozen. But all we see is Iron-man looking down at him. What is happening? What does that mean?

4- 'Camera on the floor on the other side of the room. The armor falls backwards and towards the reader and lands hard. A chair falls over from the tremor. The floor tile smashes.

Spx: toom

5- Same. The man cautiously, hovers over the armor. His face curled in anger. Examining the face plate.


Mister Stark.

Now the war is over.

Page 8-

1- Ext. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier- day

Big panel. A gorgeous establishing shot of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Worm's eye view looking up at the gorgeous blue sky.

The giant silver S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier descends out of the clouds. Its bow taking up a mile of the sky.

U.S. Fighter planes flying off and around it in formation. The biggest flying tank in the world keeping watch over all of us.

The Quinjet is still hundreds of feet away but its basically there.

Reads: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, 1000 feet over Washington DC.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

Commander Hill, could you take a look at this?

2- Int. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier/communications room- day

The swirling activity on the boggling high tech world of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fifty agents hustle and bustle through the carrier's flight deck.

New S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Hill is in the foreground watching something that the agent at one of the monitors is pointing out to her.

The high tech walls are covered with tons of live video screens monitoring just about everything on the planet. Digital world maps are mapping out the complex global political situation.

The screens all dealing with the civil war. a locator map showing as many super heroes locations as they have. Footage of cap and the rebels doing their thing.

The screens continue to show a bombardment of information about the Marvel Universe. It shows how wide in scope S.H.I.E.L.D.'s p.o.v. Is.

This is the 'big picture' flying by at a blinding speed. A very sterile cold environment. The hustle and bustle of the agents is at full blast.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander Hill

What is that?


We intercepted a New York city police scanner report that said the S.H.I.E.L.D. Guard unit stationed outside the Avengers tower were down.




But we just called in and they responded fine.

3- Maria Hill tries to figure this out. The agents leans in and hits a button. Everyone lit from the monitors.


Let me talk to them.


Avengers Tower guard, report in.

Cape killer

Nothing to report. Everything is fine down here.

4- Same, the camera moves subtly as a smattering of people stop and listen to this odd exchange. The agent talks to his monitor, Maria leans in and listens.


The police scanner said you guys were down.

Cape killer

Nothing to report. Everything is fine down here.


Pull up a satellite.

5- Over Maria and the agents shoulder looking at the monitors at this agent's station.

He hits a button and the main screen shows a wide shot of New York city. Ridiculously wide. It does them no good.

6- Same as 4. She looks at him like he's fucking retarded. The agent winces.



7- Same as 5, now its a tighter shot, but not nearly tight enough. Its high looking down at Avengers tower. The sentry watchtower pointing at us in forced perspective.

8- Same as 6, she can't fucking believe how fucking stupid this guy is. She looks at him as if to say: is something wrong with you??


Much tighter.

Page 9-

1- Same angle as 7, last page. Now its an even tighter shot, Its high looking down at the street in front of Avengers tower.

The capekillers ARE down. The cops are there, people are there, ambulances are there. Its a scene.


What the?

2- Maria Hill tries to figure this out. The agents leans in and hits a button. Everyone lit from the monitors.


Force unit 9, we need a confirmation on your position.

Cape killer

Nothing to report. Everything is fine down here.

3- Same as 1.

4- Similar to two, Maria leans in and hits the call switch and shocks her agents by asking...


Force unit nine, this is commander Hill- could you come up here and make out with me?

Cape killer

Nothing to report. Everything is fine down here.

5- Maria stands up straight and barks to the room. The communications agent is shocked and is typing furiously. The room goes into high alert. Everyone running around to do what they are trained to do.


All units!!

Delta niner sisco taylor!!
Go go go!!!


Oh my god!

6- Ext. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier- day

Big panel. A gorgeous establishing shot of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Bird's eye view looking up at the gorgeous blue sky.

The giant silver S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier descends out of the clouds. Its bow taking up a mile of the sky.

U.S. Fighter planes flying off and around it in formation. The biggest flying tank in the world keeping watch over all of us.

A small group of S.H.I.E.L.D. Transport vehicles are launching off the Helicarrier and tearing right for us. They are off to the tower.

Page 10-

All the same widescreen panels. Equal sized.

1- Int. Iron-man's armor- day

We are inside Tony's armor. But the power is off. Its all black. We see out the two small rectangle eye slits. Looking out the eye slits and up to the ceiling of the Avenger's tower conference room.

2- Same, the man leans in and looks into the right eye of Iron-man's armor.


What did you think I was going to do, Mr. Stark?

Did you think I was just going to let this go on?

3- Same, the man barks in Tony's face. We can only see parks of his backlit face through the eye whole of the armor.


Thing is- I bet you didn't even consider what I would think about this.

Or Rhodes or any of us.

4- Same. The man is punching the armor but we can't see it clearly from this angle.


We dedicated our lives to you, man.

For you? No.
For Iron-man.
For the Avengers.
For the ideal. It meant everything to me. It- it-

And you went- and- and- and- and- you just completely turned and did an about face on me.

5- Same. The man is clearly at his wit's end. He is confessing something he has held in forever.


I would never have agreed to use my designs to attack Captain America.

I would never have said yes to this.

6- Same. The man barks in the face of the armor. Yelling. All we see is his angrily mouth.



Page 11-

1- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Big panel. Bedlam. The street is packed. A sea of people. New York has come out to see this now gigantic S.H.I.E.L.D Themed crime scene hostage situation.

Everyone on the street is an agent and they jump into action when Maria Hill bursts onto the scene, never losing stride.

A couple of agents run to her side. Sam Jones and Agent Jimmy woo. Other agents attending to the Capekiller agents on the ground at her feet.

Its a real sight, but this is when we get a sense of the scope of a S.H.I.E.L.D. Planned organization. They have the entire block blocked off.

This is a high tech military operation.

In the background, The sea of media are surrounding it. Camped a block outside the Stark tower in any direction.

All the reporters and cameras are waiting for it. Set up. Traffic is shut down.

A handful of news vans with the tall antennas some stations are carrying this live.






These men on the ground?


Said their suits just froze and they fell over.

They didn't see anything.


Fell over?


They're ok. We're gonna get them out of the suits and do the tests.

2- High looking down, Maria looks up to the tower off panel and thinks as she asks.

The nervous Agent Woo filling her in. Holding a clip board sized mini PC that is completely up to date on everything he needs to tell her.


Any word from Tony Stark?


He is completely off the grid.


He doesn't go off the grid. He is the grid.


I know, ma'am.


There's a war going on.


Yes, ma'am.

3- Int. Iron-man's armor- day

Same shot, as 2, last page. We are inside Tony's armor. But the power is off.

Its all black. We see out the two small rectangle eye slits. Looking out the eye slits and up to the ceiling of the Avenger's tower conference room.

The man leans in and looks into the right eye of Iron-man's armor.


You know, what I noticed as your little superhero war went on...
As you went about to make the world over in your own image?
I noticed you stopped coming out of the armor.

4- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

From behind Maria and her gathered agents, they look straight up at the Avengers tower in intense perspective. The sun bleaching out any view of the cool parts.


Any word from the tower?




You tried.


Ma'am, of course, ma'am.
No ones answering.

5- Int. Iron-man's armor- day

Still inside Tony's armor looking out. The man leans in and looks into the right eye of Iron-man's armor.


Are you not going to answer me?

Page 12-

1- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Same as 2, last page but tighter.


Anything off of the satellites?


No. Nothing.

The tower is guarded against spying eyes anyhow. Starktech.


Yay for Stark tech.

2- Int. Iron-man's armor- day

Same shot, as 2, last page. We are inside Tony's armor. But the power is off. Its all black. We see out the two small rectangle eye slits. Looking out the eye slits and up to the ceiling of the Avenger's tower conference room.

The man leans in and looks into the right eye of Iron-man's armor.


You're hiding behind your technology, Tony.

What did you tell me? The first day I met you?
The day you plucked me out of college and gave me the world.
You said: 'whatever you do, don't hide behind your genius.'

Your words.

And now look at you.

3- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Profile. Everyone is looking up. Maria thinks.


Is there a contingency plan for this building?


No ma'am, its a relatively new building and we never got a chance to do a recon on the Sentry's watchtower before the Civil war started.
Who knows what's in there? It might look like Kevin Spacey's apartment in Seven.

4- Int. Iron-man's armor- Same

Same as 2.


Could it be that not so deep inside your ashamed of what you're doing?
Or maybe you think if you keep the armor on its ok to do whatever you want to whoever you want.
Because it looks like its happening on television and its not really real.

5- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Maria has made up her mind. Her men jump at the announcement. People getting in positions except for agent Sam Jones who is right there.


I'm going in.

6- Int. Iron-man's armor- Same

Same as 4. The man leans in and looks closer at us.


Well, it is?
But I want you to see this.
I want you to feel it as it happens.

Page 13-

1- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Maria is zipping up her jacket and walking towards one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Trucks. She is ready to go, Sam walks with her. Begging. The entire battalion is getting in position. Bedlam.

S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENT jones

Sir. Ma'am- there's procedure.


You just said there wasn't.

S.H.I.E.L.D. AGENT jones

I know but-

2- Int. Iron-man's armor- Same

Inside the armor looking out. The man is working on the side of the helmet. All we can see is bits of him.


I didn't think it would matter to me so much. But it does,

I need to see your face for this.

3- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Over Sam Jones' shoulder, Maria sneers in his face, this really pisses her off.


But nothing,
Fury did $%^& like this all the time and I never heard any of you give him lip.
Its sexist and you need to look into it.


Yes, ma'am.

4- Int. Iron-man's armor- Same

Same as 2, but the man is lifting off the Iron-man mask. Abstracting the shot. We see his shoulder through the eye slot and a hint of it coming off at the side of the mask.

5- Ext. New York city Avenger's tower/ street level- Same

Maria is at the truck looking to her agents. She's ready.


Open the toy box and give me some toys.

Page 14-

1- Int. Avenger's tower/ conference room- Same

looking down at Tony, in his armor, face plates off. On the floor. Tony couldn't breath in there. He's panting sweaty, soaked and gaunt.

Tony Stark



2- The guy holds the helmet, inside is an immaculate mesh or circuits and wire web the world has yet to invent. He instantly starts to examine its insides. Examining the net. The beauty.


Forgot its hard to breathe in there with a full system shut down.

Cutting off your primary power source when your tech is bio tech is a little rough on you physically, right?
What does it feel like? The flu?

3- Over the man's head looking down at Tony, trapped. Stuck. He's freaking out a little but you can only see it in the eyes.

Tony is the master of his world. He will talk his way out of this. He is sure of it.


You feeling fluish?

We never looked into that aspect of your new powers, we never tested it.

I know you were worried about your heart.

Tony Stark

Kenny, if you're mad at me, there's better ways to get my attention.

4- The man tosses the mask on the conference table like its nothing and reaches into his jacket pocket.


If only that were true.

Spx: clang

5- Kenny pulls a spherical very high tech tennis ball sized gadget out of his pocket and examines it. It looks like ten gadgets in one with a big lit button on the top.

6- Tight on Tony, clearly fearful.

Tony Stark

What is that?

7- Kenny turns the sides of the high tech tennis ball sized gadget into locked position. Like he's turning the sides os a Rubic's cube.


Anti matter generator.

8- Same but tighter. Kenny hits the lit button on top and has clearly activated it.

Page 15-

1- Int. S.H.I.E.L.D. Truck- Same

Very red lighting. A high tech van. The walls, the ceiling everything is covered in high tech monitors and computers. All running footage of the avenger tower from every conceivable angle.

The shot is tight Maria who is looking right at us. Very serious. A little scared, she is being handed a little pepper spy can.

Voice is coming from off panel.


This is a dematerial foam.

Spray it on a wall up to a foot thick and you have ten seconds to walk through it unharmed.

2- Same. Maria holds the can. Considering the insane thing she was just told.


This works?


It temporarily breaks down the molecular structure of the wall.


For ten seconds.


Only for ten seconds.

3- Same. Maria is handed a not too bulky watch.


I have one of these.


Not like this.

Press that button for a full cloaking devise. But only use it after you've gone though the foam.


Not before?


The chemical agents don't react well.

4- Same. A hand comes in and points at another button on the watch Maria is holding. Another hand comes in and hands her ugly disco boots.




Hit that button and these shoes go Anti grav.

Using the back alley stairwell should be a straight float up to the penthouse service entrance undetected.

5- Same. Maria is being handed three marbles. Maria takes them very serious.


I know what these are.


Just throw them right at the bomb. One at a time. One should be enough to contain it.

If there's a bomb.

6- Same. She is holding the shoes and looking at us very seriously.


You'll override the building security system?


The Helicarrier says the building security system is already shut down from the inside.

But just in case, we'll blanket the buildings systems from the satellite and hope for the best.

7- Same. Maria considers her shoes.


It'll give you a minute, maybe less, to get from here to there.


And if you don't hear from me within a minute-


Three full battalions rush the building.


Aerial and ground assault.


Carol Danvers is on her way to lead the strike.

8- Same. Maria is ready. This is what she does best.


Yes, ma'am. Any questions?


Could these shoes be any uglier?


No, ma'am.

Page 16-

1- Int. Avenger's tower/ conference room- Same

As if the camera were laying on the gleaming table. Kenny gently puts the tennis ball sized Anti matter generator on the table next to the Iron-man mask.


You remember this piece?

Its the matter reversal processor that you wouldn't let me build.
I built it anyhow and this building is going to disappear.
I'm evaporating the building.

2- Ext. Avenger's tower back alley- Same

A stunningly clean alley and garbage dumpster area clearly marked with Stark logo's on the walls, door, and dumpster, neat. The logo spray painted on thick concrete.

Maria, armed and packed up, surrounded by armed, ready, black ops S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents with guns out and ready.

Maria sprays the foam up and around on the concrete wall. The foam amount is huge compared to its little container in her hand.

3- Int. Avenger's tower/ conference room- Same

Looking down, Tony, wide eyed, panicking in his useless suit of armor.


The physical space and matter that makes this building is going to fold on itself until there's nothing left to fold on to.
And then when people look out their windows and see the Avengers Tower is gone where once it stood...

3- Int. Avengers tower stairwell- Same

Maria pushes through the wall, even though everything in her physical body tells her its wrong to. She is scared,

She is pushing into this dark concrete corner of the tower. Behind an industrial stairwell.

4- Int. Avenger's tower/ conference room- Same

Kenny sits down at a chair at the conference table. Slumped. He plopped there. Kenny is taking out a flask and is unscrewing the top.

He is not bragging. He is not happy. He is nervous and sad and sick to his stomach.


Maybe then they'll stop with this 'who'se side are you on?' Crap.

Because you'll have no sides.

5- Int. Avenger's tower stairwell- Same

'Camera' on the floor. Maria falls to the floor on her hands and knees and tries to catch her breath.

6- Int. Avenger's tower/ conference room- Same

The Anti matter devise is starting to glow a light blue. Its happening.


It takes a minute to heat up.
But it works.
I know because my garage is no longer with us.

7- Int. Avenger's tower stairwell- Same

Low looking way up, Maria looks up. She's at the bottom of a dank concrete stairwell that goes up and up and up. There are told and wooden shipping crates packed off to the side.

8- Maria hits her watch button.

9- Same. She turns mostly invisible. a new Photoshop effect of her fading away. It works.

Page 17-

1- Int. Avenger's tower/ conference room- Same

High looking down, Tony is panicked. His mind racing. Trapped. He has to argue his way out but how.


I don't want to kill anyone I don't have to.

And I don't want to do any more damage to this city than has already been done.

2- Kenny, slumped, takes a drink from his flask. The Anti matter generator on the table next to him.


I figure this is the best way to make my point without hurting anyone.

Expect, you know, me and you.
And the butler dude.

3- Same as one, but Tony growls in fiery hate. Frustration. He's flipping out a little. Glassy eyes.

Tony Stark

If you kill us, if you kill me here... it'll just make me a martyr.

No one will know why you did this. No one will know and they'll assume some villain or the resistance got to me.

4- Kenny offers the flask. Trying not to cry.


That's why god invented the blogopsphere.

I've already posted. I'll Be heard.

Thanks for your concern. Want a drink?

Hey, Screw your twelve steps, you're almost out of here.
You want?

5- Tight on the devise. The devise glows a tad brighter.

6- Same as 3, Tony is spitting in anger.

Tony Stark

What did I do to you, exactly?

7- Kenny barks down at him. Losing it. Spitting.


You stole my work!

Page 18-

1- Tight on Tony on the floor. Tony barks back. He's freaking out but trying to contain it.

Tony Stark

I paid you for that work!!
You work for me.
You agreed to the deal. I own them!

2- Profile, two shot, Kenny jumps on Tony's armor and barks in his face.


Look at me, Tony!!! I'm not some bipolar sicko in a cape!!

I'm a loyal friend and confidant who is so disgusted and betrayed by you that I'd rather not breathe than go on one second more!!!
So don't sematic me, don't patronize me, and don't try to weasel your way out of this!!!

3- Tony's p.o.v. On Kenny. Backlit to the ceiling lights. He's going to cry. He is lost and destroyed and desperate and cradling. At his wit's end.


You hired me to create something that you promised was for one thing and then you turned in into those cape killer armors!

You declared war on an ideal I profoundly believe in!!!

4- Kenny's p.o.v. Tony snarls under his breath, he's sure his armor is going to come on.

Tony Stark

Circa ninety forger!

5- Kenny exhales and sits up. Still sitting on the armor, not straddling. Looking at nothing. In despair.


And I'm smarter than you.
I dismantled your codes when I shut you down. Tony.

The armors off and its staying off. You're going to sit there and take it.

6- Tight on the Anti-matter generator. The gadget is glowing brighter.

7- Kenny, profile, looks at it off panel right. Lit by it.


I wonder what it'll feel like not to exist.
Because, frankly, I could use the-

8- Same. Kenny's chest explodes. He's been shot in the back, but in this panel its hard to tell if its the devise or what.

Spx: thup

Page 19-

1- Kenny dies. He falls on the armor. His head on Tony's plated chest. Eyes open.

2- Looking straight down on Tony. Tony is shocked. Trying to look up and see what is happening. The glow of the off panel generator is brighter.

3- From behind Tony's head looking wide of the room. The room is empty. Glowing from the off panel generator.

4- Same as 2, but tighter. Tony is looking around. Panicked. Anxious, afraid of his life.

5- Tony's p.o.v. Holding a high tech gun, Maria, panicked and out of breath, reveals herself from the cloak. Half in and out of visibility.

6- Same as 4. Tony yells. Trying to save her.

Tony Stark

Get out!!
You have to get out!!!!

7- Maria is at the Anti matter devise .its glowing strong.


What the hell is that??

Tony Stark

An Anti matter regenerator!!! Get out of here!!!



8- Small panel. Tight on Maria's hand, Maria pulls out one of the tablets.

9- Tony barks. Panicked. So frustrated, stuck

Tony Stark

That's not going to do it!!!

Page 20-

1- Maria throws the tablet right at the generator hard, like a baseball pitcher. On contact, it opens up an energy bubble and fights to contain the glowing blue halos erupting from the generator.

2- Maria, panicked, throws another tablet and the bubble created by the first tablet grows and pushes back from the force of the throw and warps as it fights the effects of the generator its encasing.



3- Maria throws another tablet and the energy bubble she is making gets larger and pulls out further from the force of her throw and from the energy its encasing that does not want to be encased,



4- The Anti matter generator, encased in her bubble is hitting critical mass as Maria dives on top of Tony to save him from any harm.

She uses her body to protect his face as the room fills with light.

5- The bubble around the white hot generator is huge, its not holding. Its about to rupture.

6- Maria winces, ready to die, haloed as the generator encased in the energy bubble glows white hot.

Page 21-

1- Wide of the room. Its normal. Its over. It imploded.

2- Tight on the table. The bubble and the generator are both gone, as is a curved out section of the once gorgeous table and part of Tony's mask.

Its over.

3- Maria, still on top of Tony, looks up and around. She's ok. He's ok. Both sweating. Both panicked. Both amazed they are alive.


You ok?

Tony Stark


4- Wide of the room from a different angle. The heroes show up, rushing in. Ms. Marvel and the sentry rush into the room. And anyone we can use depending on what is going on in civil war that month.

Every window to outside now has an armed, black ops S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent with a huge gun pointing into the tower. All of them on Anti grav shoes.

Maria is just getting off of Tony. She is talking into watch and checking the pulse of he dead Kenny.

Ms. marvel

Oh my god! Tony!!


Med team, we need an evac for Jarvis.

5- Over Carol's shoulder looking down over Iron-man. Tony is crying. Not sobbing. Just overwhelmed with emotion and personal failure. He can't look anyone in the eye,


What happened?

Page 22-

1- Ext. Avenger's tower rooftop- Same

Tony Stark in civilian clothes, expensive casual, is staring out to the rolling sunset. Lost in his own dark, sad thoughts.

Behind him an empty Quinjet landing pad and the opening to The Sentry watchtower. His hair blowing lightly in the wind.

2- Same but tighter. Tony is lost in thought, interrupted by Maria who is gently coming up to his from the rooftop entrance.



Tony Stark

And thank you.

3- Maria joins him at the rooftop and leans forward on the railing. Both looking out. She is trying to be warm. He just doesn't want part of it.


Surprised you a little, didn't I?

Tony Stark



Who was he?

Tony Stark

Disgruntled employee.

4- Same, Maria looks at Tony, who is not looking at her. She's amazed how cold he is being after what she just did for him.

But she's not being cold, he's just wracked with emotion over what has happened.


Wow. You really hate my guts? Even after that?

Tony Stark

I Don't know you're guts.


You hate me because I was handpicked by the leaders of the free world to do this job...
...when there's seventy five people that are more qualified and deserving than I.

5- Over Maria's shoulder, Tony says it half joking. But with a smile.

Tony Stark

Only seventy five?

6- Maria isn't mad about it, she has something to say. She holds up her hand to blow off the apology. She wants so bad to say this.

Tony Stark



No. You aren't. I want to say this-

You ever see A Few Good Men?

Page 23-

1- Over her head and shoulder, Tony can't imagine where this is going.

Tony Stark

The movie?


The movie.

Tony Stark

I have a very expensive suit of armor with roller-skates.
I don't much find the need for movies.

2- Over Tony's shoulder, She looks out to the world and almost says this to herself.


I saw it last night.

Its a movie about a young hustler of a lawyer (Tom Cruise) who is given a case waaay out of his league.
And finally, he asks himself why was a lawyer, who plea bargains every case, given this important case?

3- Tony watches. Almost hypnotised. What is she saying?


Could it be so that it never sees the inside of a court?

4- Maria looks right at Tony, gorgeous in the half light of sunset.


I thought about this- Then I asked myself...
By was I, a low ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent working the Mardipoor outpost, with no leadership experience, and no connections to any of you, given Nick Fury's job?

5- Tony sees it. It hits him like a sledgehammer. Wow, she's right.

6- Maria snarls in contempt of herself.


Guess what? I don't want this job.
I shouldn't have this job and I don't want it.
And, really, there's only one person, other than Fury, who should have this job.

7- Tony is thinking a mile a minute.

Tony Stark


8- Maria smiles. She knows this will shock him.



9- Wide of the city. High looking down on the majestic Avengers tower.


And wouldn't that piss off all the right people.


Next issue: REVOLUTION


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