Title of Selection The Three Little Pigs

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Plot Breakdown


Title of Selection

The Three Little Pigs


There are three little pigs who are brothers, the brothers are ready to go into the world to make their fortunes. The brothers convince their mother to let them go with little money she can provide.

Inciting Incident

Each of the little pigs purchases building materials for his house: straw, sticks and bricks.

Rising Action

  • The first and second little pig quickly build their houses.

  • The third little pig, who bought bricks, warns his brothers about the big bad wolf.

  • The little pigs all finish their houses and settle in for the night.

  • The Big Bad Wolf comes to visit the first pig, and ultimately blows his house down in an attempt to get to him so he can have pig for dinner.

  • The first little pig runs to his brother’s house – the one who build with sticks.
  • The Big Bad Wolf follows the first little pig and does the same thing to the second little pig’s house.

  • The first and second little pig barely escape with their lives and run to their brother’s house.

  • The three little pigs are safe inside the third brother’s brick house.


The wolf, who cannot blow the brick house down, climbs on the roof and down the chimney into a boiling pot of soup. Thus becoming dinner himself.

Denouement/ Falling Action

The three pigs eat the wolf and celebrate the third pig’s intelligent choice to build out of bricks.


The two homeless pigs have learned a lesson and will now rebuild their homes with stronger materials.

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