Title: The Lion’s Den

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CBBC: CHILDREN @ Beverley Baptist Church Sunday Morning Group Plan

Title: The Lion’s Den

Series: Daniel and Co.

Week: 6 of 6

Date: 12/02/2012

Bible Passage(s): Daniel 6:1-28

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:6-7

Introduction Activity

Lion Masks - Get some paper plates and elastic or lolly sticks to make some fabulous Lion masks 


You can retell the story by reading Daniel 6, or print out and retell from http://www.essex1.com/pages/paul/bible13e.html

Help the Children find Daniel 6 in their Bibles to answer the questions:

King Darius was tricked into making a new law that required his entire kingdom to pray only to him. This was a trap not for King Darius, but for Daniel, who was too courageous a follower of God to pray to a mere king. Although King Darius felt he had to throw Daniel into the lions’ den, he rejoiced when Daniel was saved from the mouths of the lions. He changed the new law into a command to pray only to Daniel’s God, the only living God.

1. What would you do if you were not allowed to pray?
2. Why did Daniel’s colleagues plot against him? (6:3-4)

3. How did Daniel respond to the king’s decree? (6:9-10)

4. How was Daniel punished? (6:16-17)

5. What happened during the night? (6:19-22)

6. What do you admire about Daniel?

7. What can we do to become a stronger, more courageous Christian?

Craft - Lion Biscuits

You’ll need, Digestive biscuits, icing, small sweets etc. Have a competition to make the best lion biscuits 

Place cardboard under the sheet or pillowcase. Demonstrate how to dip an apple half in the paint, flat side down. Then press it onto a sheet of newspaper first to get rid of excess paint; and then press it onto the sheet or pillowcase. This will leave a print of the apple with a star shape in the centre. Let an adult use a blow-dryer to dry the paint. Then turn the apple print into the head of a lion, using a marker.

Write a word or phrase near the print that tells a time you'll trust God in a hard situation. Keep making lion prints and writing more situations. (It doesn't matter if things are upside-down or sideways.)

As you work, discuss these questions. ASK:

• What's the hardest part about standing up for God?

• What happens when we stand up for God?

• How can we encourage others to trust God and stand up for him?

Say that God wants us to trust him and stand up for him, and he'll always be there to help us!

Memory Verse Activity
This is the full two verses this morning! As it’s the last week see if any of the children can remember the verses without prompting 

Get some lining paper and pen. Encourage the children to write lots of short prayers on the paper (or draw them if they are younger). At the end have a time of quiet and then pray for all the things the children have written/drawn and for them and their families.

As ever you are welcome to add/remove/supplement any of the activities listed, please make sure that you cover the story and the memory verse 

Additional Resources:
http://children.cccm.com/OTSupportCurriculumPDF/189DanielLionsDen.pdf (There is a crossword, word search and colouring page you may wish to use)

http://cdn.www.ministry-to-children.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/daniel-praying-coloring-page.pdf (Daniel colouring page)

http://sunday-school-fun-zone.com/freelessons/37lioncraftbw.html (Scary Lion Craft)

http://www.gospelhall.org/index2.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_view&gid=809&Itemid= (Folding story book and slides for telling story)

Written by Andy Guilder for Beverley Baptist Church © Andy Guilder & Beverley Baptist Church 2012.

All rights reserved. Online copies of the CBBC Curriculum can be found at http://12vie.ws/cbbc

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