Title: Writing on the Wall

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CBBC: CHILDREN @ Beverley Baptist Church Sunday Morning Group Plan

Title: Writing on the Wall

Series: Daniel and Co.

Week: 5 of 6

Date: 05/02/2012

Bible Passage(s): Daniel 5:1-31

Memory Verse: Philippians 4:6-7

Introduction Activity Belshazzar’s Memory Game

It seems as though the new king had a short memory. Belshazzar, the new king of Babylon, had forgotten all of the important lessons learned by his grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar. He had also forgotten about a very godly and wise man named Daniel. Now, his foolish sin would get him into trouble.

Here’s a memory game. You will need 30 index cards. Before class, you will need to find 15 words (pick them from the story?). Make a wall of 30 squares using the index cards (6 x 5). On each card write a word. Each word will be written twice. Turn the cards so the words face down and on the outside of the cards write 1 – 30. When the lesson begins, ask the children to gather around the board.

Allow each child to take turns and pick out two numbers. The goal is to pick the two numbers that will reveal the same words. The children will need to remember where the words are. Take turns playing until all of the words are revealed. The player with the most cards is the winner.


You can retell the story by reading Daniel 5, or print out and retell from http://www.essex1.com/pages/paul/bible13d.html

Help the Children find Daniel 5 in their Bibles to answer the questions:

Who is Belshazzar?

Why was Belshazzar not afraid of the enemies?

What did Belshazzar command at his banquet?

How did Belshazzar disrespect God?

What happened at Belshazzar’s banquet?

How did Belshazzar feel when he saw the hand writing?

Who did Belshazzar call for help?

Who did the queen tell Belshazzar he should call for help?

Why did the queen say Daniel should be called?

What did Daniel tell Belshazzar the writing meant?

How did God’s words come true that very night?

Craft The Writing on the Wall

Words will “appear” on paper through this exercise by using lemon juice and a lamp. You will need lemon juice, a Q-tip (those things you clean your ears with!), a sheet of paper and a desk lamp. Before the lesson take a Q-tip, dip it into lemon juice and write the words, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” on a sheet of paper. Allow it to dry. When ready for the demonstration have the children gather around and place the paper over the lamp, close to the bulb. The heat should make the letters seemingly appear from nowhere.


Remind the children that the handwriting on the wall told everyone what kind of a person Belshazzar was and what was going to happen to him. If God were to write things about each of them, what kinds of things would they want other people to see? Explain that though the writing in the story was not understood by Belshazzar, the meaning is very clear. If we are like Jesus, we do not have to be afraid when He looks at our life and actions and judges them. We will not end up like Belshazzar who did not respect God.

Memory Verse Activity
Memory Verse Meltdown - Two children that think that they know the memory verse stand back to back. Have one child says the first word of the verse. The next child the next word and back and forth until someone makes a mistake. The one who messed up has to sit down. If someone gets stuck everyone counts out loud a three count and the person who messed up has to sit down. Then have the everyone say the memory verse and choose a new contender to go up against the "champion."

Give the group a large strip from a roll of wallpaper (lining paper works well). Invite the children to offer their own “writing on the wall” as prayers.

As ever you are welcome to add/remove/supplement any of the activities listed, please make sure that you cover the story and the memory verse 

Additional Resources:
http://children.cccm.com/OTSupportCurriculumPDF/188WritingOnWall.pdf (There is a crossword, word search and colouring page you may wish to use)

Written by Andy Guilder for Beverley Baptist Church © Andy Guilder & Beverley Baptist Church 2012.
All rights reserved. Online copies of the CBBC Curriculum can be found at http://12vie.ws/cbbc

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