To Qualify: • You must be a member of Northlands Storytelling Network to submit a story for consideration


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CALL FOR STORIES – Northlands 2017 Storytelling Confabulation!

April 28-30 • Geneva Ridge Resort, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Application Deadline: Midnight, October 20, 2016
Three Showcases: Friday Night, April 28 • Saturday Night, April 29 • Sunday Morning, April 30
To Qualify:

You must be a member of Northlands Storytelling Network to submit a story for consideration. Membership information can found on the website or by contacting the office.

You must be available to tell in any one of the three showcases. If you are not available for all of the showcases, be aware that will diminish the chances of your story being accepted.
Producer's Note: Showcases imply the best of the best go on stage, so each story is reviewed by a jury of your peers. Each showcase will have at least one new performer to the Northlands stage, so age and experience will not matter. The quality of the performance does.

• Two stories may be submitted.

Stories must be no longer than 17 minutes in length.

Stories must be told, not read.

Any story introductions must be included on the recording and included in the length.

Storytellers are responsible for securing permissions for the use of any material under copyright.

• Stories may be submitted as either audio or video

• Digital files save in MP3, AIFF, Windows Media, or MP4 format

• YouTube/Vimeo links are accepted

Burned to CD or DVD

• Use the online submission form to send your digital file, or mail your CD/DVD to the address below.
If Selected:

You must tell the story that you submitted, in the time length submitted.

You will be asked to send a photo and a short bio for the conference program.

There is no monetary compensation, however, you are invited to display your brochures and sell your CDs/tapes/books in the bookstore during the conference.

Upload file or submit video link

Karen Wollscheid

Northlands Storytelling Network

PO Box 11997, Chandler, AZ 85248

Please mail in advance so your package arrives no later than October 20

Contact Karen Wollscheid, Executive Director

815-344-6435 or


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