To whom it may concern, I am delighted to inform you that a sequel to the


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To whom it may concern,

I am delighted to inform you that a sequel to the Back to the Future Trilogy, in the form of

an original screenplay has been written and is presently available. Production of Back to the

Future Part IV could get underway almost immediately.
I would like you to know that I have invested more than five years developing an original

scenario which will not only satisfy the cravings of the Trilogy fans, but which will also

enthrall a vast new audience of all ages.
My scenario respects the spirit and continuity of the Trilogy while adding a new dimension

to the present storyline: an alternate future in 2135. The story begins after an enormous disaster has occured where Hill Valley & Hilldale used to be. This area is now known as

HILL BROOK where there lives a Californian community that has the Mcfly, Tannen and

Strickland families in common geneology.

Here is a short and partial overview:

In 2055, due to global warming, the ice at the two poles had melted and caused a change in the earth’s rotational axis. Some of the inhabitants of northern Europe, Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland had come to settle in what was known as California on the outskirts of Hill Valley. This had given birth to a number of divers hybrid Californians, intermixed with the Scottish, Irish, Norwegian and Iceland bloodlines. This had given birth to a new continent that controlled the only source of drinkable water for thousands of miles around, which came from the newly named Hill Valley, (formerly Hill Brook). Rigor Strickland, or the northern clan, had been mandated by CENE (Council of the Elders of New Earth) to locate a certain Baff “The Terrible” Tannen of the Groalian clan, accused of the rape and murder of princess Gaëla. The people of this time had become suspicious of strangers, and had developed a new form of execution which stood at Grand Pine place, called The Iron Cage. Doc, Marty, Jules and Verne arrive in this new episode of BTTF to search for a precious manuscript that has been lost in time. This document is the only hope that can save Wilmor Clayton(Clara’s father) from a perilous duel in 1895.

As you can see this scenario offers a lot of flexibility for the original actors,(who are somewhat older now) because the story starts in 1895, which also permits us to introduce

Jules and Verne Brown. These two supporting characters will be an important compliment

to Marty McFly(Michael J. Fox) and Dr. Emmet L. Brown (Christopher Lloyd). There is a possibilite in 1995 for Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly is 27 years old), and a new character in 2135 (Rufius McFly 41 years old).
I have two versions of the original scenario: The first which I have called “The Middle Age 1015” where the story culminates in the past in the XI century in Scotland during an Viking invasion (1895 → 1985 → 1015); the second which I have called “Hill Brook 2135”where the story revolves around a regressive future where there is a type of return to the middle age in the XXII century after a gigantic cataclysm due to global warming (1895 → 1985 → 2135).

This scenario also has the advantage of offering many alternatives if we want to make one film (Part IV only) by using an abbreviated form, or three films (a trilogy #2) by opting for a much more complete story.

It is also possible to make a telivised mini series which could go under the title : BACK TO THE FUTURE “THE NEXT GENERATION”.
Also, with the existing actors, and others which will be added, the scenarios in Part IV or Trilogy #2 will surpass the expectations in regards of “follow up” films of the past decade.

Two characters for the actor Crispin Glover.

We have such faith in the originality and success that we would not hesitate to even publish a book — after having obtained the appropriate authorization of the author’s rights — under the title of: Back to the future IV or the middle age in America.

With this said, we look forward to your response on the diverse possibilities which could come from this project, and we look forward to any “FUTURE” event.
Thank you for your attention.


Michel Labbé, scriptwriter

805-4, boul. Casavant Est

St-Hyacinthe QC CANADA

J2S 7N6
Fax : (for international sendings) : 1.450.774.3648


For more information contact, Adrian Mole, person in charge of the English translation:
Tel (for international calls): 1.514.683.5294



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