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To whom it may concern:

I herewith attached my resume for your review and evaluation. This is to signify my strong interest to apply as a nurse in your institution/organization. I am currently looking for a job because I had been finished my contract for one (1) year in RNHeals (Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Services). This is the project of Department of Health (DOH) Philippines. If you will give me a chance to be part of you company, I will rest assure you that my 3 years+ of practice in this field could benefit your organization/Institution.

I am adaptable to challenging environment, has the ability to balance the facts and make rational decisions. Takes ownership of the problem and follows-thru. Hardworking and take positive view no matter what the problems are. I would appreciate a personal interview to discuss a position for which I am qualified. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Sincerely Yours,

Ernalyn T. Tana, B.S.N, R.N (Applicant)


Joyao- Joyao, Numancia, Aklan

5604 Philippines

Mobile No.: +639474216588



  • Birthday : April 28, 1989

  • Age : 23 years old

  • Birth place : Numancia, Aklan

  • Sex : Female

  • Civil Status : Single

  • Citizenship : Filipino
  • Height : 5’6”

  • Weight : 54kg

  • Religion : Roman Catholic

  • Language Spoke : Aklanon, Tagalog & English


Motivated, efficient and detail oriented with strong organizational and interpersonal skills dedicated to cater quality patient care, staff development and family support.


  • Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals. Can work with minimum supervision

  • Good Oral and Communication English, Filipino and Aklanon

  • Capacity to multitask; manage priorities in a fast paced environment geared towards the provision of safe and competent patient care.

  • Ability to interact effectively in an interdisciplinary environment

  • Proficiency in interpersonal skills and communication skills, accuracy in patient history, charting and other documents.


  • Name of Institution: Aklan State University Banga Main Campus

  • School Address: Poblacion, Banga, Aklan

  • Year Graduated: 2009


  • Nursing Jurisprudence at ASU Cafeteria Conference Hall-Banga, Aklan.

  • Maternal and Child Health at ASU Cafeteria Conference Hall-Banga, Aklan.

  • Psychiatric Nursing at ASU Cafeteria Conference Hall-Banga, Aklan.
  • Integrated Management In Childhood Illnesses at ASU Cafeteria Conference Hall-Banga, Aklan.

  • ECG Tracing at NGRTC office, Roxas Avenue Kalibo Aklan

  • Pediatric Nursing at DRSTMH Kalibo, Aklan

  • Geriatrics Nursing Mix and Match Kalibo, Aklan

  • Basic Life Support Orientation at NGRTCI office Iloilo, City

  • Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance And Response Orientation at Kalibo, Aklan

  • Symposium in Sexuality and Morality at Aklan State University Banga, Aklan


Company Name: Rural Health Unit Nabas, Aklan(RNHeals-Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Services)

Job Title: Nurse

Period of Service: March 2012 – Present

  • Assessment and care of the patient with tuberculosis disease

  • Care of the diabetic patient – wound dressing

  • Visiting remote places in the entire area to educate them on family planning and other useful tips in improving their health status.

  • Capable of maintaining a good understanding with patients, family, staff members and friends

  • Provided quality patient care.

  • Assisted patients and family members in the education of health care needs.

  • Experienced in conducting vaccines/immunization for babies.

  • Assisted mothers in their prenatal and post natal care.

  • Assisted in conducting newborn screening.

  • Assisted in delivery of pregnant mothers and rendering a proper newborn care.

  • Counseling a couple about birth spacing/family planning.

  • Experienced in counseling mothers about DMPA method and introducing it properly.
  • Assisted in conducting circumcision.

Company Name: The Generics Pharmacy (Makato Branch)

Job Title: Pharmacy Assistant

Period of Service: Dec 2011-Mar 2012

  • Provide a well costumer service through giving right medicine prescribed by the physician.

  • Able to coordinate with the Medreps for new effective medicines to be endorse publicly.

  • Friendly interpersonal skills and great team player.

Company Name: Suamen’s Residence

Job Title: Private Nurse

Period of Service: May 2011-Nov 2011

  • Blood pressure monitoring for the patient

  • Wound dressing

  • Assist the patient and the baby for bathing and proper baby caring

  • Educate the patient for proper breast feeding

  • Efficiently monitored the patient’s status and daily medications as per the guidelines/orders of the doctor.

Company Name: Doctor Ramon B. Legaspi Sr. Memorial Hospital (Makato)

Job Title: Staff Nurse

Period of Service: Feb 2011-March 2012

  • Giving the proper first line of care to the patient.

  • Catheter insertion done.

  • Tube feeding done.

  • Assist patient for dextrose insertion.

  • Suctioning done.

  • Oxygen administration done.

  • Monitoring input and output of the patients.

  • Rendering accurate care and proper nursing interventions for the patients.
  • Checking and monitoring vital signs and IV fluids.

  • Giving proper rapport and right information to the folks/patients.

  • Educate the patients for their rights such as right for privacy and confidentiality.

  • Coordination by the physician for the correct orders made.

  • Monitor, record and report symptoms and changes in patients' conditions

  • Operate or monitor medical apparatus or equipment such as ECG machine.

Company Name: Numancia Rural Health Clinic

Job Title: Nurse

Period of Service: Dec 2009-Dec 2010

  • Teaches patient and family about health maintenance and illness prevention, disease process, expected and possible adverse reactions to medications.

  • Communicate instructions and patient progress.

  • Set priorities for patient care activities.

  • Visiting remote places in the entire area to educate them on family planning and other useful tips in improving their health status.

  • Experienced in conducting vaccines/immunization for babies.

  • Assisted in conducting circumcision.


  • Academic Award/Deans Lister

  • Scholar of (CHED) Commission of Higher

  • First runner-up Miss Earth Numancia 2009


Registered Nurse (R.N.)- Ilo-iIlo City, Philippines.


Levens T. Maravilla, M. D.

Municipal Health Officer

Rural Health Unit

Numancia, Aklan, Philippines

Teresita Milosavljevic, R. N.

Public Health Nurse II

Rural Health Unit

Nabas, Aklan, Philippines

Ms. Michelle N. Tabuena

JGM Asst. Manager

Goding Ramos St. Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines



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