Together we explore, discover, achieve and grow: developing outstanding practice

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“Together we explore, discover, achieve and grow: developing outstanding practice”

School Road, Heacham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 7DQ

Head Ms Louise Jackson

Phone/Fax: 01485 570357


19th April 2017
Dear Parents and Carers,

Staff Changes
Welcome back and hold onto your hat! There are quite a few changes coming up ………


Mrs Graves is remaining with us for the next few weeks until her moving date is finalised. We are delighted that Yellow Class can have a little more time with her. She is hopeful to get a moving date in early May. Many of you may also have heard that Mrs Patnell has also secured a job at her local school and so will be leaving us at the end of this term at the same time as Miss Young. We thank both Mrs Patnell and Mrs Graves for all their hard work at our school and wish them every success and happiness.

Miss Young is moving out of Norfolk – she has worked at our school for 9 years and has made a very special impact as an outstanding teacher and assistant head. Some of our proudest moments are attributable to Miss Young’s hard work and belief that all your children will do their best and reach the stars- Area Sports, Nativity Plays, Leavers assemblies, Sports days, Bewilder wood, Alien crash landings, jobs and responsibilities, spellings, times tables and high attainment. We will be very sorry to lose her but wish her love and luck from all of us.


From September Miss Bethany Sleet will be joining us to teach our Y2 class. She is an experienced teacher who currently works at Howard Infant School and Nursery in Y2 and we are looking forward to her joining our team very much. The children have met her and thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. We also interviewed and were impressed by Mrs Katie Pugh who is also able to join us as a Newly Qualified Teacher and she will be working with Y1/2 next year. If we are lucky Katie will be able to come and work with us this term so that she will know all about the children in September.

Safety For All Our Pupils

We work hard to keep our children safe in our school and we take our duties and responsibilities very seriously but this week we have had to ensure that site safety is urgently reviewed so that children cannot leave the site. Please help us by making sure that you close all gates behind you at drop off times – there are signs coming to warn you to help us keep the gates shut and be vigilant over small children who may wander off.

We also want to remind you as part of our safeguarding commitment to report any concerns to Louise Jackson (senior designated lead) or Trish Young (alternative lead) and Chair Of Governors (Robert Dale)
Story Sacks Course for families

Our three week story sack course starts on 25th April and will be led by Michele Welham. Choose a favourite book and this course will support you in making a story sack for your child. Tuesdays, 1:15pm in our reading Café. Please sign up with Amanda in the office.

Time Credit Meeting for families

West Norfolk Council have made some changes to how schools are running their time credit system for our valuable volunteers who help us and work in our school. We would like to invite you to join us on Thursday 27th April at 1:30pm to discuss how you can continue to volunteer and new benefits to you.

Children’s Mental health and Wellbeing 4th May 1:15pm

Mental Health is constantly in the news at the moment and we can all identify times when there is pressure on us all to manage and cope which can lead to stress and anxiety. Michelle Welham has teamed up with Nicola Williamson from Wellbeing People to deliver facts, help and support to support our children. Please sign up at the office.

SEN meeting for Families- What is our SEN Offer to you and what advice can we give you and you to us?

This will be a meeting for families whose children have additional needs led by Louise Jackson and Liz Steadman. We are keen to find out how you feel your children are enjoying school, how confident and happy they are and what you think they are achieving. We also want to share with you the specific skills and intervention we can offer to raise your children’s achievement and confidence. Please come at 9:00am on 26th April to listen and share your views.

Move Up Day? Changed date for Y2 and New YR- NOW WEDNESDAY 5th JULY

Our Year Two children will be preparing for their next stage in learning with transition to Junior School. Most children will be attending Heacham School and though we have good transition sessions for the children ( teachers visit, children visit, records are discussed and passed on, assessments are shared, individual needs are shared) if you have any questions or concerns about the next phase of learning for your child then contact us or arrange a visit to Junior School. The correct date for Move Up day is now Wednesday 5th July. This is different from the original date in the Junior school packs as we now have Bewilderwood booked on 6th July. We apologise for any confusion.

Tests in May

Assessments will be administered during May to our Year two children. Please make sure they do not take holidays during this month. Please also be reassured that though we want our children to achieve well- the tests are not the final outcomes for children’s assessment. We make sure that the experience of completing “special workbooks” is undertaken sensitively and with the child at heart. You will be informed of your child’s final assessment in our annual report which will be issued on 7th July 2017.

PTA events and sponsorships

Thank you so much for supporting our events organised by the PTA. These events make a difference to our budget and help us buy special things that your children enjoy. This term we have our grand bike ride day where children bring a set of wheels and are sponsored to complete laps, this will be on 9th June. We are also starting to plan the Sports Special which is in place of Sports day and will be at the field owned by the social club. This will be a family fun day where children will compete in races, have a picnic with families, purchase drinks and snacks, and play games with their children and others. And as a finale we will be planning our big fete which is held on Saturday 15th July.

PTA Facebook page and website

We are grateful to the PTA for hosting and monitoring our very useful face book page. We also have a new look website with additional news, views, videos and policies. Both of these sites are a great way of finding our information and what’s happening in our school. Please help us with online safety by reporting any misuse of these social media platforms to Louise Jackson, who is the lead person for E Safety and online safety/acceptable use of technology.


In September 2017 we will be offering 30 hours places free to qualifying working families. Please tell your friends and families that they can apply for 30 hours if they are working.

Please let Amanda know if you would like to register for this provision.


Our INSET days for 2017-2018 school year vary slightly form NCC school dates again this year as we will be continuing our Talk4 Writing project again. This is so that our training on the Primary Writing Project can continue. Provisional dates are:

Monday 4th September

Tuesday 5th September

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Monday 26th February

Thursday 29th March

Children will be in for a day on 20th October 2017 when other schools may be shut for inset. These dates will be confirmed in September 17.


  • Creative Dance Club is continuing with Helen Battelley, starting on 24th April.

  • Multi –Sports Club will continue on Fridays, starting on Friday 28th – a letter will be out once it’s received -if you want to participate please complete and return

  • Teacher clubs will be open to Year 1 and 2 and start 2nd May 2.50-3.30pm.

  • Nature Club will start on Tuesday 2nd May for Y2

  • French Club will begin again after May half term

  • Please complete the slip as usual and return to the OFFICE. Mrs Ruddock will organise the spaces and we will contact you regarding spaces.

Mondays – starting 24th April Creative Dance Club – see Amanda
Starting 2nd May –
Board games Club

Ms Tuckwood

Nature Club

Ms Prosser

Art Club

Louise Jackson


Jacqueline Patnell

We Love reading club


Fridaystarting 28th April Multi –Sports Club – see letter coming soon

Dates This Term – so far…..

Wednesday 26th April – SEN families Meeting – what is our offer to you? 9am

Thursday 27th April – Volunteers meeting 1:15pm reading café

Monday 1st May – Bank holiday – no school today!

Tuesday 2nd May – Story Sacks starts 1:15pm

Thursday 4th May – Children’s Mental health and Wellbeing 1:15pm reading cafe

Tuesday 9th May – mobile library visit. Please bring in any School Library Service books that you may have at home – we get charged for any books not returned.

-Story Sacks 1pm

Monday 15th May – whole class photos

Friday 26th May – finish for half term

Monday 5th June – return to school

Wednesday 7th June – School Council Conference 1.15

Friday 9th June – PTA Sponsored Bike Ride

Tuesday 20th June – 6pm – New YR parents meeting in school hall

Weds 28th June 4.30 start 6.30 finish at Smithdon - Area sports

Friday 30th June - Family Fun Sports Day 10am-2pm

Wednesday 5th July – Move Up Day

Tuesday 11th July- Leavers assembly Y2 6pm

Saturday 15th July – PTA Summer Fete

Y2 leaver’s ceremony 13th July 1.30pm

Friday 21st July – Whole School Beach Day

School finishes for summer break.

Monday 24th July – INSET Day – staff in school

Wednesday 6th September – children return to school

The 5 INSET dates are:

Monday 4th September 2017

Tuesday 5th September 2017

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Monday 26th February 2018

Thursday 29th March 2018

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