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The hadith ash-Sharif in the book Murshidun-nisa states, "The salats and fasts of those who do not observe the rights of their wives and children will not be acceptable."

Imam-i Ghazali says in his book Kimya-i Saadat, "For example, it is haram (forbidden by the religion) for women to go out with naked head, arms and legs. Also, it is haram for them to go out by covering themselves with thin, tight, ornamented and colored garments. Not only will such women be disobedient to Allah and sinful, but also, their father, husband, brother and uncle, who are responsible for them; that is, the one who lets them go out in this manner will be their accomplice in disobedience and sin."

The basis of the Islamic religion is to learn and teach iman, the fard and haram. Allahu ta'ala has sent Prophets ('alaihimussalawatu wattaslimat) for this purpose. When these tenets are not taught to youngsters, Islam will be demolished and annihilated. Allahu ta'ala commands Muslims to do Amr-i maruf. That is, He says, "Communicate and teach my commands." And He commands them to do Nahy-i anil-munkar. That is, He says, "Communicate my prohibitions and do not condone their being done."

Our Prophet said, "Teach Islam to one another! If you give up Amr-i maruf, Allahu ta'ala will send the worst among you upon you and He will not accept your prayers." And he said, "The reward that is given to all worships when compared with the reward given for the ghaza (war in the way of Allah) will be as much as a drop of water compared to an ocean; and the reward given for ghaza, versus the reward given for Amr-i-maruf and Nahy- i-munkar, is like a drop of water versus an ocean." It is for this reason that Ibni Abidin says at the end of the fifth volume, "The thawab for a fiqh savant's helping a Muslims is more than the thawab of jihad."

In short, a child is a deposit in the hands of the parents. The child's pure heart is like a precious gem. Like wax, a child can take any shape. When small, it has not taken any shape. It is like pure soil. You will reap what you sow in pure soil. If children are taught the tenets of iman, the Qur'an and the commandments of Allahu ta'ala and accustomed to doing them, they will attain religious and worldly happiness. Their parents and teachers will share this happiness of theirs. If they are not taught and trained, they will become unhappy. The sin of each evil they will commit will be given to their parents and teachers, too. Allahu ta'ala declares in the sixth ayat of Surat-ut-tahrim, "Protect yourselves and those in your homes and under your command from the fire!" It is more important for a father to protect his children against the fire of Hell than against worldly fire. And protecting them against the fire of Hell is to teach them iman, the fard and haram to accustom them to worshipping, and to protect them against irreligious and immoral friends. The source of all kinds of immoral deeds is an evil friend.

Our Prophet 'sall-Allahu alaihi wa sallam', by stating, "All children are born fit and suitable for Islam. Later, their parents make them Christians, Jews or irreligious," indicates that both for the settlement and for the annihilation of Islam the most important work on children can be done when they are still young. Then, the first duty of each Muslim is to teach his children Islam and the Qur'an al-karim. The child is a great blessing. If the blessing is not appreciated, it will be lost. Therefore, pedagogy, i.e. the science of teaching children, is a very valuable science in the Islamic religion.

And because the enemies of religion also understand this important point, Masons and communists, the most dangerous sources of irreligiousness in our century, say, "Education of the youth is our main goal. We should train children to be irreligious." In order to annihilate Islam and to hinder the teaching and practicing of Allah's commands, freemasons say, "We should not tire the brains of the youngsters. They will learn the knowledge of the din themselves when they grow up." And they also say, "We all should do our best to spread the idea of freedom of belief all over the world and should establish the decisions we take up in our lodges in every country. We should annihilate the brotherhood in the din and establish the masonic brotherhood instead. Thus we will achieve our holy purpose, which consists of the eradication of religions."

Therefore, Muslims should not fall for the tricks and lies of the enemies of the religion; they should not believe their flattering, deceitful and falsely adorned flatteries. Muslims must do Amr-i maruf and Nahy-i munkar to one another.

In every country today, youngsters are taught physical training and made to do physical exercises in order to strengthen, beautify and harmonize their bones, muscles, hands, feet and, in short, all their limbs. They are made to memorize and do the rules and exercises of arithmetic, geometry and psychology for the improvement and refreshment of their mental efforts and spiritual activities, and they do physical exercises in order to purify their cells by activating their blood. While all these and the information that will be necessary for worldly affairs are organized as lessons and duties to be practiced, it is appropriate to misrepresent it as a crime and an aggression against the conscience to teach and practice iman, Islam, the fard, the wajib, the sunnat and, the halal, which will prepare children for real happiness in this and the next worlds? For everyone's comfort and peace, for improvement and progress, for attaining Allah's love and consent, for understanding the haram and the things that will cause disbelief so that everyone will abstain from them, is teaching Islam a crime? In all Christian countries today, as soon as a child is born they impress on it all the requirements of their corrupt religion. Assiduously, they inoculate people of every age with Judaism and Christianity. In order to steal and annihilate Muslims' belief and faith and to Christianize them, they sent chests full of books, brochures and motion pictures to Muslim countries. For example, Christians, presuming that Hadrat Isa (Jesus) is the son of God (never!), call Allah "Father" or "God, the Father". In their novels and films, they say such things as "God, the father will rescue us." However, person who calls Allahu ta'ala "Father" or "God, the Father" loses his iman and becomes a disbeliever. Muslims should not watch such tricky films, nor should they read such novels. Here, with these and various other approaches, they insidiously steal the belief of youngsters. While they name these efforts of theirs as service to humanity, a right and freedom, gifted by a democratic regime, isn't it an injustice to name it religious propaganda, retrogression, aggression against the freedom of conscience for a Muslim to remind one of his Muslim brothers of Allah's commands?

While it is considered extremely normal for a non-Muslim to put forward theories and ideas against Islam, isn't it retrogression, fanaticism and bigotry to misrepresent it as a crime, murder and perfidy for Muslims to talk about real and correct Islam, which the Ahl as-sunnat savants have communicated and have shown as the bright way of Hadrat Muhammad. By giving Islam such names as reaction, bigotry, retrogression, fanaticism and defeatism against secular principles, they blemish these innocent people? Isn't it a malicious lie to say these men were primitive and abnormal who, in fact, were pure- souled, far-sighted, useful people who ran after knowledge, morals, science, virtue, and to describe those who dislike Islam as modern, enlightened and vigilant men? If they, on the one hand, try to oppose Amr-i maruf and Nahy-i munkar by saying that religion is free, that you cannot interfere between Allah and man, that everybody will recognize and worship his Allah according to the inspiration in his conscience, and thereby extinguish our iman, an inheritance from our ancestors, and, on the other hand, offer youngsters poisonous books and magazines through false advertisements that are prepared by missionaries called Jehova's Witnesses with tricks and plans under the name of Islam in order to annihilate Islam, won't Muslims get hurt?

Disbelievers, who have focused all their energies and efforts on the extermination of Islam from the earth and who would not tolerate younger generations' being curious about Islam, which might lead them to making research and consequently learning Islam despite all the strenuous interceptive measures, get mad with a fire of grudge, malice and revenge from head to toe when they hear about the statements of Ahl as-sunnat savants (rahmat- Allahu ta'ala alaihim ajmain). Drawing pictures of turbans, beads and beards in their TVs, newspapers and magazines, they say, "The black force has risen from its grave: Reaction!" As their bodies and souls will burn eternally in the fire of Hell as a punishment for their disbelief, so their foul souls burn in this world, too. These kinds of radio and television programs are very harmful.

Muslims respect one another, run to help one another. When they see others in trouble in matters of religious or worldly affairs, they rescue them. They love and revere the month of Ramadan (the holy month in which Muslims have to fast), those who fast, mosques, the adhan (call to prayer), those who perform namaz and those who walk on the way of the Shariat. As the Qur'an is being read or recited, they listen to it silently and with reverence. Keeping the Qur'an above any type of book, they don't put anything on it. They do not read it at musical or cocktail parties, while playing, or at places of entertainment. When it is read improperly, they leave the place without listening, if they cannot silence it. When they see the Qur'an or its pages or its lines or its letters or all respectable or blessed names at low, despicable places, they at once raise them, their hearts aching. They observe the rights of all human beings and animals. They don't attack the property, souls, or chastity of disbelievers or tourists. They pay their taxes in time, and they don't violate the laws. They obtain the love and respect of everybody by living in accordance with the high moral principles of Islam. As for disbelievers, they try to cause the Qur'an and the Mawlid and all sacred names to be despised and referred to as foul. They print them in magazines, on pieces of paper, and in newspapers so that they will be used as covers for packages, or on tables of entertainment, so that they be disrespected and placed on the floor. In plays, in comedies, in cartoons, in films, in records and on radios they make fun of Muslims, great religious men, and commandments of Allahu ta'ala. In all these, they represent a loathsome, funny vagabond as a Muslim. That is, by insulting Islam and Muslims, they misrepresent them as unsympathetic and deserving of hatred. They give loathsome names to great Muslims and to the things which the Muslims deem great. Muslims should not go to see and hear shows, nor should they buy or read words, writings and newspapers of this sort. They should be very vigilant so that their iman will not be stolen. If a person who criticizes a religious savant or finds a religious book erroneous and full of mistakes, performs namaz, fasts and abstains from the harams, then oral and written statements made by this person are worth studying and that savant or that book is worth questioning. If the person who speaks ill of a religious book or a religious savant does not worship or abstain from the haram, we should not believe his opinion, realizing that it is only a slander and an expression of enmity towards the religion. Blemishing religious men (rahmat-Allahu ta'ala 'alaihim ajmain) and religious books has been a tool, a weapon for the enemies of religion today. A savant only can appreciate a savant. Only the nightingale appreciates the value of a rose, only the jeweller perceives the carats in gold, and only the chemist understand a genuine pearl.

Muslims do not buy, use, listen to, read or look at the harmful things which Allahu ta'ala prohibits. They do not harm anybody. They do not respond to base behavior with base behavior. They are always patient. They give advice with a sweet tongue and a smiling face. Muslims try to learn, teach and do the things which Allahu ta'ala commands. They search for them even among disbelievers. It has always been so in the course of history; those who could not think of mankind as a superior being have borne hostility against the Islamic religion, have tried to deceive youngsters and, at a time they did not expect at all, have died leaving their worldly pleasures, which they had been clasping so tightly, and have gone to Hell. The names of many of them have been forgotten, with no fame, no sign of them having remained behind them, whereas the Islamic sun has continued to spread its light all over the world.

Disbelievers embrace the comfort and beauty of the world which is sweet outwardly but bitter inwardly, adorned outside but poisonous inside, pleasing in the beginning but vain in the end. Muslims should embrace the commandments of the Qur'an, which is the way of our Prophet (sall-Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam), and should ceaselessly struggle to improve in this way. They should beware from bidats, which have appeared later in the religion and have been made up by enemies of the religion, by religion reformers, and by ignorant, stupid people].

Our prophet (sall-Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam) says, "A person who respects performers of bidat (that is, those who do and teach as worship words, writings, ways, and deeds that did not exist in the time of our Prophet and his four caliphs, but were developed and made up later in the religion), who praises them when they are alive or dead, and who deem them great, in fact, helps the religion to be demolished, to be eradicated from the world."

Every Muslim should try to protect his iman lest it should be seized. He should deem enemies of Allahu ta'ala and His Prophet as enemies and struggle to humiliate and disgrace them.

Every Muslim should endeavor to maintain his iman and should not have it stolen. He should not love disbelievers who do not believe Allahu ta'ala and His Prophet. [But one should not treat harmfully or cruelly those whom one does not like. Disbelievers and bidat holders should be given good advice with a smiling face and with a sweet tongue. We should try to rescue them from disaster so that they may attain happiness.] Hadrat Mazhar- Jan-i Janan (radiallahu anh) declared, "We are commanded not to love disbelievers, men of bidats, and those sinners who commit sins boldly. One should not speak with them, go to their homes and meeting, salute them, or make friends with them. However, these prohibitions are suspended under indispensable conditions within a time of necessity. Although it is permissible to contact them under these conditions, it is a must not to love them in a heartfelt way."

Jihad is done to save people who have been deceived and oppressed by ignorant parents, by priests who work for their worldly advantages, and by commanders who practice torture for their own pleasures, from disbelief and from the way to calamity, and to use force in order to that they be honored with Islam. Jihad means to sacrifice one's life and property for the elimination of the wickedness of dictators and exploiters, who intercept Islam's light from reaching those wretched people who were brought up under oppression and among atrocities and thrown into darknesses. It means to resort to force in order to save them from torment of Hell and to make them attain the boundless blessings of Paradise. Jihad is not done individually, but by the state. Attacking others individually is not called jihad, but barbarism or plunder. It is fard for those who have not joined in a jihad to pray for the mujahids (fighters). Disbelievers are rescued from the tortures of oppressors and honored with iman owing to jihad. We do not touch the religion, life or property of those who, after hearing about and understanding Islam, still persist in disbelief and will not accept iman. They live freely and comfortably under the justice and mercy of Islam. Owing to jihad, no disbeliever will be able to say, "I did not hear about it. I would have believed if I had heard." It is fard for Muslims to work, to become strong in order to perform jihad. If they do not work and perform jihad, they will have done a great disservice to the whole of humanity.

Hubb-i fillah, bughd-i fillah. Contentment with qada

19 - It is written in the fifth asl (chapter) of the book Kimya-yi saadat: Rasulullah (Hadrat Muhammad [sallallahu alaihi wa sallam]) said, "The basis and the most dependable symptom of iman is to love Muslims and to dislike disbelievers." Allahu ta'ala declared to Hadrat Isa (Jesus ['alaihi's-salam]), "Even if you do acts of worship that equal those done by all creatures on the earth and in heavens, it will be of no value unless you love whom I love and unless you fell hostility towards My enemies." Every Muslim should dislike the enemies of Allahu ta'ala. He should love those who obey the Shariat. He should make it evident in his words and, if possible, in his actions. He should not be friends with those who are disobedient and sinful, and should utterly keep away from those who commit many sins. He should all the more avoid the cruel, and those who persecute muslims. Yet he should forgive those who only torment him and should endure their torments; this is very useful. Some of our superiors used to treat sinners and the cruel very severely. And others used to show them only mercy and respect and used to advise them. That is, thinking that everything happens according to qada and qadar [Their lexical meaning is fate, destiny. But these words will fall far too short of explaining qada and qadar. It is a very deep and important subject. It will be explained in detail on the final pages of our book.] they felt pity for sinners and cruel. Their thought is great and valuable but idiots or those who are ignorant cannot understand it and they may get the wrong idea. Those whose beliefs are weak and who are neglectful in following the Shariat, think that they are contented with Allahu ta'ala's qada and qadar. However, there is evidence and proof for this state of contentment. If they beat a person, snatch away his property and insult him and he still doesn't get angry, forgives them and pities them, it is understood that he is content with qada. But if he, while getting angry during such times, pities those who disobey Allahu ta'ala and says that it is their qadar (fate), he is irresponsible, a munafiq [A person who disbelieves one or more of what the Qur'an and the Prophet declare and who does not let others know of his disbelief.] and religiously ignorant. Thus, it is a symptom of not having strong iman for those who do not know qada and qadar to pity and love sinners and disbelievers. It is fard to dislike and to be hostile towards those who stand against Islam or who are hostile towards Muslims. As well, it is fard to feel hostility towards those who accept the jizya [The tax which disbelievers under Muslim control pay to a Muslim government. Allahu ta'ala commands the jizya in the Qur'an in order to disgrace disbelief.]. Allahu ta'ala declares in the Qur'an, in the last ayat of Surat- ul-Mujadala: "Those who believe in Allahu ta'ala and the Day of Resurrection do not like the enemies of Allahu ta'ala. Even if those disbelievers and munafiqs are the fathers, mothers, sons, brothers and other close relatives of Muslims; they do not like them. I will put such Mumins into Paradise."

To appoint disbelievers as presidents for Muslims, by trusting them, is to disgrace Muslims, and this is a great sin. It is necessary to dislike holders of bidat, that is, those who want to defile the Muslims' iman. A Muslim must feel hostility towards them, and even not acknowledge their greetings. He must also inform other Muslims about them. It is necessary not to talk to or make close friendships with those who, though having iman, worship and abstain from sins, hurt Muslims with their behaviors, words and writings by giving false witness, unjust judgments, or by way of lies, slander, and derision. Instead, they must be treated severely. We should mildly advise the sinners who, though having iman, do not worship, and who commit the haram, such as charging and paying interest, drinking alcoholic drinks, and gambling, but who do not hurt the Muslims. However, if they do not come to reason, we should not greet them or talk to them, but when they are sick we should visit them and return their greetings. [Those disbelievers who do not attack Muslims with their words, articles, or brute force must be addressed with kind words and smiling faces. We should not harm anybody.]

Disbelievers destroy and annihilate Muslims when they are able. Or, they mislead Muslims onto a path which they have made up.

As a matter of fact, it is written on the hundred and second page of the minutes of a meeting held by Masons in 1900, "It is not enough to overcome the pious and their temples. Our ultimate purpose is to annihilate religions."

Publicly and shamelessly they reveal their hostility in their books and speeches. Knowing nothing about knowledge and science, they say childish things. For example, they say, "Ancient people were ignorant; being defenseless and weak against natural forces, they believed in imaginary things. They exposed their inferiority by worshipping and begging things which they themselves had made. However, we are in the atomic age today. Dominating nature, we can do whatever we want. There is nothing other than natural powers. Paradise, Hell, genies and angels are things fabled by ancient people. Is there anyone who has gone and seen them? Can anyone believe things that are not seen or experienced?" These words of the irreligious show that they know nothing of history either. In the course of history, ignorant people in each century thought of themselves as wise and learned, and the people coming before them as ignorant. Since Hadrat Adam, they have changed and denied the religions revealed in every century by saying that they are the words of ignorant primitive people. Such assertions made by disbelievers are quoted, and answered in many parts of the Qur'an al-karim. For example, He says after the thirtieth ayat of Surat-ul-Muminun, "They didn't believe Hadrat Nuh (Noah), so We drowned them in water. For the people We had created after them, We sent a Prophet from amongst them and said, 'Worship Allahu ta'ala. There is nobody other than Him to be worshipped. Fear His torment!' Many of those who didn't obey, who didn't believe in the resurrection after death, and yet whom we had given plenty of worldly blessings, said to others, 'This Prophet eats and drinks like you. If you believe someone who needs many things like you, you will be deceived and suffer a loss. The Prophet tells you that after dying and after your bones have rotted and turned into dust and soil you will be resurrected and get up from your graves. Is that ever possible? Whatever exists is in this world. Paradise and Hell are all in this world. This is the way it has been and this is the way it goes. There is no resurrection after death." In communist countries, in order to demolish the faith and morals of the people, teachers in schools and officers in the army say to the boys, girls and soldiers, "If Allah existed, we would see Him. He would hear us and give us what we want. If you ask me for candy, I will immediately hear you and give you what you want. Ask Him, you see He doesn't respond. Then, He doesn't exist. Your parents are ignorant. They are backwards and old-fashioned. They are retrogressive. But, you are open-minded, modern youngsters. Never believe such superstitions! Paradise, Hell, angels and genies are fables." Through such lies, they try to annihilate youngsters' iman, manners and sense of shame, which they have acquired in their fathers' homes. Deceiving these poor children, they sacrifice youngsters for the sake of their base desires, pleasures and evil earnings. By saying, "Who on earth has seen Paradise and Hell? One simply shouldn't believe things that are not seen." They expose the fact that they follow their organs of perception. However, animals too follow their organs of perception. Imam-i Ghazali says, "Human beings follow reason. Human organs of perception are lower than those of animals. Man cannot smell as well as cats or dogs do. Neither can he see in the dark as well as they do. Moreover, how can one rely on one's eyes in everything while many times wisdom proves the eyes to be wrong? For example, the eyes, seeing the sun through the window, may consider it smaller than the window; but reason says it is larger than the earth." I wonder if these disbelievers do not believe reason by saying, "We believe what we see; is it possible that the sun is larger than the earth?" No! Here they also believe reason as Muslims do. It is seen that men differ from animals by conducting worldly affairs not according to their perception, but according to their reason. Instead of saying, "We don't believe in the things of the next world," and thus remaining dependent on the organs of perception, why don't they follow their reason and thus become exalted to the degree of being human here, too? Islam declares that human beings will be recreated in the next world and will live eternally, and animals, after having their accounts settled, will be annihilated. By promising human beings an eternal life, it differentiates them from animals. But these disbelievers want to be deprived of eternal life like animals. Today, thousands of medicines, household appliances, industrial and commercial goods, electronic instruments, and war vehicles are manufactured in factories. The majority of them are manufactured after sophisticated calculations and hundreds of experiences are done. Do they say even about one of them that it is self-created? On the one hand, they say all those above-mentioned things have been manufactured consciously and willingly by a certain manufacturer; on the other hand, they claim that so many millions of substances and phenomena that are seen on living and lifeless beings, and new and subtler ones of which are being explored in each century, so that we do not know the structures of most of them yet, are self-created. How can this hypocrisy be explained except as extreme obstinacy or explicit stupidity?

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