Tortoise and the Hare

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The True Story of the Tortoise and the Hare

It is your turn to rewrite that classic tale of the “Tortoise and the Hare”. Your story should reflect your creativity and your understanding of motion. Concepts that must be included in the construction of the tortoise’s and hare’s motion in the race are: constant velocity, acceleration, no motion, and average speed. Your project will have three parts: the story, a Distance-Time graph of the motion of both “critters,” and some calculations (including units.) The graph and calculations should tell the story in a quantitative way and your writing should tell the story in a qualitative way.
Both the tortoise and the Hare must make it to the finish line. To put your story in synch with your graph, you will need to label on your graph where different events in your story took place. The following are what need to be included on your graph and in the attached calculations.:

  1. Both critters’ changing positions must be plotted on a single graph. Use a different color line graph for each “critter.” Label where the different pieces of the plot take place. (e.g. “stops for pie”)

  2. One section of the race must have one critter at constant speed. Calculate that speed from your graph.

  3. At least one time, one critter must pass the other critter.

  4. One section of the race must have one critter accelerating.

  5. During one section of the race one critter will be motionless.

  6. During one point of the race, one of the contestants must travel backwards a bit.

  7. There must be a winner to the race. Identify who it is.

  8. Calculate the average speed of both critters for the entire race.

Here are some suggestions for how to approach this project. Remember, both must eventually cross the same finish line (think: distance.) You may plot their motions first and then write a creative story to go with what you have drawn, or you may write your story and write the matching graph. Make it easy on yourself by using points that lie on gridlines to make calculations, rather than points between gridlines of the graph paper.

A winner!!

10 points


6 points

Finishes but no

ribbon today!

2 points

All elements (#1-#8) correctly included and indicated in graph

(times 2)

8/8 included

7/8 included

6/8 included

Story correctly reflects the 8 elements of the graph

8/8 included

7/8 included

6/8 included

3 Speeds correctly calculated from graph






Neat and well labeled; appropriate units of measurement

Graph OK, but could be neater and better labeled

Sloppy and unclear as to how it syncs with the story


50 points for turning it in and then added to total from above. 3 extra points for a well done cover with a picture in color or a set of accompanying pictures in color. FINAL TOTAL:

Key to the graph:
1. The color of the Tortoise’s line graph is _____________ and the Hare’s is ________________.
2. Constant speed = ______________ It is between time ______ hours and _____hours for the (Tortoise/Hare).

Show work:

3. One passes the other at time _________hours.
4. The (Tortoise/Hare) accelerates between _____hours and _________hours.

5. The (Tortoise/Hare) is motionless. How long is it motionless? ____________ It is between time _____ hours and ______hour.

Show work:

6. One is moving backwards toward start line. It is between time ______ hours and _________ hours for the (Tortoise/Hare).
7. Who is the winner? ____________________________________
8. Average speed for the entire race for the Tortoise = ____________________

Show work:

Average speed for the entire race for the Hare = _____________________

Show work:

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