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Questions by Tennessee’s Thomas Anderson, J. Dyer, and Julie Watts; Simon Fraser’s Brock Stephenson, Hanson Ho, Dean Morrison, and Greg Lane; ASU’s Miguel Ruiz and Jason Zuffranieri; Eric Mayefsky and Tim Marrero; Iowa’s Matt Larson and Andrew Juhll; Brian Hight; BU’s Gerbils; and your genial quizmaster

1. The Wall Street Journal noted the contribution of Christiana Anbri, an uncredited member of this group. In March 2003 their 3rd album debuted at #17 on the charts; despite personnel changes, in November their next album debuted even higher, at #14. One critic said their Christmas album “made my friend become Jewish,” but in their Critic’s Picks Rolling Stone described as “much creepier than Evanescence” their version of “Bring Me to Life.” The brainchild of Cliff Chenfeld and Craig Balsam, co-founders of Razor and Tie Records, they are deluged with online petitions on behalf of songs their devoted fans want them to cover. FTP name this low-budget music industry phenomenon, whose sanitized versions of pop hits are heavily advertised to the children’s market.

Answer: Kidz Bop, or the Kidz Bop Kidz
2. In his first professional game he threw four touchdown passes and ran for another during a win over Chicago. In mid-career he played for the New York Giants from 1967-1971, but then returned to lead his original NFL team to six division titles and three Super Bowl appearances between 1972-1978. By the time he retired, this Georgia graduate held the league career records for pass completions, passing yards, and touchdown, having been a Pro-Bowler nine times. FTP, name this former That’s Incredible cohost and Minnesota Vikings quarterback.

Answer: Fran(cis) Tarkenton

3. A few bars from this movie’s soundtrack are used for the production company logo that concludes each episode of South Park. The film begins at the protagonist’s trial, after which he tells his story to the reporter Polly Pry. The protagonist’s beloved horse, Liane, is stolen by fur traders, shortly before he and a ragtag group of miners have to face a brutal Rocky Mountain winter. Featuring such songs as "When I Was On Top of You" and "Let's Build a Snowman," FTP name this musical very loosely based on the real-life conviction of Alferd Packer, directed by and starring Trey Parker.

Answer: Cannibal: The Musical [accept the originally planned title, Alferd Packer: The Musical]

4. He liked to amass his handiwork into groups called “clusters” and subsequently mark the clusters and drive by them to remember his work. He tended to place his clusters near places where he and his wife had had sex – though they divorced in 1981. He began to meet more women in 1982 – but they tended to be prostitutes and he tended to murder them – crimes that he got away with until his arrest in 2001. FTP, give either the real name or the alias for this Seattle-area killer – who – in November 2003, plead guilty to 48 counts of aggravated first degree murder – thus ending the longest serial murder investigation in U.S. History.

Answer: Gary Leon Ridgway or The Green River Killer

5. Songs by this band, which evolved from the Rockford, Illinois group Fuse, appear on the soundtracks for Heavy Metal, Top Gun, and Encino Man. Their earliest songs "The Ballad of Richard Speck" and "He's a Whore" did poorly, as did the studio version on the album In Color of the song that would become their signature hit. Their 1988 comeback album Lap of Luxury included their first #1 hit, “The Flame.” FTP name this band, rescued from the edge of obscurity by Japanese audiences with the triple platinum live album At Budokan and the live version of "I Want You to Want Me."

Answer: Cheap Trick

6. Guy Dolemand and George Baker assumed the role in “Arrival.” Colin Gordon played it in “The General” and “A, B, and C,” while Mary Morris was the only female to take the role, doing so in “Dance of the Dead.” Leo McKern played it three times, in “The Chimes of Big Ben,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “Fall Out.” In “Free For All” the show’s main character wins the position in an election, making Number Six that much more annoyed. Having nothing to do with Austin Powers, name, FTP, this position of authority in the Village on The Prisoner.

Answer: Number Two

7. While the book deals with Paul Curry and Silo Mooney as well, it focuses upon the Messina Spartans’ former All-American quarterback whose chance at the NFL was destroyed by a knee injury in college. Returning to Messina, Neely Crenshaw tries to rekindle a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and cope with his love and hatred for his dying former coach, Eddie Rake, but spends much of the book sitting in the title place. FTP, name this 2003 short novel by John Grisham.

Answer: Bleachers

8. He toured to promote Subset, but the 13-track collaboration with The Presidents of the United States of America was never released. This Grammy winner’s other work includes “Daddy’s Home” and “Buttermilk Biscuits.” A Seattle rapper, he is also known for Big Johnson and sometimes gets called Anthony Ray. FTP, name the man who told of his interest in ladies with mountainous booty in “Baby Got Back.”

Answer: Sir Mix-A-Lot (accept Anthony Ray before it is mentioned)

9. He put up 113 points in just 77 games during two seasons at the University of Wisconsin, and his scoring ability made him the second overall pick in the 2000 entry draft. His explosive offense continued in the NHL, as he won the Calder Trophy in 2002 by leading all rookies in points, assists and shots on goal. In 2003 he set records at the All-Star Game, when he became the youngest player to record four goals in the game, but his promise was jeopardized by a car crash before the start of this season. FTP who is this Atlanta Thrasher, who crashed his sports car on September 29, 2003, injuring himself and killing teammate Dan Snyder?

Answer: Dany Heatley

10. While there are at least two different sizes of this, the proportions remain constant at 1:4:9 [READ: ONE TO FOUR TO NINE]. It was originally envisioned as a black tetrahedron, but this proved too difficult to execute, and a revised version as a transparent cube didn’t work well either. In its final form, the one that drew the most attention was found at a site called TMA-1, short for Tycho Magnetic Anomaly; when uncovered, it emitted a brief but powerful radio signal towards Jupiter, where a much larger one was in orbit. FTP name this object, a study mission for which included Dave Bowman, Frank Poole, and HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Answer: the monolith

11. Starring Bamboo Harvester and featuring the voice of Alan “Rocky” Lane, episodes of this show that ran from 1961 to 1965 and featured the composition of a hit song by a barnyard animal and a plan to send a horse into space. Often seen on Nick at Night, its theme song echoes the theme from The Wizard of Oz and it was inspired by Francis the Talking Mule. FTP, Alan Young starred as the owner of a suburban farm, Wilbur Post, on this show about a famous talking horse.

Answer: Mr. Ed

12. Its origins are disputed. William Safire listed 13 different theories in his What’s the Good Word?, including claimed Scottish and German origins; the most convincing is that it’s derived from a cricket term for practice strokes. Some early ones were slit in two and then bound with tape; others were made from otherwise-prohibited pine or poplar. Its main advantages are that using it is less tiring and allows greater accuracy. FTP name this type of long, thin bat used in practice to put baseballs into play.

Answer: fungo

13. Sandy’s college roommate Jonathan became typecast because of the actor’s role in this 1971 film. Sandy meets Susan, who is sexually conservative but who eventually has sex with him despite this character flaw. Sandy and Susan marry anyway but eventually divorce while John hooks up with Bobby but she devolves. John badmouths every woman he’s ever beenwith and eventually winds up only liking a hooker played by Rita Moreno. FTP, name this Mike Nichols film starring Ann Margret, Candice Bergen, Art Garfunkel, and Jack Nicholson.

Answer: Carnal Knowledge

14. The women's version of this fragrance features a clear round bottle with the title pink letters divided by a dark slash.  The men's fragrance features a square bottle with blue letters and the same slash.  The line was launched in 1999 by the House of Versace.  FTP name this fragrance that shares its name with a designation for cognac aged at least 2.5 years, otherwise known as Three-Star or Very Special.
Answer: VS

15. Her first two solo albums, In Flight and After Hours, sold poorly, a letdown after her first band sold nearly 2 million copies of their debut album,. Now a writer and producer, she has contributed songs to the film Prey For Rock and Roll, as well as to albums by Blaque and the upcoming solo album by Gwen Stefani. Her commercial turnaround in the business began when she helped repackage Pink, providing eight songs for Missundaztood including “Get The Party Started,” and wrote “Beautiful” for Christina Aguilera’s album Stripped. FTP, name this woman who asked the musical question, "Hey, what's goin' on?" as former lead singer of 4 Non-Blondes.

Answer: Linda Perry

16. He says the most transformative moment in his life came during a childhood trip to France when he ate a raw oyster for the first time.  Of course, fans of his show on the Food Network have watched him eat much stranger things than raw oysters, such as a fetal duckling still in its egg, an iguana tamale, and a still-beating cobra's heart.  FTP, name this globe-trotting culinary adventurer, the author of Kitchen Confidential and the star and creator of the Food Network's "A Cook's Tour."

Answer:  Anthony (or Tony) Bourdain

17. His first acclaimed role was that of the Beast in the Australian production of the musical Beauty and the Beast.  Recently he has returned to his show tune roots by starring in two musicals, a production of Oklahoma! and a musical biography of Peter Allen.  To his film fans, though, he is best known as another kind of beast--the adamantium-clawed Wolverine.  FTP, name this star of "X-Men" and "X 2."

Answer:  Hugh Jackman

18. A division of Del Monte Foods, this line recently introduced its 2004 calendar featuring its longtime commercial personality and 12 new Gourmet Meals to join favorites like Chunky Chicken and Chucky Beef Dinner.  You can collect points from its "dry" line of products and earn a plush collectable and join the Birthday Club.  FTP, name this brand that also makes Pounce treats and since 1968 has featured the finicky eater Morris the Cat.

Answer: 9 Lives

19. The world is set to end next Saturday just before dinner. Unfortunately, the Antichrist has been misplaced. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse have arrived on motorcycles. All that stands in their way are Aziraphale (an angel and part-time book dealer) and Crowley (An angel who did not so much fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards), both of whom have decided they rather like this world after all. Name this comedic novel

of the end of the world by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Answer: Good Omens

20. It has nothing to show, because it won’t give you itself. It gnaws iron, bites steel, and grinds hard stones to meal. Mike Figgis directed its code, Vanessa Redgrave and Jane Alexander played for it, while Don Bluth depicted the land before it. Now that it has come, there’s no place to run. FTP give the word all those “it”’s replaced, which is on your side, yes it is.

Answer: time

[EDITOR’S NOTE: In order, a Culture Club song, a riddle from The Hobbit, the film Timecode, the TV-movie Playing for Time, the film The Land Before Time, and songs by the Chambers Brothers and the Rolling Stones.]
21. The recipe was developed by the English candy firm Smith and Co. in 1780. This company was later merged into the prestigious English confectioner Callard & Bowser, and the original recipe has remained unchanged for more than 200 years. They reportedly helped Bill Clinton get a better blow job. The secret to their curious strength is attributed to the generous use of real peppermint oil. FTP name these powerful mints found in the distinctive tins.

Answer: Altoids

22. Their album referred to as Bananas features I Got Your Number, House of Pain, and Contact Lost, which is dedicated to the crew of Columbia, was released in 2003. Earlier hits by this group that used to feature Richie Blackmore on guitar alongside current members Roger Glover, Ian Paice, and Ian Gillan include Lazy, Highway Star, and Space Truckin’, Burn, and Woman from Tokyo. FTP, name this rock act noted for the album Machine Head and the hit Smoke on the Water.

Answer: Deep Purple


Questions by Tennessee’s Thomas Anderson, J. Dyer, and Julie Watts; Simon Fraser’s Brock Stephenson, Hanson Ho, Dean Morrison, and Greg Lane; ASU’s Miguel Ruiz and Jason Zuffranieri; Eric Mayefsky and Tim Marrero; Iowa’s Matt Larson and Andrew Juhll; Brian Hight; BU’s Gerbils; and your genial quizmaster

1. Don't you love those screaming headlines on the cover of The Weekly World News?  And don't you also love the scream-inducing potboilers of Stephen King?  Well, even if you don't love either of them, I'm going to convert the plot of a Stephen King novel into a Weekly World News-style headline.  Given the headline, give me the title of the novel, 5 points each with a 5 point bonus for all 5 correct.

a.  "Bloodthirsty Vampires Attack Quiet New England Town!"

Answer:  'Salem's Lot

b.  "Rabid Dog Traps Mom and Kid in Car!"

Answer:  Cujo

c.  "Telepathic Prom Night Massacre!"

Answer:  Carrie

d.  "Crazed Fan Chops Off Favorite Writer's Foot!"

Answer:  Misery

e.  "Crazed Writer Goes on Rampage in Spooky Hotel!"

Answer:  The Shining

2. Time to play Monopoly Geography. Given the two bordering properties, name the space between F5PE:

a) Mediterranean Ave. and Baltic Ave.

Answer: Community Chest

b) Go to Jail and North Carolina Ave.

Answer: Pacific Ave.

c) Atlantic Ave. and Water Works

Answer: Ventnor Ave.

d) Virginia Ave. and St. James Place

Answer: Pennsylvania Railroad

e) Park Place and Boardwalk

Answer: Luxury Tax

f) New York Ave. and Kentucky Ave.

Answer: Free Parking

3. Put on your falsies, boys!  It's time to test your knowledge of famous transvestites.

a.  This status-conscious, lavender-coiffed, flamboyantly bespectacled character, played by Barry Humphries, is famous for greeting her audience with the cry, "Hello, possums!"  She/he is famed for both stage shows and a recurring role on "Ally McBeal."

Answer:  Dame Edna Everage (prompt on Edna; accept just Everage)

b.  This British comedian, actor, and self-described "action transvestite" won an Emmy for his HBO comedy special "Dress to Kill" and has appeared, out of drag, in the films The Velvet Goldmine, Shadow of the Vampire, and The Cat's Meow.

Answer:  Eddie Izzard

No trannie bonus would be complete without asking the name of the actor who played that famous "sweet transvestite" Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Answer:  Tim Curry

4. Movie from quotes, 30-20-10-5-1.

30: “Now don’t you tell me that you don’t remember me because I sure as heckfire remember you.”

20: “Don't you have some kind of a line that you keep open for emergencies or for celebrities? .. I'm both! I'm a CELEBRITY in an EMERGENCY.”

10: “Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today.”

5: “Why would anyone steal a groundhog?”

1: “Well it's Groundhog Day .. again ..”

Answer: Groundhog Day

5. Answer these questions about athletes turned politicians for 10 points each:

(10) This Oklahoma congressman served eight years after a quarterbacking two Canadian Football League teams in the early 1980s.

Answer: J.C. Watts

(10) The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the first Bush, he was a quarterback for Buffalo, a congressman for 18 years, and Dole’s Vice Presidential running-mate.

Answer: Jack Kemp

(10) This speed skater turned to state politics where she became Montana’s governor.

Answer: Judy Martz

6. On a 5-5-10-10 basis, answer these questions about a music duo:

(5) This 2003 Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee had hits with Unchained Melody and Little Latin Lupe Lu.

Answer: The Righteous Brothers

(5) This producer tricked radio DJs by changing the notes to list the duo’s You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feelin’ runtime from 3:50 to the more radio friendly 3:05.

Answer: Phil Spector

(10) Getting back together six years after their 1968 breakup, the duo had success with this mid-1970s hit.

Answer: Rock n’ Roll Heaven

(10) Name either original member of the duo, either the one who passed away in 2003 or the one who was replaced by Jimmy Walker when the group first broke up.

Answer: Bill Medley or Bobby Hatfield
7. How much do you know about TV for preschoolers, boys and girls?  Identify the following beloved characters FTPE:
a.  This little yellow robot, who first appeared in a picture book by William Joyce, is, according to his show's theme song, both "small and smart and round" and "the swellest kid in town."

Answer:  Rolie Polie Olie

b.  This purple Teletubby, who carries a "magic bag" that looks suspiciously like a purse, was once "outed" as gay by Jerry Falwell.

Answer:  Tinky Winky

c.  This fuzzy red Muppet, along with his pet goldfish Dorothy, instructs "Sesame Street's" youngest viewers in subjects such as food, computers, and music.

Answer:  Elmo

8. Answer these questions about NFL coaches who lost their jobs after poor 2003 performances on a 5-5-10-10 basis:

(5) After two years in Washington, his 12-20 record indicated the fun n’ gun offense had achieved the Peter Principle.

Answer: Steve Spurrier

(5) Told he would be not brought back in 2004, this Falcons’ coach, who lacked the talents of Michael Vick for most of the season, he asked to be let go after only 14 games.

Answer: Dan Reeves

(10) After taking his team to Super Bowl XXXVII, his team collapsed with a 4-12 record, leaving Al Davis’s team without a coach.

Answer: Bill Callahan

(10) After a playoff appearance in 2001, this Dick Jauron-coached team went a disappointing 7-9 only two seasons later.

Answer: Chicago Bears [accept either]

9. Never mind the Three Tenors – what about The Sopranos? Given the album, name the Sopranos actor responsible. You get five if you need the character the actor plays.

a-10) Ungrateful Heart

5) Uncle Junior Soprano

Answer: Dominic Chianese

b-10) Here To Heaven

5) Meadow Soprano

Answer: Jamie-Lynn Sigler (accept Jamie-Lynn DiScala)

c-10) Voice of America

5) Silvio Dante

Answer: Steven Van Zant

10. Identify the comedy veterans who make appearances in National Lampoon’s Vacation from their character for 10 or from other clues for 5.

10: The Kamp Komfort Desk Clerk

5: Depending on your age, you might know him as Lou Loomis from Caddyshack, as Bill Murray’s dad in Scrooged, as Gus from “Get a Life”, or as the voice of the Flying Dutchman on “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Answer: Brian Doyle-Murray

10: Aunt Edna

5: She’s best remembered as playing opposite Sid Caesar on “Your Show of Shows,” for which she won an Emmy.

Answer: Imogene Coca

10: Roy Walley

5: Popular in the 1940s for appearing in such films as The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek and Hail the Conquering Hero, his most recent memorable role may have been in Oscar as Five Spot Charlie, the stuttering stoolie.

Answer: Eddie Bracken

11. Identify these hits from Sly and the Family Stone FTPE.

A: This 1969 song was the first #1 hit for Sly and the Family Stone, although it went on to become a Toyota jingle nearly 30 years later.

Answer: Everyday People

B: Sly “introduces” the band on this 1968 hit, which made its way into ESPN’s original Jock Rock album.

Answer: Dance to the Music

C: This song followed the theme from Shaft , becoming the #1 top 40 hit in December of 1971 for 3 weeks, in addition to 5 weeks atop the R&B charts. Wyclef Jean sampled it for a song on the original Sopranos soundtrack.

Answer: Family Affair

12. For 10 points each, name these people, places, and things from recent Boondocks comic strips:

A. Claiming that she just needs a good boyfriend, Huey and Caesar write a personal ad for this Bush official.

Answer: Condoleezza Rice

B. Riley spray-paints new names on suburban street signs after realizing that he lives on a street by this name.

Answer: Timid Deer Lane

C. Huey spots this anatomical feature sometimes cited as evidence that a certain blonde conservative is really a man.

Answer: Ann Coulter's adam's apple (prompt on partial answer)
13. Answer these questions about women and the Australian Open for 10 points each:

(10) In 1997 at the age of 16 years, 3 months, she became the youngest female singles champion.

Answer: Martina Hingis

(10) From 1960 to 1966, she won seven straight singles titles. In 1963 she accomplished a triple by winning women’s doubles and mixed doubles as well.

Answer: Margaret Smith [accept Margaret Smith Court, though that was later]

(10) In 2004, this top-seeded Belgian beat countrywoman Kim Clijsters [KLY-stirs] 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 to take the title.

Answer: Justine Henin-Hardenne [accept Henin]
14. Given the Weird Al title, identify the song AND artist being parodied, five points each.

“(This Song’s Just) Six Words Long”

Answer: “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison

“Isle Thing”

Answer: “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc

“Jerry Springer”

Answer: “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies

15. Often the Golden Age of Superheroes is said to have been in the 1950s. But for those of us born in the mid-80s, the Marvel heroes of the early 90s are often seen as the pinnacle of heroism. For ten points each, given a superhero's "real name," give his or her super alias.

a) Johnny Storm

Answer: the Human Torch

b) Johnny Blaze

Answer: Ghostrider

c) Alex Summers

Answer: Havok

16. FTP each, name the following foods and drinks of Klingon origin:

a. This alcoholic beverage is the Klingon warrior's drink of choice. It first sold at Quark's bar in Deep Space Nine's fourth season.

Answer: Bloodwine

b. There are fifty-one varieties of this favorite food of Klingons. It is sometimes served stewed, although it is highly preferred to be still alive. Name this variety of serpent worms enjoyed by such humans as Jean-Luc Picard and Will Riker.

Answer: Gagh

c. This Klingon coffee is very popular among non-Klingons, especially among the crew of Deep Space Nine. It is a frequent drink of choice for patrons of Quark's Bar.

Answer: Raktajino
17. Name these people, places, and things from the movie Annie Hall, FTSNOP:

A. For 5 points, this actress plays the title character.

Answer: Diane Keaton

B. For 10 points, Annie Hall grew up in this Wisconsin town.

Answer: Chippewa Falls

C. For 5 points, Alvy Singer once claims that Commentary and Dissent have merged to form a magazine by this name.

Answer: Dysentery

D. For 10 points, Singer is stuck in a movie line, in front of a guy who spouts vapid theories about a certain thinker. As the two men step out of the movie to argue before the audience, Woody Allen brings in this man himself for a cameo.

Answer: Marshall McLuhan

18. Identify whatever the hell it is I’m asking for, 30-20-10-5-1.

30: It was a 1998 indy flick starring Jason Cairns and Kane Picoy as two men with checkered pasts trying to make something of their lives.

20: With “Big Family”, it names a 1986 TV series starring Danny Thomas and Michael DeLuise, son of Dom. Producers also tacked this word onto the end of “Emergency!” when first syndicating the show.

10: It was the number of dollars the USFL won from the NFL in their 1986 antitrust case – an amount later tripled.

5: According to Three Dog Night, it is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.

1: It’s the number of points you’re going to earn on this bonus if you’re hearing this clue.

Answer: One

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Your genial quizmaster has dated a woman whose sister dated Michael DeLuise. Is that worth anything?]
19. For ten points each, given part of a phrase from the Zelda series, fill in the missing word:

a) [BLANK] dislikes smoke.

Answer: Dodongo

b) When all else fails, use [BLANK].

Answer: fire

c) One who does not have the [BLANK] cannot go in.

Answer: Triforce
20. Name the following automobiles or manufacturers from clues on a 5-5-10-10 basis:

(10) This economy car was manufactured in Germany from 1958 to 1990. Its name is the German word for satellite.

Answer: Trabant

(10) This German manufacturer entered the SUV race this year with the Touareg.

Answer: Volkswagen

(10) Ford debuted this car on September 11, 1970. A friend of your genial quizmaster’s continued to drive one after they had been widely discredited, saying, “Now, nobody ever tailgates me.”

Answer: Pinto

21. Let’s spit on every one of you. A bonus on the Sex Pistols. Answer these questions on a 5-10-15 point basis:

(5) What was the name of the Sex Pistols only studio album?

Answer: Never Mind the Bollocks

(10) Which British tv commentator caused a scandal when he asked the band members on national TV to say “something outrageous,” for which they did.

Answer: Bill Grundy

(15) How did the British music establishment prevent the Sex Pistols’ “God Save the Queen” from going #1 in Britain?

Answer: Abolished the number one position for the week [accept equivalents]

22. As "Sex and the City" draws to a close, let us bittersweetly reflect on some of its lead characters' foibles.  From a description, name the character for 10 points.  If you need the name of the actress who plays her, you'll get 5 points.
a. (10)  Her numerous sexual partners have included a hot firefighter, a flexible wrestler, a sexy Latina artist, and (currently) a hunky blonde actor.
  (5) She is played by Kim Catrall.

Answer:  Samantha Jones

b.  Her first marriage to uptight Trey MacDougal was a failure both in and out of the bedroom, but now she has found love with her schlumpy but sweet divorce lawyer.
       (5) She is played by Kristin Davis.

Answer:  Charlotte York

c.  The consummate career woman, her personal life was one disaster after another until she reunited with Steve, the father of her baby.

(5)  She is played by Cynthia Nixon.

Answer:  Miranda Hobbes

23. You know the scarlet and gold of Gryffindor, but what about color schemes for the other three houses of Hogwarts? Five points per color, give the two colors representing the other houses from the Harry Potter series. And yes, you must specify which house. And no, we’re not going to remind you of their names.

Answer: Ravenclaw - blue and bronze; Hufflepuff - yellow and black; Slytherin - green and silver

24. For ten points each, identify the following sidekicks of villains in Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

a. This sidekick of Dr. Forrester has questionable sexual orientation and is often the butt of the Invention Exchange segment of the show.

Answer: TV's Frank

b. This "Planet of the Apes" wannabe is the first sidekick of Pearl Forrester.

Answer: Professor Bobo

c. The second sidekick of Pearl, this pigmentally-challenged robe-wearing humanoid carries his brain in a pan.

Answer: The Observer (accept Brain Guy)

25. FTP each, name the following major characters in Blizzard Entertainment's hit PC game Starcraft:

a. The first major character met in the Terran campaign, he drives a Vulture and is first encountered at the Mar Sara colony in Mission One, "Wasteland."

Answer: Jim Raynor [either first or last name is acceptable]

b. This female psychic assassin is captured by the Zerg and transformed into the hideous and powerful Queen of Blades.

Answer: Sarah Kerrigan [either first or last name is acceptable]

c. This man is the leader of the rebel faction The Sons of Korhal and uses Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan to defeat the Terran Confederacy. He later betrays Kerrigan and leaves her at the mercy of the Zerg.

Answer: Arcturus Mengsk [either first or last name is acceptable]


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