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Questions by Maryland, Michigan, Pitt, Rochester, North Carolina, Rutgers-New Brunswick, & Rutgers-Newark

1. Heinrich Leopold Wagner, Johann Hamann, Gottfried August Berger, and Johann Gottfried von Herder were among the movement’s major theorists. Die (DEE) Rauber and Gotz von Berlichingen (bur-LICK-in-gehn) were two works from the period, but it took its name from Wirrwarr, a play by Friedrich von Klinger. For ten points, what pre-Romantic German literary movement also counted Schiller and Goethe (GUR-tuh) as its exponents?

Answer: Sturm und Drang (or Storm and Stress)
2. They require conditions of high humidity. Their adaptation provides them with a position where the light is strongest, and where there is no competition for the light. They often acquire nutrients from dust washed off the support tree's leaves. Many mosses and lichens, ferns and bromeliads share, for ten points, what lifestyle, neither rooted in the soil nor parasitic, most well-known in orchids?

Answer: Epiphytes

3. It was originally written for The Happy Song, an unproduced television show. Its writer brought it, and a pair of Captain America golf shoes, to Cory Wells, a member of the group that eventually recorded it. Dunhill Records’ biggest hit, it was the top song on the Billboard charts in 1971, spending six weeks at #1, and even cracking the top 50 on the R&B charts. Isaac Watts did not write the lyrics to, FTP, what song by Hoyt Axton, recorded by Three Dog Night, that begins with a prophetic amphibian?

Answer: “Joy to the World” [the one that begins, “Jeremiah was a bullfrog. . . .”]

4. Actually a series of battles, the first battle here began on September 19 at Freeman’s Farm. The second, fought at Bemis Heights on October 7, saw a force led by Daniel Morgan, Horatio Gates, and Benedict Arnold stop the British. The French were encouraged to join the American cause after the October 17 surrender of the British forces under John Burgoyne at—for 10 points—which 1777 battle in upstate New York?

Answer: Battle(s) of Saratoga

5. Hipparchia (hih-PAR-kee-ah) and her husband, a rich man named Crates (KRAY-teez) of Thebes, both joined this group of philosophers. Concerned almost exclusively with virtue as the one form of good, the group also included Crates’s student, Stoicism founder Zeno, and his teacher , Diogenes (dye-AH-gin-eez) of Sinope (SIN-oh-pee). Named after a gymnasium east of Athens, for ten points, identify this school of philosophy founded by Antisthenes (an-TISS-then-eez) that held contempt for most ways of life.

Answer: Cynics (or Cynicism)

6. The UKDMC project, located 1100 meters down a mine shaft, and the GENIUS team inside Mt. Sasso are both attempting to detect them, since the solid rock deflects cosmic rays, but not these hypothetical particles. If they exist, they were created before "normal" forms of matter in the Big Bang. For ten points, identify these candidates for the missing matter of the universe, as opposed to black holes, asteroids, and other MACHOs.

Answer: _WIMPs_ or Weakly Interacting Massive Particles

7. The chairman of the citizens’ lobbying group Common Cause from 1980 to 1992, this Harvard law professor has written a book on the Warren Supreme Court. When he pushed for the release of tapes made by Nixon, Nixon tried to get Attorney General Elliott Richardson to fire him. For 10 points—name this special prosecutor whom Richardson and William Ruckelshaus refused to can, leaving the job to Robert Bork in the so-called “Saturday Night Massacre.”

Answer: Archibald Cox

8. This novel traces the main character’s relationships with fellow business people like Mahesh and Shoba, the owners of the local Big Burger franchise, with religious figures like the father Huisman, whose knowledge and veneration of African religion ends in assassination, and with his own servant, Metty. But it is his fateful meeting with the white historian Raymond and his sensual wife Yvette that truly disrupts the protagonist ’s world. Eventually, it is the witch Zabeth’s son, Ferdinand, who saves Salim from persecution in FTP, what 1979 work by V. S. Naipaul, set in a town at the titular geographic locale.

Answer: A Bend in the River

9. Ludovit Stur codified this nation’s language in the nineteenth century, while in 1861 Bishop Stefan Moyses petitioned Emperor Franz Joseph to grant it territorial and political rights. Jozef Tiso tried to establish a republic here during World War II, but antifascists crushed it, so it did not gain true autonomy until the 1993 Velvet Divorce. For ten points, identify this nation, led in the 1990s by Vladimir Meciar, with capital at Bratislava.

Answer: Slovakia (or Slovak Republic); (DO NOT ACCEPT “Czechoslovakia”)

10. “Di quella pira” and “On the rose-colored wings of love” are two of the better-known arias in this opera. This story centers on a man raised by the gypsy Azucena, who kidnapped him as a baby. In fact, this man is the Count di Luna’s brother, and both love the noblewoman Leonora. For ten points, what 1853 Verdi opera about Manrico the Troubadour contains the Anvil Chorus?

Answer: Il Trovatore (accept “The Troubadour” until mentioned)

11. “The magic words are squeamish ossifrage” was the result when a network of computers around the world employed a multiple quadratic polynomial sieve to factor a 129-digit number belonging to this class. In December 2003 a tea mfrom Germany collected $10,000 for factoring one of these semi-primes with 576 digits in binary. For 10 points—name these integers, which share their name with a system of public-key encryption.

Answer: RSA numbers [accept RSA or Rivist-Shamir-Adelman algorithm]

12. This city supported Pescennius in a civil war against Septimius Severus – a bad choice, as Severus won and demolished most of the city in 196 CE. Philip of Macedon tried to take it in 340 BCE but failed, blaming his loss on the goddess Hecate (HEK-ah-tee). Founded by Greek colonists from Megara in 659 BCE, for ten points, identify this city on the west bank of the Bosporus, rebuilt as Constantinople in 330 CE.

Answer: Byzantium (prompt on “Constantinople” until mentioned)

13. This author’s early short story collections Roast Beef Medium and Emma McChesney and Co. concerned women in the business world. Many of her works, including Dinner at Eight, were made into successful films. A frequent collaborator with George S. Kaufman, their The Royal Family is a satire of the famed Barrymore acting clan. For 10 points—name this author of Giant, Cimarron, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning So Big best known as the author of Showboat.

Answer: Edna Ferber

14. A deficiency of this mineral may help treat certain autoimmune diseases, as it is a cofactor for many enzymes in the blood, as well as for carbonic anhydrase and superoxide dismutase [dis-MEW-tays]. Also found in high quantities in the hippocampus, it is released from presynaptic vesicles when neurons fire. Sphalerite [SFAY-luh-ryte] and smithsonite are ores of—for 10 points—what transition metal, commonly found in “fingers” in DNA regulatory proteins?

Answer: zinc

15. This franchise’s high-water mark was 1975-76, when Coach Larry Brown and star player David Thompson led it to the ABA Finals, where it lost to the Nets in six games. A solid team in the 1980s, featuring top scorer Alex English, it has turned into complete crap since, save 1994 when Dikembe Mutombo helped it become the first #8 seed to win an NBA playoff series. For ten points, identify the franchise that went 17-65 last year, but had won as many games by this Christmas, thanks to Carmelo Anthony.

Answer: Denver Nuggets (accept either)

16. First published in 1903 without its third act, the main character’s manifesto appears in full as an appendix. When it becomes clear that poetic Octavius’ advances will be rejected, and Ramsden’s worst fears are to be realized, Straker’s boss—the author of The Revolutionist’s Handbook—flees for Spain. There he is captured by Mendoza and, after a bizarre dream sequence, marries Ann Whitefield. For 10 points—name this Shaw play about John Tanner, who debates the devil in the subsection “Don Juan in Hell.”

Answer: Man and Superman: A Comedy and a Philosophy

17. Chapter 1 of this book, which is not named for Esau’s wife, includes the slaying of Arphaxad, and Nebuchadnezzar’s vow to slay all the people of Moab. The title character, the daughter of Merari, and widow of Manassas, chastises the people of Bethulia for wanting to surrender. She charms the Assyrian general and makes good on her vow to deliver the city. For 10 points—name this apocryphal book in which the Jews are saved when the title character betrays Holofernes.

Answer: Judith

18. Objects in this region may leave it after passing tens of thousands of stars causes them to move in a random walk, while objects are returned to it when they come too close to Uranus or Neptune . Proposed in 1950 after an astronomer noted that there was no comet whose period indicated it came from interstellar space, it is the source of Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp. For 10 points, what is this spherical region believed to be the source of long period comets?

Answer: Oort Cloud

19. Its forerunners included Bruandet, Swebach, and Valenciennes [vah-LEN-see-en]. Heavily influenced by an 1824 exhibition by John Constable, this colony of artists included some no longer welcome in Paris, such as Theodore Rousseau, and some who simply preferred life in the Fontainebleu forest, where they could paint realistic peasant and pastoral scenes. Charles Jacque, Camille Corot [koh-ROH], and Jean-François Millet [mih-LAY] were members of—for 10 points—what mid-1800s art movement?

Answer: Barbizon [BAR-bih-zon]

20. He served in France during World War I and led a Senate committee to investigate spending on World War II. It was under his administration that the National Security Act reorganized U.S. defense and intelligence agencies. Overshadowed by General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War, he would finally remove the general from power in 1951. For ten points, name this persistent underdog who served as president from 1945 to 1953.

Answer: Harry S Truman

21. Its engineer, Fazlur Kahn, introduced a new technology when creating this building: thick sheets of steel were welded together to form nine vertical square tubes, with the floors suspended within the tubes. Designed by the firm of Skidmore, Owens and Merrill, it is located at 233 South Wacker Drive. For ten points, what 110-story skyscraper completed in 1974 was for 22 years the tallest in the world?

Answer: Sears Tower

22. It included a three-volume appendix entitled “The Theory of Surplus Value” , but the author died before completing the second and third volumes. When published in English it was given the subtitle “A Critique of Political Economy.” In it its author proposed that history was a never-ending struggle between the classes. This is, FTP, which work by Karl Marx that concludes with the famous line “Workers of the World Unite!”

Answer: Das Kapital

23. One notable landmark within this city is the 60-story Hassan II Mosque. Founded by the Portuguese on the site of the ancient city of Anfa, an artificial harbor was constructed here in 1916. Known in Arabic as Dar al-Baida, for ten points, is what largest city in Morocco, site of a famous 1942 movie?

Answer: Casablanca (accept “Dar al-Baida” until mentioned)


Questions by Princeton & Pitt with Chicago, Dartmouth, Michigan, North Carolina, Rochester & Rutgers-Newark

1. Deaf Smith and a company of men had burned the bridge over Vince’s Bayou, which left their enemies trapped. Angered by two earlier massacres, the revolutionaries killed over 600, and captured over 700 more, while losing just nine of their own, though a rifle ball shattered their commanding general’s ankle. Less than 20 minutes were needed when the Mexican forces were literally caught napping at, FTP, what April 1836 battle which gave Texas its independence from Mexico?

Answer: Battle of San Jacinto [ha-SEEN-toh or ja-SEN-toh]
2. Either free or bound, these consist of large complexes of proteins and either three or four rRNA molecules. They can less commonly be found in the mitochondria or chloroplasts of eukaryotes, but are more often found either floating freely throughout the cytoplasm or bound to the endoplasmic reticulum. FTP, name this organelle which serves as the site of mRNA synthesis and which makes the rough endoplasmic reticulum rough.

Answer: Ribosome

3. After he knocked out Ernie Burford in two rounds, this boxer got to fight Florentino Fernandez. After beating Jimmy Ellis he became the highest ranked middleweight in the world, but he lost to Joey Giardello for the championship. His record of 27-12-1 could have improved if not for an incident at the Lafayette Grill in Paterson. FTP, name this wrongfully convicted boxer, immortalized in a Bob Dylan song and a Denzel Washington film, also known as the "Hurricane."

Answer: Rubin Carter (prompt on Hurricane)

4. Reflecting on his past, he says, “I am older at 20 than a lot of people who died,” then later denies that he hates the South, though he fails to convince Shreve, his roommate at Harvard. Obsessed with his sister’s promiscuity, he tries to protect her by claiming he got her pregnant, when it was probably Dalton Ames, though Candace ends up naming the baby, a daughter, after him. For 10 points—name this brother of Jason, Caddy, and Benjy Compson who drowns himself in The Sound and the Fury.

Answer: Quentin Compson [prompt on “Compson”] [Incest is preferable to getting knocked up?—Ed.]

5. From 1864 to 1887, he taught chemistry at the St. Petersburg Military Academy, establishing a place for women to study medicine there. However, he took inspiration from Balakirev and expanded his hobby of composing music, though much of his work being unfinished upon his death. For ten points, name this Georgian composer whose opera, Prince Igor was finished by fellow Fiver Rimsky-Korsakov.

Answer: Alexander Borodin

6. This dynasty is sometimes identified mythologically as descendants of the inhabitants of Atlantis. Recent speculation ties them to the bloodline of Christ. Identified by their long red hair, their power grew with victories over the Visigoths, Saxons, and Alamanni. However, they were eventually deposed when the administrative position of major domo evolved into the most powerful office in France. FTP name this Frankish dynasty which was supplanted by the Carolingians.

Answer: Merovingian dynasty or Merovingian(s)

7. In 1996, the Supreme Court found Archers Daniel Midland guilty of a per se violation of this part of the Sherman Antitrust Act. Any form of it, even if it benefits the consumer, is illegal under Sherman, and executives who practice this form of monopolistic or oligopolistic behavior can be sent to prison. FTP, name this illegal practice in which dominant firms in an industry set the fees for certain goods and services.

Answer: Price fixing

8. When her husband shoots Tom Loker, she becomes even more desperate to leave the country. The daughter of Cassy, she’d love to remain in Kentucky as Mrs. Shelby’s maid, but escapes as soon as Mr. Shelby contemplates selling her son Harry to Mr. Haley. She is thus spared the cruel fate of belonging to Simon Legree, but must flee all the way to Canada, and at one point is forced to leap across ice floes in the Ohio River. For 10 points—name this fugitive slave, the heroine of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Answer: Eliza Harris

9. In 1835 a French engineer-mathematician showed that if the Newtonian laws of motion are to be used in a rotating frame of reference, an inertial force--acting to the right of the direction of body motion for counterclockwise rotation of the reference frame or to the left for clockwise rotation--must be included in the equations of motion. The result is an apparent deflection of the path of an object that moves within a rotating coordinate system. FTP name this effect that explains the direction of spinning fluids in Earth’s North or South hemisphere.

Answer: Coriolis effect (Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis)

10. The Chimu may have visited in about 1495, but the first recorded visit was by a bishop of Panama en route to Peru. Favored as a pirate's hideout because of their supply of fresh meat, these islands, located beneath the Nazca plate, feature large soup-bowl volcanoes on Isabela and Fernandina, and Espanola and Santa Fe are actually volcanic remnants. Featured prominently in the 2003 film Master and Commander, FTP name this island group served by the airport at San Cristobal, claimed by Ecuador, and notable for its finches, tortoises, and visit by Darwin.

Answer: Galapagos Islands

11. Erik Estrada punched this man in the face—albeit accidentally—on Win, Lose, or Draw. A 1978 Cornell graduate in English, he is often hounded by Arianna Huffington for his stance against marriage. His recent works include the TV special Victory Begins at Home and a book mixing political posters with commentary, When You Ride Alone You Ride With Bin Laden. For 10 points—name this host of HBO’s Real Time best known as the host of Politically Incorrect.

Answer: Bill Maher [marr]

12. After Los Angeles Sheriff's Department spokesman E. Duran Ayres announced that Mexicans had inherited the bloodthirst of their Aztec forebears, a death by the Sleepy Lagoon led to a roundup of 600 Mexicans, several of whom were forced to stand trial in the clothes they were caught in. On June 3, 1943, eleven sailors said they were attacked by Mexicans, and 300 sailors rushed into Mexican neighborhoods, beating and looting. For ten points, name these events, made into a song by the Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

Answer: _Zoot Suit Riots_

13. After finishing his studies at the Universities of Copenhagen and Leizpig, this man gained a grant from King Fredrick II to build an observatory on the small island of Hven in the Sont. At the Uraniburg observatory, he revolutionized the techniques of taking accurate astronomical measurements by accounting for atmospheric refraction. His data of the complete orbits of planets and the moon was crucial in Kepler’s discovery of elliptical orbits. FTP, name this Danish astronomer who lost the tip of his nose in a duel with a fellow student.

Answer: Tycho Brahe

14. Though born to a Catholic family, he published such anti-Catholic propaganda as Pseudo Martyr and 1611’s Ignatius his Conclave. This poet was exceedingly devoted to his relationship with his wife Anne More, the subject of his most famous metaphor; and when she died he lamented her passing in his 17th Holy Sonnet. For 10 points- name this metaphysical poet and author of “The Flea,” “A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning,” and “No Man Is an Island.”

Answer: John Donne

15. This group’s buildings were shaped like mirrors, reflecting their dualistic beliefs. Founded by James Wardley, who had absorbed the teachings of the Camisards, they gained popularity during the “New Light Stir.” Despite their initial popularity, their only remaining community is in Sabbath Day Lake, perhaps a result of their doctrine of celibacy. For 10 points—identify this religious group led by Mother Ann Lee, named for their movements during religious services.

Answer: Shakers [prompt on “Shaking Quakers”; do not prompt on “Quakers”]

16. Modifications to this equation include the Redlich-Kwong, Berthelot [BARE-tih-loh], and Beattie-Bridgman equations, while the virial equation can be considered a competitor. The constant represented by lowercase a accounts for repulsive interactions among molecules, while lowercase b is a constant correcting for the fact that molecules have finite, non-zero volumes. For 10 points—name this equation of state, which tries to make the ideal gas law correct for real gases.

Answer: van der Waals equation [do not prompt on “virial equation”]

17. “It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected . . . governed by five constant factors, to be taken into account in one’s deliberations. . . . These are: the moral law, Heaven, Earth, the Commander, [and] Method and discipline. . . . These five heads should be familiar to every general: he who knows them will be victorious; he who does not will fail.” So begins—for 10 points—what book by Sun Tzu?

Answer: The Art of War

18. In a Strauss opera, her mother chastises her for rejecting Leucippus. In Greek myth, Apollo became infatuated with her after Eros shot him with one of his arrows; sadly, Eros shot her with an arrow that made her spurn love entirely. Apollo chased her for hours until she appealed to her father Peneus to save her. For 10 points—name this nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree.

Answer: Daphne

19. The cruciform ship masts in the background have led some historians to give this painting a religious interpretation. Other reasons for that include the title figure’s upward stare toward heaven—a sign of medical shock, not religious awe—and his nudity. Other scholars think it refers to the Revolutionary War, because of the placement of a black man in the apex of a figurative pyramid, and because a rope connects him to the title figure. For 10 points—name this work by John Singleton Copley featuring a predator.

Answer: (Brook) Watson and the Shark

20. A 1959 study placed the maximum possible death toll at 43, the number of men later unaccounted for at Fort William. Sensationalized by survivor John Zephaniah Holwell—the man who surrendered the victims to nawab Siraj-ud-Dawlah—it outraged the British public, and let to the nawab’s ouster by the East India Company. For 10 points—name this 1756 incident in which many British soldiers died after being crammed into a crowded prison cell in India.

Answer: Black Hole of Calcutta

21. It is derived from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, and is soluble in Carbon tetrachloride or benzene. It absorbs a large quantity of sulphur, either by heating or in the cold by contacting Sulfur Chloride. Carbon black makes a reinforcing fiber. For ten points, name this substance whose natural properties were enhanced by Charles Firestone's process of vulcanization.

Answer: Rubber

22. The lone adagio molto of this work features a harpsichord and is supposed to represent sleeping drunkards. The second ends with a presto in which a hailstorm arrives as a shepherd tends to his fields. The allegro non molto in the last illustrates people fighting an icy wind and stamping out their wet feet. The opening allegro announces the arrival of spring in, for 10 points, what set of concerti grossi by Antonio Vivaldi?

Answer: The Four Seasons

23. State officials during the Ottoman Empire, they can create binding precedents regarding marriage, divorce, and inheritance, but in other measures they merely provide opinions. The British afforded the grand, one in Jerusalem, the Husseini, special privileges. British soldiers admired their relaxed attire, and used their name as slang for being out of uniform. For ten points, name these attorneys who provide interpretations of Islamic law.

Answer: _Mufti_


Questions by CWRU, Chicago, Pitt, Rochester, Rutgers-New Brunswick, Rutgers-Newark,

1. In one legend he served as King Harald’s charioteer and he would often wander the earth in disguise under the epithet “ Gangleri.” With Rind he gave birth to Vali, while his brothers include Vili and Ve. He resides in Valaskjalf where he survives on wine, and when he dies he will be avenged by Vidar. As god of wisdom he hung himself from Yggdrasil for nine days to gain insight and sacrificed one of his eyes to Mimir’s well to gain foresight. FTP identify this Norse deity who owns the magic ring Draupnir, wields the spear Gungnir in battle, and rides the eight-legged steed Sleipnir.

Answer: Odin or Wodan or Wotan
2. It consists of two beams of light that interfere, in contrast to the Fabre-Perot interferometer which interferes a semi-infinite number of beams. A beam splitter is used to divide the beam into two paths of different lengths, which are then bounced off mirrors and recombined into a single, interfering beam. FTP, name this type of interferometer, first used to disprove the existence of ether in the Nobel Prize-winning experiment by its namesake and Edward Morley.

Answer: Michelson Interferometer

3. The two dynasties established by these people, Bahri and Burji, took their names from the quarters where the troops that seized power had been stationed. The formal transfer of power to their own ranks occurred through the Ayyubid sultan's last wife, Shajar ad-Durr, who married their general Aybak. FTP, name these rulers of Egypt, brought over by As-Salih, the last Ayyubid sultan, as slaves from foreign lands in order to protect his own position.

Answer: Mamluks

4. Completed in 1880, it was not quite the monumental work that its author had envisioned. Its first title was "The Atheist" and one of its sections is often published as a separate philosophical treatise, "The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor." For 10 points, name this final work of Fyodor Dostoevsky, whose plot revolves around the murder of Smerdyakov's, Alyosha's, Dmitri's, and Ivan's father.

Answer: The Brothers Karamazov or Bratya Karamazovy

5. First human habitation here occurred as early as 2000 BC, when the ancestors of chamorro race settled there. First contact with western peoples was in 1521, when Magellan landed there for replenishment of supplies. From then on, possession of the island changed several times, first from the Spanish, to U.S., to Japan, and finally to the U.S. again. Name this island nation, which to this day remains the site of an important U.S. military outpost, and whose population has American citizenship status.

Answer: Guam

6. After making a small fortune extracting sal ammoniac with his partner James Davie, this gentleman farmer moved from Berwickshire to Edinburgh to pursue science. Though his most influential work was popularized by John Playfair, many of his ideas were dismissed by the followers of Abraham Werner or overshadowed by supporters of catastrophism. He argued that changes in the earth’s surface that occurred in past geologic time can be attributed to the same causes as changes now being produced in works like 1795’s Theory of the Earth. FTP identify this founder of uniformitarianism whose work was later popularized by Charles Lyell.

Answer: James Hutton

7. It originally only contained 57,000 seats when it was first built in 1922 by Myron Hunt. As the demand for seating increased, it was eventually designed to hold 100,000 people. Over the years, it has hosted 5 Super Bowls and the championship game for both the 1994 Men’s Soccer World Cup and the 1999 Women’s Soccer World Cup. FTP, name this football stadium, which traditionally hosts the college bowl game between the Big-10 and PAC-10 conference champions.

Answer: the Rose Bowl

8. She tries to set up her new friend Harriet Smith with Mr. Elton, but he instead proposes to her. She then falls for Frank Churchill, despite the advice of her older, wiser friend George Knightly. Eventually she realizes that Mr. Knightly has been protective of her because he has affections for her, then realizes that his feelings are reciprocated. FTP, name this heroine, a creation of Jane Austen.

Answer: Emma Woodhouse

9. We see five people sitting around the table. The fourth person from the left is holding one of the title objects as the two people sitting beside her are having the title objects as their supper. FTP, name this Van Gogh painting, one of his early works that features a group of people having the title object as their dinner.

Answer: The Potato Eaters

10. His diplomatic efforts to resolve the 1863 Polish Revolution, weakened by the positions of England and Austria, strained his relations with Russia. By entering an agreement at Villafranca with Austria after a victory at Solferino, he reneged on an agreement with Cavour to drive Austria out of Italy. Better known for installing Maximilian as emperor of Mexico—for 10 points—name this man, exiled after the Franco-Prussian War, who led France’s Second Empire.

Answer: Napoléon III or (Charles-)Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte

11. Not satisfied with staying in Minnesota, the protagonist travels with his wealthy mother, Beatrice, around the country until he enters the fictional St. Regis prep school. He then attends Princeton but forgoes his degree to join the army…wait a second, this sounds eerily similar to the life of the author. FTP, name this semi-autobiographical work by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Answer: This Side of Paradise

12. Book II includes discusses of “pride and humility,” “love and hatred,” and “the will and direct passions.” Book III is the consideration of “morals” promised in the subtitle of the work, which announces that it is an “attempt to introduce the experimental method of reasoning into moral subjects.” Book I deals with the “understanding” and attacks the notion of causation, while distinguishing ideas and impressions. FTP, name this philosophical work, first published in 1740 by David Hume.

Answer: A Treatise of Human Nature

13. Composers tend to love this scale in any key since, quite frankly, it’s almost impossible to make it sound bad. The most common scale of this type features a jump of a major third from the third to the fourth degree and a jump of a minor third from the 5th degree to the octave. FTP, name this scale used heavily by Debussy and Ravel that consists of only five notes.

Answer: pentatonic

14. This proposal’s author saw his sons become generals on opposite sides of the war it was meant to avert. It advocated suppression of the slave trade and slavery in the District of Columbia, and accepted the boundary between free and slave states set by the Missouri Compromise, extending that line to California. It garnered the support of four border state delegations, but its defeat in the House helped lead to the Civil War. For 10 points—name this last-ditch effort by a Kentucky senator to avoid the secession crisis.

Answer: Crittenden Compromise

15. Testing for this enzyme has been the main test for pancreatitis. It is produced in both the pancreas and salivary glands to break down long-chain sugars as well as in fruits during ripening to make them sweeter. This small enzyme, a saccaridase, was purified in 1835 from malt by Anselme Payen and Jean Persoz. Catalyzing the hydrolysis of sugars and starches, this enzyme is necessary for the digestion of carbohydrates. FTP, what is this digestive enzyme found in saliva?

Answer: Amylase

16. By definition, whenever one exists, it must be an Abelian group under addition and a semigroup under multiplication. Also, there must be a defined identity under addition as well as a defined inverse for all elements under addition and the distributive laws must hold for both addition and multiplication. FTP, name this mathematical set whose name comes from the fact that the first time the name was used, the elements of the set “looped around.”

Answer: Ring

17. The sons of a vanquished king attempt to share power by alternating years on the throne; however, at the end of the first year, the king refuses to let his brother have his turn. Enraged, that brother raises an army and tries to conquer the city. Later, their uncle refuses to let their sister bury one of them. FTP, name this Aeschylus work, whose titular characters are Tydeus, Capaneus, Eteoclus, Hippomedon, Parthoenopaeus, Amphiaraus, and Polynices.

Answer: The Seven Against Thebes

18. At the 1948 Democratic National Convention, he made an impassioned plea for the adoption of a civil rights plank, calling it “172 years late.” He was an unsuccessful candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1960 while representing Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. For ten points, name this U.S. vice-president and 1968 Democratic presidential nominee.

Answer: Hubert H(oratio) Humphrey

19. Most of the order possesses membranous wings in two pairs with the front wings larger than the back wings. The young develop through complete metamorphosis, eggs deposited by the female's ovipositor, often a modified stinger. Many species in this order are pollinators, necessary for many of our food crops. FTP, name this insect order that includes, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bumblebees.

Answer: Hymenoptera

20. His breakthrough book was made into an Oprah-produced ABC film staring Jack Lemmon and Hank Azaria. This Renaissance man is also a sports columnist for the Detroit Free Press and has an eponymous nationally-syndicated radio show. FTP, name the author of The Five People You Meet In Heaven and Tuesdays With Morrie.

Answer: Mitch Albom

21. This condition is the most common of the five pervasive developmental disorders. The exact cause is not known, but it has been attributed to genetics, MMR vaccines, exposure to viruses or toxic substances, and an inability to break down the proteins gluten and casein. Its symptoms include socializing problems, difficulty in speaking, sensory over or de-sensitivity, the inability to see the viewpoints of others, and repetitive, useless behavior. FTP, what is this disorder seen in the film Rain Man?

Answer: Autism

22. This left-hander’s father, a policeman, is 6 foot 7, and his mother is 6 foot 3. Thanks to a trade that sent Otis Thorpe to the Grizzlies, his current team had a lottery pick that allowed them to draft him. Initially Hermofarm, his European team, would not allow him to leave, but he was eventually able to buy out his contract with Hermofarm and sign with the Detroit Pistons. FTP name this 18-year-old, the second overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft.

Answer: Darko Milicic [MIH-lih-chich]

23. He made his start in Hamburg as a second violinist in an opera-house orchestra; soon after landing the job he wrote a Passion According to St. John. When composer Reinhard Keiser was unable to complete an opera, this man wrote the libretto; the successful Almira made Keiser a bitter rival. Later, in his adopted homeland, Addison and Steele viciously attacked his work. For 10 points—name this composer of Israel in Egypt and Water Music.

Answer: George Frederick Handel or Georg Friedrich Händel


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