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Questions by the usual suspects, with help from Mike Butler, Drake, Oklahoma, and your genial quizmaster

1. A Constitutional amendment of this number banned the death penalty in Ireland. In America, the amendment became the first in which state conventions, not state legislatures, possessed ratification power. Today, the authority of this amendment is usually delegated by most states to city and county governments.  FTP, name this amendment to the US Constitution that became law on December 5, 1933 and ultimately ended Prohibition?

Answer: The 21st amendment
2. It was discovered and named on the spot in 1945 by Keith R. Porter.  Among the proteins essential to its functions are PDI, calnexin, and the peptidopropyl isomerase family. It is the site of the translation, folding, and transport of proteins and macromolecules that either become part of the cell membrane or are “exocytosed” from the cell.  FTP, identify this organelle found in all eukaryotic cells, an intricate network of cisternae that comes in a smooth and rough variety.

Answer: Endoplasmic reticulum

3. (CS) His first symphony (1865) is credited as the first work of that form by a Russian, as is his 1867 symphonic poem Sadko, not to be confused with his later opera of the same name. His other operatic works include Legend of the Invisible City of Kitzeh, The Snow Maiden, The Golden Cockerel, and Tsar Saltan, which includes “Flight of the Bumblebee.” FTP name this member of the Five, composer of Scheherezade.

Answer: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

4. Her name reveals that she was an older or married woman of lower social class. She flies through the air in a mortar, using a pestle as a rudder. The keyhole in her door is a maw filled with jagged, sharp teeth, and her house is enclosed by a white fence made of human bones. If you are a good person with a pure heart, you might get help from her, but if your heart isn’t pure she will eat your soul. FTP, name this wild forest woman of Slavic folklore whose log cabin revolves on a pair of chicken legs.

Answer: Baba Yaga

5. He is a wealthy, solitary man with regular habits, who fires his former butler for getting the temperature of his shaving water wrong by 2 degrees. He hires a new manservant named Passepartout, with whom he attempts to circumnavigate the late Victorian world in less than three months due to a wager made by the Reform Club. Played by David Niven in the 1956 film adaptation of the book and by Steve Coogan in the 2004 film version, FTP name the main character in the 1872 Jules Verne novel Around the World in Eighty Days.
Answer: Phileas [sorry, but not Phineas] Fogg
6. Modibo Keita, leader of a militant anticolonial party, became its first President. It briefly formed a short-lived federation with Senegal in 1959, then joined a largely symbolic union with Ghana and Guinea in the early 1960’s. Cotton is the nation’s primary export, but fishing is crucial because the Niger River flows through this land-locked nation, one of the world’s poorest in contrast to its former glories. FTP, name this African nation with cities such as Gao, Tombouctou, and Sikasso, with its capital at Bamako.

  Answer: Mali

7. He briefly served as Secretary of State late in the Tyler administration, completing negotiations to admit Texas as a slave state and trying in vain to avert war with Mexico. His house, Fort Hill, and surrounding plantation are now the site of Clemson University. He and George Clinton were the only two men to serve as Vice Presidents under two different Presidents, and he often opposed both of those Presidents, Quincy Adams and Jackson. FTP, name the “Cast-Iron Man” of Congress who popularized the Doctrine of Nullification and remains a folk hero in his native South Carolina.

Answer: John C. Calhoun

8. (DU/OU) A version of this story was written by Machiavelli in 1517, while the Canadian Opera Company produced its own in 1999. Book XI, which describes the main character’s induction into the mystery religions of Isis and Osiris, has troubled many scholars, because of its serious and near poetic tones, a stark contrast to the bawdiness and humor of the first ten books. The only Latin work of fiction to survive in its entirety, FTP name this work by Apuleius whose main character Lucius is transformed into a beast of burden.

Answer: Metamorphoses or The Golden Ass

9. (DU) This type of substance is expected to have an index of refraction less than one, meaning that a concave lens made of it would be diverging. Hannes Alfvén won a Nobel Prize in Physics for work related to this, and his namesake waves travel through this medium, since its ions are both charged and mobile. For ten points, identify this type of substance, a magnetohydrodynamically active fluid, largely touted as the “fourth state of matter”.

Answer: Plasma (Prompt on “magnetohydrodynamic fluid”)
10. This character has been performed by Kevin Clash since 1985. He is about about three and a half years old and speaks of himself in the third person. His best friend is a goldfish named Dorothy, and he often questions a silent Charlie Chaplin-like character named Mr. Noodle. FTP, name this character who hosts his own segment on Seasame Street, a furry red Muppet with googly eyes and an orange nose.

Answer: Elmo

11. Its author often said that 22 publishers rejected this 15-story collection before its 1914 publication because they felt that stories like “Eveline” and “A Painful Case” painted an unflattering picture of the titular city. Indeed, its author intended the stories to paint a frank and satirical portrait of the lower-middle urban class at a time when nationalism in his nation was at its peak. FTP name this James Joyce work, many of whose characters later appeared in Ulysses, that includes stories such as “Ivy Day in the Committee Room,” “A Mother,” “Araby” and “The Dead.”

Answer: Dubliners (Do NOT accept “THE” Dubliners)

12. It is 22° south of the equator on its planet, and was first observed in 1665 by either by Cassini or Hooke; both take credit for its discovery. Most theories about its distinctive color suggest either phosphorus or nitriles, and it has shrunk by half in the last century. Now 16,000 miles by 8,000 miles, it is still large enough to contain two or three planets of Earth size, and it rotates counterclockwise in a six-day period. For ten points, name this large storm that rages on the surface of the planet Jupiter.

Answer: Great Red Spot

13. This language occurred primarily in script from the 14th and 13th centuries B.C.  It was derived from an earlier language and, therefore, does not accurately represent the sounds of the spoken language.  British archeologist Arthur Evans found the first clay tablet with this language imprinted on it in 1900 while he excavated Knossos, but the language was not totally deciphered until Michael Ventris completed the task in 1953.  FTP, identify this language of the early Minoan civilization.

Answer: Linear B


14. It has a surprisingly high Mennonite population due to immigrants from Canada and the USSR. While much of it is unhabitable, parts of it supported limited cotton farming,cattle ranching, and the extraction of tannin from the quebracho tree. Thus there was some economic benefit for the Paraguayan squatters who lived there. With the rumored discovery of oil, Bolivia reasserted its rights to the territory, sending an army under Hans Kundt in an unsuccessful effort to retake it that led to over 100,000 casualties, more than half from disease. FTP name this region, the object of a namesake war from 1932-1935 over oil that didn’t actually exist.

Answer: Gran Chaco


15. Insects appear frequently in the later works of this man nicknamed “Mauk”. He became interested in order and symmetry while on a voyage in the Mediterranean. Despite little formal training in mathematics, he was intrigued when his brother Berend sent him an academic paper by George Polya on plane symmetry groups, and the Necker cube and Penrose triangle were among the “impossible objects” he drew upo.. FTP name this artist and graphic designer who created intricate visual riddles in works such as “Waterfalls,” “Tower of Babel,” and “Ascending and Descending.”

Answer: M.(aurits) C.(orneille) Escher

16. He appears as a character in W.P. Kinsella’s novella Shoeless Joe, which was the basis for the movie Field of Dreams. During WWII, he saw combat action in some of the war’s most fiercely fought battles; some critics say this influenced his recurring themes of the powerful minds of disturbed young men and the redemptive power children have in their lives. FTP identify this reclusive American author of A Perfect Day For Bananafish, Franny and Zooey, and The Catcher in the Rye.

Answer: J. D. Salinger

17. In 1987, this baseball player shared Sports Illustrated magazine's "Sportsmen and Sportswomen of the Year" award with seven other "Athletes Who Care" for his work with numerous charities. He appeared in seven All Star games, won five consecutive Golden Glove awards, and was named Most Valuable Player in 1982 and 1983.  He ended his career with 398 homeruns and a .265 batting average, yet the Hall of Fame is probably out of reach due to his high strikeout numbers and lack of team success. FTP, name this former catcher who moved to centerfield and became a franchise player for the dismal 1980s Atlanta Braves teams.

  Answer: Dale Murphy

18. Its allotropic forms include an amorphous red powder, a red crystalline form, and a gray crystal form with a metal-like appearance. In 1873 Willoughby Smith found that the gray metallic form had greater electrical conductivity in light than in darkness. Discovered in 1817 by Jons Jacob Berzelius, it is a trace element in humans and plays roles in free radical elimination and (like iodine) in thyroid function. It is also used to remove color from glass and increases resistance in vulcanized rubber. With a name taken from the Greek for “Moon,”FTP name this toxic nonmetal with atomic number 34.

Answer: Selenium

19. His philosophical books included Theism and Humanism and The Foundations of Belief. In 1878, as private secretary to his uncle Lord Salisbury, he accompanied Salisbury to the Congress of Berlin; in 1920 he represented Britain at the first meeting of the League of Nations. While he served as Prime Minister from 1902 to 1905, it was as Foreign Secretary in David Lloyd George's cabinet that he wrote the letter for which he is best known. FTP, name the statesmen who in November 1917 proclaimed British support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Answer: Arthur James Balfour

20. Hamsters do it to obtain vitamins B and K. Young elephants do it to boost their immune systems, while rabbits do it to aid digestion; many theories exist to explain it in dogs. In humans it is quite rare and almost universally taboo, most of its occurrences are related to abnormal sexual practices, and often, people are told to practice this as an insult. FTP, name this practice of consuming what has already been once consumed.

Answer: Coprophagia (accept equivalents, but feel free to fire back if the equivalent is said insultingly.)

21. New York City is officially divided into five boroughs. The Yukon Territory is formed. Caleb Bradham officially starts to call his soft drink Pepsi-Cola. Neon is discovered. Enzo Ferrari and C.S Lewis are born. Lewis Carroll and Otto von Bismarck died. Emile Zola is brought to trial. For ten points, these events all occurred in what year, the same year that the USS Maine was destroyed in Havana Harbor prompting the Spanish-American War?

Answer: 1898
22. He was knighted as much for his service as Warden of the Mint as for his scientific achievements. Rebelling against the Aristotelian science still taught at Trinity College, Cambridge, he delved into the more modern work of Galileo, Copernicus, and Kepler.  He established that white light is composed of all the colors of the spectrum, though his corpuscular theory of light was later found to be flawed. Arguably the first to suggest that earthly motion and celestial motion are governed by the same natural laws, FTP, identify this British scientist famed for his three Laws of Motion.

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton

23. It includes the classes Marchantiopsida, Bryopsida, and Anthocerotopsida. Some appear as small stems with leaflike projections, while others appear as a leafless, flattened body, or thallus. Members of this division are so classified because they are complex plants that do not possess vascular tubes; properly speaking, its defining feature is its lack of differentiated tissue, in contrast to the tracheophytes. FTP name this most primitive division of true plants, composed of the hornworts, liverworts, and mosses.

Answer: Bryophyta or bryophytes

24. In an analogy two concepts, objects, or events proposed to be similar in nature (A and B) are shown to have some common relationship with another property. The premise is that A has property X, and thus B must also have property X due to the assumed similarity of A and B. Unfortunately, in this case, A and B are only superficially similar and are different in some fundamental way which influences their relationship with property X. FTP, name this logical fallacy.

Answer: False Analogy


Questions by the usual suspects, with help from Mike Butler, Drake, Oklahoma, and your genial quizmaster

1. FTPE, name these vice-presidents who tried but failed to achieve the presidency.

a. This VP under Martin Van Buren, defeated in his 1840 reelection bid, was among many would-be Democratic candidates bumped in favor of dark horse James K. Polk at the 1844 convention.

Answer: Richard Johnson

b. This Democrat who served as V.P. under Jimmy Carter failed to unseat the popular Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Answer: Walter Mondale

c. Between serving as James Buchanan’s VP and as a Confederate general, as the Southern Democrats’ candidate he finished second with 72 electoral votes in 1860, behind Lincoln but ahead of Stephen A. Douglas.

Answer: John C. Breckinridge
2. A knowledge of statistics can be an integral part of material organization and presentation. FTPE, name these statistical terms given a brief explanation.

  1. The number of ways to select “n” objects from “N” objects in a particular order.

Answer: Permutation

  1. Its essential properties include a number of identical trails, only two possible outcomes, and “p” represents the probability of success where (1-p) equals the probability of failure.

Answer: Binomial Probability Distribution

  1. The probability of a discrete random variable occurring in a continuous interval.

Answer: Poisson Probability Distribution
3. Here’s a bonus on South American capitals – with a twist. Given a political entity from South America, FTSNOP name the capital. The catch is, they’re in descending point order, so once you get one correct the bonus stops.
(30) Magallanes province, Chile Answer: Punta Arenas

(25) Minas Gerais state, Brazil Answer: Belo Horizonte

(20) French Guiana Answer: Cayenne
(15) Surinam Answer: Paramaribo
(10) Ecuador Answer: Quito
(5) Peru Answer: Lima

4. Given a brief description, name these unrelated literary works for 10 points each.

a. A satirical novel ostensibly about a group of animals who oust the humans from the farm they live on and endeavour to run it themselves, only to have it corrupted into a brutal tyranny on its own.
Answer: Animal Farm
b. When the title character and Sue begin to live together, employers who find out about this illicit relationship and their bastard children dismiss him from his employment and landlords continually evict them. His eldest son hangs Sue's two children and then himself, after observing the problems he and his siblings are causing their parents.
Answer: Jude the Obscure
c. It tells the story of Paul Morel, a young man and a budding artist who is both repulsed and drawn to his mother. He is afraid to leave her but wants to go out on his own, and is driven by his need to experience love.
Answer: Sons and Lovers

5. I wonder how many fires these guys started during their lives. Identify the following chemists FTPE.

a. This Brit observed in 1660 the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas when temperature and moles are held constant, and formed a law to describe the relationship.

Answer: Robert Boyle

b. This Frenchman developed a hydrogen-filled balloon in which he ascended roughly 7000 meters in 1804, setting a record for altitude that stood for nearly 40 years.

Answer: Joseph Gay-Lussac

c. This Scot developed a law to explain why gases of smaller molar mass diffuse more rapidly than heavier gases.

Answer: Thomas Graham

6. Only three films have won the top four major Academy Awards in one year. Given the year and the film, name the Oscar-winning director for 5 points and both the Best Actor and Best Actress winners for another 5 points.

  1. It Happened One Night, 1934

Answers: Frank Capra; Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975

Answers: Milos Forman; Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher

  1. The Silence of the Lambs, 1991

Answers: Jonathan Demme; Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster

7. (DU) Answer these questions about a certain dynasty for ten points each.

This dynasty that had rulers for a large portion of the second half of the last millennia is known as well for its longevity and it is for its inbreeding and an extremely pronounced “lip and jaw”.

Answer: Hapsburg

This Hapsburg monarch ruled Spain for the second half of the 16th century, and also sent some fleet thing to England.

Answer: Philip II

This member of the Hapsburg line may not have had direct power, but she was married to Louis XIV.

Answer: Maria Theresa

8. (OU) Identify the following about subatomic particles F10PE.

A. There are two basic constituents of matter in the Standard Model of particle physics. One is the quark; name the other.

Answer: Lepton

B. Leptons come in flavor pairs called weak doublets, which consist of a large charged particle and this type of uncharged, nearly massless particle.

Answer: Neutrino

C. This negatively charged particle, 3rd generation counterpart of the electron, has an incredibly high mass of 1777 MeV.

Answer: Tau Lepton or Tauon

9. These artists were known by one name long before Eminem. Given a list of works, name the creator on a 10-5 basis:

a. (10) Micromegas

(5) Candide

Answer: Voltaire

b. (10) Georgics; Bucolics

(5)The Aeneid

Answer: Vergil

c. (10) Theogeny

(5)Works and Days

Answer: Hesiod

10. 5-10-20-30, name the composer of these operas:

a. The Flying Dutchman

Answer: Wilhelm Richard Wagner

b. La Traviata

Answer: Giuseppe Verdi

c. Amahl and the Night Visitors

Answer: Gian-Carlo Menotti

d. La Sonnambula

Answer: Vincenzo Bellini

11. Seems like every fall there’s a bonus on the Halloween toon at But why not spring? FTP each, answer the following questions about the costumes the site’s characters wore in the seasonal cartoon in 2004.

a. The king of town was dressed as the mayor voiced by Glenn Shadix in this animated film.

Answer: The Nightmare Before Christmas

b. Homestar Runner was dressed as Carl Spackler, a character in this movie about golfing (and gophers).

Answer: Caddy Shack

c. Strong Bad was dressed in a manly costume for the Halloween special; He was Cesar Romero dressed as this villain.

Answer: The Joker

12. Simple biology. Name the order of the following mammals, FFPE with a five point bonus if they are all correct

a. Elephant

Answer: Proboscidea

b. Echidna

Answer: Monotrema

c. Bat

Answer: Chiroptera

d. Walrus

Answer: Pinnipedia

e. Mole

Answer: Insectivora

13. (DU) Answer these questions about Jane Austen’s works FTPE.

Mr. Darcy is the nephew of this overbearing patron of Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice

Answer: Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Name the heartbreaking scoundrel from either Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice

Answer: Willoughby (S&S) or Wickham (P&P)

In Sense and Sensibility this is a well-deserving older gentleman who is scorned by Marianne Dashwood

Answer: Colonel Brandon
14. The death of segregated schools, and good riddance. FTPE name these Governors on the losing side:

a. Though he tried to make amends in later years, this Alabama governor tried to prevent blacks from enrolling at the University of Alabama during his infamous “Stand in the Schoolhouse Door.”

Answer: George C. Wallace

b. To counter a reputation of being a moderate on race issues, this Governor of Arkansas took a hard-line stance against the integration of Little Rock Central High School in 1957.

Answer: Orval Faubus

c. Unlike the first two, this governor of Mississippi from 1960 to 1964 was not just playing to the racists -- he was a die-hard white supremacist, saying “the Negro is different because God made him different to punish him"

Answer: Ross Barnett

15. The Greek god Apollo had many notable relationships, both with men and women. FTPE:

a. Apollo fell in love with this nymph after being struck by one of Eros’ arrows. As the nymph was trying to escape the god, she prayed to a river god to help her escape, and the river god turned her into a Laurel tree.

Answer: Daphne

b. The daughter of Hecuba and Priam, Apollo offered her the gift of prophecy to seduce her. When she rejected his advances, Apollo put a curse on her so that no one would ever believe her prophecies.

Answer: Cassandra

c. He was a handsome Spartan prince. When he and Apollo were tossing a discus, the god of the west wing, Zephirus, threw the disc off course and struck the prince. As he died, Apollo turned the prince into a flower.

Answer: Hyacinth

16. Identify the following paintings from the description FTPE; you will receive 5 points if you need the artist.

10: Done in late 1597 and early 1598, the well-dressed central figure seated with his prosperous companions points questioningly at himself, as two poor people approach from the right. A shaft of light illuminating the face and hand of one of the poor identifies him as Christ.

5: Caravaggio

Answer: The Calling of St. Matthew

10: Done in 1656, on the left, the artist paints himself at work on a huge canvas; the central figure is the child Princess Margarita, a blond girl presumably posing for him. One of the titular females has her foot placed on a dog.

5: Diego Velazquez

Answer: The Maids of Honor (accept Las Meninas)

10: A formation of faceless men on the right constitute a firing line in the process of executing a group of helpless men on the left. Central among the victims is a man in yellow pants and a white shirt with his arms raised in the air to no avail.

5: Francisco Goya

Answer: The Third of May (or May Third) 1808

17. The Rock says…..Name the geologist given their most famous discovery, FTSNOP. Jabroni.

(5) Developed a nine-point rating scale for earthquakes

Answer: Charles Richter

(10) Proposed the continental drift theory

Answer: Alfred Wegener

(15) Postulated the Ice Ages

Answer: Louis Agassiz

18. (OU) F10PE, identify each of the following former leaders of Egypt from a brief description.

A. The last true monarch of Egypt, he was blamed for the loss in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and for rampant corruption. He was forced to abdicate in 1952, which marked the de facto end of the monarchy.

Answer: Faruq or Farouk

B. He was the highest-ranking member of the Free Officers Movement which deposed Faruq and became the nominal head of government after the declaration of the Republic in 1953 but resigned under duress a year later.

Answer: Muhammad Naguib

C. The true leader of the coup, he ousted Naguib and was eventually elected President of Egypt, serving from 1956 till his death in 1970.

Answer: Gamal Abdal Nasser

19. Identify the following poems by Robert Frost from the given line FTPE.

a. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and sorry I could not travel both.”

Answer: “The Road Not Taken”

b. “The grade surmounted, we were riding high through level mountains, nothing to the eye.”

Answer: “The Figure in the Doorway”

c. “A winter garden in an alder swamp, when conies now come out to sun and romp.”

Answer: “A Winter Eden”
20. Archangels are supernatural beings in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theology.  FTPE:

a. Mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as in the Qur’an, he is know as the “messenger” Answer: Gabriel (or Gibreel)

b. According to the Qur’an and the Book of Tobit this angel is the personification of death. He is also Gargamel’s cat. Answer: Azrael

c. A prominent figure in Milton’s Paradise Lost, his symbol is the book, for wisdom, and his name can be translated to “The fire of God”.  The angel of the sun, he is one of the Holy Sephiroth.

Answer: Uriel
21. Now for a bonus that’s full of ship. Given a description, name the warship FTPE.

a. It was built at what is now the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, between 1798 and 1799, and was attacked by the British Leopard off Cape Henry in 1807.

Answer: USS Chesapeake

b. Better known as “Old Ironsides,” it was one of the first six shops commissioned by the U.S. Navy after the American Revolution and was saved from the scrap yards by an Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem.

Answer: USS Constitution

c. The fourth of this name was the last battleship to be completed by the United States. Commissioned on June 11, 1944, she sailed for the Pacific and quickly became the flagship of Admiral Halsey.

Answer: USS Missouri

22. “Have you been injured in a car accident?” FTPE, name the public figures who have acted at one time as their own attorney, based on clues.

a. This serial killer acted as his own attorney while standing trial for killing women in Utah and Florida. He died in Florida’s electric chair in 1989.

Answer: Ted Bundy

b. Dubbed “the Beltway Sniper,” he acted as his own attorney for less than a week before accepting professional assistance.

Answer: John Allan Muhammed

c. This controversial physician unsuccessfully defended himself in Michigan during his 1999 second-degree murder trial for helping a patient with Lou Gehrig's disease kill himself.

Answer: Dr. Jack Kevorkian
23. So, you made it to bonus #23? Bring on the Slavic gods! FTPE, identify these bad-ass deities.

  1. This archaic god was the deity of light, goodness and happiness, the enemy of all evil. His name literally means white god, and he was seen as a long-bearded man, dressed all in white, holding a staff.

Answer: Belobog

  1. He is a Polish spirit of the west wind, associated with love and gentleness.

Answer: Dogoda

  1. This son of Svarog begins each day as an infant and dies each night with the setting of the sun. He is the sun god, and lives in the Palace of the East, where it is eternally summer.

Answer: Dazbog (or Dajbog)


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