Tossups It begins with the main character’s childhood, following him first to Cambridge and then to London, where most of the story takes place


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1. It begins with the main character’s childhood, following him first to Cambridge and then to London, where most of the story takes place.* He then makes his way to Greece and dies in World War I, but instead of describing his death, the author instead describes the empty room which he left behind. FTP, name this third novel by Virginia Woolf, which is considered both an important modernist work and also the point at which Woolf began to develop her own personal style.

ANSWER: Jacob’s Room

2. In 2005, it poured over 25 inches of rain on San Marcos Pass and over 31 inches on the San Gabriel Mountains. Along with these spectacular rains, it is responsible for many of the torrents associated with the Pacific Northwest.* The conditions necessary for it begin with the Madden-Julian Oscillation, an equatorial rainfall pattern. FTP, what is this subtropical jet stream which is named because it brings moist air from Hawaii to the North American West Coast?

ANSWER: Pineapple Express

3. James J. Martin called it “one of the most incendiary works ever published” and Anton LeVay used many parts of it unaltered or only slightly edited in the Book of Satan in his The Satanic Bible.* Some have seen it as a satire on Social Darwinism, while others understand it to advocate it. It does contain some inconsistencies, such as the clearly held belief of the author that the white race is superior, and yet held back by various “Semitic” plots. FTP, what is this work by Ragnar Redbeard, which argues that the only moral absolute is that which has the strength to support itself?

ANSWER: Might Is Right

4. It was first visited by Spaniards in 1492 or 1502 and the 17th Century saw attempts by the Dutch, English, and French to establish outposts here, but all faced stiff opposition from Caribs. England eventually triumphed,* with France ceding all claims in 1815 and it was part of the Windward Islands colony from 1833 to 1960. It was part of the failed West Indian Federation as well as the so-called “Little Eight”, which tried unsuccessfully to reinitiate the union after the departure of Jamaica and Tobago. FTP, name this nation, which gained independence in 1979 and whose capital is Castries.

ANSWER: St. Lucia

5. Her fence consists of human bones and the keyhole of her door is actually a mouth lined with very sharp teeth. She is said to barely fit in her house, which will not show its door to a mortal unless they utter the magic phrase,* “turn your back to the woods, your front to me”. She often is depicted as flying in a large mortar and pestle, using a broom of silver birch to sweep away her tracks and she helps those with good hearts, while devouring those with unclean spirits. FTP, who is this Slavic goddess and witch, best known for dwelling in a house with chicken legs?

ANSWER: Baba Yaga or Yaga Baba

6. The mishandling of this work’s premiere prompted the composer to conduct his own works in the future and he was known in his time as much for his conducting as for his composing.* It was commissioned by Niccolò Paginini after he purchased a Stradivarius viola, but found no suitable music to play. This work is famous for its use of solo viola as well as for the melancholic tone given to it. The four movements of this symphony are “Harold aux montagnes”, Marche des pélerins”, “Sérénade”, and “Orgie de brigandes”. FTP, name this Berlioz symphony based on a poem by Lord Byron.

ANSWER: Harold in Italy

7. The wife had wanted to have a house with a garden in the suburbs, but she moved to the city with her husband and lives in an apartment because of his job. She wishes to have an orgasm, but her husband refuses to continue once he has climaxed, leaving her unfulfilled. When she comes into the room with coffee, she finds that he has died after having one of his attacks, a fact she is surprising calm about. FTP, so goes the plot of what short story, which shares its name with a collection by Alifa Rifaat and which takes its name from the only thing she can see out of her window?

ANSWER: Distant View of a Minaret

8. Their beaks are specially hooked and their throats are lined with small barbs to facilitate the consumption of jellyfish, this animal’s primary prey.* The Atlantic subspecies travels each year from the Caribbean to Cardigan Bay in Wales to eat the jellyfish which congregate there. They are unique in a number of ways, including the fact that despite being reptiles, they can maintain a body temperature up to 18°C higher than the water temperature, and their shell does not include the bony scutes of other turtles. FTP, name this marine turtle, the largest in the world.

ANSWER: Leatherback Sea Turtle

9. It began broadcasting out of San Antonio as KWEX in 1961, as part of the Spanish International Network, which was owned by Telesistema Mexicano,* Mexico’s largest network at that time. However, in 1986, it was sold, because of FCC regulations regarding foreign ownership of American television stations, to Hallmark. Some of its popular programming includes El Gordo y La Flaca and Sábado Gigante. FTP, what is this network, the fifth largest and largest Spanish-language network in the US?

ANSWER: Univisión

10. He was a pitcher in college, but is most associated with that sport because of his invention of the batting cage. He helped to develop basketball as a five-player sport,* resulting in his induction as part of the first class of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is, however, best known for his association with football, playing defensive end on the first All-American team in 1889 and coaching at various colleges, including the University of Chicago and College of the Pacific. FTP, who is this athletic pioneer, who is the namesake for the NCAA Division III national championship?

ANSWER: Amos Alonzo Stagg

11. The film version won the 1967 Golden Globe for Best Original Song Written for a Motion Picture for “If Ever I Would Leave You,”* except that the song was written for the musical, marking the only time in the history of the award that it has been awarded thus. The original Broadway run began in 1960 and featured Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, and Robert Goulet as the three main characters. It was revealed in an interview with Jackie Kennedy that the soundtrack for this musical was a favorite of her late husband, forever linking his presidency with, FTP, what Lerner and Loewe musical?

ANSWER: Camelot

12. Game Spot
called the facts on the box “horrible, horrible lies” and Cheat Code Central summed up many of the games details with, “[i]magine a racing game without a race. There is no time limit to beat and no one to race”.* Because of a lack of AI, your opponents never leave the starting line and a lack of physics allow your vehicle to drive on water, fall through bridges, and pass through obstacles as if they did not exist. FTP, this describes what 2004 computer game produced by Stellar Star, which is generally considered the worst game ever?

ANSWER: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

13. Amon Düül II’s use is not considered gratuitous, as it reflects the appropriate spelling and pronunciation of their name, which is derived from Egyptian and Turkish respectively.* Queensrÿche’s usage is considered gratuitous, but reflects Dutch and occasional French spelling conventions. Its use in Spınal Tap is also considered gratuitous and it is unlikely that the members were aware of its use with the letter N in Jacaltec and Malagasy. FTP, name this special usage of a certain diacritical mark, which is often associated with rock bands, such as Motörhead and Mötley Crüe.

ANSWER: Heavy Metal Umlaut (accept umlaut before “special” in the last sentence)

14. He began his NHL career with the Chicago Blackhawks in 1964, serving as the center for Bobby Hull and proving himself a capable scorer, however, he did not blossom until a trade in 1967 sent him and teammates Fred Stanfield and Ken Hodge to the Bruins. Playing alongside Bobby Orr, he led Boston to Stanley Cup wins in 1970 and 1972 and twice captured the Hart Trophy in 1969 and 1974. FTP, name this hockey great who was the first to score 100 points in a season and who held the single-season record for goals until Wayne Gretzky broke it in 1982.

ANSWER: Phil Esposito

15. Many have accused him of hubris, because of statements he has made comparing himself to Sergio Leone and David Lynch and because he has attributed the failure of his films to “dumb audiences”.* In Hollywood, however, he is seen as funding his movies with “stupid German money” from investors who are actually benefited for movies which perform badly. FTP, name this German director best known for his critically and popularly hated movie versions of House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark and whose most recent film was Bloodrayne.

ANSWER: Uwe Boll

16. Its length prompted it to be virtually ignored upon its initial release in 1967, though successful re-releases followed in 1972 and 1979.* Most of the musical accompaniment was provided by the London Festival Orchestra and the spoken-word poem beginning near the 6 minute mark was written by drummer Graeme Edge and read by keyboardist Mike Pinder. FTP, what is this song, the most famous single of The Moody Blues?

ANSWER: “Nights in White Satin”

Overtime Tossups
O1. During the Second English Civil War, the Parliamentarians had forced the Royalist Navy to base in the Scilly Islands after they overran Cornwall. The Royalists had earlier angered the Dutch with attacks on their navy and as a result the Netherlands declared war.* Before the Dutch were able to attack the Royalists, Admiral Robert Blake had secured their surrender and the Dutch sailed home without firing a shot. FTP, so goes the most dramatic part of what war between Scilly and Holland, which holds the records as both the longest war and the war with the fewest casualties and which was not officially over until a 1986 treaty was signed?

ANSWER: Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years’ War

O2. Warning: two answers required. One claims that after he kicked his own drug habit, he attempted an intervention with the other, but failed.* They have starred in 7 films together, the last of which to have a theatrical release was 1989’s Dream a Little Dream. Each had made a name for himself prior to working together, one in The Goonies and Gremlins and the other in Lucas and Silver Bullet. FTP, who are these former child actors who were first paired together in 1987’s The Lost Boys and frequently known as “the two Coreys”?

ANSWER: Corey Feldman and Corey Haim (in either order and prompt on “the two Coreys” before it is said)

O3. It emphasizes the necessity of observant Jews to separate themselves from Gentiles and was a defense of traditional Judaism against the pressures of Hellenistic culture. It is dated to sometime during the high-priesthood of Hyrcanus,* between 135 and 105 BCE and was a product of the midrash, reworking the history of the world from Creation to the publication of the Law from a Pharisaic perspective. Fragments in Greek, Latin, and Syriac exist, the last found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the most complete version is Ethiopic. FTP, what is this apocryphal Old Testament book which is still used by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and which revises Genesis and the first part of Exodus?

ANSWER: Book of Jubilees or Leptogenesis or Lesser Genesis

O4. It has a devoted following, especially among members of its online “School of Biblical Evangelism”, designed to help Christians witness. Its basic evangelical message centers around using the Ten Commandments as evidence that people need God’s forgiveness and the show is usually divided into three segments,* including the primary evangelical lesson and clips of Christians sharing the Gospel with non-Christians. FTP, what is this television show, which is most prominently seen on Trinity Broadcasting Network and which stars Ray Comfort and Left Behind star, Kirk Cameron?

ANSWER: The Way of the Master


1. There were numerous wars between the Native Americans and European settlers during the colonial period. F10PE, identify these three examples.

A. It was instigated by the murder of John Oldham, a respected trader, supposedly at the hands of the namesake tribe. In retaliation, Massachusetts militia attacked a Niantic village and issued demands to Sassacus, the local sachem. A massacre at Mystic broke the Native Americans, and Sassacus was killed after he tried to flee to the Mohawk.

ANSWER: Pequot War

B. It began as an uprising among the Pokanoket, Podunk, Nipmuck, and Wampanoag led by Metacomet, but eventually spread and included the Narragansett, whom the colonists attacked, and the Mohicans, who were enlisted to defeat Metacomet. Lasting form 1675 to 1676, this was the bloodiest of the so-called Indian Wars in terms of relative casualties.

ANSWER: King Philip’s War

C. Among its causes were the religious revival led by Neolin, the “Delaware Prophet”, and the policies of General Jeffrey Amherst. It began with a series of attacks against British forts. Though the British were not thrown out, the war did bring about a proclamation which granted the lands between the Appalachians and the Mississippi to native peoples.

ANSWER: Pontiac’s War (accept common synonyms for War)

2. Some chemical symbols do not match their modern names very well. F5PE, identify the name from which each of the following elements derives its chemical symbol.

A. Tungsten

ANSWER: Wolfram or Wolframium

B. Mercury

ANSWER: Hydrarguros or Hydrargurum

C. Tin

ANSWER: Stannum

D. Antimony

ANSWER: Stibium

E. Potassium

ANSWER: Kalium

F. Silver

ANSWER: Arguros or Argentum
3. Identify the following about the life of Siddhartha Gautama F10PE.

A. This site currently on the border between India and Nepal is generally regarded as the birthplace of Gautama. A stone pillar attributed to Ashoka can be found there and during Gautama’s life, it was located in the Shākya State.

ANSWER: Lumbini

B. In accordance with a prediction made at his birth, Gautama became a great holy man, because he witnessed 4 men while passing through the city. All or none, name these four things, which are often termed the “Four Passing Sights”.

ANSWER: A Crippled, Old Man and a Sick Man and a Corpse and a Holy Man (accept equivalents)

C. 6 years later, after having adopted an ascetic’s life, Gautama developed a new form of meditation which helped him to attain enlightenment. He developed this method while sitting under a large tree, which is now called this.

ANSWER: Bodhi Tree

4. Identify the following poems by everyone’s favorite opium addict with erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, from some opening lines F10PE.

A. “Ere on my bed my limbs I lay,/ It hath not been my use to pray/ With moving lips or bended knees.”

ANSWER: The Pains of Sleep

B. “’Tis the middle of the night by the castle clock,/ And the owls have awakened the crowing cock;/ Tu -- whit! -- -- Tu—whoo!/ And hark again, the crowing cock,/ How drowsily it crew”.

ANSWER: Christobel

C. “A green and silent spot, amid the hills,/ A small and silent dell! O’er stiller place/ No singing sky-lark ever poised himself”.

ANSWER: Fears in Solitude
5. F10PE, identify the following plays by the 17th Century French dramatist, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière.

A. A conniving fraud tricks Orgon into believing that he is full of religious virtue, when in reality he plans to steal Orgon’s fortune and marry his daughter. In the end, the king prevents the title character from succeeding in his plans. The title character’s name has become an English word meaning a charlatan who feigns religious devotion.

ANSWER: Tartuffe

B. Alceste, arguing with his friend Philinte and his primary love interest Célimène about his tendency toward offensive criticism, is involved in some sort of ongoing lawsuit. Once the suit is lost, Alceste decides to live in seclusion and asks Célimène to join him, but she refuses.

ANSWER: Le Misanthrope

C. This play, which brought Molière to the attention of Paris and Louis XIV, is about a pair of pretentious women who reject the suitors chosen by their fathers because they consider them to be socially unrefined. They are tricked, however, into accepting the suitors’ valets, who were disguised as wits.

ANSWER: Les Précieuses redicules

6. Identify the following deities from various Levantine and Semitic mythologies F10PE.

A. A god of dawn and peace, he was worshipped by the priest-king Melchizedek, a man occasionally associated with Noah’s son Sem. He was worshipped in Ugarit as the son of Elyon and his name is credited to the Hebrew god in the Old Testament.

ANSWER: Salem or Shalom

B. She was worshipped in Carthage and temples dedicated to her provided the Greeks and Romans with Aphrodite Cypris and Venus Erycina respectively. She is cognate in name, function, and origin with the goddess Ishtar and her symbols include the lion and the planet Venus. In Judaism, she was seen as a demon of lust.

ANSWER: Astarte or Ashtoreth or Astartu

C. A god of chaos and destruction, his abode is the sea and his arch-enemy is Baal Hadad. He hates the other deities and wishes to raise himself to lofty heaven. It is believed by some that it was from this god that the Jewish God evolved, and that he was originally the specific god the Israelites, who only became monotheistic under Josiah.

ANSWER: Yaw or Yam

7. There is so much more to the night sky than just stars. F6PE, identify the constellation in which you would find each of the following Messier objects.

A. M8, the Lagoon Nebula; M20, the Triffid Nebula; M17, the Omega Nebula, and a complex radio source thought to be a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way

ANSWER: Sagittarius or Archer

B. The M96 group of galaxies and the Triplet, a group of three spiral galaxies, M65, M66, and NGC 3628, named for this constellation

ANSWER: Leo or Lion

C. M31, an enormous spiral galaxy, which shares its name with the constellation and which is the furthest object visible to the naked eye

ANSWER: Andromeda or Chained Maiden

D. M97, the Owl Nebula, and two bright twin galaxies, M81, Bode’s Galaxy, a grand design spiral galaxy, and M82, Cigar Galaxy, a starburst galaxy

ANSWER: Ursa Major or Great Bear or Plough or Charles’ Wain or Big Dipper

E. M3, a globular cluster, and 4 galaxies, M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, M63, the Sunflower Galaxy, and M94 and M106, two other spiral galaxies

ANSWER: Canes Venatici or Hunting Dogs

8. 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, and 30 for all 4, identify the following about the fall of the Qin Empire in China.

A. After the unexpected death of Qin Shi Huangdi in 210, this man, his second son succeeded to the imperial throne. Some have suspected him of killing his father and it is known that he was influenced by his father’s chief ministers, including Li Si to forge a decree ordering the death of his older brother, Crown Prince Fu Su.

ANSWER: Qin Er Shi or Er Shi Huangdi or Ying Huhai

B. The court’s chief eunuch, he conspired with Li Si and Huhai to have Fu Su and general Meng Tian commit suicide. He had Li Si arrested for treason and forced him to undergo “The Five Pains”, which Li Si had devised. Later, when it became apparent that Huhai was no longer pliable, he forced the emperor to commit suicide.

ANSWER: Zhao Gao

C. After Huhai’s death, Zhao Gao promoted this son of Fu Su to the throne, though he only held the title of “king”. He betrayed and murdered Zhao Gao and then surrendered to one of the rebel factions. However, as Xiang Yu entered the capital, Xianyang, this final ruler of the Qin Dynasty was executed.

ANSWER: Qin Wang Ziying or Ying Ziying

D. Ziying had initially surrendered to this rebel leader, but he was required to hand the king over to Xiang Yu. After 5 years of war, Xiang Yu was defeated by this rebel leader who went on to found the Han Dynasty. He is one of the few dynasty-founders in Chinese history to have come from the peasant class.

ANSWER: Liu Bang or Han Gaozu

9. Scoring 100 points in a single basketball game is the stuff of legends; few have done it and those who have are among the most remembered players ever. F10PE, identify these women’s basketball players who have all performed the feat.

A. Currently one of the best women’s basketball players, she became famous long before her WNBA career with the Los Angeles Sparks, when she scored 101 points in the first half of a game against Torrance High School, which forfeited the game at halftime.

ANSWER: Lisa Leslie

B. The consensus greatest women’s basketball player of all time, she poured 105 points on Notre Vista High School in 1982, before going on to lead USC to two national titles as a player and coaching the Phoenix Mercury to the WNBA Championship game in 1998.

ANSWER: Cheryl Miller

C. Though currently out of basketball, she was a scoring machine, earning ACC Tournament co-MVP honors in 1983 after scoring 100 points in 3 games, including 42 in the semifinals. Her senior year in high school, she scored 100 points for Philadelphia Dobbins Tech in 1981, becoming the first women’s basketball player to hit the century-mark.

ANSWER: Linda Page

10. Identify the following sets of twins from the Marvel Universe F5PE.

A. He is nearly invulnerable, has super strength, and can fly, while she was a telepath, before being transformed into a skilled ninja. He was chosen by Merlin to be the defender of England, serving with Excalibur, while she is a member of the X-Men and has undergone a great deal of evolution with regards to her powers.

ANSWER: Captain Britain and Psylocke or Brian and Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock (in either order)

B. They are both capable of moving at nearly the speed of light and emitting a blinding flash when touching each other. She is schizophrenic and suffers from dissociative personality disorder, while he is one of the first openly gay comic book characters. Both are prominent members of Alpha Flight and he has also worked with the X-Men.

ANSWER: Aurora and Northstar or Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (in either order)

C. He is capable of super-speed both physically and mentally, while she, through her bond with chaos magic, is able to change the fabric of reality, cursing her enemy with bad luck and increasing her own luck. They are the children of Magneto and foster children of Django and they have both served in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the Avengers.

ANSWER: Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch or Pietro and Wanda Maximoff (in either order)

11. Identify each of the following villains from some of the Dragonball Z movies F10PE.

A. A Super Namek who had been banished from Namek for abusing his immense power, he has been conquering planets across the galaxy and arrived at Earth planning to conquer it as well. Though he had aged considerably, he collected the dragonballs and wished for his youth, making him a formidable enemy, until he was defeated by Goku.

ANSWER: Lord Slug

B. The brother of Frieza, he attacks Goku and his friends after the death of his brother. Along with his Armored Squadron, he managed to defeat most of the Z crew, until meeting up with Goku, who used his Super Saiyan form. He attempted to destroy the Earth with his Trump Card attack, but Goku reflected it back at him and drove him into the sun.

ANSWER: Cooler

C. He is the only villain ever granted immortality by the dragonballs and nearly defeated Goku and Piccolo by sucking them into the Dead Zone. However, Gohan, whom he had earlier kidnapped, focused his rage and with a blast forced him into the Dead Zone instead. He later reappeared in his own saga on DBZ.

ANSWER: Garlic Junior

12. Over the years, numerous members of famous and successful bands have tried to work with other people. F10PE, identify these side projects formed by members of Pearl Jam from other band members, or F5PE, if you need the Pearl Jam member.

A. 10) Robbi Robb and Richard Stuverud; Cary Ecklund also appeared on the group’s first album

5) Jeff Ament

ANSWER: Three Fish

B. 10) Carrie Akre, Chris Friel, and Danny Newcombe, all formerly of Goodness, as well as Rick Friel

5) Mike McCready

ANSWER: The Rockfords

C. 10) Regan Hagar, Shawn Smith, and Jeremy Toback

5) Stone Gossard


13. 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, or 30 for all 4, identify the following baseball terms for types of hits.

A. This is a fly ball which, usually falls unexpectedly in front of the outfielder, resembling a bird which has been shot.

ANSWER: Dying Quail

B. This is a hit in which the ball hits home plate and then takes a long bounce over the infield. It is named for the tendency of one former NL team to use this hit during the Dead Ball Era.

ANSWER: Baltimore Chop

C. A weakly hit fly ball which allows the batter to reach first when his ball falls between an infielder and an outfielder. It is named for a minor league.

ANSWER: Texas Leaguer or Texas League Single

D. This is a batted ground ball of which an infielder is unable to take control. Its name comes from the appearance that the ball knows where it is going, trying to elude the infielder.

ANSWER: Seeing-Eye Ball or Ground Ball with Eyes

14. Identify these TV Westerns from a brief description of their plots F10PE.

A. Jason Bolt bets his logging company that he can convince 100 women to move to Seattle and stay for one year. The first season focused on the attempts of Aaron Stemple to thwart Bolt, but subsequent seasons revolved around character development and the conflicts caused by the newcomers as well as passersby.

ANSWER: Here Come the Brides

B. A ranch hand at the Shiloh Ranch, who goes by the title moniker and whose real name is never revealed in the series, tries to maintain order in Medicine Bow, Wyoming, where he lives. During the final season, the show was renamed The Men from Shiloh.

ANSWER: The Virginian

C. Paladin, a well-educated, sophisticated man living in the Carlton Hotel in San Francisco, hires himself out, usually for $1000 per job, to those in need. Despite his impressive marksmanship and the quality equipment his high fees afford him, he relies more on his intelligence to win the day.

ANSWER: Have Gun – Will Travel

15. F5PE, prove to your parents that you’re cool and name The Beatles album on which you find each of the following songs.

A. “Tomorrow Never Knows”

ANSWER: Revolver

B. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

ANSWER: The Beatles or The White Album

C. “It’s All Too Much”

ANSWER: Yellow Submarine

D. “Things We Said Today”

ANSWER: A Hard Day’s Night

E. “Octopus’ Garden”

ANSWER: Abbey Road

F. “Nowhere Man”

ANSWER: Rubber Soul

16. F10PE, identify the following about the Wheel of Time.

A. The Wheel created this figure to oppose the machinations of Shai’tan, the Dark Power which wishes to gain control of the Wheel and of the One Power. He is reborn each time the Dark Power is able to again threaten the balance.

ANSWER: Dragon

B. This is the male half of the One Power, which working with and in opposition to the female half, turns the Wheel of Time. It was tainted by Shai’tan when he was last imprisoned 3000 years ago and this taint causes those who channel it to become insane.

ANSWER: Saidin

C. Leader of the Hundred Companions and of the Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends, he won victory over Shai’tan during the War of Shadows. His voice is heard by Rand al-Thor, though it is unclear if this is his actual voice or a symptom of taint-induced insanity in Rand.

ANSWER: Lews Therin Telamon
Overtime Boni

O1. Though Oklahoma has Pushmataha and Tennessee has Sequatchie, there isn’t always a lot of variety in county names. F10PE, identify the following county names from the number of states with them and their rank on the list of most common county names in the US or F5PE from a clue about their namesake.

A. 10) #1 with 31 states

5) He was the first president of the United States and the namesake the US capital.

ANSWER: Washington County

B. 10) #16 with 13 states

5) This delegate to the Continental Congress from Maryland was the last signer of the Declaration of Independence to die and he was also the only Catholic signatory.

ANSWER: Carroll County

C. 10) # 3 with 25 states

5) An important American statesman and innovator, he started the first fire department in the US, invented the lightning rod, and most assuredly had a fondness for the ladies.

ANSWER: Franklin County

O2. 5 for 1, 10 for 2, 20 for 3, and 30 for all 4, identify the following alien animals from the series Farscape.

A. A small creature, which looks a lot like a caterpillar, it feeds off of the bacteria and food remains in a person’s mouth, leaving behind a fresh “minty” taste. They have an unusually bad taste, thus ensuring that they are not eaten.

ANSWER: Dentic

B. While in their dormant state, they look similar to Borinium ingots, but once their legs extend, they are similar to arachnids. They eat various types of metal and are only known to be killed by intense fires.

ANSWER: Karack Metallites

C. One of the largest living creatures in the galaxy, their bodies are mined for nogelti crystals once they die. Though normally eating rock and ice debris, they show a taste for Leviathans.

ANSWER: Budong

D. Small defense-less creatures with a well-developed sense of smell, they are bred as parasite-hunters. Though normally not dangerous, they are capable of transforming their shape into a formidable fighting creature when they need to do so.

ANSWER: Vorc or Ravorc

O3. Many countries have some form of legislature, but many times it does not go by a name we all know. F5PE, identify the country for which each of the following serve that function.

A. Oireachtas

ANSWER: Republic of Ireland

B. Legislative Yuan

ANSWER: Republic of China or Taiwan

C. Cortes Generales

ANSWER: Kingdom of Spain

D. Diet

ANSWER: Republic of Japan

E. Majlis

ANSWER: Islamic Republic of Iran

F. Sabor

ANSWER: Republic of Croatia

O4. Named a record-setting 8 times to People magazine’s list of the “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”, Julia Roberts certainly has no shortage of potential suitors. F10PE, identify these men who have been a part of the actress’s love life.

A. After her marriage to Kiefer Sutherland was called off, she ran off to Europe with this actor, Sutherland’s best friend, and the two became a couple. He starred in The Lost Boys, but may be better known for turning down the lead in The Firm and the role of Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ.

ANSWER: Jason Patric or John Anthony Miller, Jr.

B. Shortly after meeting him, Roberts eloped with this country musician in a ceremony which was notable for Roberts being barefoot. He has appeared in numerous movies and has earned Grammy awards for his 1996 album The Road to Enseñada and for the songs “Blues for Dixie” and “Funny How Time Slips Away”.

ANSWER: Lyle Lovett

C. Roberts met this current husband, a cameraman, while shooting her 2000 film The Mexican. Though he was married at the time, he divorced his wife and married Roberts in 2002. He fathered Roberts’ twins, Hazel and Phinneas, and Roberts production company, formerly Shoelace Production, is now named for him.

ANSWER: Danny Moder

Extra Boni
Academic. Though the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, how that freedom has been interpreted over the years has differed greatly. F10PE, identify the following Supreme Court cases which have defined that right.

A. This 1919 case decided that arrest of a person who “inspired insubordination” in the US military was constitutional, as it represented, in the Court’s words, a “clear and present danger”. The decision for this case, authored by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., is also the origin of the phrase, “shouting fire in a crowded theater”.

ANSWER: Schenk v. United States

B. In this 1927 case, the Court upheld the arrest of a member of the Communist Labor Party on the grounds that the state has the right to curb the speech of those who have a “bad tendency” toward inciting crime. The case is most famous for Justice Brandeis’ concurrence, which many regard as one of the greatest defenses of free speech.

ANSWER: Whitney v. California

C. This 1969 case saw the court overturn the decision in Whitney v. California and combine the “clear and present danger” test from Schenk v. United States with a test authored by Learned Hand in Masses Publishing v. Patten. This test, the “imminent lawless action” test, requires that the speech must intend to spark immediate lawless action to be illegal.

ANSWER: Brandenburg v. Ohio

TRASH. Identify these films which are in some way based on the Bible or early Christianity F10PE.

A. It holds the record for the most costumes used in a film at 32,000 and Elizabeth Taylor made a cameo, while Sophia Loren made her film debut in it. Based on a novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz, this 1951 film follows a Roman soldier, played by Robert Taylor, who falls in love with a Christian, played by Deborah Kerr, and takes interest in her religion.

ANSWER: Quo Vadis?

B. This 1962 film features a scene of the crucifixion shot during a real eclipse and the soundtrack makes use of what the composer calls “new sounds”. Based on a novel by Pär Lagerkvist, it follows the life of the thief who was spared instead of Jesus during the Passover festival.

ANSWER: Barabbas

C. It was the first movie released in Cinemascope and spawned a sequel, 1954’s Demetrius and the Gladiators. Based on a novel by Lloyd Douglas, it starred Richard Burton as a tribune in command of the legion which crucifies Jesus. He is haunted by dreams after Jesus’ death and returns to Rome to cope with them.

ANSWER: The Robe

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