Toy story case study

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unsafe and defective are probably the greatest concerns

The image is one of a successful company with popular, safe and child-friendly products. There is a suggestion that its toys are not just fun, but also educational and promote child development and creativity. The charity donation suggests that the company is ethical and interested in working for the community, rather than just dedicated to making money.

a The complaints have been from parents who said their children became sick when they put toys from the zoo animal play-sets and the space stations in their mouths.

b The results show that the paint on the toys has an extremely high lead content and is not the paint the company normally uses.

c It may be about one and a half million toys.

d She is going to go straight to their plant at Hangzhou.

The atmosphere could be described as tense, frosty, uncomfortable. Simon seems determined to assign the blame and the responsibility for sorting out the problem to Thomas. Thomas doesn’t take kindly to this and is quite defensive. Fiona tries to smooth things over and move away from the apportioning of blame, but her decision to order a total product recall does not go down well with Thomas.

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18-million product recall announced this morning.

Defective magnets possibly due to design fault.

Similar problem in 2005 led to 3 million products being withdrawn from sale.

Chinese manufacturers accusing Thompson of over-reacting and damaging their reputation.

Questions being raised about working conditions in Asian plants and Thompson’s profit
margins. Possible global ban on the sale of Thompson Toys pending investigations.

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