Trabalho de Recuperação Final de Inglês Profº: Adeildo 9º ano

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Trabalho de Recuperação Final de Inglês

Profº: Adeildo

9º ano





1) Complete using the Present Perfect Tense with the words in the parentheses.

a) I __________(talk) to him about it several times.

b) We __________(finish) all our homework.

c) I am afraid that I _______________(lose) my car keys.

d) Mr. Smith ________________(go) to Canada.

e) He _________ (make) that same mistake again.

f) She ___________(see) her sister at the mall.

g) Paul ____________(lend) me some money.

h) She ____________(bring) my book at last.

i) We ___________(be) in Mexico.

j) My father___________(tell) me that old story about angels.
2) Complete following the example:


EX: To bring: bought brougth trazer

a) to wet

b) to read

c) to cost

d) to lend

e) to meet

f) to drive
3)Change the sentences into negative and interrogative forms.

a) You have studied English for several hours.

b) Susan has gone to the market by herself.

c) I have heard a strange noise.

d) My relatives have traveled to London.

4) Complete using Simple Past or Present Perfect Tenses according to each sentence.

a)John________(fall) as he was crossing the street.

b)I _______(see) Mary a few days ago.

c)I ___________(read) that book several times.

d)I _________(visit) Chicago many times.

e)We____________(learn) many new words in English.

f)It ________(be) very cold yesterday.

g)She ________ (lose) her wallet on the street.

5) Use SINCE or FOR for the sentences below.

a)She hasn´t seen her hometown _________ 1997.

b)Karen hasn´t spoken Spanish__________ she returned from Spain.

c)We haven´t traveled by plane _____________ December.

d)I haven´t had anything to eat ____________ hours.

e)It has rained _____________ weeks.

f)They haven´t visited us ___________ years.

g)It hasn´t rained __________ last week.

h)I haven´t spoken Spanish __________then.

i)My grandfather hasn´t slept well ________ many months.

j)I haven´t seen him_________ more than a week.
6) Complete the sentences using DO or MAKE.

a) As you are on a diet, you must _____ without sugar and fat.

b) Don´t forget to ________ your homework.

c) “Jane, ______ the bed before going to school!”

d) “Could you please _________ me a favor?”
7) Passe as frases abaixo para o Present Perfect tense.
a) She talked to me about the game last week.

b) I kissed that little baby yesterday.

Responda em português as perguntas relacionadas ao texto abaixo:

8) Encontre no texto acima a tradução para as seguintes palavras:

a) cópia de humano

b) pulmão

c) letal, fatal

d) mamífero

e) cordeiros

9) Traduza a primeira frase do texo para o poruguês.
10) Find in the text “Tears of a Clone” a sentence in the Simple Past.
11) Find in the text “Tears of a Clone” a sentence with the main verb in the Past Participle.
12) De acordo com o texto quanto tempo vive a maiorida das ovelhas como Dolly?


Over 18.9 million. That’s how many boys and girls participated in the youth activities at the Salvation Army last year. Over 522,000 days of summer camp were provided. Other services included character building programs , recreational leagues, day care centers, music programs and after-school programs.

The aim? To help young people grow strong in body, mind and spirit. To learn more, contact your local Salvation Army. We’re there because you care.

13) Qual o objetivo apontando no texto oferecido pelo exército de Salvação?
14) Retire do texto uma frase contendo um verbo regular no passado.
15) O que quer dizer a frase ” We’re there because you care.”?

Leia o texto abaixo e responda às perguntas em português

16) Qual o acontecimento relatado acima?
17) A quantos outros coube o destino de Marie, na ocasião?
18) Encontre no texto, em inglês, as palavras que equivalentem a:

a) ainda

b) entre (vários)

c) gritou

d) perguntei
19) Dê as possíveis traduções para:

a) make up

b) make off

c) make for

20) Complete using a suitable Relative Pronoun.(não use that)

a) Is that the house _________ she wants to buy?

b) This is the comet ____________ record was kept by the Japanese.

c) Carol is the girl __________ lives next door.

d) That is the cat _______I told you about.
21) Supply using the Past Perfect Tense of the following verbs.(had)

a) I __________ a doctor before he became an artist. (become)

b) Mary ________ she hated to live in Chicago. (say)

c) The manager______ everybody he was very sad. (tell + not)

d) The doctors ________ to a terrible conclusion: he´d die. (got)

e) He ____________that house before the kids were born. (build)

22) Complete using the suitable Relative Pronoun.

a) Everything ____________ was shown here yesterday was true.

b) Do you know the girl to ___________ Peter is talking?

c) The only person _________ believes in ghosts is Marion.

23) Complete the sentences using the correct verb tense. (IF CLAUSES)

a) If I go to the meeting, I _________, to you. (talk)

b) If I went to the party, I ___________ you too. (take)

c) They will call If they ___________ any help. (need)

d) If I had gone to the party, I ____________ a lot with Susan. (dance)

24) Turn the sentences into Negative and Interrogative forms.

a) Joseph has gone to Bahia with Kathy.

b) We have bought a new house near the park.
Read the text and answer:
25) O que quer dizer a primeira frase do texto acima em português?
26) O trecho “Plants have fed the world… está em qual tempo verbal?
27) O que está sendo destruido de acordo com o texto?
28) Translate the words into Portuguese:

a) charge

b) to empty

c) to reach

d) crowded

e) foolish

A nalise o cartão abaixo e responda em português:

29) Qual é a profissão de Peter O´Connor?
30) Em que país ele trabalha?

31) O que que dizer de acordo com o texto a expressão “ Everyone has one foot in the kitchen”?
32) O que foi considerado um escândalo naquela época segundo o texto?
33) Complete the sentences using CAN, MAY or MUST.

a) People ________ leave whenever they want. (permission)

b) Mary _______ knit very well.(ability)

c) My brother _________ three languages fluently. (capacity)

d) If you are late, you ____________ go right now.(obligation)

e) You ________ be tired.(possibility)

34) Rewrite the following sentence using an anomalous verb.

a) Do you think I am able to drive a bus?

b) They are allowed to finish the task now.

c) She is not able to kill even a fly.

35) Qual é a idéia principal da letra da música e como se sente o cantor?

36) Transform the following sentences into Simple Future.

a) I can ride a motorcycle.

b) You may be wrong.

c) They must take care of their children.

37) Hagar está lembrando algo a Snert, seu cachorro. Explique.8) Give the correct plural of the words below.

a) Sister-in-law

b) Child

c) Foot

d) mouse

e) Ox

f) Wolf

g) Sheep

h) Baby

i) Hero

j) Bamboo

38) Complete the sentences using an adequate verb to be form.

a) Ladies and gentlemen. Here _______ the news.

b) Where ________ my jeans.

c) Further information ________ available in the office.

d) The stairs _______ over there, Sir.

e) The furniture in our classroom ________ uncomfortable.

f) The USA _______ a very nice country.

g) Your sunglasses ________ on the table.

h) Homework ________ boring.

i) The scissors on the table _______ mine.

j) Physics _______ not easy.
39) Escreva o grau comparative de superioridade dos adjetivos abaixo:

a) Bad

b) Beautiful

c) Interesting

d) Fat

e) pretty

40) Escreva o grau superlativo dos adjetivos abaixo:

a) Fast

b) Complicated

c) tall

d) Busy

e) Famous

41) Complete the sentences with the right verb in the parentheses.

a) The president is not popular. The people ________ like him.(don’t / doesn´t)

b) The police ______ looking for the stolen car.( is / are)

c) I need my glasses, but I can´t find _____. (it / them)

d) I am going to buy ________ new trousers today. (a / some)

e) A lot of people ________ television at night. (watch / watches)

42) Porque a menina do texto saiu rebolando?
43) Where were the people in the text?
44) How did the girl in the text walk?
45) Complete using MUST or HAD TO.

a) Gloria came to the party but she didn´t stay very long. She _________ leave early.

b) I ______ get up early tomorrow. I have many things to do.

c) I was nearly late for my appointment this morning. I ________ run to get there on time.

d) These cakes are very good. You ______ try one.

e) I ___ ______ to go the movies yesterday because tomorrow I won´t have time.

A folha de resposta é um documento do aluno, portanto este deve se responsabilizar pela mesma.

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