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Volume 2 Issue 2 November 2013

The Word Is Getting out!

Congratulations Everyone - Record Number of Permits Sold!

OFSC clubs embraced change at AGM 2013 and right out of the box, we've scored a hat trick! Yes, our $180-Nov. 1 campaign was a huge success in three main ways...

1) Strong Sales: The total number of permits sold online by the Nov. 1 deadline is (drum roll) - 41,500! This total includes both Pre-Nov. 1 Seasonal and Classic sales. It's okay to share this number with your members and on social media.
2) Proven Modelling: The modelling for the new permit revenue distribution system approved at AGM projected $180-Nov. 1 sales of 37,000 Seasonal Permits, which proved to be a very accurate forecast as the actual sales of $180 Seasonal Permits topped 38,000!
3) Less Work: Thanks to the surge in online sales, clubs have 41,500 fewer permits to process and administrate this season, while receiving more money earlier than ever before. Best of all, your money is already on its way!

Next Step: At their meeting this weekend, your board of governors will review data and analysis from the $180-Nov. 1 result and early next week, the OFSC will issue a provincial media release to spread the good news to snowmobilers and the general public. You will be emailed a copy of this release for your use.

So What Now? Now it's up to all of us to work together to build on this great momentum we've achieved by selling as many Pre-Dec. 1 permits as possible. That way, we'll be in good shape to deliver the best possible trails to snowmobilers this winter!

Bulletin Issue Date: November 6, 2013
Please Note: This club bulletin email address is not able to reply to any inquiries.

I think that the new way the OFSC has approached the early bird permits may help the sport of organized snowmobiling in the long run by getting the money from permit sales in the hands of the districts before the snow flies when we can improve the trails and not after. Now how much that money will end in the hands of the clubs is still not sure, but that is another story. The trailblazers were not sure about the online side of things but it has panned out better than our hopes. If you didn't buy a permit before Nov 1st than there is still a savings before Dec 1st. Please, support the sport and buy a permit now.

A New Club Out East!

Yes, it is true. The Echo Bay Snow Falcons are back and showing new life. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes of the old club. A meeting was held on Tuesday Oct 30 in Echo Bay hosted by Algoma Sno-Plan Affiliation (ASPA) and was very well attended by locals of the area. Garnet, John Breckenridge, and I attended to lend some support. A new executive was elected and Bruce McNeely assured them that ASPA would pay for anything they needed to get up and running. After all ASPA has already bought them new tracks for their groomer. Welcome back!

Bridge Retrieval

Saturday Nov 9th, a hardy group of volunteer sledheads met at the Creek road to see if we could find and or retrieve the bridge for the Little Carp Creek. John donned his scuba gear and dove into the creek. After a muddy walk he located the bridge, and with a rope hooked to Bob's truck we broke the rope without any bridge movement. After the rope broke John secured a cable to the bridge. We hope that a excavator will be able to retrieve the bridge later next week. The crew moved on to do about half of the brushing on the trail through the Loggers property. A great wet day thanks to John, Greg, Bob, &  Rod. I tried to keep up with them when we got to Nifty – Fifty's!


Planned 16 Lake Back-Country Trip

Slow down and enjoy the scenery! That’s what Dan Kachur and friends have planned for one of their weekend trips this winter. 16 lakes of scenic back-country snowmobiling; starting in Elliot Lake and finishing back in Elliot Lake, all in one day.

The once-a-year tradition of choosing a challenging off-the-beaten path route is something Dan and long-time riding partner Brent MacPherson have taken on over the years.

Last year, they, along with Sean and Erika were successful in completing a 9 lake back country route. Earlier in the season, Dan, Brent and Sean also completed another 7 lake trip. This year’s goal is to combine the 2 into 1, starting in Elliot Lake and finishing back in Elliot Lake for a combined 16 lake ride.

Cross Country south-west of Lillybet Lake

Cross Country into Kirkpatrick Lake

The first leg of the jaunt will head north from Elliot Lake to Dunlop Lake, then westerly down the lake for 10 kilometres, branching off into a short bush trail leading onto 10 Mile Lake. The route continues across 10 Mile lake, then exiting past 10 Mile Lodge and into the bush, climbing in elevation to Ezma Lake, followed by Gaff, Lillybet, Windy, and Big lakes, eventually coming out at highway 546. This is the lower half of the journey.

Little White River at Endikai Lake

Heading onto Little White Bear

Sean at Creek Crossing

Hugging the Shoreline at Spot Lake

Erika and Sean on Toodee Lake

Brent checking GPS on Kirkpatrick Lake

The route continues onto beautiful Endikai Lake, riding the entire length from the south entrance to the northern point, then exiting off the north-west corner into a bush route that climbs 700 feet in elevation with some nasty water crossings and deep holes. The section eventually levels out at 1600’ elevation then descends down onto Kirkpatrick Lake. “The scenery is absolutely beautiful and worth taking a sled-beating. I’m sure we left several studs in that section of the country last winter”. Onward beyond Kirkpatrick Lake awaits White Bear, Little White Bear, an unknown named lake, Horseshoe, Duval, Spot and onto Toodee lake, eventually getting back onto a trail system that brings you westerly past Seymour Lake and out to highway 129. “The most hair-raising experience of the route was trying to figure out a way to get from Duval to Toodee Lake as we encountered a lot of open water to maneuvere around”. The last part is riding the OFSC trail, from the Seymour Lake highway 129 junction, north to Black Creek Outfitters where they will stop for fuel and food. The return part of the trip is straight down the Black Creek Road (Kindiogami Road), connecting to the Elliot Lake F Trail and right into Elliot Lake.

Brent checking for a way through at Duval Lake

Straight-Up Beautiful Endikai Lake

This trip is tentatively scheduled for late February or early March 2014 and will be confirmed based on best scheduling of those who wish to join. If interested in learning more, please contact Dan at:

Leonard Lake Trail

Garnet and Bob scouted out the trail from Searchmont to Coop's Crossing and managed to even talk to the loggers to. Seems that the road is going to be plowed this winter so we will have to use the side trail. The rains have washed out some of the trail and it is need of some good brushing but over all the only bad spot is this washout in the picture.

Just one of the washouts

The Word Is Out!

Darrell Maahs was asked to do a presentation to the Rotary Club last Tuesday (Nov 4th) as they are concerned about our trails, our club, and their Snowarama run.


That presentation will be shown at the end of the General Meeting (November 13) and from what I hear - it is well done and very worthwhile watching. This power point will also be shown at the city presentation that Darrell is also working on so questions, comments or suggestions will be welcome.

Fuel Taxes – ‘The Way I see It’

By Dan Kachur

Snowmobilers contribute millions of dollars in fuel taxes every year to our provincial and federal governments. Are we getting our fair share of return on Investment?

Let’s look at some numbers.

Provincial Contribution

Provincial Tax according to the Ontario Government Website is: 14.3 cents per litre. (Elsewhere it is posted at 14.7 cents per litre.)

We also pay HST (built into the price of fuel, of which PST is 8%, which equates to 9.5 cents per litre based on the retail price of $1.33 ($1.18 + 13% HST)

Total Provincial Contribution total: 23.8 cents per litre

I personally spend approximately $1500 on fuel during the winter. I’m sure many of you spend much more. Let’s take the $1500 value and use it as an average. At $1.33 per litre, this equates to 1128 litres of fuel.

Using a realistic number of 70,000 snowmobilers: which includes trail riders, fisherman, camp owners, let’s calculate the income for the Government of Ontario.

1128 x 70,000 x .23.8 = $18,792,480 income. Round it to $18.8 million

Federal Government

Federal Tax according to the Government of Canadian Government Website is: 10 cents per litre

We also pay HST (built into the price of fuel, of which GST is 5%, which equates to 5.9 cents per litre based on a price of $1.33 ($1.18 x 13%)

Total Federal Contribution: 15.9 cents per litre

Using the $1500 average of fuel usage during the winter and the 1128 litres

1128 x 70,000 x .159 = $12,554,640 of income. Round it to $12.5 million

Total gas taxes paid: $18.8 million + $12.5 million that’s $31.3 million dollars in tax revenue.


Perhaps we should remind our Premier and Prime Minister, along with MP’s and MPPs, of the generous amount of fuel tax income from snowmobilers, so they can get the chequebook out and re-invest into our Sport?

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Signage Day

Saturday Nov 16 @ 9 AM

Meet at the club house

Early Bird Permits

Last day before regular pricing of the trail Permits

Before Dec 1st $210 season $140 Classic

After Dec 1st $260 Seasonal $170 Classic

The Christmas party is coming up

Wednesday December 11th

Gino's Restaurant

tickets are for sale at $15 per member, $20 for non members.

Contact Karen (705) 254-1981 or


Nov 13, Nov 27, Jan 15

Gino's Restaurant 7 PM


If you have a story or a suggestion for this newsletter please feel free

to call or email me, more the better.

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