Transitivity analysis

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Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNCuyo.

Departamento de Inglés

Gramática Inglesa III

Identify Process types, subtypes and Participants in the following clauses. Label the Processes as Material, Mental, Verbal, Relational or Existential.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Once upon a time, there was an Emperor who loved to spend his money on expensive clothes. One day, two tailors arrrived at his palace. They said they could make him the most beautiful suit, with magic cloth that only clever people could see. “What a wonderful suit to have”, thought the Emperor. “I’ll know immediately who is clever and who is stupid in my palace.”

The Emperor gave the tailors a lot of money and a room in the palace. He was very excited, but he was also worried. “Oh dear”, he thought, “I hope I can see the magic cloth.” He sent one of his ministers to look first.
The minister went into the tailors’ room. “Oh, no! I can’t see anything”, he thought unhappily. “What can I say to the Emperor?”

“Well?”, said one tailor, “Do you like the suit?”

“Oh, it is excellent!”, he said.

“We are very pleased to hear that”, said the tailors.

The minister told the Emperor and the Emperor was delighted. He went to the tailors’ room with his minister.
“Look”, said the minister. ”Aren’t the colours lovely?”. Unfortunately, the poor Emperor couldn’t see anything at all but he said “Oh yes, the suit is wonderful, thank you”.

Naturally, everybody wanted to see the suit, so the Emperor put on his new clothes and went into the city with his ministers. All the people clapped and cheered loudly. The Emperor felt better.

Then, suddenly, a little boy ran out. “The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!” he shouted. “Oh, it’s true!” the people said. “He’s as naked as the day he was born!”
The Emperor, who was so embarrassed, run quickly back to the palace and called angrily for the tailors but they were gone.


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