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Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

  • General Fiction p.2

  • Erotic Fiction………………………………… p.14

  • Science Fiction / Fantasy p.16

  • Series Fiction p.20

  • Atom – Children’s / Young Adult p.20

  • General Non-fiction p.22

  • History p.25

  • Memoirs / Biography p.27

  • Self-Help/Popular Psychology p.30

  • Parenting p.31

  • Health p.32

  • Mind, Body, Spirit p.34


Foreign Rights Director/Deputy Rights Director (for all rights excluding European Spanish & Portuguese. Turkish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Far Eastern and Dutch)

Rights Manager (for European Spanish & Portuguese, Far Eastern and Dutch rights)

Rights Executive (for French, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek rights)
Little, Brown Book Group Ltd

100 Victoria Embankment

London EC4Y 0DY

tel: +44 (0) 20 7911 8078

fax: +44 (0) 20 7911 8100
* Indicates new title since previous Rights list


*UNTITLED by Lisa Ballantyne

Lead Fiction | 384pp |Piatkus |July 2013

Chrissie Callaghan has worked hard to achieve the idyllic life she shares with her family on the North Yorkshire coast. But it’s an idyll that is shattered when her oldest son Matthew returns from tour in Afghanistan mentally and physically battered. Matthew has always been wayward and rebellious, but there is clearly something much darker going on, and his family soon discovers that he has been discharged from the army under mysterious circumstances. As Matthew continues to spiral downwards and out of control, Chrissie is forced to take steps to protect her family – most importantly her vulnerable teenage daughter – from Matthew’s violence and aggression. But what crime has Matthew committed, and what is he capable of now, after all he has been through? Will Chrissie be able to protect her husband and daughter from the son she loves and thought she knew? Ballantyne’s new novel is a tale full of psychological suspense which asks how well we really know the children that we have reared, and how far some people will go to protect what they believe in.   

THE GUILTY ONE by Lisa Ballantyne

Lead Fiction | 384pp | Piatkus | August 2012 | Japan: Uni | Korea: Duran Kim

Some things can never be forgiven

Daniel Hunter has spent years defending lost causes as a solicitor in London. But his life changes when he is introduced to Sebastian, an eleven-year-old accused of murdering an innocent young boy. As he plunges into the muddy depths of Sebastian's troubled home life, Daniel thinks back to his own childhood in foster care - and to Minnie, the woman who adopted him and whose love saved him, until she, too, betrayed him so badly that he cut her out of his life. But what crime did Minnie commit that made Daniel disregard her for 15 years? And will Daniel's identification with a child on trial for murder make him question everything he ever believed in? Deeply psychological and suspenseful, THE GUILTY ONE is already an international phenomenon and one of the most talked-about books of the year. Lisa Ballantyne is 37, lives in Glasgow where she works for Glasgow University. This is her first novel.

Lisa Ballantyne has written a first novel that is both moving and suspenseful; richly detailed, yet with the eerie simplicity of a parable’ – Joyce Carol Oates; ‘If it isn't this year's Before I Go To Sleep, I'll eat my laptop’ – The Guardian; ‘one of the best debuts I've ever encountered’ – Company Magazine

Chinese rights (complex characters) Spring International

Chinese rights (simplified characters) Hachette Phoenix

Croatian rights Znanje

Czech rights Nakladatelstvi Alpress

Danish rights ArtPeople

Dutch rights A W Bruna

Finnish rights Minerva

French rights Belfond

German rights BTB

Greek rights Metaixmio Publications

Hebrew rights Kinneret

Hungarian rights Pioneer Books

Italian rights Neri Pozza

Lithuanian rights Gimtasis Zodis

Norwegian rights Gyldendal

Polish rights Hachette Polska

Portuguese rights Porto Editora

Portuguese rights (Brazil only) Record

Russian rights Atticus Publishing Group

Serbian rights Alnari

Spanish rights (exc Mexico) Santillana

Spanish rights (Mexico only) Hachette Livre Mexico

Swedish rights Bokforlaget Forum

Turkish rights Artemis Yayinlari

US rights William Morrow

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