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Transmittal Letter

Proposal Cover Page

TWO proposal cover pages are required as part of the proposal.

The first is a hard copy (see the CAN for instructions on how to acquire the proposal hardcopy from the online system) which must be signed by the Principal Investigator and an official by title of the investigator’s organization who is authorized to commit the organization. This authorizing signature also certifies that the proposing institution has read and is in compliance with the required certifications printed in full, therefore, these certifications do not need to be submitted separately. This page will not be counted against the page limit of the proposal.

The second proposal cover page must be submitted electronically to the SYS-EYFUS Web site located at If the respondent has submitted an electronic Notice of Intent (Appendix E) to SYS-EYFUS, the same user UserID and password can be used to complete the electronic proposal cover page. If the respondent obtained a User ID and password in the process of submitting a proposal for a previous research opportunity announcement, the same user UserID and password can be used to complete the electronic proposal cover page in response to this research opportunity announcement. Be sure to click on “Edit Personal Information” if any of your correspondence information in SYS-EYFUS is not current.

If you do not have a SYS-EYFUS UserID or password, you may obtain one electronically by going to and performing the following steps:

  • Click the hyperlink for new user, which will take you to the Personal Information Search Page.

  • Enter your first and last name. SYS-EYFUS will search for your record information in the SYS-EYFUS database.

  • Confirm your personal information by choosing the record displayed.

  • Select continue, and a User ID and password will be e-mailed to you.

  • Once you receive your User ID and Password, login to the SYS-EYFUS Web site and follow the instructions for New Proposal Cover Page.

Respondents without access to the Web or who experience difficulty in using this site may contact the Help Desk at (or call 202.479.9376) for assistance. After you have submitted your notice of intent or proposal cover page electronically, if you are unsure if it has been successfully submitted, do not re-submit. Please call the Help Desk. They will be able to promptly tell you if your submission has been received. Please note that submission of the electronic cover page does not satisfy the deadline for proposal submission.

Table of Contents

Transmittal Letter 1

Proposal Cover Page 2

Table of Contents i

1.0 Abstract 1

2.0 Project Description 1

2.1 Relevance of Data or Services 4

2.2 Approaches for Data Production, Distribution, and User Support 6

2.2.1 Data Production 6 Summary of Current Status 6 Objectives 6

2.2.2 Data Distribution and User Support 8 Adaptive Seamless Archive System 8 GPS Explorer 9 Spatial Services 10

2.3 Earth System Science User Support 10

2.4 SEEDS Guiding Principles 11

2.5 Level of Participation in SEEDS Working Group 11

2.5.1 Data Format and Content 12

2.5.2 Interface Standards 12

2.5.3 Software Reuse 12

2.5.4 Evolution 12

2.5.5 Technology Utilization 13

2.5.6 Levels of Service 13

2.5.7 Metrics 13

2.6 Compliance with REASoN Project Requirements 13

2.7 Additional Research REASoN Project Elements 13

2.7.1 Archiving 14

2.7.2 Distribution of End Products 14

2.8 Additional Application REASoN Project Elements 14

2.8.1 Description of Application 14

2.8.2 Utilization of NASA Data, and/or Science Results, and/or Technology Products in the Project/Application 15

2.8.3 Current State of the Application 15 Expected End State of the Application 15

2.8.4 End Users of the Application 15

2.8.5 Milestones to Evaluate the Application’s Readiness 15

2.8.6 Post-Cooperative Agreement Intent/plan 15

3.0 Open Source 16

4.0 Preferences For Participation In The Federation And Seeds Working Group(S) 17

5.0 Metrics 18

5.1 Inputs 18

5.2 Outputs 19

5.3 Outcome 19

5.4 Impact 19

6.0 Management Approach 20

6.1 Management Approach 20

6.2 Coordination Between Participants 20

6.3 Statement of Work 21

6.4 Key Personnel 24

7.0 Personnel 1



Silver, P. G., et al., A plate boundary observatory, IRIS Newsletter, Vol. XVI, No. 2, pp. 3, 7-9, 1999. 3

Nikolaidis, R., Y. Bock, P. Shearer, P. J. de Jonge, D.C. Agnew, and M. Van Domselaar, Seismic wave observations with the Global Positioning System, J. Geophys. Res., 106, 21,897-21,916, 2001. 3

Wdowinski, S., Y. Sudman, and Y. Bock, Distribution of interseismic deformation along the San Andreas fault system, southern California, Geophys. Res. Lett., 28, 2321-2324, 2001. 3

Chadwell, C. D. and Y. Bock, Direct estimation of absolute precipitable water in oceanic regions by GPS tracking of a coastal buoy, Geophys. Res. Lett., 28, 3701-3704, 2001. 3

8.0 References 10

9.0 Proposed Costs 1

9.1 Budget Breakdown by Fiscal Year 1

10.0 Facilities and Equipment 2

10.1 Computing Equipment 2

10.2 Mass Store 3

10.3 GIS Laboratory 3

10.4 Experimental Facilities 3

10.5 Software 5

11.0 Cooperative Agreement Payment Schedule 1

12.0 Current and Pending Support 1

13.0 Special Matters 1

14.0 Letters of Support 1

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