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  1. He led Evansville to two NCAA Division II titles, setting a record that still stands with 25 rebounds in the title game… as a guard. In 1976 he briefly accepted Evansville’s head coaching job, but withdrew five days later – thus missing their fatal plane crash later that year. Drafted #6 overall in 1965 by the Bullets, the next season he was the first pick in the expansion draft of the Chicago Bulls, where he made NBA All-Defensive first team four times. Named head coach by the Bulls in 1979, he was fired early in his third season, but he got another head coaching job in 1988 and became the only NBA coach with 1,000 wins with the same team. Never winning Coach of the Year or an NBA title despite 16 straight playoff appearances, FTP name this Hall of Famer who is still head coach of the Utah Jazz.

ANSWER: Gerald Eugene “Jerry” Sloan

  1. A song written by this artist with the lyrics “You’re on to me, on to me, but its all over” was the title of her first national tour, but it first received acclaim when it was featured on “Best of Collage A Cappella 2004.” She made her film debut in the indie film “Girl Play” and she was the opening act for Rocco DeLuca and the Burden. She has appeared alongside Weezer and and supported Guster during their first UK tour. On a special Holiday EP released to her mailing list she covered the Bruce Springsteen song “I’m On Fire” with Tony Lucca. Her latest album was produced by Neal Avron and was featured during Amazon MP3 Black Friday Sale. She was in in the season 3 finale of 30 Rock and her most recent single was featured throughout most of the 7th season premiere of Medium. She recently covered “Single Ladies” in a YouTube video that went viral saying “If I’m going to do a cover of a song I want to completely reinterpret it.” the video of her current single features her standing in front of a wall of acoustic guitars and FTP name this singer that wonders who died and made you king?

ANSWER: Sara Bareilles

  1. In 1986, he had a short-lived TV show where he played the deputy mayor of New York. He was one of the original members of The Compass Players”, the predecessor to The Second City. He played himself in filmed skitsduringtheSnakes & Arrowsand 30thAnniversarytoursofthebandRush. He played an assassin chasing his brother-in-law into a gay bathhouse in 1976’s The Ritz, while he never leaves his office as Rico Patrone in 1974’s The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. He voiced Timon’s Uncle Max in The Lion King 1 ½, and appeared in a series of Nike commercials as Vince Lombardi. His autobiography is titled Married to Laughter, and he shares his Walk of Fame star with his wife. He played the owner of the Hefty Hideaway boutique in 2007’s Hairspray, and Wilbur Turnblad in the original Hairspray. FTP, name this actor who played Ben Stiller’s dad in the Heartbreak Kid, and Leah Remini’s on The King of Queens.

ANSWER: Jerry Stiller

  1. His mentor calls him “Peanut”. He was raised in a discriminatory household after his parents fired his first nanny, a round-faced German girl with enormous bosoms, while his second Nanny was called Belvedere. He may or may not have hired his most well-known protege while drunk. He called one past lover of his the "Queen of Perversion of the highest order" and dealt with the aftermath of a mugging by impregnating another former flame. This man also held the Japanese responsible for the deaths of his friends in WWII and interrupted a meeting stating "They don't want any of your Jap Crap". He suffered two heart attacks in one year, the first while seducing a model in his office. FTP, name this managing partner played by John Slattery on AMC’s Mad Men.

ANSWER: Roger Sterling (prompt on Sterling)

  1. In Oblivion, you can do it by using “The Blackwood Ring of Silence”. Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth begins and ends with the main character doing this. The plot of both Chakan and Planescape Torment are about finding a way to do it. Taunting someone with the Equalizer equipped in Team Fortress 2 will do this, and in the game Heretic and MechWarrior 2, typing in “IDDQD” allows you to do this. In The Adventures of Lolo, you press select to do it, while in Postal and N+, you press X to do it. The first Mortal Kombat character to be able to do this was Cyrax, until Deception allowed all characters to do it. Typing “Meteor or Tsunami” will do this in Scribblenauts, and starting at level 17, you can unlock it in Call Of Duty 4. A wedding, family reunion, and office are locations in an Adult Swim series of games where you have 5 minutes to do this. FTP, name this action famously performed by Tekken’s Yoshimitsu and Pokemon who use Explosion.

ANSWER: Kill yourself (accept synonyms)
  1. Several characters created by this author were featured in “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse” and as the victim of plagiarism, Snoop Dogg mentions one of her works in “My Machine” while Arcade Fire also referenced her work in “Antichrist Television Blues”. Janet Jackson also borrowed heavily from this author’s works in “Young Love” as did Dave Matthews in “Gravedigger”. This author is not afraid to mention “I like little pussy” and says “About the bush, Willie”. Child abuse is a frequent theme to her works and she is not afraid to tackle the darker elements of life, like 3 children who drown when sliding on ice while the other children ran away, a woman who allows her dog to starve to death, and the story of a mother who lost all 3 of her sons in tragic accidents. She has written over 360 different works, and the official day in honor of this author is May 1st. FTP, name this author who brought rhyming delight and terror to children everywhere.

ANSWER: Mother Goose

  1. She narrowly beat out Rosalynn Sumners by one tenth of a point on one judge's scorecard. Her 1994 performance to a version of Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” was memorable for its tribute to the refugees of Sarajevo. In 1989, she won an Emmy for Carmen on Ice, expanding on her rivalry known as “The Battle of the Carmens”, since she and Debi Thomas used Bizet’s music in their long program. She teamed up with Brian Boitano for an namesake US tour, while a namesake rule requiring skirts and modest clothing was created after she showed up in a feather-trimmed showgirl costume for the 1988 European Championsips. The second-ever sold out issue of Playboy featured nude photos of, FTP, this only woman since Sonja Henie to defend the Ladies’ Singles title, doing so while skating for East Germany.

ANSWER: Katarina Witt

  1. A horror short about a fictional Don Knotts murdering the entire cast is called “Blood Drips Heavily on” this film’s “Square”. Scenes from this movie include the Snipeshooter pinning down The Delancey Brothers while other members of the group make their escape, three nuns offering comfort to the gang while saying "Though you wander lost and depraved, Jesus loves you, you shall be saved." Harvey Fierstein is currently working on converting it into for the Broadway stage, and memorable monikers in this film include Snitch, Bumlets, The Swedish Meadowlark, Weasel & Crutchy. It marked the directorial debut of Kenny Ortega, who would go on to direct the High School Musical trilogy. The main character changed his name from Francis Sullivan after escaping Warden Snyder, and his goal is to reach Santa Fe because "I ain't gettin' any younger, and before my dyin' day I want space, not just air." FTP, name this film whose tagline was “A Thousand Voices, A Single Dream.”, a film that failed to seize the day for Christian Bale.

ANSWER: Newsies

  1. His television work includes performing the “Ballad of Buster Baxter” on PBS’ Arthur, singing the opening theme to CBS’ Brooklyn Bridge, and playing the owner of the Vinyl Crocodile record store on NBC’s American Dreams. Alongside Amy Grant, he recorded a concept album about the Nativity titled “The Animals’ Christmas”. His version of “Always Look On The Bright Side of Life” closes As Good As It Gets, while he can be heard singing “Bright Eyes” in Watership Down. Mostly based on losing his father and longtime girlfriend Laurie Bird, his 1989 poetry collection was titled Still Water. He rescues Jemaine from a crazy Mary Lynn Rajskub on Flight of the Conchords, while his website contains a year-by-year listing of every book he has read since 1968. His most recent album is 2007’s Some Enchanted Evening, but his other releases include Angel Clare and Breakaway. FTP, name this man whose most famous solo performance is “Emily, Whenever I May Find Her”.

ANSWER: Art Garfunkel

  1. The founder of it is known for loving wild parties and is able to carry a grudge for a long time over "A single cup of sugar" while the head of it has an alter ego called "Hairy" who wears a Cat In The Hat stovepipe hat and keeps his moustache in braids. A Nintendo DS game featuring it requires you to play mini-games while taking on the "Space Nut Boogies". One of its characters is known for saying "Shut up, shut up, shut up! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" while wearing a stylized tee-shirt of the Powerpuff Girls, and another resident was once mistaken for a ghost. A float of this location managed to Rickroll NBC when Rick Astley appear out of nowhere causing one resident to exclaim "I love Rickrolling" FTP name this location whose motto is "Where good ideas are not forgotten" and currently holds 2,038 residents, including Eduardo, Mac and Blooregard Kazoo.

ANSWER: Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

  1. He got married during a fugue state, was once reverted into a caveman, gave himself schizophrenia, teamed up with his past self and betrayed himself. He was twice kicked off his team, once by Henry Peter Gyrich, once after accidentally killing a prone enemy. The Ultimate version of him is blown up by countless versions of Jamie Madrox, right after biting the head off of the Blob. In the Marvel Zombies world, he kidnapped and slowly ate the Black Panther before biting his wife’s head off. The robot version of him recently got married to the robot version of his wife, and he built a house inside his wife’s celestial eyeball. Characters who’ve used his discarded alter-egos include Rita DeMara, Tom Foster, Scott Lang, and Erik Josten. Early versions of his powers had to be eaten or inhaled. His villainous past includes teaming up with the villain Egghead, attacking his former team with the robot Salvation-1, slapping the hell out of Janet Van Dyne, and creating the robot Ultron, FTP, name this secret identity of Yellowjacket, Goliath, Giant-Man and Ant-Man

ANSWER: Hank Pym (prompt on Yellowjacket, Goliath, Giant-Man, Ant-Man, Wasp)

  1. Fans of the 60’s Batman series will recognize that the finale takes place at stately Wayne Manor. Fans of British comedy will recognize the stars of Little Britain and The IT Crowd as cast members. One character has “The Pina Colada Song” as his ringtone, and is inspired by The Earl of Sandwich, Louis Pasteur and Evel Knievel. The ending involves an unveiled statue labeled 'My wife's favorite finger' at the Max Müeller Museum of Modern Art. One of the main antagonists enjoys drawing a face on his penis and calling it "Sammy." The original title translates into a profane term for female genitals. The main character has recurring back problems, and turns spent bombshells into novelty lamps. A major plot point revolves around a man losing his wife’s clitoris, and the phrase “You can eat my pudding”. A woman channels the screams of a dead lobster, Jeff Dunham argues with his dummy wife, and a duel takes place using brain control at, FTP what titular event eventually won by a man who makes dead mouse dioramas?

ANSWER: Dinner For Schmucks

  1. A video of this band showed them on a public access channel and one of their fans was bodily shoved back into her seat by two large security guards while a bored rabbi sat by drinking coffee. Their third album was recorded in an abandoned factory, while their latest music video shows them being beaten up by small children on a playground. A song by this band with the lyrics "What a way to live, Back of your class" played in the background of Black Snake Moan while Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake get it on, while another says “Let him go, walk out the door, and come to me, I'm gonna set you free" in School of Rock. They were featured on the album "Blackroc" alongside Ludacris and Mos Def, and they were collaborating with Ike Turner before his death. FTP, name this blues-rock band responsible for the singles "Your Touch" and “Tighten Up”, from the 2010 album Brothers.

ANSWER: The Black Keys

  1. This man was seen earlier this week at a pre-qualifying school for the Ladies European Tour -- caddying for his girlfriend, Allison Micheletti. Had he played enough in 2010to qualify for PGA stats rankings, he would have ranked 49th or below in every statistical category other than scoring average, where he was 16th – yet despite playing in just 11 tournaments, he finished 34th in PGA earnings. It helped that his four Top 10 finishes were in the World Golf Championships and three majors. Currently ranked #3 in the world, FTP name this German-born golfer, the top money winner on this year’s European Tour and winner of the 2010 PGA.

ANSWER: Martin Kaymer [pronounced KIGH-mer, but don’t be picky]

  1. Last name's the same: Jack, who was associate athletic director at Marquette when Tom Crean, who is married to his daughter Joani, was men's basketball coach, has 116 wins as a head football coach at Western Michigan from 1982-86 and Western Kentucky from 1989-2002. John was a defensive back at Miami of Ohio in the early 1980s but is better known as a coach, including a 10-year stint as an Eagles assistant before getting his current job in 2008. Meanwhile, Jim had a three-year stint as the coach of the University of San Diego before moving up the coast to his current job. Oh yeah, Jim was also a star quarterback at Michigan and had a long NFL career with the Bears, Colts, Ravens and Chargers. FTP, name this family that now includes the head coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and the Stanford Cardinal.

ANSWER: Harbaugh

  1. It was revealed that he has a second brain in his spine, is vulnerable to Cadmium, and can be revived by lightning, due to Regenerator G1 giving him amazing healing abilities. He was awarded a 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award at the MTV Movie Awards, and is the only one of his kind to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the Treehouse of Horror 6, the Lard Lad does an impression of him. He has occasionally teamed up with the crew of the USS Calico, or the Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team led by Nick Tatopoulos. Stan Marsh uses an model of him to scare fishermen in the “Whale Whores” episode of South Park, and Dark Horse Comics released a one-shot based on a basketball game between him and Charles Barkley. The American version was born in French Polynesia and can reproduce asexually. FTP, name this gigantic personification of the dangers of nuclear proliferation.

ANSWER: Godzilla

  1. Kelsey Grammer and Sarah Silverman were both members of it on TV, while Kurtwood Smith ran it in the movies. Their psych test involves facing your greatest fear, while another test involves sending someone to their certain demise. Their original motto is the same as Kansas, but their current one is Semper Exploro. Section 31 is its undercover black-ops division, but their turn towards a more militaristic stance started with the incorporation of the MACO forces. Their headquarters was attacked by the Breen, resulting in heavy damage to the Fort Baker area of San Francisco. FTP, formerly known as the United Earth Space Probe Agency, name the exploratory and peacekeeping service of the United Federation of Planets.

ANSWER: Starfleet Command

  1. On the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he played a hitman who tries to kill Will Smith. He is the turban-wearing man on the back of the ELO album Discovery. He voiced both Bibbo and Lobo on Superman: The Animated Series and played Hugh Grant’s manager in 2007’s Music and Lyrics. He played a big dog in TBS’s 2 Stupid Dogs and Garfield, and an Easter Island Head in both Night at the Museum films, and Gusteau in Ratatouille. His comedy work includes hosting a 2008 roast of Cheech and Chong, playing Jackie Gleason in a 2002 TV-movie, and becoming the first comedy grand champion on Star Search. He got his start voicing Hulk Hogan in Rock ‘n Wrestling, but recently he’s been playing a happier version of his stock character in commercials for 7-UP. FTP, name this deep-voiced star of CBS’ Til’ Death.

ANSWER: Brad Garrett

  1. He has retractable lobster antennae and a robotic arm in his chest that can feed him a can of Red Bull. His creator was also responsible for the Eisner-award nominated Chumble Spuzz. Every Thanksgiving, he milks any and all animals that can be milked. At night, he wears a cat-suit, but only sleeps for 2 minutes a day. His only weakness is being surprised, which causes him to melt. He once married Abraham Lincoln, his dog’s name is Ralph Wrinkles, and he was raised by foster parents named Cha and Cha Cha Juan Juan Chihuahua. His best friend is also his brother, but due to head trauma, he is unaware of this fact and that his archnemesis went back in time to poison his parents, Gobber and Bobber Smartist. He works alongside a farting man in a baby suit, a wrestler, a Santa-powered man with socks for hands, and a vampire werewolf shark wizard ninja from the moon. FTP, name this character whose battle phrase is “I will chop your head off!”, created by Malachi Nicolle, who is only 6 years old.


  1. This man once was drugged by a deranged train conductor and left in an abandoned station. He became an archaeology teacher at Gressenheller University when he was only 27. He once reassembled a shattered camera and is adept at parrot training. His true love was once killed in a laboratory experiment gone wrong, but it was revealed that she was actually sent ten years in the future. One time he received a train ticket with no destination on the Molentary, while another story of his centers around a fruit shaped birthmark, and chasing a cat though a town full of robots. His first name is Hershel, and his other main passion is a proper cup of tea, and saving his “picarets”. His best friend has the ability to understand animals, while his arch nemesis is a master of disguise named Don Paolo, who was also in love with Claire, the woman who would give him his iconic top hat. FTP name this man whose assistant Luke helped him solve the case of the Unwound Future, Mysterious Box, and Curious Village.

ANSWER: Professor Layton

  1. His first mission was the destruction of the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, which he did with his mastery of the Juyo form and vehicles like Bloodfin and Scimitar. He’s been resurrected four times, twice in holographic form by Galen Marek’s assistant and Iridonian scientist Drell Kahmf, once in cyborg form with triple-jointed metal legs, and once more by the Prophets of the Dark Side. FTP, name this first apprentice of Emperor Palpatine, known for his demonic horns and red skin.

ANSWER: Darth Maul

  1. FTPE, answer the following related questions about sound effects in film. Well, rather, sound effect.

    First featured in the 1951 film Distant Drums, it gained fame as an in-joke after being used in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, usually when people fall off cliffs.

    ANSWER: Wilhelm Scream
    The overuse of the Wilhelm Scream is accredited to this Lucasfilm employee and voice of WALL-E.
    ANSWER: Ben Burtt
    The actual voice of the Wilhelm was recently attributed to this Western actor and alter-ego of country singer Ben Colder
    ANSWER: Sheb Wooley

  1. Known for calling himself “Willie Nelson before taxes” FTPE, answer these questions about the shortest and oldest Grand Ole Opry member, Little Jimmy Dickens
    This song about a Hot Rod Ford and a Two Dollar bill was originally written for Dickens but Hank Williams would later keep it for himself, making it one of his most enduring hits.
    ANSWER: “Hey Good Lookin'”
    Name this only number one for Dickens, a 1965 hit about a beggar and a taxi driver shouting a nasal-ornithological curse at the singer.
    ANSWER: “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose”
    Alongside George Jones, Dolly Parton and Bill Anderson, Little Jimmy is part of this group created by Brad Paisley, heard in comedy tracks on some of his albums.
    ANSWER: Kung-Pao Buckaroos

  1. If your life had a face, I would punch it. FTSNOP, answer the following about the second best thing Michael Cera has ever done, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
    FTP, Scott’s a bassist for this band, which combines a Tom Jones song with a Super Mario enemy.
    ANSWER: Sex Bob-Omb
    FFPE, Scott’s lead singer and Sex Bob-Omb’s biggest fan are these two men, whose names are reminiscent of the band behind “Ohio”.
    ANSWER: Stephen Stills and Young Neil (prompt on Stills)

    FTP, after leaving Scott’s band Kid Chameleon, Envy Adams started this rock outfit with her boyfriend Todd Ingram

    ANSWER: The Clash at Demonhead

  1. (CS) FTSNOP name these winners of the Most Outstanding Player Award at the men’s NCAA basketball championships:

For three seasons from 1968 through 1971, the Los Angeles Lakers had three consecutive winners of the award on their roster. 5 for two or ten for all three, in any order, name these winners from 1957-1959 for North Carolina, Seattle, and West Virginia.

ANSWER: Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West

FTP, Officially, the NCAA lists no winner for 1971, because this recipient from Villanova was later ruled ineligible. Along with Chamberlain and Baylor, he is one of eleven winners to date whose team did not win the title.

ANSWER: Howard Porter

FTP, While I didn’t actually check them all, this Arizona backcourt mate of Mike Bibby who won in 1997 is undoubtedly the only winner to date born in Stockholm, Sweden.

ANSWER: Miles Simon

  1. Sure we all have played God and lived with The Sims but FTPE name these less ridiculously famous Maxis titles
    In this game you can engage in trophallaxis, while trying to avoid the rain and electrical outlets and possessing the bodies of other creatures.
    ANSWER: SimAnt
    Listed on Yahoo as one of the top 10 controversial games of all time, this game’s designer was fired for adding ‘Himbos” in speedos that would swarm the player and be slashed to death by the titular object.
    ANSWER: SimCopter

    Featuring wormholes, attack bumpers and missions this game was bundled with Windows 95, NT, ME, 2000 and XP virtually guaranteeing you spent hours trying to reach the rank of “Fleet Admiral” while not having to drop a single quarter at your local arcade.

    ANSWER: 3D Pinball, or Space Cadet Pinball (prompt on pinball)

  1. Name these songs with bad rhyming and then you’ll get thirty points, answer them with quick timing and speed up this tournamoint.
    “Last week I SAWR a film, as I recall it was a horror film” is a line from this Europop-styled song by The Lonely Island.
    ANSWER: “Jizz In My Pants”
    Sting throws up the awful “You consider me the young apprentice, caught between the Scylla and Charybdis” in this single from Synchronicity.
    ANSWER: “Wrapped Around Your Finger”
    Absurd Degree and Verdigris are rhymed in this song from Wicked that details Elphaba’s wish to change her appearance and form the titular favorite team.
    ANSWER: “The Wizard and I”

  1. If it weren’t for Christopher Walken, would you really care about the song Weapon of Choice? FTPE, name these other music videos starring non-musical celebrities.
    Harvey Keitel and Lebron James both make totally pointless appearances in the video for this controversial Jay-Z single from The Blueprint 3
    ANSWER: D.O.A. and/or (Death of Auto-Tune)
    Bruce Willis drives around the desert at high speed chasing and firing at Murdoc and 2D in the video for this Gorillaz song that features Mos Def and Bobby Womack.
    ANSWER: Stylo
    Featuring a ton of dancing plushie bunnies, this video by Stone Temple Pilots features Scott Weiland dancing creepily with Sarah Michelle Gellar.
    ANSWER: Sour Girl

  1. Oooops, okay I take it all back, FTPE name these famous recalls that proved sometimes its a scary scary world out there.

    Important files you need to protect? Then the last thing you want to hear is FIRE! And its funny that the companies who’s name was on the product, (Dell and Apple) weren’t actually the company that made these faulty items in the first place between 2004 & 2006.
    ANSWER: Sony lithium-ion batteries (prompt on batteries)
    Mattel had to recall 500,000 of the Snacktime version of this doll after it was revealed that it would just keep eating hair, or fingers.

ANSWER: Cabbage Patch Kid
The creative kids’ toy known as Bindees or Pixos is basically a bunch of plastic beads that stick together when they get wet. However, if ingested, they metabolize into a form of this recreational club drug.
ANSWER: Gamma HydroxyButyric Acid

  1. Occasionally a character will mention a random website name, and most times they’re not registered, or they send you to porn. FTPE, name the following real life websites mentioned on TV. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be precise with your .coms and .nets.
    This How I Met Your Mother website claims to describe how to perform a Sneaky Snowplow, Old King Clancy, and Reverse Rick Moranis, but all the links on this website lead to apologetic photos of Alan Thicke.
    In an attempt to make a successful side-business, Kaley Cuoco’s character on The Big Bang Theory creates this website in order to sell the titular rhinestoned flower barrettes.
    After being repeatedly sent to jail in place of George Bluth, his brother created this website that repeatedly proclaims his real identity.
    ANSWER: I’

  1. In a Hollywood world where it seems as if the actors keep getting younger, FTPE name these actors who are challenging the status quo and are still going strong despite being born in and around World War I.
    Before appearing in Red, he won an Emmy for his work on ER, but you might know him best as a butcher or a gruff talking Navy man in the 1960’s.
    ANSWER: Ernest Borgnine
    His most recent role was in “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, but he’s also a quick firing bandit in both “The Magnificent Seven” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    ANSWER: Eli Wallach
    He spent 295 episodes portraying a philosophical Yorkshireman on The Last of the Summer Wine, but you’ve probably only heard his voice, proclaiming the delights of Wensleydale and homemade gadgets in a series by Nick Park.
    ANSWER: Peter Sallis

  2. Let’s break down the walls. The fourth wall, that is. FTPE, answer the following questions about comic book characters who are aware that they’re characters.
    This Rob Liefeld-ripoff of Deathstroke eventually got the ability to read his own narration boxes. He now has four separate books, including a namesake Corps where he teams up with dog, kid, zombie, and female versions of himself.
    ANSWER: Deadpool
    This alter-ego of Buddy Baker once met Wile E. Coyote, was brought back to life multiple times, and had his whole family killed. Eventually his writer came to him to apologize and let him know he was in a comic.
    ANSWER: Animal Man

    After getting told by the he dies in the next issue, this DC character tried to kill all the writers of DC Comics, using information that he got from buying the comic that you’re currently reading. He also LITERALLY punched the fourth wall really really hard in Infinite Crisis.

    ANSWER: Superboy-Prime

  1. Music and stats, two things that bring happiness to many. FTPE, answer the following about weirdness on the Billboard charts.
    This star of the E! show Number One Single was the first artist to ever go #1 without being signed to a record deal, with a song featured in the movie “Reality Bites”.
    ANSWER: Lisa Loeb
    This group holds the amazing distinction of having surpassed The Beatles for most amount of charting singles, currently sitting with 93. But look fast, most don’t last on Billboard for more than a week.
    ANSWER: The Cast of Glee
    Written by Alex North about a prisoner who contemplates escaping, this song holds the distinction of charting the most times. Recorded by The Smashing Pumpkins, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis and hundreds of others, name this song whose title never appears in the lyrics.
    ANSWER: “Unchained Melody”

  1. FTPE name these current and former NBA players with something in common… well, besides being NBA players:
    Drafted #1 overall by the Orlando Magic in 2004, last season this man became the first player in NBA history to lead the league in rebounds, blocked shots, and field goal percentage
    ANSWER: Dwight Howard
    Drafted #1 overall by the Clippers and later spending time with the T-Wolves and Celtics, this Nigerian-born center was ranked by as the third biggest bust in NBA draft history.
    ANSWER: Michael Olowokondi

    Drafted 6th overall out of Kentucky by Boston in 1996, he spent his first seven seasons with the Celtics before brief tours of duty with Dallas, Atlanta, Boston (again), Miami, and Minnesota. Curiously, his profile photo shows him in a Grizzlies uniform, even though he played just two preseason games for them.

    ANSWER: Antoine Walker
    AUTHOR’S NOTE: They all have exes on VH1’s Basketball Wives, although only Olowokondi’s ex was ever a wife.

  1. A lot of current movie directors got their start in commercials. FTPE, answer the following about directors who went the other way around.
    Featuring a Big Brother-like figure, the 1984-themed commercial for Apple was directed by this man who would go on to make Black Hawk Down and American Gangster.
    ANSWER: Ridley Scott
    Ang Lee, John Frankenheimer and John Woo were some of the directors tasked to create short films for BMW starring this man as the nameless Driver.
    ANSWER: Clive Owen
    He’s responsible for making “A Little Less Conversation” a number one hit in 20 countries after using it in his Secret Tournament ad for Nike’s 2002 World Cup campaign.
    ANSWER: Terry Gilliam

  1. Some TV characters use their situations as inspiration for a writing career. Answer the following about investigators/authors FTPE.
    Because of writer’s block, Rick Castle turned to assisting the NYPD in murder investigations soon after killing off this bestselling character.
    ANSWER: Derrick Storm
    Besides her work at the Jeffersonian, Temperance Brennan also writes books starring this protagonist, who shares her name with the author of the series.
    ANSWER: Kathy Reichs
    Under the pseudonym Thom E. Gemcity, Timothy McGee writes the Deep Six series based on his experiences as a Major Case Response Team field agent on this television series.

  1. Not all fan fiction is terrible. Some of gets published by legitimate means, and becomes critically acclaimed. FTPE, name these retellings of much greater works. |

    Marion Zimmer Bradley created this novel by reimagining the Arthurian myth from the perspective of Morgan Le Fay and Guinevere.
    ANSWER: The Mists of Avalon
    Valerie Martin told the story of this loving servant of Henry Jekyll, who was played onscreen by Julia Roberts.
    ANSWER: Mary Reilly
    In 2005, the Canongate Series began featuring contemporary authors rewriting myths, starting with this Margaret Atwood story about the wife of Odysseus.
    ANSWER: The Penelopiad

  1. The 2005 NFL draft looms large in the annals of the NFL… specifically, their disciplinary records. FTPE:
    [10] Drafted 6th, this defensive back from West Virginia was suspended for the entire 2007 season, and for six more games in 2008, for a series of legal incidents that included at least three separate violent altercations at strip clubs.

ANSWER: Adam (or “Pac-Man”) Jones
Drafted 12th, this Maryland linebacker was the 2005 Defensive Rookie of the Year but was suspended for four games in 2006 for steroid use. Charges were dropped after his 2009 arrest for battery and false imprisonment after he allegedly tried to choke Tila Tequila.
ANSWER: Shawne Merriman
Drafted 21st, this Arkansas quarterback was converted to wide receiver by the Jaguars. He was suspended for the last 3 games of the 2008 season due to a felony drug conviction, and after a 2009 parole violation, he requested a week in jail instead of a six-week rehab stay because the latter would have interfered with the start of training camp.

ANSWER: Matt Jones (prompt on Jones)

  1. Hi Bob! FTPE, take a drink to these television characters with the same palindromic first name.
    Smilin’ Bob is the incredibly disturbing mascot of this brand of male enhancement supplement.
    ANSWER: Enzyte
    Bob the Guardian was the main defender of the city of Mainframe on this ABC computer-animated series.
    ANSWER: ReBoot
    BOB is also the name of the demonic presence that was possessing this Twin Peaks character played by Ray Wise.
    ANSWER: Leland Palmer

  1. Sure, size isn’t everything, but it helps. FTPE name these surprisingly tall actors.
    He’s the tallest actor ever nominated for an Academy Award, but he lost out to Kevin Spacey.
    ANSWER: James Cromwell
    Along with selling cabbage-scented cologne in a Snickers commercial, he played a ventriloquist in the music video “My Name Is” by Eminem and starred alongside Billy Crystal as a Romanian giant.
    ANSWER: Gheorghe Muresan
    This ironically named man saved one of the boats in The Dark Knight by throwing a detonator out a window, and also fought Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred.
    ANSWER: Tom “Tiny” Lister

  1. Really epic cliffhangers can create tension and critical acclaim. But what if your show gets cancelled before you can resolve it? FTPE, answer the following about permanent unanswered questions.
    The final episode of this show ended on multiple cliffhangers, including Jessica Tate being put in front of a South American firing squad.
    ANSWER: Soap
    This Adult Swim series ended with the titular characters being dropped off an actual cliff, along with Double Wide and CARR
    ANSWER: Stroker and Hoop

    The ending of FlashForward ends with the second blackout occuring right before the FBI building explodes with this former alcoholic played by Joseph Fiennes still inside.

    ANSWER: Mark and/or Benford

  1. Answer these questions about people who share a common name FTPE. As guitarist and sometime lead vocalist, this man wrote the songs “Burnin’ For You” and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” for Blue Oyster Cult.
    ANSWER: Buck Dharma and/or Donald Roeser (Prompt on Dharma)
    Dharma Montgomery was a freewheeling character created by this man known for his vanity cards full of random observations.
    ANSWER: Chuck Lorre
    The Hanso Foundation worked with the DeGroots to create the DHARMA initiative, which is an acronym that stands for what?
    ANSWER: Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications

  1. Fame, we’re all doing it for the fame, fame. FTPE name these shrines to sporting excellence.
    With the pretentious motto of "Preserving History, Honoring Excellence, Connecting Generations" name this Hall of Fame that sometimes goes by the metonym of "Cooperstown"
    ANSWER: National Baseball Hall of Fame
    Built in an aging Newport casino in 1954 the International Tennis Hall of Fame also hosts the Campbell’s Hall of Fame Championships, the only one of these events in North America.
    ANSWER: Grass Court
    This location in a namesake village in St. Augustine, Florida recently inducted Dwight Eisenhower, but will eventually be inducting Ernie Els and Masashi Ozaki, reaffirming its ‘International” status.
    ANSWER: World Golf Hall of Fame (prompt on golf)


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