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  1. They’re currently the only team in their conference without a softball or volleyball team. Their farthest run in NCAA basketball was making the Elite Eight in 1965, but they’ve done better in the NIT, winning it in 1990. They’ve only won two Bowl games, once against Auburn and once against Boston College. 2007 was a standout year for them, as they won their first and only NCAA championship, for Women’s Bowling, along with being named the national #1 seed in baseball. They’ve got the second-longest three-point streak in the NCAA behind UNLV. Current major league players include a wide receiver and outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears, Earl Bennett and Hunter Hillenmeyer. FTP, name this alma mater of the starting pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, David Price

ANSWER: Vanderbilt and/or Commodores

  1. He appeared as The Brother in And the Band Played On, and alongside Donald Duck in a Main Street USA exhibit called “The First 50 Magical Years”. He gets shot in the leg in Lawrence Kasdan’s Grand Canyon. He wrote the children’s book “The Alphabet from A to Y with bonus letter Z”. He took over for both Clifton Webb as a master of motion studies and Bob Hoskins as a tap-dancing sheet-music salesman. He voiced the high priest Hotep in 1998’s Prince of Egypt, and wrote and produced the 2008 spy thriller Traitor. His first feature film appearance was in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but other early film roles were as Absent-minded and insolent waiters. FTP, name this actor also known as Gern Blanston whose most famous predecessors were Jack Lemmon and Spencer Tracy, who popularized the air quotes hand motion and the catch phrase Excuuuuuse Me.

ANSWER: Steve Martin

  1. He was a guest judge on the Rocker Chick episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the host of the horror anthology Night Visions and the vehicle-building reality show Full Metal Challenge. He won a Grammy Award for the audiobook version of Get in the Van, starred in the documentary William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet, and runs a training gym in EA’s Def Jam:Fight For NY. He can be seen as William Fichtner’s henchman in Heat, a radio host in the first season of Californication, Duke in the YouTube sensation The Ballad of GI Joe, and as the driver in Jackass: The Movie’s Off-Road Tattoo scene. FTP, name this actor most recently known as the white supremacist gang leader AJ Weston, in FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

ANSWER: Henry Rollins

  1. He purportedly got his start as a house musician at the Terrace Restaurant, where we learn that his motto for life is “Stay Away From Women.” He’s best known for songs like “Cottleston Pie, I Hope That Somethin’ Better Comes Along”, and “Eight Little Notes”, his homage to Beethoven. He performed a duet with John Denver in the 1979 special “A Christmas Together”, also duetted with Johnny Mathis on the song “Never Before, Never Again” and controversially called Arsenio Hall “A Son of a Bitch” in 1990. He recently recorded a YouTube video where he rides down Venice Beach on a skateboard, and was parodied twice by Seth Rogen on SNL. FTP, name this musician who was Jimmy Dean’s on-air sidekick for three years and is best known for his starring role in Veterinarian’s Hospital.

ANSWER: Rowlf the Dog

  1. In the 1990 biography Taming the Talent, it was revealed that Tom Hulce used videos of his mood swings as inspiration for Amadeus. In 2007, he played himself and a lookalike murderer in an episode of CSI: NY, and discussed the book “Mondo Freaks” in the back of a limo on Curb Your Enthusiasm. 30 Rock’s Gavin Volure referred to him as being from the world of Art Critique and Yelling. He has appeared as himself in 3 separate Adam Sandler movies, and in recent ads for National Car Rental and Kellogg’s All-Bran. He twice earned a 0.0 Nielsen rating for his CNBC talk show, and had his 2002 game show The Chair canceled partway through the first season. FTP, Phil Hellmuth is known as poker’s version of this man best known for creating the catchphrase “You cannot be serious.”

ANSWER: John McEnroe

  1. Her children’s books include An Angel Called Hope, Mona’s Favorite Words, and What Do Mommies Do? Her books for adults are more focused on faith, including Powerful Inspirations, and Real Solutions: 52 God Inspired Messages from My Heart . She appeared on Larry King Live to discuss her gaining “a pound a year for 25 years”, despite her successful line of fitness videos, Her most recent partnership is with Elizabeth Taylor’s House of Taylor Jewelry, but she also has partnerships with Therapedic mattresses and Shaw carpeting. Getting started with a line of socks marketed through K-Mart, she’s parlayed that into a 1 billion dollar empire. FTP, name this woman who sparked rumors of drug and alcohol abuse after her incredibly awkward red carpet interviews at the Oscars.

ANSWER: Kathy Ireland

  1. The New York Times referred to it as a high-school bathroom stall, while The Guardian called it brilliant, ridiculous and alarming. It’s responsible for revealing Sarah Palin’s private Yahoo e-mail accounts, dropping Apple’s stock price after reporting that Steve Jobs had a heart attack, bringing the swastika to the top of Google’s Hot Trends list, and The Great Habbo Raid. Various rules include ALL DRAMA ALL THE TIME, no invasion, and don’t mess with football. Tripcodes can be used to protect against impersonation, competing for GETs is a common pastime, while sage-bombing is frowned upon. FTP, name this messageboard responsible for nationwide anti-Scientology protests, Caturday, and Rickrolling.

ANSWER: (also accept /b/)

  1. This game features a product that leads to the loss of sight of an entire population a power plant that runs on beauty, and you must defeat the corporation by sending it massive amounts of spam. In a vector world you meet MOM who, after you ask her “Do I smell cookies?” responds “Yes, I’ve baked your personal information into each one”. After leading your assistants into pipes you watch them be processed to make beauty cream, or turned into a drink. You can awaken Beauty, Ivy, Skull, Eyeball and other forms which you then assemble into bridges, climb narrow passages and form towers while trying to discover what the titular cooperation is hiding. Lead throughout the story by the mysterious Sign Painter FTP name this five chapter, physics based game based in its own world.

ANSWER: World of Goo

  1. In 2006 he played guitar before a packed house at Liverpool’s famed Cavern Club.  At age 12 he won a men’s championship at a country club in Fredericksburg, VA.  His most recent tour win was in a three-way playoff at the 2004 Buick Invitational.  In another playoff, versus Costantino Rocca, he won his second major in 1995 at St. Andrews, four years after he was the ninth alternate and last-minute replacement for Nick Price and borrowed Price’s caddy to win his first.  FTP name this long-driving golfer who burst into prominence with his first tour win, the 1991 PGA Championship.

Answer: John Daly 

  1. In 1988, he founded a life management program for inner city youths called the Amer-I-Can Program. His voice work includes being the color commentator for the first six UFC pay-per-view events, and playing Butch Meathook in 1999’s Small Soldiers. He appeared as a Playgirl centerfold in 1974, but his early career consisted of several westerns, including Rio Conchos, 100 Rifles and Take a Hard Ride. Spike Lee put him in several movies including Sucker Free City, She Hate Me, He Got Game, and even made a 2002 documentary about him. He played the defensive coordinator of the Miami Sharks in Any Given Sunday, Fireball in The Running Man, and an Egyptian-garbed boxer in Mars Attacks! FTP, name this man best known for his roles in Original Gangstas, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, and The Dirty Dozen.

ANSWER: Jim Brown

  1. He played a TV announcer in Toy Story, showed up as Big Stoop in Tough Guys Don’t Dance, and made a cameo as himself in Fantasia 2000. He’s appeared in the music video for Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky”, along with being kicked out of a hotel room by Katy Perry in “Waking Up In Vegas”. His only novel is a buddy cop murder mystery narrated by a sock monkey, and his only patent is a Jacuzzi-jet masturbatory aid. He burnt an American flag on an episode of The West Wing, played the head of the witches council on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, was first to be eliminated on season 6 of Dancing With The Stars, and was Comedy Central’s main on-air announcer for much of the 90’s. FTP, name this man with one red fingernail, the host of NBC’s Identity, and Showtime’s Bullshit.

ANSWER: Penn and/or Jillette

  1. He was named the Fireworks Commissioner of New York as an unofficial title. His film roles have included psychologist Henry Lipkin in Good Will Hunting, Tom Hanks’ father in Volunteers, and himself in Factory Girl and When We Were Kings. He voiced George Templeton Strong in Ken Burns’ The Civil War, played numerous roles in A&E’s Nero Wolfe Mysteries, and was Noah Wyle’s grandfather on ER. He uses the offer of a Seven Sisters scholarship and free hot plate to try to convince Lisa Simpson to lose the Spellympics, and hosted both Married With Children’s 200th episode celebration and Disney’s Mouseterpiece Theater. FTP, name this spokesman for the Intellivision, Boston Bruins goalie, backup quarterback for the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions, and tackler of Sirhan Sirhan.

ANSWER: George Plimpton

  1. His first appearance was in Licensable Bear #4, but he’s recently shown up in the pages of Youngblood and Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield? He teamed up with Army of Darkness’ Ash to battle demons at a comic book convention. Larry Hama wrote him as the barbarian King of Kickassistan, while he shows up as a mute survivor of an alien invasion in Drafted: 100 Days. Oddly enough, he was recently attacked by the Green Goblin and rescued by Norman Osborn. In various appearances, he’s masqueraded as The Joker, Spider-Man and Superman. FTP, name this hero who recently helped foil the Chameleon in Amazing Spider-Man 583, which sold out five printings and became the biggest selling comic book of the last decade.

ANSWER: Barack Obama

  1. CS In 2002 he won a Florida state high school championship in the triple jump.  Injuries on his college team prompted his switch from offense to defense midway through his junior year, and despite only starting seven games at safety he led his team in tackles.  He moved back to offense for the 2005 season and had six games with 100 yards receiving for Central Florida.  A fourth-round draft pick in 2006, he was hampered by the first of several offseason injuries and only started one game, but in 2008 he made his first Pro Bowl and in 2009 he broke a single-game record with 21 catches in a losing effort against the Colts.  FTP, name this Dolphins wide receiver.

Answer: Brandon Marshall

  1. In a strange sort of karma, her most recent trip to the Billboard charts was a cover of an unreleased Kylie Minogue song, after Kylie made her comeback with one of her unreleased songs, “Spinning Around”. She won an Emmy in 1987 for her work on the Tracey Ullman Show, and her video for “My Love Is For Real” was played in theaters before the movie Clueless. She dropped out of the spotlight in the 90’s after releasing flops like “Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up” and “If I Were Your Girl” from the album Head Over Heels. Her last top 20 hits were “Vibeology” and “Will You Marry Me”, but she’s far better known for her string of six consecutive number ones, including “Cold Hearted”, “The Promise of a New Day”, and “Rush Rush”. FTP, name this singer best known for introducing the world to MC Skat Kat in the video for “Opposites Attract”.

ANSWER: Paula Abdul

  1. One of his earliest appearances was as a grocer and baggage handler in a game programmed by Al Lowe of Leisure Suit Larry fame. Later games would see him teach typing in his eponymous Alphabet Chase, and alternately transforming into a ninja named Cold Shadow, an alien-fighting superhero named PK, and an Indiana Jones-rip-off with a plunger gun. Various skills he has include MP Rage, Jackpot, and flying into a rage after eating chili peppers. His main villains are the evil wizard Merlock and Magica De Spell. FTP, name this character best known as a court wizard trying to find the wielder of the Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts.

ANSWER: Donald Duck

  1. Last year he launched a direct distribution vitamin company that sells PrivaTest, QuikStik and Silhouette Solution. He had a bingo-based game show in 1991 based off of the British show Bob’s Full House. His shuttle service was one of the first to offer self-service check-in kiosks. He initiated a countersuit against Deutsche Bank in 2008, claiming that he didn’t have to pay back a 40 million dollars loan because the financial crisis counted as an Act of God , He co-wrote a 2006 book with Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, and revealed his political beliefs in The America We Deserve. Before its collapse, he was owner of the USFL’s New Jersey Generals, and before their collapse, Sharper Image marketed his line of mail-order premium steaks. FTP, nearly everything this man owns is eponymous, including his Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

ANSWER: Donald Trump

  1. He executive produced the documentary Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, and voiced two characters in the PC game Omikron: The Nomad Soul. His movie roles have included a hitman who fights Carl Perkins, a POW who is repeatedly beaten by Takeshi Kitano, and a rapidly aging cello-playing ghoul. He showed up as long-lost FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, ridiculed Andy Millman right out of a celebrity bar on Extras, and suggested Bret wear an eyepatch on Flight of the Conchords. Famous roles of his include Thomas Jerome Newton, Pontius Pilate, Lord Royal Highness and Andy Warhol. FTP, name this man who fell to Earth just to play Nikola Tesla and Jareth the Goblin King.

ANSWER: David Bowie

  1. It can happen to Commander Shepard if you attempt to recruit Morinth the Asari in Mass Effect 2. Alyssa Milano’s episode of the Outer Limits was about this occurrence, as was the first Dresden Files novel. In real life, Matthew McConaughey’s father did it. Hill Street Blues’ Sgt. Phil Esterhaus was purported to have done it, as was the husband of Rose Nylund of The Golden Girls. The second episode of Torchwood features a pink gas cloud that causes this, while the Tick tried to cover up evidence that it happened to his beloved hero The Immortal. The openings of The Distinguished Gentleman, Dave, and Private Benjamin all portray it, and Durand Durand uses the Excessive Machine for this purpose in Barbarella. FTP, name this event that was rumored to have ended Nelson Rockefeller and Genghis Khan.

    ANSWER: Dying while having sex (accept close equivalents)

  1. Their song Star Collector was one of the first hit singles to use the Moog Synthesizer, and they’re the only band to ever have four number one albums in the same year. One of their songs became “Alternate Title” after they were informed that “Randy Scouse Git” was actually fairly profane to British listeners. Anne Murray, Run DMC, and the Sex Pistols have all had hits with covers of their songs. Their reunion tour was the largest grossing US tour of 1986, while their most recent album was 1996’s Justus. Their more critically acclaimed work appears on Headquarters, like the songs “You Just May Be The One” and “Shades of Gray”. FTP, name this band that had hits with “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday”.

ANSWER: The Monkees

  1. Last year, one of their Manhattan locations was bombed by a teenager attempting to emulate the movie Fight Club. In March 2008, they were ordered to repay Californian employees over 100 million in back tips after they violated state labor law by sharing tips with shift-supervisors. After being praised for removing all high-fructose corn syrup from their food in June of last year, they’ve been criticized for decisions like sponsoring Joe Scarborough’s morning MSNBC show, misleading customers as to the exact amount of charitable donations made by their Ethos brand bottled water, and including quotes by Rick Warren and Armistead Maupin in their “The Way I See It” campaign. FTP, name this company, producers of 2006’s Akeelah and the Bee and James Taylor and Paul McCartney’s most recent studio albums.

ANSWER: Starbucks

  1. Ever since A.I. and Halo 2 came out, everyone’s obsessed with Alternate Reality Games as a way to promote your new project. FTPE, answer the following about blurring the lines between advertising and reality.

This band hid secret messages on hidden USB flash drives, tour t-shirts, and music videos to tell the story of their concept album Year Zero.

ANSWER: Nine Inch Nails

During the year-long marketing campaign for Tron: Legacy, certain lucky code-crackers were given tokens and sent to real-life versions of Flynn’s Arcade, where they could play this formerly fictional game.

ANSWER: Space Paranoids

Eventually leading to a website called, the ad campaign for the Dark Knight all started with a defaced website bearing this campaign slogan.

ANSWER: I Believe in Harvey Dent

  1. After watching several years of celebrities attempting to play against poker legends, this editor is left with the following advice. Ray Romano, don’t quit your day job. FTPE, name these celebrities who did or should quit their day jobs for a career on the felt.

After winning both a bracelet and a WPT invitational in ’05, this girlfriend of Phil Laak recently decided to get back into acting after amassing 450,000 in tournament winnings.

ANSWER: Jennifer Tilly (promt on “Tilly”)

After knocking Ted Forrest and Allen Cunningham out on a ridiculous quarter-final run in the 2008 NBC Heads-Up championship, this baseball analyst finally went pro by signing with PokerStars.

ANSWER: Orel Hershiser

Along with a finishing second to JC Tran at the 5 Diamond Classic, this musician was the last celebrity remaining in both the 2006 and 2007 WSOP main events

ANSWER: Sully and/or Erna

  1. Name the following fictional aircraft made for kids who were born too late to appreciate Airwolf FTPE.

This TLC and PBS children’s show set at Tarrytown airport was essentially Thomas the Tank Engine for American audiences.

ANSWER: Jay Jay the Jet Plane

For the kids who wanted all the wooden acting but none of the wood, Jonathan Frakes made a film version of this family’s adventures in their flying Thunderbirds.


This short-lived Fox Kids show was based on a series of books by Sarah Ferguson, based on her training in the Royal Navy

ANSWER: Budgie the Little Helicopter

  1. A lot of singer/songwriters get way more famous for their movie output than their actual work. FTP, name the songwriter from their fictional work. If you need their actual band, you’ll get 5.

10 – He wrote most of the songs for A Colbert Christmas, and most of the songs from the Drew Barrymore/Hugh Grant vehicle Music and Lyrics

5- Fountains of Wayne

ANSWER: Adam Schlesinger

10 – She sings the theme song for My Friends Tigger and Pooh, and wrote and sang most of the music for Josie and the Pussycats

5- Letters To Cleo

ANSWER: Kay Hanley

10 – He first gained fame for playing Outspan Foster in 1991’s The Commitments.

5- The Frames and The Swell Season

ANSWER: Glen Hansard

  1. The Comedians of Comedy aren’t just Patton Oswalt’s back up standups, they’ve actually been around for a while on their own. FTPE, name some of their previous work.

Before getting a breakout role playing a version of himself in The Hangover, Zach Galifianakis played morgue supervisor Davis on his supernatural drama.

ANSWER: Tru Calling

Before joining the Comedians, Brian Posehn gained moderate TV fame as the mail clerk Kevin Liotta on this NBC sitcom.

ANSWER: Just Shoot Me

Even though her career hasn’t taken off quite as well as her colleagues, Maria Bamford can still be heard as Mrs. Botsford on this PBS kids show.

ANSWER: WordGirl

  1. So close, yet so far. Name these artists who are only one away from the showbiz grand slam, based on what they were nominated for, but lost out on FTPE.

If you need what they’ve actually won, you’ll get 5.

10 - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries for The Red Pony and Gideon’s Trumpet

5 - He picked up a Tony for Mister Roberts, a spoken word Grammy, and an Oscar for On Golden Pond

ANSWER: Henry Fonda

10 -Best Supporting Actress for Nashville

5 -She won a Tony for The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, a Grammy for This is a Recording, and 3 Emmys for eponymous TV specials.

ANSWER: Lily Tomlin

10 - In 1982, she wasn’t even nominated for Broadway’s Come back to the five and dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

5 - Despite acting and singing for years, she has only one of each other award, won for her 1998 comeback album, her farewell tour, and Moonstruck.


  1. FTPE answer the following about NFL players placed on injured reserve this week:

Among the newest additions is this former Toledo quarterback, who has performed well coming off the Raiders bench but not so well when he has actually been tabbed the starter.

ANSWER: Bruce Gradkowski

As of 36 hours before TrashMasters, it had not been confirmed, but this starting RB for the 49ers reportedly fractured his hip and is about to be placed on IR

ANSWER: Frank Gore

This week the Packers placed backup tight end Spencer Havner on IR, where he joins this injured starter.

ANSWER: Jermichael Finley

  1. Answer the following about the romantic entanglements of some high-profile DC superheroes FTPE.

The news media recently went into a furor with the reveal that this alterego of Katherine Kane was openly gay.

ANSWER: Batwoman

Katherine’s recently been attached to GCPD officer Renee Montoya, who took on the mantle of this hero two years ago.

ANSWER: The Question

Kate has recently been hit on by this Captain of both the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and Gotham Major Crimes Unit.

ANSWER: Maggie Sawyer

  1. Asking a question about March Madness might’ve been easy in April, but how much do you remember 7 months later? FTPE, answer the following about buzzer beaters.

Again getting nailed by a 13-seed in the first round, Vanderbilt fans saw this team nail a last-second out of nowhere totally bullshit rass’m’frass’m...

ANSWER: Murray State

According to ESPN, this man’s desperation half-court shot in the championship game was only 3 inches away from being the best upset in history.

ANSWER: Gordon Hayward

Pushing the Panthers way farther than they deserved was this player who nailed game-deciding threes in the last seconds against both UNLV and Kansas.

ANSWER: Ali Farokhmanesh

  1. Yeah, he’s a Blues Brother, he’s a Ghostbuster, but did you also know that Dan Aykroyd is probably a crazy person?

Answer the following about his career FTPE.

On Family Guy, it was revealed that he and Chevy Chase were actual spies, trying to stop this sleeper agent from launching a nuclear missile.

ANSWER: Adam West

Dan’s been seen on the Internet and various television shows hawking this brand of alcoholic beverage, whose bottle resembles one of these 13 relics thought to augment psychic power.

ANSWER: Crystal Head Vodka

Dan was the presenter of all four seasons of this syndicated drama about the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research, subtitled Chronicles of the Paranormal

ANSWER: Psi Factor

  1. They’re nowhere near as talented as Stringfellow Hawke, but name these prominent rock bands that feature a cello FTPE

Their debut album, which was only self-titled in the UK, was known for its heavy cello riffs known as Baroque-and-roll, and featured songs like “First Movement” and “10538 Overture”.

ANSWER: Electric Light Orchestra

This indie band dropped cellist Gretta Cohn, and subsequently lost most of the fans they had gained for cello-based albums like Burst and Bloom and The Ugly Organ.

ANSWER: Cursive

Three of them graduated from the Sibelius Academy and they went on to become famous for their Metallica covers and songs like “Life Burns”, “I Don’t Care” and “I’m Not Jesus”.

ANSWER: Apocalyptica

  1. Arrested Development has had some of the most inexplicable guest stars. Name some of their roles FTSNOP.

FFP, in one of the strangest returns to television, this stage actress had a multi-episode arc as the cradle-robbing vertigo-sufferer Lucille Austero.

ANSWER: Liza Minelli

FTP, as one of the higher profile actors to guest on the show, Ben Stiller played this strangely-goateed magician nemesis of GOB.

ANSWER: Tony Wonder

Andy Richter didn’t just guest as himself, he showed up as 4 of his identical quintuplet brothers. For 5 points each with a maximum of 15, name them.

ANSWER: Rocky, Chareth, Donnie and Emmitt.

  1. A 200 hitter, 14 home runs in 6 years…doesn’t make a Hall of Famer. Unless you’re Bob Uecker. Answer the following about Mr.Baseball FTPE.

Bob’s probably best known for his roles as this announcer in three separate Major League films.

ANSWER: Harry Doyle

Bob actually has a World Series ring, won for catching for these 1964 champions.

ANSWER: St. Louis Cardinals

After being inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2001, and the Brewers Ring of Honor in 2005, Uecker was most recently inducted into this Hall of Fame by Dick Ebersol.


  1. Throw your controller through the wall and name some impossibly hard videogame challenges FTPE.

The Dynasty Warriors series repeatedly tempts you to pursue this massively powerful general. Despite his wimpy looking pheasant-tailed headdress, this is a bad idea.


On Veteran mode, surviving Modern Warfare’s One Shot One Kill in this radioactive city can only be done with luck and cheating.

ANSWER: Pripyat

You can be killed by save points, the moon, apples, even the background in this mind-explodingly hard freeware mash-up of 8-bit games.

ANSWER: I Wanna Be The Guy

  1. She’s not just the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis is also pretty well known for her collaborations. FTPE, answer the following about indie rock’s favorite ginger FTPE.

After being cold-called by Ben Gibbard, she provided backing vocals on “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” and several other of the songs off this debut album by The Postal Service


Lewis’ first solo effort really wasn’t a solo effort, as Rabbit Fur Coat was recorded with this Kentucky folk duo

ANSWER: The Watson Twins

Lewis’ collaborated with Elvis Costello and The Imposters on songs like “Drum and Bone” and “Go Away” for this 2008 album, named after the inventor of instant ramen.

ANSWER: Momofuku

  1. Answer the following about books that inspired totally awesome movies FTSNOP.

FTP, David Morrell wrote this 1972 novel about a disturbed Vietnam vet that was actually even more violent than the 1982 Stallone movie that it was eventually adapted into.

ANSWER: First Blood

The John W. Campbell novella “Who Goes There?” was actually made into two awesome movies about paranoid researchers stuck fighting an extraterrestrial in Antartica. FFPE, name the 1951 and 1982 movies.

ANSWER: The Thing from Another World and The Thing

FTP, This detective writer is technically responsible for the movie Die Hard, since it’s his book, Nothing Lasts Forever that inspired the adventures of John McClane.

ANSWER: Roderick Thorp

  1. Donald Faison is a great actor, but he’s also a great musician. FTPE, answer the following about Faison’s fictional musical output.

Faison sings backup in a Breckin Meyer-fronted boy band named Du Jour which eventually gets replaced by the titular group in this 2001 teen parody.

ANSWER: Josie and the Pussycats

Faison appears as the cowboy hat wearing drummer for this Breckin Meyer fronted-band that never actually plays a song in Can’t Hardly Wait.

ANSWER: Loveburger

Faison finally gets to take lead while lip-syncing for this air-band alongside Janitor, Ted, and Lloyd at Sacred Heart Hospital

ANSWER: Cool Cats

  1. FTPE name these men from their distinctions in the world of tennis:

This Croatian was ranked 125th in 2001 when he became the only wild card entrant to win a singles title at Wimbledon. He also set the record for most games lost en route to a Grand Slam title, dropping 114.

ANSWER: Goran Ivanisevic

This Chattanooga native, currently on the run from nonsupport and bad check charges, won his only Grand Slam singles title in the January 1977 Australian Open, one of only eight all-lefty men’s Grand Slam finals.

ANSWER: Roscoe Tanner

Also in 1977, despite losing to Tanner in the aforementioned finals, this Argentinian set a record that still stands by winning sixteen singles titles, including both the French and U.S. Open tournaments.

ANSWER: Guillermo Vilas

  1. Chris Evans is now Captain America and the Human Torch. Guess that removes the possibility of a crossover. Name some of these other superheroes played by the same actor FTPE.

Ryan Reynolds is now the Green Lantern, and previously played Deadpool in that horrible Wolverine movie, but he got his start in the superhero world as this former vampire in Blade: Trinity.

ANSWER: Hannibal King

After being the third worst part of the Fantastic Four movie, Jessica Alba starred in Sin City as this stripper who is repeatedly rescued by John Hartigan.

ANSWER: Nancy Callahan

It’s rare to follow up a comic book movie with yet another starring role in one, but this actor did so with the double bill of Watchmen and The Losers.

ANSWER: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  1. Politicians on film are like girls on film, only way uglier. Name some of them FTPE

This former Governor played a Man In Black opposite Alex Trebek in the X-Files, and also played the lead in Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe

ANSWER: Jesse Ventura

This pundit appeared as the Governor of Mississippi, Thomas Crittenden in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

ANSWER: James Carville

This current US Senator has appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman and Robin, and in 2008, was the only person to stand up to the Joker at Harvey Dent’s fundraising party

ANSWER: Patrick Leahy

  1. FTPE, answer the following about the Godfather. Of punk.

Critics frequently refer to this man as the Godfather of Punk for his songs “Pablo Picasso” and “Roadrunner”.

ANSWER: Jonathan Richman

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers had Jerry Harrison on keyboards before he left to join with this art rock band in 1974.

ANSWER: Talking Heads

As half of a Greek chorus, Jonathan Richman gets shot in the end of this Farrelly Brothers comedy.

ANSWER: There’s Something About Mary

  1. Clancy Brown is a bad-ass. He’s the Kurrgan, after all. But his voice is much scarier than he is. Name some of his animated roles FTPE.

He’s probably best known to the under-15 crowd as this boss of Squidward and Spongebob.

ANSWER: Mr. Krabs

To the slightly older, he’s been playing this comic-book villain for 14 years, longer than any other actor.

ANSWER: Lex Luthor

To the people who have Netflix, he reprises the character of this Career Sergeant in Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles



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