Truth: Satan relentlessly prowls after God’s children once they are saved. Challenge: You must relentlessly continue to obey the gospel after your salvation


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Title: RELENTLESS: Righteousness in the Kingdom.

Text: 2 Samuel 11 – 18

Intro: Jesse’s Booty Call (great student-athlete, had whatever girl he wanted, …suicidal)
Need: Sexual sin is such a part of the teenage culture. How to prevent it, overcome it, and live for Christ in His Kingdom.
Truth: Satan relentlessly prowls after God’s children once they are saved.

Challenge: You must relentlessly continue to obey the gospel after your salvation.

OT: David’s Sin

Oh be careful little feet where you go… David got caught up in sin when he wasn’t somewhere where he was supposed to be. Satan may come after you if you’re supposed to be at school, you’re supposed to be at church, you’re supposed to be at home, or you’re supposed to be somewhere where you told your parents you would be!

David wasn’t out looking for sin. 1 Peter says that Satan is creeping and crouching like a roaring lion…trying to devour us. We need to be ready to fight against temptation even when we’re not suspecting it.

David saw her, but then he looked at her. Yall, there is a difference in seeing and looking. Seeing can be unintentional, but looking is intentional and sinful. You really have to watch your eyes. Jesus says that they are the lamp to the soul. The lust of the eyes is very powerful.

David knew her. He knew who she was and he knew who’s she was. He knew her name, he knew her father, and he knew her husband. He knew it was wrong, but he let his passion get the best of him. He commits this sin just after having the covenant, after the war victories, and after showing mercy. This is totally David’s “booty call”. This is friend’s with benefits. This is knowing its wrong, but trying to please a sinful-sexual urge with some friend outside of marriage. (Jesse, Erik’s brother and booty calls)

David gets one of his messengers to go and get her. This is like texting, calling, or passing a note to someone else to see if they want to come over because you’re feeling lonely. This is horrible as David’s messengers are all up in this. They went and got her, they brought her to David, they took her home, they told him she’s pregnant, they brought Uriah home, they put Uriah on the frontline, and they told David that Uriah was dead. Do your friends let you sin? Do you let your friends sin?

Michael and Carla
David’s sin spirals downward and gets worse and worse because he didn’t confess it to God or repent of it.

He tries to get Uriah to go and sleep with his own wife, but Uriah is so committed to David and his King and so committed to his fellow soldiers, that he doesn’t feel right even going home to enjoy the pleasures of his own house, his own comfortable bed, and his own loving wife. David wasn’t committed as he didn’t go off to war, he wasn’t committed to his fellow soldier Uriah, and he took her and enjoyed the pleasures of Uriah’s wife. There may be someone out there who is not enjoying the pleasures of their sin and saving themselves for their wife…and you’re the one calling her up, dating her, and trying to be all over her. She’s not yours!

What is your reaction when this sin hits? How do you handle it when it hits your own home? How do you handle it if its done to you when you’re married? How do you handle it if it happens to you and you royally screw up?

David’s sin continued to spiral downward because he did not confess or repent of it to God. David first looked lustfully upon a woman, then he slept with her, then he tried to cover it up, now he’s killing a man!

David is now a liar, an adulterer, a deceiver, and a murderer…all because he looked upon a woman lustfully.

What have you become just because you didn’t take care of a “small sin”? What might you become later because you wont’ take care of a “small sin” in your near future? I know many men who are addicted to pornography, who are living with guilt from adulterous relationships, and who are old and alone because of their unrepented sin. I know women who are single moms, who have lost their own children, all because of their unrepented sins.

Bathsheeba lamented over her husband’s death, and David ended up marrying her, and she bore their illegitimate son.

Its not always right to marry if you have a child with someone. It SHOULD be the first consideration. But its not ALWAYS the right thing to do if it will only make matters worse.

What David had done displeased the Lord. Is the Lord displeased with you right now?

Jesus and the sin of adultery… What is covenant-faithful marriage a picture of? Christ and the church! Jesus is always faithful to you if you’re a part of His church. You have a king who loves you, who wants the best for you. David is a picture of Christ, but here is a story of the contrast…David is a sinner. Jesus is not. If you’re not a part of Jesus’ salvation, then He is not faithful to you. We are all sinners like David. We all try to cover up our sin and make-up for it ourselves. Rather, we need Jesus!
David’s Rebuke
David is ticked off thinking…no rich man in my kingdom will treat a poor man of my kingdom like this. There must be justice! This rich man must die!

Nathan, the prophet of God rebukes David for his sin.

God calls Nathan to rebuke David. Nathan rebukes David in a creative way.

David receives the rebuke of Nathan.

We must rebuke and we must be willing to rebuke!

David experiences consequences of his sin – his child dies. Sin affects us, our families, our friends, our churches, etc.

Rebuke sermon with all rebuke verses

David’s Repentance

David confessed and repented of his sin saying “I have sinned against the Lord.” Nathan said that the Lord put away David’s sin and that he would not die. This is what we must do with our sin as someone who is not yet truly a Christian. We must confess with our mouths and believe with our hearts (Romans 10:9). I have sinned against the Lord Jesus Christ who died and raised, and I want to be forgiven by Him and live for Him forever.

This is what we must do as Christians. We must continue to talk in confession and repentance because we continually struggle with sin. Let’s not walk around all holy and super-spiritual because its not true. People won’t come to the Lord if we walk around as perfect, but the will if we walk around as repentant. Ask people’s forgiveness if you sin against them. Rebuke each other for sin. Hold each other accountable. Allow yourself to be rebuked Confess and repent of your sin to God for forgiveness. Forgive others who sin against you.

This story is ultimately about the perseverance of the Christian life. David had already been promised with the covenant of his eternal kingdom, but then he sinned. We do the same thing. To continue to live the saved life, we live out how we were initially saved…through repentance and faith in the gospel.

This is why we’re here tonight. We are all sinners. We all need Jesus Christ, his death, and his resurrection. We all need His salvation, we all need His church for teaching, accountability, and rebuke. Do you need to be saved tonight, forgiven of your sins by God, and come to Jesus for salvation? Do you need a church home that is serious about living this life for Christ, and enjoying it to the fullest? Do you need someone to talk to about sin you’ve been struggling in lately?

Psalm 51

Challenge: You must relentlessly continue to obey the gospel after your salvation.

Story: Jason and Andy

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