U. S. Army Colonel, (37 years) acm, msm [4], lom, (10 years ad, 27 years rc), Retired


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Curriculum Vitae

A Resume'


J. Harold Ellens, PhD

I. Professional Role.
Pastoral and Preaching Minister and US Army Chaplain 1953 to date.

Theologian and Pastor, Emeritus: Christian Reformed Church (25 years - 6 congregations) and

Presbyterian Church (USA) (31 years - 9 congregations)

Classical Greco-Roman Scholar 1950 to date.

Institute for Antiquity and Christianity of the Claremont Graduate School: Advisory Board Member, Former Board President, Research Scholar/Lecturer, 1980 to 2002.

Research Scholar: University of Michigan Department of Near Eastern Studies, 1990 to 2009.

Professor of Philosophy and Psychology (20 years), Oakland University, Calvin Seminary and Princeton Theological Seminary, Oakland Community College, Retired.

U.S. Army Colonel, (37 years) ACM, MSM [4], LOM, (10 years AD, 27 years RC), Retired.

Private Practice Psychotherapist and Pastoral Counselor, 1965 to date.

Executive Director: Christian Association for Psychological Studies International (15 years), 1974-1989, Emeritus.

Founding Editor and Editor in Chief: Journal of Psychology and Christianity (15 years) 1974-

1989, Emeritus.

II. Education.

PhD in Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins, Department of Near Eastern

Studies, University of Michigan, 2009.

PhD, Psychology of Human Communications, Wayne State University, 1970.

Masters Degree in Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins, NES, University of Michigan,


Masters Degree in New Testament and Christian Origins, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1965.

Masters Degree in Divinity in Theology and Biblical Studies, Calvin Theological Seminary, 1986.

Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Theology and Biblical Studies, Calvin Theological Seminary,


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy and Classics, Calvin College, 1953.

Military graduate of the Army Chaplain Staff College, of the Command and General Staff

College, of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, of the Army Special Warfare School

(Civil Affairs), of the US Army War College, and of the National Defense University. Also

served on the faculty of all of them, as well as in 3 Infantry Divisions, 3 General Hospitals,

and on the General Staff of four GOCOMS (General Officer Commands).
III. Publications.
Author, Co-author, or Editor of 181 books and 167 professional journal articles including:
1. Program Format Development in Denominational Religious Television, Detroit:

WSU, 1970.

2. Psychological Dynamics in Christian Worship: A Beginning Inquiry, Journal of

Psychology and Theology, JPT, Vol 1, No 4, 1973.

3. A Theology of Communication: Putting the Question, JPT, Vol 2, No 2, 1974.

4. Models of Religious Broadcasting, Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1974.

5. The Night Side; The Problem of Evil, in The Orb: Religious Issues, R. Neff, ed.,

Farmington Hills: UUC, 1974.

6. Anxiety and the Rise of Religious Experience, JPT, Vol 3, No 1, 1975.

7. Research in Mental Health and Religious Behavior, Atlanta: PSI, 1976. (co-author)

8. The Bulletin, Quarterly Professional Journal of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, International, Founder and Editor in Chief, 1976-1981.

9. Chaplain (Major General) Gerhardt W. Hyatt, an Oral History, Carlisle Barracks:

US Army War College, 1977.

10. Communication Theory and Petitionary Prayer, JPT, Vol 5, No 1, 1977.

11. Ethical Reflections, Henry J. Stob, J. Harold Ellens, editor., Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1978.

12. The International Directory, Vol II, Farmington Hills: CAPS, 1979. (editor)

13. The Psychodynamics of Mass Communication, JPT, Vol 7, No 3, 1979.

14. Eternal Vigilance, Washington, D.C.: ROA, 1980.

15. Biblical Authority and Christian Psychology II, JPT, Vol 9, No 4, 1981.

16. God's Grace and Human Health, Nashville: Abingdon,1982.

17. The International Directory, Volume III, Farmington Hills: CAPS, 1982. (editor)

18. Graca de Deus e Saude Humana, Sao Leopoldo: Editora Sinodal and Brazilia: CPPC,

1982, Second Edition 1986, Sao Paulo: CPPC.

19. Editorials, JPC, Vol 1, No1, 2,and 3, 1982.

20. Reflexiones eticas, Henry J. Stob, Grand Rapids: TELL, 1982. (editor)

21. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, Quarterly Professional Journal of CAPS, Int.,

Founder and Editor, 1982-1988.

22. God's Grace and Human Health: The Biblical Theological Base, JPC, Volume 1, Number

3, 1982.

23. Editorials, JPC, Vol 2, No 1 and 3, 1983.

24. Life and Laughter, John S. Ellens, Farmington Hills: SPECS, 1983. (editor)

25. Editorials, JPC, Vol 3, No 1 and 3, 1984.

26. The International Directory, Volume IV, Farmington Hills: CAPS, 1984. (editor)

27. Preparation for Combat: Emotional and Spiritual, in Military Chaplains' Review, R.N.

Donovan, ed., Washington, D.C.: U.S. Army Chaplain Board, Spring, 1984.

28. The Psychodynamics of Christian Conversion, JPC, Vol 3, No 4 (Winter), 1984.

29. Toward a Theology of Illness, JPC, Vol 3, No 4 (Winter),1984.

30. Editorials, JPC, Vol 4, No 1 and 3, 1985.

31. Andrew's Anxiety, JPC, Vol 4, No 2 (Summer), 1985.

32. Baker's Encyclopedia of Psychology, D.G. Benner, ed., Grand Rapids: Baker, 1985

and Second Edition,1999: The following 17 articles.

Actualizing Therapy, pp. 40-41, Blended Families, pp. 151-2,

Body Language, pp. 154-5, CAPS, pp. 185-6,

Communication, pp. 226-7, Communication, Nonverbal, pp. 227-9

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Worship, pp. 1270-2

33. The Beauty of Holiness, Symbolism in Westminster Church of Detroit, J. Harold

Ellens, ed., Second Edition, Ann Arbor: Seaman and Peters, 1985 (First Edition,

1957, J. Visser, ed.).

34. Stress Management: Self and Ministry, AV Training Packet, San Antonio: Academy of

Health Sciences, US Army, 1985.

35. What is the Role of the Chaplain in the Face of Man's Inhumanity to Man?, AV

Training Packet, San Antonio: Academy of Health Sciences, US Army, 1985.

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(Contributing author)

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A Psychodynamic Hermeneutic of the Fall Story: Genesis 2:25-3:24 Through a Psychological Lens.

Edited this Special Issue.

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* * * * *
Author of numerous published letters to the editors of national and international magazines

including the following:

Time Magazine, 12 Mar 84 and 5 Aug 85.

Insight Magazine, 27 Apr 92, 10 Aug 92, 26 Oct 92, 21 Dec 92, 14 Feb 94.

Detroit Free Press, 1990.
Author and producer of five video training packets.
Complete list of publications is available upon request.
IV. Miscellany.

Twenty nominated professional societies including Christian Association for Psychological

Studies, Society for Biblical Literature, American Academy of Religion, International Enoch

Studies Congress.

Editor in Chief Emeritus of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity,

Editor of the Journal Henoch,

Editor of the International Enoch Studies Congress publications.

Eight Distinguished Scholar Awards, national and international

Nine Distinguished Lectureships, national and international, including the following:

Three Times, the Distinguished Lecturer in Communications, at the Billy Graham Communications Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton Illinois.

The Distinguished Lecturer in Pastoral Theology, University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.

The John Finch Lecturship, Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, 1980.

Numerous annual national and international biographical publication listings including the various

regional, national, and international Who's Who, The National Distinguished Service Registry of the Library of Congress, Who's Who in Biblical Studies and Archaeology, Personalities of America, International Biographical Directory, Who's Who in Theology and Science, and others.

Featured in Science and Theology News, July/August 2004, Templeton Foundation Discoveries,

Research and Ideas from Around the World.

Knighted as a Knight of Grace in the Knights of Malta, Hospitalers of St. John of Jerusalem, in

the Ecumenical Order under the Regency of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, 07

January 1974.

V. Licensure.
Minister: Ordained to the Christian Ministry, 24 June1956.

Psychotherapist: State of Michigan License Number 6801021184.

Psychotherapist: National Board of Certified Counselors Number 04087.
VI. Vital Statistics.
DOB: 16 July 32

Married to Mary Jo Lewis, 07 Sep 54.

Seven children: Deborah L. Ellens, PhD; Jacqueline Ellens, MBA; Daniel S. Ellens, MBA; Rebecca Jo Ellens, MA; Harold R. Ellens, MBA, Brenda L. Ellens, DVM, Brett Alexander

Ellens Hutchison.

Eight Grandchildren

One Great Grandchild

Telephone: 248 231 4433

Email: jharoldellens@juno.com, jharoldellens@twmi.rr.com, jhellens@gmail.com


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