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I looked for my bag, but I could not find it …

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I looked for my bag, but I could not find it …

  1. anybody

  2. now here

  3. every where

  4. some where

e) any where
215. Choose the right variant:


  1. the twelve thousand six hundred and thirty seventh

  2. twelve thousand six hundred thirty seven

c) the twelve thousand six hundred thirty seven

d) twenty thousand six hundred thirty seven

e) twelve thousand six hundred and thirty seven
216. Choose the right variant:

I met my … friend yesterday /

  1. a) old

b) elde

  1. older

  2. olderer

  3. the old

217. Choose the right variant:

This book is … interesting than that book.

  1. well

  2. very

c) most

d) more

  1. the more

218. Choose the right variant:

Ill tell Serik all the things when … him.

a) I am going to see

b) I saw

  1. Ill see

  2. I shall see

e) I see
219. Find the correct answer.

If … my passport, Ill be in trouble

a) Ill lose

b) I lost

c) I lose

d) I would lose

e) I have lost
220. Choose the right variant:

The Queen of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland lives in …

  1. a) the Downing Street 11

  2. b) Buckingham Palace
  3. c) St. Pauls Cathedrals

d) the House of Parliament

e) Covent Garden

221. Choose the right variant:

Most big towns of Kazakhstan …both a gallery and a museum.

a) has

  1. b) are having

c) have

  1. d) having

  2. e) has had

222. Choose the right variant:

Article is a part of every newspaper.

a) vacation

  1. b) advanced study of the subject

c) written report

  1. d) new approach

  2. e) laboratory experiment

223. Find the correct answer.

  1. a) Who do read the lectures in your university?

b) Who reads the lectures in your university?

c) Who does read the lectures in your university?

  1. d) Does who read the lectures in your university?

  2. e) Who read the lectures in your university?

224. Choose the Present Perfect Continuous.

  1. a) She is studying the new method.

  2. b) I have a lot of things to do.

  3. c) She has got a new car.

d) I have broken the pen.

e) I have been working at the University for 4 years.

225. Choose the right variant.

I … Arman yesterday.

a) saw

b) see

c) seen

  1. d) seeing

  2. e) was see

226. Complete the sentence:

This is … pen.

a) Sholpanes

b) Sholpans

c) Sholpans

d) Sholpans

e) Sholpan

227. Complete the sentence:

Aliya … Russian lessons every day.

a) have

b) having

c) has

d) is having

e) are having
228. Add the sentence:

Kairat and Aigul are married … have a baby.

a) She

b) I

c) they

d) We

e) You
229. Complete the sentence:

I like ice – cream very … .

a) a few

b) few

c) more

d) many

e) much
230. Choose the right variant:

She works in room … .

a) one

b) first

c) oneth

d) ones

e) the first

231. Complete the sentence:

He makes mistakes in English very … .

a) much

b) few

c) often

d) many

e) little

232. Complete the sentence

Before they … the country they should take passports.

  1. will leave

  2. to leave

c) leaves

d) left

e) leave
233. Complete the sentence:

The room where he eats is …

  1. a living – room

b) a kitchen

  1. a bathroom

  2. a study

  3. a bedroom

234. Complete the sentence:

There is … picture at the end of the book

a) an

b) –

c) a

d) the

c) any
235. Complete the sentence:

What … Tom … now?

a) is / done

b) is / does

c) are / doing

d) is / doing

e) am / doing

236. Complete the sentence:

The students … not smoke.

a) have

b) might

c) should

d) cannot

e) have to

237. Choose the right variant:

That isnt my book. … is here.

  1. my

b) me

c) none of me

d) me not

e) the mine

238. Choose the right variant:

Samat was very ill … day

  1. those

b) these

c) such

d) same

e) that

239. Choose the right variant:

… are you reading?

a) what

b) which

c) at what

d) for whom

e) who
240. Choose the right variant:

They were students at this university four years ….

a) ago

b) for

c) since

d) already

e) in
241. Choose the right variant:

Who sings songs … than you?

  1. the best

  2. the most best

c) good

d) better

e) more better

242. Choose the right variant:

My father asked “Will you come soon?”

a) My father said me would come soon

b) My father asked if I was come soon

c) My father asked if I would come soon

d) My father asked would I come soon

e) My father fold to come soon

243. Complete the sentence:

Kazakhstan is a …

a) People state

b) Federation

c) Monarchy

d) Unitary state

e) Republic
244. Choose the right variant:

The head of Great Britain is the….

  1. Governed

  2. Lord chancellor

c) President

d) Prime minister

e) Queen

245. Complete the saying:

“East or …, home is best”

a) West

b) south

c) east

d) north

e) north - east
246. Complete the English saying:

“My home is my …”

a) balcony

b) university

c) penthouse

d) castle

e) mansion
247. Choose the right variant:

… you go to Almaty next week?

  1. did

  2. do

c) have

d) shall

e) will

248. Complete the sentence:

If I … busy tomorrow I wont go to the cinema.

a) are

b) am

c) is

d) will be

e) shall be

249. Choose the right variant:

He … tomorrow.

a) leave

b) will leave

c) is leave

d) be leaving

e) leaves
250. Choose the right variant:

My parents … in Moscow last autumn..

a) is

b) are

c) were

d) was

e) am
251. Complete the sentence:

… you meet him yesterday?

a) do

b) did

c) does

d) will

e) shall
252. Complete the sentence:

Their house is better than … house.

a) hers

b) mine

c) our

d) its

e) yours
253. Complete the sentence:

She … a doctor.

a) is

b) am

  1. shall be

  2. were

  3. are

254. Choose the correct form of the pronouns.

… shall be working at 5 oclock tomorrow.

a) They

b) I

c) She

d) You

e) He
255. Choose the right variant.

My brother … many friends at the University.

a) have got

b) has got

c) having got

d) got

e) is
256. Complete the sentence:

The book is … the bag.

  1. into

  2. for

  3. over

d) to

e) in
257. Choose the right variant:

The … is the head of the country.

a) Prime – minister

b) Judge

c) Senator

d) President

e) Director

258. Complete the sentence:

Senate of the Parliament is located in

a) Taraz

b) Astana

c) Aktau

d) Almaty

e) Atyrau
259. Complete the sentence:

I … the article now.

a) am translating

b) is translating

c) was translating

  1. are translating

  2. were translating

260. Complete the sentence:

The letter … by me yesterday.

a) is written

b) were written

c) am written

d) was written

e) are written
261. Choose the right variant.

After a few months of the treatment he … walk.

a) have to

b) am able to

c) has

d) could

e) are allowed
262. Complete the sentence:

That house belongs to … parents.

a) we

b) mine

c) my

d) I

e) me
263. Choose the right variant.

How … water do you need?

a) few

b) much

c) many

d) any

e) little

264. Choose the correct form of the pronoun.

Is … in the house?

a) nobody

b) anybody

c) everywhere

d) nowhere

e) anywhere

265. Choose the right variant.


a) the sixteenth thousand five hundred and ninety two

b) sixteen thousand five hundred and ninety two

c) the sixteen thousand five hundred and ninety second

d) six thousand five hundred and ninety two

e) the sixteen thousand five hundred and ninety two

266. Choose the right variant.

I want to be ... student in the group.

a) better

b) the best

c) best

d) the good

e) the better
267. Choose the right variant.

She is ... beautiful than Aigul

a) more

b) well

c) very

d) the more

e) most
268. Choose the right variant.

Ill show you something interesting when I ... you.

a) meeting

b) met

c) meet

d) will meet

e) am going to meet
269. Find the correct answer.

Well go there if the weather ... fine.

a) are

b) was

c) will be

d) is

e) are not
270. Choose the right variant.

English Prime Minister lives in:

  1. the Buckingham Palase

  2. the St. Pauls cathedral

  3. Covent Garden

d) Downing street, 10

e) the Houses of Parliament

271. Choose the right variant.

Every student should...both a book and a notebook.

a) have

b) had

c) has

d) having

e) have had

272. Choose the right variant.

Holidays are very important for people.

a) written report

b) new approach

c) laboratory experiment

d) vocations

e) study of the subject

273. Find the correct answer.

a) Who work at the polyclinic?

b) Who does at the polyclinic?

c) Who works at the polyclinic?

d) Does who work at the polyclinic?

e) Who do work at the polyclinic?

274. Choose the Present Continuous

a) She is reading the book now.

b) She has read the book

c) She’s never read a book

  1. The book is read by her

  2. She reads a book

275. Choose the right variant.

I heard the telephone...

  1. ring

  2. ringed

  3. rung

d) rings

e) rang
276. Choose the right variant

There are many ... in my garden

a) flower

b) flowers

c) flowers

  1. flowers

  2. the flowers

277. Complete the sentence.

He ... a student two years ago.

  1. are

b) were

c) am

d) was

e) is

278. Add the sentence.

Their names are Timur and Aidos. ... are from Kazakhstan.

  1. she

  2. we

c) them

d) it

e) they
279. Choose the right variant.

You should be proud of....

  1. ourselves

  2. himself

  3. myself

  4. themselves

e) yourself

280. Choose the right variant.

  1. He speak English

  2. We has got a new flat

c) I am a student of the Medical University

d) Today I is going to the cinema

  1. They walking in the park

281. Choose the right variant.

February is the ... month of the year.

a) second

b) two

  1. first

  2. third

  3. one of

282. Indicate the antonym.


  1. often

b) usually

c) never

d) seldom

e) sometimes

283. Complete the sentence.

We do many experiments in the....

a) Deans office

b) Auditorium

c) Computer class

d) laboratory

e) Library

284. Complete the sentence.

We ... a Periodic table in our classroom.

a) has got

b) have got

c) got

d) have no

e) hasnt got

285. Complete the sentence.

They ... their parents every weekend.

a) visits

b) visit

c) shall visit

d) are visiting

e) visiting
286. Complete the sentence.

I ... not seen you for ages.

  1. has

b) did

c) have

d) shall

e) does
287. Choose the right variant.

I ... not go to the library yesterday.

  1. must

  2. can

c) am able

d) could

e) is to

288. Choose the right variant.

Look at ... girl. She is crying.

a) they

b) this

  1. it

  2. those

  3. these

289. Choose the right variant.

... of the books is yours?

a) whose

b) whom

c) what

d) which

e) who

290. Choose the right variant.

In Kazakhstan children go ... school at the age of 6 or 7.

a) of

b) from

c) to

d) in

e) at
291. Choose the right variant.

Anatomy is the ... subject.

a) difficultest

b) most difficult

c) more difficult

d) more most difficult

e) most more
292. Choose the right variant.

When my mother came, I ... the book.

a) were reading

b) was reading

c) reading

d) am reading

e) is reading
293. Complete the sentence.

If I ... your watch, Ill tell you.

  1. found

  2. will find

c) have found

d) find

e) finds
294. Choose the right variant.

The colour of flag of Kazakhstan is ... .

a) red

b) yellow

c) pink

d) blue

e) white
295. Complete the sentence.

The London buses are:

a) yellow

b) red

  1. pink

  2. white

  3. blue

296. Choose the right variant.

They ... at the University yesterday.

  1. was

b) am

c) were

d) is

e) are

297. Choose the right variant.

Where does your father...?

a) work

  1. to work

  2. works

  3. worked

  4. working

298. Complete the sentence.

I can ... this text today.

  1. to translate

b) be translated

c) to be translated

d) translate

e) have translated

299. Choose the right variant.

There are ... on the window.

  1. telephone

  2. book

  3. paper

d) flowers

e) glass
300. Choose the right variant.

Our teacher told us....

a) not to be late

b) dont be late

c) not be late

  1. will not to be late

  2. be late

301. Complete the sentence:

... is a teaсher.

a. Nick’ father

b. Nick’s father

c. Nick father

d. Nick fathers

e. Nick’ father

302. Complete the sentence: Here is ... pen you need.

a. an

b. this

c. the

d. a

e. some
303. Complete the sentence: Ann ... be busy on Monday.

a. am

b. was

c. will

d. were

e. are
304. Choose the correct form of the pronouns: I must go to the meeting. ... begins at 7 o’clock.

a. She

b. They

c. Him

d. It

e. Her
305. Choose the right variant: You should remember.... phone number, or you can’t call her tomorrow.

a. she

b. my

c. her

d. we

e. us

306. Complete the sentence: The best ... luck for the New Year.

a. at

b. in

c. of

d. by

e. the

307. Choose the right variant: A ... is a machine for playing records, etc that produced sound from two speakers.

a. radiator

b. lamp

c. stereo

d. chamber

e. mirror

308. Complete the sentence: The world famous skating-rink “Medeo” is located in ... .

a. Almaty

b. Astana

c. Kokshetau

d. Aktau

e. Karaganda

309. Complete the sentence: Paul ... for his keys for a long time.

a. was/looked

b. were/looked

c. looking

d. were /looking

e. has been/ looking

310. Complete the sentence: The lecture ... by the teacher yesterday.

a. were delivered

b. is delivered

c. deliver

d. are delivered

e. was delivered

311. Choose the right variant: After a few weeks in the mountains the students ... observe the area.

a. have to

b. am allowed to

c. is able to

d. am to

e. could
312. Complete the sentence: This article belongs to....

a. she

b. he

c. I.

d. you

e. your
313. Choose the right variant: How ... museums did you visit in London?

a. little

b many

c. gew

d. any

e. much

314. Choose the right form of the pronouns: I looked for my bag, but I couldn’t find it....

a. anywhere

b. nowhere

c. everywhere

d. somewhere

e. anybody

315. Choose the right variant: 12359.

a. one hundred twenty three and fifty nine

b. twelve thousands three hundred fifty nine

c. twelve thousand three hundreds fifty nine

d. twelve thousand thirty five and nine

e. twelve thousand three hundred and fifty nine

316. Choose the right variant: Alaska is ... than Texas.

a. the most largest

b. more large

c. largest

d. larger

e. large
317. Choose the right variant: He’s ... intelligent than his brother.

a. well

b. more

c. very

d. are more

e. most
318. Choose the right variant: I’ll tell the truth when ... her.

a. I shall see

b. I saw

c. I’ll see

d. I see

e. I’m going to see
319. Find correct answer: If he didn’t like people, he ... a doctor.

a. would had become

b. will not become

c. wouldn’t have become

d. will become

e. wouldn’t become

320. Choose the right variant: What role ... George Washington ... in the American revolution?

a. had been/played

b. is/ played

c. was/played

d. did/ play

e. will/play

321. Choose the right variant: Most big towns in Britain have both a university ... of higher education.

a. and a lyceum

b. and a college

c. and a gymnasium

d. a private school

e. a kindergarden

322. Choose the right variant: ... is a document showing that a student has successfully completed a high school.

a. written report

b. advanced study of the subject

c. diploma

d. vacation

e. new approach

323. Find correct answer: ... there billions of stars in the Galaxy?

a. Be

b. Was

c. May

d. Are

e. Is

324. Choose: Present Perfect Continuous.

a. My brother have taken music lessons for three years now

b. My brother has been taking music lessons for three years now

c. My brother took music lessons for three years now

d. My brother has not taken music lessons for three years now

e. My brother is taking music lessons for three years now

325. Choose the right variant: I saw her ... the street.

a. crossed

b. having crossed

c. are crossing

d. has crossing

e. crossing

326. Complete the sentence: ... is a businessman.

a. Peter’ uncle

b. Peters’ uncle

c. Peter uncle

d. Peter’s uncle

e. Peter uncles

327. Complete the sentence: Here is ... map you need.

a. a

b. this

c. an

d. the

e. some
328. Complete the sentence: Jack ... be free tomorrow.

a. are

b. were

c. will

d. am

e. was

329. Choose the correct form of the pronouns: You must go to the shop ... closes in 20 minutes.

a. his

b. her

c. it

d. we

e. she

330. Choose the right variant: She should change ... wet dress or she will catch another cold.

a. me

b. my

c. their

d. it

e. her
331. Complete the sentence: Thanks ... coming.

a. for

b. in

c. to

d. at

e. the
332. Choose the variant: A... is a piece of special glass that you can look at and see yourself.

a. chamber

b. lamp

c. radiator

d. mirror

e. stereo
333. Complete the sentence: Astana is on the river ... .

a. Irtish

b. Tobol

c. Ishim

d. Chu

e. Aksu
334. Complete the sentence: Peter ... for his documents for a long time.

a. was/looked

b. looking

c. has been/ looking

d. were/looked

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