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Episode 11

9th May 2017

uestions for discussion

Budget 2017

  1. As a class, discuss the BTN Budget 2017 story. What were the main points of the discussion?

  2. What is debt?

  3. Nearly every country in the world is in debt, including Australia. True or false?

  4. Why does the government borrow money?

  5. What is a surplus?

  6. What is bad debt?

  7. Explain what good debt is.

  8. The government says that good debt is money borrowed for things like…

  9. What sorts of things does the government consider as bad debt?

  10. What would you spend Australia’s money on if you were Treasurer?

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Fashion Waste

  1. Discuss the Fashion Waste story with another student and record the main points of the discussion.

  2. On average, how many kilograms of clothes do Australians buy each year?

  3. Why do you think Australians buy a lot of clothes?

  4. What is `fast fashion’?

  5. Name a country where `fast fashion’ is made.

  6. What are the conditions like for clothing factory workers in those countries?

  7. What do you do with your unwanted clothes?

  8. What impact does clothing waste have on the environment?
  9. What can be done to reduce the amount of clothing waste?

  10. What did you learn watching the BTN story?

Check out the Fashion Waste resource on the Teachers page

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Donating Blood

  1. How many Australians will need donated blood at some stage?

    1. One in three

    2. One in ten

    3. One in fifty

  2. About how many litres of blood are there in the human body?

  3. Just half a litre can save up to ___________lives.

  4. How old do you have to be to donate blood?

  5. What are the different parts of your blood that you can donate?

  6. What happens to the blood once it’s been donated?

  7. How many blood types are there?

  8. Which blood type is universal so that anyone can receive it?

  9. What sorts of things is donated blood used for?

  10. Why has the Red Cross started sending text messages to donors?

Check out the Donating Blood resource on the Teachers page.

Do the quiz on the BtN website

Eagle Hunter

  1. What does the BTN story explain?

  2. Where is Mongolia? Locate using Google Maps.

  3. How old is Akbota?

  4. What is she learning to do?

  5. Eagle hunting is not a skill girls usually learn. True or false?

  6. Who has been training Akbota to become an eagle hunter?

  7. Finish the following sentence: Akbota’s father says his daughter is…

  8. Eagles are used to hunt which animals?
  9. What are some of the challenges of being an eagle hunter?

  10. If you could ask Akbota a question, what would it be?

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Message in a Bottle

  1. Explain the BTN Message in a Bottle story to another student.

  2. Sadie was in a boat travelling from ______________________ to ___________________.

  3. About how far did the bottle travel in the ocean?

  4. Where did the bottle wash up?

  5. What did Tristan do when he found the bottle?

  6. What was Greek philosopher Theophrastus trying to prove when he sent a message in a bottle?

  7. What sorts of things can affect the path of bottle in the ocean?

  8. What are some environmental concerns with releasing bottles into the ocean?

  9. Describe the friendship between Tristan and Sadie.

  10. What was surprising about the story?

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