Uestions for discussion

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Episode 19

23rd July 2013

uestions for discussion

Labor Votes

  1. Explain to another student what the Labor Votes story is about.

  2. Who is currently the leader of the Australian Labor Party?

  3. Explain the difference between voting in America or Australia, do they vote for a political party or leader?

  4. In what year was Kevin Rudd voted out as Prime Minister by his government?

  5. How did Kevin Rudd become the Prime Minister again three years later?

  6. Kevin Rudd wants to change the voting rules so that elected politicians can’t vote out a Prime Minister. True or false?

  7. The Labor Votes story was an example of a...

    1. Procedure

    2. Argument

    3. Report

  8. How did you feel about the recent leadership changes in Australia?

  9. What qualities do you think are needed to be an effective political leader?

  10. Would you like to be Prime Minister? Why or why not?

Post a message on the Labor Votes story page http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3804344.htm

Royal Baby

  1. What well known British royal couple are awaiting the birth of their first child?

  2. William and Kate are the Duke and Duchess of...

    1. Cambridge

    2. Cornwall

    3. Duke
  3. It’s estimated that the new royal baby will boost England’s _____________ by 390 million dollars.

  4. Over the last century or so how many kings has England had?

  5. Traditionally boys were always first in line to become the next king. Can you explain how we got our current Queen, Elizabeth II, if boys were always considered first in line?

  6. Recently the laws changed, explain this new law to another student.

  7. Who is currently in line to become the next King or Queen of England?

  8. How many Commonwealth nations have the Queen as their head of state?

  9. What percentage of people thought Australia should become a Republic?

  10. Name three facts you learnt from this story.

Check out BtN’s Royal Baby teacher resource. http://www.abc.net.au/btn/resources/teacher/episode/20130723-royalbaby.pdf

Fruit Farmers

  1. Do you know where your fresh or tinned fruit comes from? Is it grown locally, interstate or overseas?

  2. Why are many Australian fruit farmers struggling?

  3. Where in Victoria is the Singh family’s fruit orchard located?

  4. List some of the fruits that they grow in their orchard.

  5. What company has been preserving Goulburn Valley fruit since 1917?

  6. What is one of the main reasons that has contributed to Aussie fruit being more expensive for overseas buyers, and imported fruit cheaper for Aussies?

  7. Why did the Singh family have to cut down many of their fruit trees?

  8. What are some of the benefits of buying Aussie fruit and vegetables?

  9. How can you find out if you are buying fruit or vegetables that are grown in Australia?

  10. Has your thinking changed since watching this story? If so, how?

Test your knowledge in the Fruit Farmers quiz. Go to the BtN website and follow the links.

Would you buy an Australian made product even if it cost a lot more than one from overseas?

Have your say on the BtN online poll. To vote head to the BtN website http://abc.net.au/btn/polls.htm

Wild Mob

  1. Which Australian national park did the kids travel to in the Wild Mob story?

    1. Lamington National Park

    2. Kakadu National Park

    3. Daintree Rainforest

  2. Using Google Earth, locate Lamington National Park.

  3. What did the kids learn about on the 3 day adventure? Make a list.

  4. What skills did the kids learn from setting up their own tents and making dinner for themselves?

  5. How does getting rid of weeds help the environment? Consider the following statement to help your discussion. In the bush weeds compete with native plants, affecting regeneration.

  6. What nasty weed did the kids help get rid of on their trip?

  7. Would you go on the Wild Mob adventure? Why or why not?

  8. What would be your biggest challenge if you went on the Wild Mob adventure?

  9. Describe the environment of Lamington National Park having watched the Wild Mob story.

  10. How does the environment of Lamington National Park differ to where you live?

Check out BtN’s Wild Mob
teacher resource. http://www.abc.net.au/btn/resources/teacher/episode/20130723-wildmob.pdf

Send a message to the kids in the Wild Mob
story. Visit the Wild Mob story page and leave your comment. http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3804350.htm


  1. Describe a typical cyclo-cross course.

  2. How does cyclo-cross differ to other types of cycling?

  3. In which European country did cyclo-cross originate?

  4. Which Aussie road racing champion has recently just become a cyclo-cross fan?

  5. What well known cycling competitions has Robbie McEwen competed in?

  6. Anyone can get involved in cyclo-cross. True or false.

  7. Why do you think cyclo-cross is becoming more popular?

  8. A cyclo-cross bike has thicker tyres than a road bike and they have more grip. Why do you think cyclo-cross bikes are designed this way?

  9. Would you use a low or high gear when cycling up a hill?

  10. Name a well known International cycling competition.

Design and illustrate your own cyclo-cross course.

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