Unit F: Writing a True Fable Lesson One: Reading/ The Killing of Aghasura


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Unit F: Writing a True Fable

Lesson One: Reading/ The Killing of Aghasura

After you read SECTION A, turn the page and answer questions A-E.
SECTION A: Begin reading on page 81, top of third paragraph (When Lord Krsna was enjoying...) until page 84, end of third paragraph (...pleasure pastimes for all the cowherd boys.)

To answer questions A-E, refer to the instructions on page ??

A. Follow the instructions for A and answer these questions.

1. Aghasura was so dangerous that even the _______ were afraid of him.

2. How long was Aghasura?

3. Why is there no fear of death if one is Krsna Conscious?

4. Aghasura was the younger brother of _______ and _______.

5. Aghasura's mouth resemble a _______.

6. What is the name of the yogic siddhi Aghasura used to expand himself?

7. At first, what did the boys think Aghasura was?

8. To what did one of the cowherd boys compare Aghasura's upper lip? His lower lip?

9. Aghasura's tongue resemble _______.

10. How could Krsna understand that the huge serpent was a demon?

11. What were the demigods doing in the sky?

12. What did they do when Krsna also entered Aghasura's mouth?

13. How did Krsna kill the demon?

14. The life air of Aghasura burst from _______.

15. How did Krsna bring all the boys back to life?

16. What happened to the spirit soul of Aghasura.

17. What happened to the body of Aghasura?

B. Choose one of the topics below and follow instruction B: Maharaja Pariksit, pious cowherd boys, yogic siddhis, true safety.

C. Follow the directions for C with one of the following topics: Krsna and His calves, dancing cowherd boys, or the serpent Aghasura. You may look at the wonderful picture in Srimad-Bhagavatam, 10:2-plate 15, for help.

D. Follow instruction D. Choose one of the three questions below to answer.

1. The cowherd boys of Vrindavana were greater than the greatest yogis. Why is this true? For help, re-read page 81 beginning with, "As stated personally..." and read BG 6:47 and its purport.

2. The material world is a dangerous place. Padam padam yat vipadam na tesam. There is danger at every step. Yet, the cowherd boys fearlessly walked into the jaws of the Aghasura demon. Why weren't the cowherd boys afraid? Were they simply foolish?

3. When Krsna entered Aghasura's mouth, all of Aghasura's friends, especially King Kamsa, who were accustomed to eating flesh and blood, began expressing their joy. Demons are fearless in their envy of God, but what is the result of their demonic activities and fearlessness? Is it simply foolishness? You may read BG 16:16 for help.

E. Follow instruction E and and answer this question: Near the end of the story of the killing of Aghasura, it is said, "Great sages...and devotees constantly keep the form of the Lord within the heart or...the temples; in that way they become liberated from all material contamination and at the end of the body, enter into the kingdom of God. This perfection is possible simply by keeping the form of the Lord within the mind." In other words, by always remembering Krsna and chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, we become purified and will go back home, back to Godhead. Although we know the importance of always being Krsna conscious, it is sometimes difficult for us to remain Krsna conscious. Write a paragraph explaining some practical suggestions to help us become inspired to always remain Krsna conscious, attentively chanting Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

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