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Unit Plan Template

Unit Plan for Filipino 2

Unit Author

First and Last Name

Fatima P. Zaluaga & Grover John V. Abella

School District

Cagayan de Oro city

School Name

Corpus Christi High School

School City, State

Cagayan de Oro city

Unit Overview

Unit Title

“Florante at Laura”-creative learning

Unit Summary

In the past generation, learning literature has been always assumed a problem of the students in learning. This challenge everyone involve in the class to avoid boredom and passive learners. In a new way of creative learning in literature with the help of the 21st century skills, it will bring a new sufficient environment entertaining for our students but also bursting with wonderful experiences to achieve learning. We will be implementing different 21st century strategies to introduce literature in a better and concrete way. They will also learn to correlate their experiences in the classroom to the reality by personally experiencing the different contexts in the story.

Subject Area

Filipino II

Grade Level

2nd year High School students

Approximate Time Needed

30 50 minute-class periods, 6 weeks, 1 month and 2 weeks (Fourth Quarter)

Unit Foundation

Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks

21st century skills:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

  • Communication and Collaboration

  • ICT ( Information, Communications and Technology) Literacy

  • Initiative and Self-Direction

PSSLC learning Competencies:

1.Determine the nature and history of the story through the following:

    1. to find different conditions found in the story

1.2 to determine the objectives of the author in writing the story

2.Clarify the characteristics of the story by:

2.1 Summary of the story

2.2 Assert the elements found in the story in its corresponding genre

2.3 Determine the roles played by the characters in the story

2.4 Giving the meaning of the story through idioms, themes and symbols

2.5 Express the main ideas in each chapters

3. Analyze the ideas expressed in the story about the following: Love, Faith and Unfaithful,


    1. Getting the different situations in the story and relating it to the real experiences in self, family, community, country and world.

    2. To express different values of importance, opinions and beliefs in these ideas by pointing to agree or disagree

4. Showing deep understanding about the story to value and sincerely develop interest.

4.1 Verbally and non-verbally expressing their own opinions, views and feelings of the story related to interests, amusement, sorrows, anger, and fear. Etc.

4.2 Showing collaboration and cooperation of the characters, contexts and events in the story in creative way like visuals, audio and different presentations.

4.3 Give reactions and comments to the author about the organization of thoughts, the use of proper words, language and meanings.

4.4 Describe the characters and situations of the story using imaginations and senses

4.5 Compare and contrasts the story to another story that has been read and watch.

4.6 Give judgments to the author by analyzing the story as truth/reality or just through author's imagination and provide solutions to the problem of the characters in the story.

4.7 Create an ending of the story through possible situations and conditions, actions of the characters, personal idea, value and opinion, and by relating it to real life situations.

Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Fourth Quarter the second year students will be able to understand and appreciate the value of the story “Florante and Laura” by experiencing personally the different situations in the story more emphasis on conflict and issues that they may apply in their real life experiences.

The general standards of reading the Filipino literature “Florante and Laura” are the following:

A. Create a universal idea of the story, its genre and the appropriate generation of the story.

B. Value and understand the context of the story.

Curriculum-Framing Questions

Essential Question

What will you do or your loved ones?

Unit Questions

What are the different situations in the story that value relationships?

How can we overcome these situations in our real life experiences?

Content Questions

How can we apply the things we learned in the story to our personal life experiences like involving conflicts in a relationship towards family, friends, and special someone?

Assessment Plan

Assessment Timeline

Before project work begins

Students work on projects and complete tasks

After project work is completed


* Class Discussions/


*Reading (Florante at Laura)

*Researching (Florante at Laura)

*Group assignment/


*Project planning

*Giving Instructions

*Film Showing (Florante at Laura)

*Project Plan Proposals


(simple slide presentation)




Group evaluation


(Florante and Laura)

Assessment Summary

The assessment used in this unit is to improve the learning process of literature in to more creative and interesting way by using the 21st century skills. It will give an idea to the students on how they will improve their presentations with the use of various multimedia equipments. They will begin by reading, researching information about the story to propose a plan by group and so, giving of instructions of what they will have as an output will follow. After they have gathered enough information, they will immediately organize their ideas and decide for a creative presentation which is a role playing. This will not only evaluate their selves but also their collaboration with the group as part of promoting 21st century skills in learning. The final requirement of evaluation with the individual journals will be needed to assess their experiences both individual and social.

Unit Details

Prerequisite Skills

In order to achieve this unit, the 2nd year student has:

  1. macro-communication skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking)

  2. enough knowledge of the various multimedia equipments and its uses

  3. different experiences of role playing or a drama

Instructional Procedures

Week 1

Orientation: The students will be given a copy of syllabus, provided by an overview of the unit plan. They will also be oriented about the activities and the different tasks they will do for the unit as a requirement and so they can accomplish the final output needed.

Lecture: There will be a brief discussion about literature and some other review related to the study.It will also serve as a review for the unit. The Florante at Laura story will be introduce to the class as the major focus of the study in literature.

Group assignments & giving of instructions: Students will be organize into group for their assignments and tasks. They will be given a set of assignments to read and research regarding the topic. Giving instructions of all the tasks including the format of the project proposal will follow.

Week 2

Reading and Researching: Each group will take time to read the assigned chapters given to them in the library. They will also given time to research in the computer laboratory about the assigned chapters they have. These researh will be check and corrected by the teacher relevant only to the study.

Project Planning: The students will plan about the presentations they will create. They should conceptualize the ideas and organize it appropriately. They will plan everything they need for the presentations specially the proper management of the time and the individual tasking.

Week 3

Film showing: To further understand the ideas and concept of the story, they have to watch the story “Florante at Laura”. At least the film showing will be done twice in this week to give the students time to continue setting their plans.

Project proposals: Each group should finalize their plans for the teacher to check. The proposals will contain the overall processes and the different information of the assigned chapters including the lists of the members that correspond to the character they are playing.

Week 4

Project-Making: The students will be given time for their preparations in the classroom. It will help the different group to be assists and check by the teacher. This activity will open the critiques and recommendations of the teacher.

Week 5 & 6

Final presentations: The final presentation of each group will be done by schedule according to their group number. The schedule was post in the bulletin board for the group to prepare. The remaining sessions will be use for the journal writing, reflections about the presentation done by the group who presented already.

Group/individual evaluation: After the presentation of different groups, each group will pass a group evaluation which will be attached to their project proposal. Another individual evaluation form will be distributed by the teacher to rate their selves individually on how they performed and contributed in the presentation.

Questioning: In a unique way of questioning, the teacher will conduct an evaluation towards the overall impact of learning Literature in a new creative way. It will also determine how well the students learn and have developed the values during the experiences they had.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Resource Students

The students will be guided by their group leaders who will facilitate and lead the group all the way to the final presentation with the assistance and guidance of the teacher. The teacher will be oprn for group consultations regarding for the concerns of the group.

The different schedules of activities will be post at the bulletin board for a smooth flow of all the sessions. Computer laboratory, Library and in the classroom as needed are the venues very useful for the students to make their activities and assignments possible.

Nonnative Speakers

The teacher welcomes translations of the language from filipino to english or english to filipino, even the two language in vernacular for the student who has problem in his/her language.Consultation is adviced too for this student to cope and adjust the learning and so, to introduce a tutorial if needed.

Gifted/Talented Students

They will be the one to lead and facilitate the group all the way to the final presentations they will made. They will also be responsible for the reports of the group specially the project proposals.

Materials and Resources Required For Unit

Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)



 Digital Camera

 DVD Player

 Internet Connection

 Laser Disk


 Projection System




 Video Camera

 Video Conferencing Equip.


Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)


 Desktop Publishing

 E-mail Software

 Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

 Image Processing

 Internet Web Browser


 Web Page Development

 Word Processing


Printed Materials

A book of Florante and Laura- Francisco Balagtas

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Florante at Laura, by Francisco Baltazar


Internet Resources

For “Florante at Laura” story:



For literature:


Other Resources

Libraries, Filipino teachers, 2nd year high school moderators, classmates. Literature teachers

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