Unit Title: Write a Sequel Story to a Popular Japanese Folktale Goal

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Unit Title: Write a Sequel Story to a Popular Japanese Folktale

Goal: Students will express themselves freely in a written or spoken form by applying appropriate grammars, vocabularies, expressions, and their cultural knowledge within a cultural context.

Method/Context: 100% online teaching and learning using a LMS.
Primary Instructional Objectives:

  1. Student will write a sequel story to a Japanese folktale of his/her choice.

  2. Student will create an audio-visual presentation using an online tool.

  3. Student will receive sufficient instructions and resources during the two-week online session to complete their audio visual presentation.

Overview of the Unit

Five Japanese level 5 students will learn about Japanese folktales in the first week. They will have online discussions and will have online research to deepen their knowledge. In the second week, the students will create storyboards by synthesizing their new knowledge gained in the first week and by using their Japanese language skills. In the third week they will edit the storyboards into VoiceThead.

Week1: Online discussions and online research

  • Day 1: Students will acquaint themselves with the new learning environment by reading instructions and viewing video tutorials in the first day module.

  • Day 2: Using a multimedia web site, students will learn about five Japanese Folktales. Students will be able to choose a simple picture book format or an audio-picture book format as their reading mediums. In the online class forum students will be given some time to reflect on their reading and to analyze stories by applying their cultural and geography knowledge. Prompts will be provided in the initial post to facilitate student discussions.

  • These initial activities are designed to have students interested in the selections and help them decide on the story to which they want to write a sequel story.

  • Day 4 and 5: Students will be conducting online research on the story they select. Google translate tool will be introduced to those who will be accessing Japanese web sites to accommodate different Japanese reading skills. Students are to share the findings by editing the class wiki page in edu2.0. A video tutorial will be provided to show how to hyperlink their references in the wiki content.

  • This research activity will help student to deepen their knowledge about the story of their choice and to write a sequel in the next week.

  • These activities in the first week will take up to five hours for attending the online class daily that includes reading instructions, following directions, interacting with the multimedia site, and writing forum posts, and extra hours students may put in at home to complete the day’s tasks.

Week2: Composition and storyboard creation

  • Day 6: Students will learn about a translation technique and copyright issues regarding online images by reading instructions with visual supports.

  • Day7-10: Using the entire week students will be completing rough drafts and final drafts of their storyboards.

  • For images, two methods will be recommended to students: One is to use MS Paint and create their own pictures for their stories, and the other choice is to use one of the Voice Thread image upload features and import images with proper attributions.

  • The storyboards students create in this week will be used to edit their Voice Threads in the next week.

  • These activities in the second week will require at least five hours in five class periods plus some hours that students may put in at home to complete their tasks.

Week3: VoiceThead project

  • During the final days in the week 3, student will learn how to operate Voice Thread by watching a series of video tutorials. For images they will continue to create/prepare their pictures using MS Paint and/or image import feature of Voice Thread. Their final products will be viewable online.

  • This final activity requires minimum of three consecutive hours in the three day period.

Alignment with Online Learning Requirement

This online learning module will provide a teacher-facilitated online learning experience that is one of the online learning delivery formats specified in the MI Merritt Curriculum guidelines. There will be no face-to-face sessions during this learning experience and it takes a form of a mini-online course that requires approximately 13 hours or more of online tasks. It meets the online learning requirements for its format as well as it provides online instructions and experiences that cover more than half of the required 20 hours.

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