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UNOFFICIAL COPY AS OF 08/28/17 10 REG. SESS. 10 RS BR 2339

A RESOLUTION adjourning the Senate in honor of Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams, and saluting him for his honorable service to the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

WHEREAS, Robert L. Adams is the loving husband of Mary J. Adams; he was born in 1922, into a loving family during the Great Depression; he enlisted in the United States Navy in October 1942 and was assigned to the 72nd Battalion of the Naval Construction Forces (Seabees); and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert Adams is a man of many stories; he has overcome many hurdles that life has placed in his path, and has personified the meaning of living life to the fullest; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams' unit was sent to Pearl Harbor in April 1943, following the Japanese bombardment of the naval base; and they spent 28 months to clean up the debris and rebuild from the resulting damage; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams and his unit played a pivotal role in ensuring the successful invasion of Guam and other islands in the Pacific; he took part in building schools, taught English to Japanese children, and also participated in building the base for B36 bombers on Mt. Barrigata that was to prove pivotal in ending the war with Japan with the eventual delivery of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams bore witness to the horrors of the aftermath of the infamous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; and he was instrumental in helping to restore order to chaos and lent his hand to the remarkable rebuilding efforts of the American Pacific Fleet; and

WHEREAS, in September 1945, the 72nd Battalion was decommissioned and Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams returned home; he remained active in the Navy until April 1946; after excelling in many aspects of his naval career, he went on to work for 38 years in the telecommunications industry and he also worked at a can company; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams has since retired and become an active voice at numerous community events, telling his life story, and sharing joyful encouragement for all who listen; and he enjoys playing or listening to music as a pastime; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams' life is full of memories and admits to being a blessed man, he feels that God has granted him many beloved people, and most dear to his heart is his loving wife and family; and his character as a man has enabled him to have many friends in his lifelong journey; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams and the 72nd Seabees were honored guests at the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Guam in 1994; and

WHEREAS, Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams has dedicated his life to the service of many, he has truly blessed all who know him and his humility demonstrates a commitment to all humankind, setting an example for all Kentuckians to follow;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. The members of the Senate honor Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams not only for his valor and courage in fulfilling his duties as a United States Navy Seabee, but also for his continued commitment towards the betterment of society.

Section 2. When the Senate adjourns this day, it does so in honor of Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams.

Section 3. The Clerk of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to the residence of Chief Yeoman Robert L. Adams and Mary J. Adams, 8905 Richmond Road, Union, Kentucky 41091.

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