Until He comes again 126 Unto Thee o lord, do I life up my sou


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Until He comes again 126

Unto Thee O Lord, do I life up my soul. 210

Water you, water you 99

We all with unveiled face 231

We can call O Lord 37

We love the church life 125

We love thee, we love Thee 182

We treasure Thee, Lord Jesus 179

We work together with God by a life 136

What is life, what is it for? 120

What made You die for me? 169

What made You, Lord to die for me? 169

What’s the use? There is no hope for me 150

When I’ve run the race before me 201

When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion 220

When we believe into the Son 189

When you say Lord 166

Whene’er I call Lord Jesus 92

Where is He, my Jesus? 165

Where’s the answer? 149

Wherever you go, I will go 117

Who’s like our Jesus, He’s all we desire! 182

Who coverest Thyself with light as with a garment 217

Why does it take us so long 103

With the brothers and the sisters 68

Within my heart a praise o’erflowing 66

“Within the Veil”: be this, belov’d thy portion 205

Wonderful One, Son with the Father 185

Worthy is the Lamb Who has been slain to receive 157

You have reached me again 191

Your love constrains me to give my all to You 13

Your soft voice, Your lovingkindness 61
Zion is God’s habitation 184


The Songbook has been produced to meet the need of the saints in the churches. This book is intended for local use only. Hence, the songs in this book have not been checked for copyright restrictions. If there are any concerns regarding copyrighted material, we would gladly receive any notification.

Compiled by The church in Toronto

Third Edition 2002

First Reprint

Silver and gold have I none 161

So many times I was in weakness 167

So, why not open up and call His name, “Oh Lord!” 111

Some these days would tell us 125

Take my life and let it be 42

Thank you, Lord in Your eyes we find grace 4

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying for me 39

That’s why I call on Him 86

The allurement of riches 139

The Bible is a romance 104

The Bible is God’s breath 187

The divine dispensing starts with the Father 181

The faith is the economy, the economy of God 134

The flowing of life divine 196

The gift of righteousness is measured in abundance 111

The Last Adam became a life-giving Spirit 3

The law of the Lord is perfect 50

The Lord has put me in the Body 107

The Lord hath done great things for us 220

The Lord is my light and salvation 84

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want 176

The Lord is my strength and my song 207

The Lord liveth and blessed be my Rock 209

The love of God and the grace of Christ 233

The mighty God, even the Lord 211

The Son with the Father by the Spirit 185

The story of the gospel 148

The Triune God: a mystery 2

The Triune God and the Person 1

The world is longing, seeking for peace 189

There is a someone 174

There is a song within me 22

There’s a gospel of today 129

There’s a life that’s deeper than our mind 57

There’s a man who died to set us free 51

Therefore being justified by faith 186

Therefore we do not lose heart 232

Therefore watch for you do not know 200

This divine romance 171

This time I will not question 81

Thy word is sweet unto my taste 105

To be baptized in the Spirit 188

Touching Jesus is all that really matters 78

Trials may come and discouragement, too 158

Turn, turn my heart to you 69

Now the Lord is the Spirit – that’s how 90

Now this was once my situation 131

O come, let us sing unto the Lord 215

O God of love, in Your everlasting love 82

O God, Thou art my God 72

O Lord Amen That’s the way to let Him in 90

O Lord, break through 88

O Lord, I love You, I really love You 197

O Lord Jesus, O how sweet to call Thy name 44

O Lord, this whole world 18

O Lord, we can’t do it on our own 74

O Lord we praise You 85

O Lord, we’re just for Your flowing 57

O my God, I trust in Thee 210

O that Christ may make His home my heat 9

O the joy of having nothing 195

Oh, God of Glory 159

Oh, He’s the seed of the Kingdom in us 98

Oh! Jesus, Jesus, Most Desired 48

Oh Jesus, Jesus, Wonderful Jesus 48

Oh, my Lord, I give myself to You 116

Oh tell me, what’s the key 102

Oh who’s like our Jesus? He’s all we desire 89

One spirit with You 163

Open yourself to the new creation 77

Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty God hath shined 211

People think that they can find 36

Praise the Lord, God sent His Son 86

Praise the Lord! The God of Glory 127

Praise ye the Lord 219

Pursue Him and know Him; be found in Him 138

Rain on me; rain on me 54

Reading the Bible 91

Regeneration 226

Rejoice in the Lord always 237

Ride on, O King Lord Jesus 168

Rise up, my love, my beautiful one 222
Search me O God, and know my heart 21

Seek the Lord, while He may be found 224

Seek ye first the kingdom of God 225

Set your mind, on the things that are above 239

Shepherd, receive man 141

G Em

1 The Triune God and the Person


And the work of Christ,

G Em

The Triune God is a mystery,


The mystery of life.

G Em

The Father, Son, and Spirit


Three-One now to be,

G Em

Not for comprehending,


But to flow into me.

2 The Triune God is forever,

Forever to be

The life supply in my spirit;

He’s dwelling in me!

The Father in the Son came

Displayed for all to see;

The Son as Spirit flows now

To flow God into me.

3 I’m calling His name “Lord Jesus”;

He’s coming in my heart.

He’s spreading out from my spirit

To all my inward parts.

The more I contact daily,

The more my heart Christ’s home,

And with the saints I’m built up

Into the church, Christ’s home!

(repeat last verse)

G Am D

1 The Triune God: a mystery –

G – C – G

God is one and He’s three.

Am Em Am

Oh, Triune God, You’re wonderful!

G D G – C – G

You’re wonder – wonderful!

2 The Triune God: a mystery –

God is one and He’s three.

Oh, Triune God, You’re marvelous!

You’re marvel – marvelous!

Brothers: Sisters:

D Em

A child is born to us, The mighty God is He,


A son is given to us, Eternal Father, He,

D Em

The child the mighty God, His name is Wonderful,

C D G – C – G

The Son and Father one. A Wonderful Person.

3 The Lord is now the Spirit,

A wondrous mystery!

Christ, the life-giving Spirit,

Has entered into me!

4 The Lord is now the Spirit,

Oh this is glorious!

Christ, the life-giving Spirit,

Has entered into us!

Brothers: Sisters:

The last Adam became The life-giving Spirit!

The Lord is the Spirit, The all-inclusive Christ.

The last Adam became The life-giving Spirit!

Christ is the Lord Spirit. He’s now indwelling us!

Lord Jesus, I love You. You’re my all in all 35

Lord Jesus, I love You, You’re precious to me 39

Lord Jesus, Thou my all must be 64

Lord Jesus, You’re lovely 38

Lord, keep my heart always true to you 13

Lord, now I see 59

Lord, save me from the past 8

Lord, so often I’m like Thomas 34

Lord, take my heart, take my life, take it all 35

Lord, take my life, I give it, Lord, to You 34

Lord, there’s always been one person 37

Lord, there’s nothing in this world like You 36

Lord, we’ve been drawn off by many things 26

Lord, write Your law, inscribe on our hearts 124

Lord, You are Beloved, Fairest if the Fair 10

Lord, You are calling 60

Lord ,You are my focus 101

Lord, You are my only goal! 19

Lord, You are ours , and we are Yours 103

Lord, You have searched me and You have known me 21

Lord, You’re irresistible 172
Man’s Creator has a purpose 100

Manifest, manifest, manifest, manifest 199

Mary poured out her love offering 40

May God's economy as our view 194

May my day be full of Christ 25

More of our heart, dear Lord, we’d give You now 23

More to be desired are they than gold 50

My Beloved is mine and I am His 223

My Dearest, Lord, I give my all 12

My heart was far from You 152

My words cannot express 154

Nearer each day to me 43

New day, new start 178

No one, dear Lord, compares to You, my love 172

Not poquito, nor kidogo 153

Nothing and no one can satisfy but You anymore 49

Nothing can content me more 109

Nothing’s quite so precious as Jesus 27

Now Christ is the life-giving Spirit 7

Now from my heart comes 156

Now God’s kingdom has been planted in our hearts 98

Now my eyes begin to see 63

Now on the last day 227

It’s the life, life, life 151
Jesus Christ will get His Kingdom 100

Jesus, dear Jesus 173

Jesus, I love You, my treasure You are 10

Jesus is Jehovah the Savior 155

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s no one like You 160

Jesus, Jesus, everybody call on Jesus 51

Jesus, Lord, I just love You 193

Jesus, Lord, you’re our first love 26

Jesus, oh living Word of God 24

Just by calling Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus 70

Just one touch of You dear Lord 49

Just to be in You, as You’re in me 114

Let me love and not be respected 203

Let me stand behind You Lord 143

Let the glory of the Lord endure forever 218

Let the north wind blow 208

Let the word of Christ dwell in you 240

Let’s talk about Jesus 29

Life is God the Father 6

Life’s too short 122

Lord, by Your mercy, I would take 8

Lord, deeper make Thy home in me 55

Lord, do unveil 97

Lord grow in me! You are the seed 108

Lord, how I thank You that You died 30

Lord, I am continually with Thee 213

Lord, I call – build me now 118

Lord, I call, I call on Thee 69

Lord, I come, Open me 205

Lord, I give my heart to You 61

Lord, I give myself to You completely 116

Lord, I give myself to You right now 101

Lord, I have been running so long 164

Lord, I just love You 14

Lord, I just open up to You 52

Lord, I love You. Lord I need You 15

Lord, I love You more and more 15

Lord, I seek Your will 58

Lord, I surrender my all to You 88

Lord, in these days I want to set my heart 124

Lord, Jesus, I love You, No other one for me will do 142

Lord Jesus, I love You! 96

Lord Jesus, I love You. You’re my all 52

5 Our Father God, the source;

God, the Son, has reached me.

God as the Spirit entered me!

‘Tis the greatest mystery.

6 Our Father God, the source;

God, the Son, is the course.

God as the Spirit’s flowing free.

He flowed God into me!

Brothers: Sisters:

The Triune God in me: The greatest mystery!

Oh this is glorious! The Triune God in us!

The Triune God in me: The greatest mystery!

Oh this is marvelous! The Triune God in us!


1 Cor. 6:17; 1 Cor. 15:45; 2 Cor 3:17a, 6b


The last Adam became a life-giving Spirit.

D G Em A D

The Lord is the Spirit, the Spirit gives life.


But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.


Oh, we have been joined to the Lord!


We are one spirit with Him.


The last Adam became a life-giving Spirit.

D G Em A D – G – D

The Lord is the Spirit, the Spirit gives life.


G Em

1 Dearest Lord, You’ve called us here,


And opened up Your heart.

G Em

O the joy to hear Your call


And enter in the Ark.

G Em

Saving us from day to day


O Lord this is Your way.

G Em

In Yourself we stay afloat,

C D G – G7

Above this wicked age today.

C D G Em

Thank you Lord, in Your eyes we find grace,

C D G – G7

And with open hearts we come to You.

C D G Em

Regardless what our friends might say to us or do,

C D G – C – G

O Lord Jesus, we love You.

2 Seeking of this age to taste,

And of it have a part

If we only knew Dear Lord,

The ways we grieve Your heart.

We would come and turn to You

With a repenting heart

And would give ourselves to be

With you O Lord, inside the Ark.

3 Praise You Lord, we’re safe in You;

Outside death-waters pour.

Many things that I once loved

Are on the ocean floor.

Keep us open to you Lord,

Don’t let us miss the mark.

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord,

We’re here within the church, the Ark.

I always knew deep down in me 32

I am crucified with Christ 234

I am the vine, you are the branches 228

I am young and I’m in love 162

I believe He gives life to the dead 229

I believe, so I speak 167

I call His name, “Lord Jesus 28

I called upon thy name O Lord 29

I do not know where they have laid Him 165

I have a seed of life in me 113

I have often called on the Lord before 140

I just existed empty 76

I keep fallin’ in love with Him 146

I love God with all my heart 65

I love You, Jesus, precious Lord 160

I love You, Lord (I love You Lord 164

I love You, Lord Jesus 16

I love You, Lord Jesus, You’re worthy of my life 62

I need You, dear Lord Jesus 145

I need You, Lord 180

I need You, Jesus 180

I once was dead, dead in my sins 79

I wake up this morning , Lord 112

I want to tell You Lord, how much You mean to me 202

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart 216

I’ll be raptured into glory 201

I’m for the Lord 80

I’m gonna praise God unceasingly 31

I’m loving Jesus, this lovely Person 22

I’m pressing on the God-man way 108

I’m walking down the road 68

I’ve found the One who’s all to me 128

I’ve given up the world because 80

If I would only stray a bit 45

If it is Lord Thy desire 71

If therefore you were raised together with our Christ 238

If you are empty, wondering why you exist 119

If you are hungry, come to the feast 75

If you wish to find the Lord, do not seek Him in the world 93

In His shadow have I rapture and sit down 192

In my heart there springs a melody 66

In my spirit, I can see You as You are 115

In our life, in all we do and say 123

Is there someone who’s a friend 174

It’s a new, living meeting that we’re having today 137

It’s no longer I that liveth 235

Every verse reveals Yourself to me 91

Everybody ought to know 170

Everything under the sun is vanity 193

Fallen in her condition 67

Fallen, that’s the way we all begin 70

Father God, forgive me if I groan 9

Father, I know that all my life is portioned out for me 130

First man Adam, then temptation 133

For me, You were mocked and crucified 42

For the Lord is a great God 215

For we know that when we turn to our spirit 110

For whatever promises of God there are 230

Forgetting the things which are behind 138

Forever He will be 206

From my heart comes a melody 47

From my spirit, when I’m sensing the supply 99

From the rising of the sun 219

From the throne of our God and the Lamb 233

From the time I spoke Your Name 63

Glorious, Glor’ous church 121

Glory! Glory! Christ is life in me 144

Go on, go on, go on in the Lord 158

God is love, Who sent His beloved Son 83

God the Creator became a God-man 5

Godliness is a living that expresses 134

God’s desire – Life for man 118

God’s dispensing, His economy 114

God’s economy and His eternal plan 96

God’s eternal economy 194

Good morning, Lord Jesus 20

He had to take a journey to come down just to reach us 183

He has made me glad 216

He is my God and I will praise Him 207

He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit 163

He’s my Lord 236

Holding to truth in love 94

How could a country girl like me 171

How glorious is Thy church, Oh Lord 121

How I long to sing with my spirit and heart to You 156

How lovely are Thy dwelling places 214

How lovely is Your dwelling place, Almighty Lord 95

How we love the glorious name 78

D A Bm A

1 God the Creator became a God-man,


His death redeemed us for His glorious plan.


Now in resurrection the Spirit’s released

G Em

Producing the church.

A+ A7 D

This is God’s masterpiece.


2 Lord, You are my choice.


I have seen Your beauty.


I belong to You


Now and evermore.


You’re my only choice

Bm F#m

Lord, You are so lovely.

G Em A+ A7 D

Lord I give all for Your masterpiece.

3 Lord, I love You.

There is no other.

I’ll love You always.

Lord, I love You.

My heart is recovered.

Lord, I give all for Your masterpiece.

4 Thank You, Lord Jesus, for capturing me.

Thank You, Lord, I now experience Thee.

By feasting! Enjoying!

Your Life would increase.

Thank You, Lord,

I’m part of God’s masterpiece.


1 Life is God the Father


In Christ Jesus as the Spirit


Flowing out and coming into us.


He’s not just a teaching,


Or a creed or a dead doctrine,


But the processed Triune God, glorious!

2 Life is not created

As man’s body, soul, and spirit –

That’s man’s life that’s weak and temporal.

Life is uncreated.

It’s divine and it’s eternal.

And this is the life that’s indestructible.

3 And this life came in us

In our spirit through the Spirit;

This is where we were made alive!

Now this life is spreading.

Lord, don’t stop – just keep invading.

For this, Lord, we must be daily revived.

4 Life needs our maintaining,

Otherwise we’re suffocating.

Calling on His name we breathe Him in.

Everywhere we breathe Him,

Makes us fresh and makes us living.

O, this life is full of hope and meaning.

5 In our daily living

It’s this life that we are sensing.

Are we in the flesh or in the Lord?

If you’re dead and empty

And the troubles you have plenty,

Saints, get out of there and flee back to the Lord!

A certain man was going down 183

A new day has dawned 147

Abba, Father, hear our cry 198

Abide in Me, and I in you 228

Abraham is the father of faith to all 229

All heaven declares 206

All scripture is God-breathed 242

Always rejoice 241

And Jesus is the One who came 128

Arise, Walk the Land 208

As for me, I will call upon God 212

At that time two men will be in the field 200

Awake, awake, Deborah 175

Beautiful zion, in elevation 184

Because the love of God is shed abroad 186

Because You gave Your life up for me 112

Behold the New Jerusalem descends from God 206

Bless me Lord with days and nights 46

Bless the Lord, O my soul 217

Born of my father, descended from Adam 132

Bringing peace into my life where struggle only was 191

But a certain Good Samaritan 183
Calling His name, “O Lord Jesus 76

Calling O Lord Jesus 56

Christ is everything, I need Him 77

Christ is life – Hallelujah for this 110

Christ is our light, our food, our air 87

Come bless the Lord 221

Create in me a clean heart, O God 11
Dearest Lord You’ve called us here 4

Dearest of all is He 33

Do, Lord, what You will 81

Do you know what you were made for 106

Draw me dear Lord; Draw me today 18

Draw me Lord 17

Each time in the morning, a while before dawn 41

Eat the hidden manna 102

Every new day’s a new start 74

6 Then you’ll sense life flowing

It’s this life that’s overcoming

Satan, flesh, and the world, and sin.

What a life we’re having.

Lord, Your virtues manifesting,

Thus, we’re branches bearing fruit in John 15.



1 Now Christ is the life-giving Spirit;

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