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Crazy Bessie’s list of Films

Updated 11/11/02

DivX (Mpeg 4) films – Excellent Quality

007 – The World isn't enough (VHS Rip)

007 – Tomorrow Never Dies (VHS Rip)

10 things I hate about you (VHS Rip)

15 minutes

A Beautiful Mind

A Knights Tale


Ali G – innt (VHS Rip)

Ali G - indahouse

Aliens (VHS Rip)

Almost Famous

Along came a spider

American Beauty

American History X

American Pie

American Pie 2

American Psycho

Analyze this



Austin Powers (VHS Rip)

Austin Powers 2

Back to the future (VHS Rip)

Behind Enemy Lines

Being John Malkovich

Big Momma’s House

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (VHS Rip)

Billy Elliott (VHS Rip)


Blade II

Broken Arrow (VHS Rip)

Blue Streak

Brave heart

Bridget Jones Diary (VHS Rip)

Bring it on

Bubble Boy

Cats And Dogs

Charlie’s Angels

Chicken Run

City Of Angels

Clock Stoppers

Coyote Ugly


Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Cruel Intentions


Dark City

Deuces Wild

Deep Blue Sea

Devil’s Advocate (VHS Rip)

Dinosaur (VHS Rip)


Down 2 Earth


Drive me crazy


Dude Where’s my Car

Enemy at the Gates

Enemy of the State

Erin Brockovich (VHS Rip)

Event Horizon


Exit Wounds

Face Off (VHS Rip)

Family Man

Freddy Got Fingered

From Dusk till Dawn (VHS Rip)


Gladiator (2 CDs)


Gone in 60 Seconds


Harry Potter

Harts War

High Crimes

How High

How to kill your neighbours dog

Human Nature

Independence Day (VHS Rip)

Jackie Brown

Jason X

Joe Dirt

Joy Ride

Jurassic Park 3

DivX (Mpeg 4) films (Continued)


Last Boy Scout

Lethal Weapon 4

Little Nicky

Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels

Lord of the Rings

Lost in Space


Jeepers Creepers


Me, Myself and Irene

Men in Black (VHS Rip)


Mission Impossible 2

Monsters Ball

Monty Python & The Holy Grail (VHS Rip)

Monty Python’s Flying Circus (VHS Rip)

Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life (VHS Rip)

Monty Python – Life Of Brian (VHS Rip)

Mothman Prophecies

Moulin Rouge

Mul Holland Drive

Never been Kissed (VHS Rip)

Next Friday

Ninja Scroll

Not Another Teen Movie

Office Space

Panic Room

Patriot Games

Pearl Harbor

Planet of the Apes 2001

Pitch Black

Pulp Fiction

Rat Race

Road Trip



Romeo Must Die


Rules of Engagement

Rush Hour

Rush Hour 2

Save the Last Dance

Session Nine

Scary Movie


Shallow Hal


Snake Eyes



Spaceballs (VHS Rip)

Species 2

Spy Game

Spy Kids

Stargate - The Movie

Stargate – The Movie (Directors Cut)

Starship Troopers

Star Trek - Insurrection

Star Wars – Attack of the Clones

Star Wars – A New Hope

Star Wars – The Empire Strikes back

Star Wars – The Return Of The Jedi

Stirs of Echos


The 5th Element (VHS Rip)

The 51st State

The 6th Day

The Animal

The Beach (VHS Rip)

The Cell

The Claim

The Deep End

The Family Man

The Fast and The furious

The Gift

The Green Mile

The Grinch

The Heist

The Hole

The Italian Job (VHS Rip)

The Last Castle

The Mask

The Mummy Returns

The Negotiator

The Opposite Of Sex

The Others

The Patriot

The Score

The Sixth Sense

The Skulls

The Virus

The way of the Gun

THIR13EN Ghosts

Time Machine

Titan A.E

Tomb Raider


DivX (Mpeg 4) films (Continued)

Top Gun (VHS Rip)

Toy Story 2

Training Day





Universal Soldier -The Return

Vertical Limit

Wild Things


X-Files - The Movie




S/Video CD films

A Beautiful Mind

America’s Sweethearts (SVCD)

Austin Powers 3 (SVCD)

Behind Enemy Lines (SVCD)

Black Hawk down

Blade II

Collateral Damage


Don’t Say A Word (SVCD)

Fight Club (Chinese Subtitles)

Final Destination

Forest Gump


Gladiator (Chinese Subtitles)

The Glass House (SVCD)


House on the haunted Hill (SVCD)

Ice Age

Insomnia (SVCD)

John Q

Jurassic Park 3

Long Time Dead (SVCD)

Lord of the Rings (SVCD)


Mean Machine

Monsters inc (SVCD)

Moulin Rouge (SVCD)

Murder by Numbers

Nottin' Hill

Oceans Eleven (SVCD)

Perfect Storm

Resident Evil (SVCD)

Scary Movie

Scooby Doo (SVCD)

Shrek (SVCD)

Soul Survivors (SVCD)

Spiderman (SVCD)

Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the clones (SVCD)

The Score (SVCD)

The Shipping News

THIR13EN Ghosts (SVCD)

Toy Story 2 (SVCD)

Urban Ghost Story (SVCD)

Vanilla Sky

We Were Soldiers

TV Shows (Divx)

  • Season 1 – Episodes 1 - 8

  • Season 2 – Episodes 1 - 8

  • Season 3 – Episodes 1 - 8

  • Best Of Jackass (Landspeed)

  • Steve ‘o’

Stargate SG-1

- Season 1 – Episodes 1 - 21

- Season 2 – Episodes 1 - 22

- Season 3 – Episodes 1 - 22

- Season 4 – Episodes 1 - 22

- Season 5 – Episodes 1 - 22

- Season 6 – Episodes 1 - 11

Buffy the vampire Slayer

- Season 6 – Episodes 1 – 3

- Season 6 – Episodes 9 – 12

- Season 6 – Episodes 17 – 22

- Season 7 – Episodes 1 – 6
Trigger Happy TV

- Best of Series 1

- Best of Series 2

- Series 2 - Episodes 1 - 6

The Simpsons

  • Season 1 - Episodes 1 - 12


  • Season 8 - Episodes 1 - 19

Film Download sites

DivX Crawler http://www.divxcrawler.com/flm.htm

Quality Divx http://www.qualitydivx.com/

Kazaa http://www.kazaa.com

VCD Quality http://www.vcdquality.com

Sharereactor http://www.Sharereactor.com

Filenexus http://www.filenexus.com/


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