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Updated IRON PEGASUS List - JUNE 2014

...From Hard 'n' Heavy to Blackest Black!!!

New Arrivals from Hell's cauldron...


Hello Brothers and Sisters,
New Releases and re-stocks are out.... PENTACLE, SABBAT and MORTEM.
And don't forget to check out these Killers (For those who haven't yet):

Chile's FORCE OF DARKNESS and UNHOLY LUST from L.A. attack with BRANDNEW molten steel!

In 2014, be ready for more molten steel from MEGIDDO, SADISTIC INTENT, INFERNAL ASSAULT, MORTEM, AFTER DEATH, etc... expect some true killers that will hit you like a sledgehammer. Also, some nice surprises are coming up. More news soon.

Into the Battle.....

Forever Death to False Metal!


Those who order for over ¨ 100 (excl. postage) can choose an IRON PEGASUS CD (of your choice, or the other ones marked with ***) for free, if you reach 200, then it's 2 CDs and for 300 it's 3 Cds, etc.


IRON PEGASUS attack fresh from Hell's boiling cauldron,


PENTACLE "Five Candles burning red" CD9,50

The complete recording session of PENTACLE's last studio recording. All 5 songs from the past and coming split assaults with MORTEM, ETERNAL SOLSTICE and SADISTIC INTENT. 34 minutes of supreme Ancient Death Metal. Dark, uncommercial and heavy!!!

PENTACLE "...Rides the Moonstorm" CD11,00

The debut full-length crusher, Ancient Death Metal supreme, a wicked brew of CELTIC FROST / PENTAGRAM (Chile), DEATH, etc etc. but with a very own character. 24 page booklet, true value for money.

Finally available again on 13th June, to support the upcoming US tour.

MORTEM "De Natura Daemonum" CD (new edition) €11,00

New edition of this killer album. With different frontcover + 12 page booklet. Evil Death Metal like the gods taught us (POSSESSED, evil DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, SLAYER, etc)

SABBAT "Disembody" CD (SILVER VERSION) €11,00

New version of the third (sold out) studio album. Silver print this time, incl. lyrics. Comes with three bonus trax, one studio and two live. Essential for true old school Black Metal maniacs

and still hot:

FORCE OF DARKNESS "Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness" MLP + 8 page LP size Booklet

(Brandnew MLP from one of Chile's best kept secrets. 5 songs of supreme Death Black Thrash Metal in the true bestial South American style.If you love a devilish brew of old SARCOFAGO, INCUBUS, SADISTIC INTENT, DESTR÷YER 666, etc, then don't miss this one here!Deluxe Vinyl edition with booklet)
Black Vinyl: 13,50

Red Vinyl (lim. 200) 16

White Vinyl (lim. 150) 18

FORCE OF DARKNESS "Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness" bothsided Shirt

(S, M, L, XL)

LP (BLACK) + Shirt ¨ 26

LP (RED) + Shirt ¨ 28

LP (WHITE) + Shirt ¨ 30

FORCE OF DARKNESS "Absolute Verb of Chaos and Darkness" bothsided print, classic Sweatshirt

(M, L, XL) ¨ 25


UNHOLY LUST "Banished from the Light" (M)LP

(Brandnew release from Los Angeles' UNHOLY LUST.Total crushing old school dark and heavy Death Metal that fans into SADISTIC INTENT, CARNAGE, old POSSESSED, etc. will die for! Dark vocals, fast riffs, crushing breaks like MORBID ANGEL, SLAYER-style leads, etc will surely lead to headbanging action. More than 35 minutes of darkest Death)

Black Vinyl:¨ 13,50

Red Vinyl (lim. 200)¨ 16

check out the teaser on YOUTUBE:

UNHOLY LUST "Logo + Banished from the Light" T-Shirt (black)

T-Shirt S,M,L,XL (dark red logo)¨ 13,50

T-Shirt S,M,L,XL (silver red logo)¨ 13,50

Sleeveless ShirtS,M,L,XL (dark red logo)¨ 14

Sleeveless Shirt S,M,L,XL (silver red logo)¨ 14


LP (BLACK) + Shirt ¨ 24

LP (RED) + Shirt ¨ 25

SABBAT "...For Satan and Sacrifice..." CD / Gatefold LP

(The ultrarare second 10th Anniversary Album, finally re-released on CD to make it available again at a fair price. Recorded 1993 exclusively for this release. 9 songs in total, around one hour of Pure Blacking Metal Hell. With new layout incl. rare photos)
CD:¨ 11,00

Black Vinyl:¨ 13,50

Red Vinyl + LP Size OBI (lim. 150)¨ 16

Yellow Vinyl+ LP Size OBI(lim. 150)¨ 18

SABBAT "...For Satan and Sacrifice..." T-Shirt (lim. 25/each)

T-Shirt S,M,L,XL (RED Shirt, black Print)¨ 13,50

T-Shirt S,M,L,XL (BLACK Shirt, silver Print)¨ 13,50

Sleeveless ShirtS,M,L,XL (RED Shirt, black Print)¨ 14

Sleeveless Shirt S,M,L,XL (RED Shirt, black Print)¨ 14


CD + Shirt ¨ 20

LP (BLACK) + Shirt ¨ 25

LP (RED) + LP Size OBI + Shirt ¨ 28

LP (YELLOW)+ LP Size OBI + Shirt ¨ 28

THOR "Thunderstryke II" CD (NEW!)¨ 11,00

Part two of the THUNDERSTRYKE album! This time more 80s style Heavy Metal mayhem. This is Jon Mikl's THOR tribute to all the great guitarists that he worked and still works with. Includes songs such as "Graveyard", Mirror Man", "Rock n Roll Dream", etc etc
HEADLIGHT (Japan) "Heavy Metal King of Kings" Official T-Shirt ¨ 13,50

(The Cult is alive - NWoJHM force HEADLIGHT! Official shirt, silver print!)

DESASTER "Tyrants of the Netherworld "Gatefold LP
To avoid another DESASTER bootleg version, this masterpiece is re-released on LP! DESASTER's third full-length album, considered as their best work by many. Comes with special rare Bonus track "Darkness and Evil" that was recorded with Gezol and Okkulto on vocals late 2000.
Black Vinyl 15 Euro

Blue Vinyl (lim 350) 18 Euro

Red Vinyl (lim 100) 22 Euro (VERY LAST COPIES)

PENTACLE "Gold Logo/ Five Candles..." Shirt(GOLD PRINT!)

S, M,L,XL 15 Euro

BLACK SHIRT, Gold Print. Special Logo artwork on front and Logo + "Five Candles..." in Greek on back ¨ 15,00

...and a brandnew Rock Saviour Records release, out NOW:

THOR "Energy/ Kings of Muscle Rock/ Stormwarning" EP
The Lightning Hammer of mighty THOR strikes again!!! 3 track EP. "Energy" is a song from the upcoming album "THUNDERSTRYKE II", the other two songs ("Kings of Muscle Rock" and "Storm Warning") are exclusiveand unreleasedtracks for this 7"EP!
Limited to 555!!!
Black Vinyl 6 Euro

Blue Vinyl (lim 100) 8 Euro

Red Vinyl (lim 100) 8 Euro

Special Vinyl (lim. 50) 15 Euro

SABBAT "Evoke" Gatefold LP (GOLD Layout Edition)
(15 years after the original Iron Pegasus Vinyl edition on Picture Disc, now a real LP in beautiful Gatefold Sleeve with Golden Devil/Goat layout is out. SABBAT's second studio album, probably the darkest and most evil recording SABBAT ever did. Incl. "Total Necro...", "Metalucifer & Evilucifer", "Envenom into the Witches Hole",etc)

Blacking Vinyl ¨ 15,00

RED Vinyl + LP SIZE OBI (lim. 150) ¨ 18,00

ORANGE VINYL + LP SIZE OBI (lim. 150) ¨ 18,00


Coverdesign in Gold on Front, Logo + Bandphoto in Gold on Back

BLACK CLASSIC SWEATSHIRT (limited to 18 only) GOLD PRINT ¨ 30,00

(S, M, L, XL)


LP (BLACK) + Shirt ¨ 27

LP (RED + OBI) + Shirt ¨ 28

LP (ORANGE + OBI) + Shirt ¨ 28

CD + Shirt ¨ 23


BLACK SABBATH: Martin Popoff "Black Sabbath - Hohepriester des Doom"19,90

IRON MAIDEN "Run to The Hills" Official Biography (322 Seiten, Deutsch) 19,90

(From the very beginning in the band's "pub era" to the recent days, written by Metal encyclopedy Mick Wall. In German)

JUDAS PRIEST: Al Atkins "Dawn of the Metal Gods" 19,90

(in English, an early member tells his story! 224 pages!)

JUDAS PRIEST "Der st‰hlerne Weg von Judas Priest" 19,90

(256 pages! the first-ever biography about Judas Priest in the German language. An independent look at the career of Heavy Metal's godfathers. Over the last 20 years, the author has done many interviews with various members of the band. The book consists of an in-depth biography from Judas Priest's humble Brummie beginnings in 1969 to 2007's epic ªNostradamus´ album. Including a detailed discography of vinyl and CD releases as well as a gig guide to the 1,561 live gigs of the band.)

KISS "Demaskiert: Die offizielle Biographie"(356 Seiten, sehr professionelles Buch)23,90

OVER THE TOP "Das Motorhead Fanbuch"(192 Seiten, sehr ausf¸hrlich, Pics, Bootlegs, etc.)18.60

OZZY OSBOURNE "The Story of the Ozzy Osbourne Band"(English, 356 pages. lots of insider stories and cool pics)26,00

RAINBOW "Zwischen Genie und Wahnsinn"( 194 Seiten, Deutsch)18,90

(If you are a RAINBOW/ Blackmore Fan, this is your Book. But in German only)



(Re-print of the very 1st issue of this legendary Metal Magazine. Comes with a DESTRUCTOR live 7'inch)

Videos (VHS)
CANNIBAL CORPSE "Live Cannibalism"5,00

(Official Video, 16 fuckin' songs such as "A Skull Full of Maggots", "Hammer Smashed Face", etc.)


CORPSE GRINDER "20 Years Grinding Corpses" DVD (NTSC) + CD ¨ 16,00

(18 tracks on the DVD, including one entire show plus various clips. The Audio CD incl. 12 different trax. Comes with booklet. A true money for value release)

TRUE THRASH FEST 2009 Osaka Japan DVD (Japanese Import) ¨ 15,00

(29 Songs in total, with bands like ABIGAIL, VIOLATOR, FASTKILL, IMPALER, KING'S EVIL, HIRAX etc. Official release. 2 hours of total Thrashing Hell)

HOA Double-DVD 2010 (6 HOURS!) 22,00

HOA Double-DVD 2009 (7 HOURS!) ¨ 22,00

(Official HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR DVD. Professionally filmed. 7 (!) hours of pure LIVE Metal mayhem with RAZOR, TANK, THE RODS, Q5, ANGEL WITCH, MANILLA ROAD, PILEDRIVER, PORTRAIT, CLOVEN HOOF. etc etc etc etc. True value for money).

HOA Double-DVD 2008 (5 HOURS!) ¨ 21,00

(Official HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR DVD. Professionally filmed. 5 hours of pure LIVE Metal mayhem with DESTRUCTOR, PRAYING MANTIS, DEATH SS, BEEHLER, AT WAR, etc. Also includes footage from 2007 with GRIM REAPER, AVENGER etc etc).

IMPETIGO "Defiling The Stage" US-DVD ¨ 16,00

(The first official DVD from this cult grind band. Spanning the group s 20+ year existence, Defiling the Stage features multiple live performances including the 20 year anniversary reunion show and never before seen bonus material!)

IMPIETY "Penang Abomination Tour 2011" DVD ¨ 15,00

(Malaysian Import., 12 songs of black Death barbarism, played Live in Malaysia)

OCCULT "To be Thrashed" DVD ¨ 12,00

(The band before LEGION OF THE DAMNED: Rare DVD, with material from 1990 till 2003. With interviews, early 90s story from Dutch TV, clips, live, jams with PENTACLE and DESASTER. etc etc etc)

V/A "Just kill.... and Kill Again!" DVD (NTSC) ¨ 15,00

(With HIRAX, DEVIL ON EARTH, MORTAGE. 24 live trax in total, comes with booklet)

V/A NUCLEAR WAR NOW Fest Volume I DVD ¨ 13,00

(Multi angle footage from the first NWN fest. With ARES KINGDOM, MIDNIGHT, NOCTURNAL GRAVES, BONE AWYL, DEAD CONGREGATION, ABIGAIL, PEST and tons mooooore)

new CDs/ MCDs
A PERPETUAL DYING MIRROR "Towards a Constellation Vien" Mexico CD 7,00

ABADDON INCARNATE "Dark Crusade" CD9,00***

(For worshippers old NAPALM DEATH stuff ‡ la "Mentally Murdered" and old Death metal)

ABAZAGORATH "Sacraments of the Final Atrocity" US-CD 11,00

(Released by the band, a raging Black Death fest, but with good traditional riffing and know how)

ABHORER/ BRAIN DEATH "Zygotical Ecstasy" Malaysian CD ¨ 11,50

(16 page booklet with lots of photos, etc. Incl. ABHORER's "Zygotical..." album + Demo 1989 and BRAIN DEATH's "from the Ecstacy" + Demo/ Live Bonus. Numbered to 1000)



(The classic split cd !!!!)

ABIGAIL "The Lord of Satan" US-CD ¨ 11,00

ABIGAIL/ MANTAK "The Eastern Desekkatorz" US-Split CD ¨ 11.50

ABIGAIL "Forever Street Metal Bitch" CD ¨ 11,50

ABIGAIL "The Early Black Years 1992- 1995" CD¨ 11,50

(Old Demo, Ep, Rehearsal and live recordings. Raw stuff!)

ABIGAIL "Alive .... In Thailand" Thai-CD¨ 11,00***

(Live in Thailand, numbered to 1000. 13 Black Alcoholic Kamakize Metal Attacks!)

ABOMINATION (US) "Demo" Digipack CD ¨ 11,50

(Paul Speckmann's ABOMINATION)

ABOMINATTION "doutrine of false martyr" CD ¨ 11,50

(ultrabrutal Death Metal from Brasil, re-release with bonus tracks)


(Out of print for long time. ABOMINATOR crush in the vein of BLASPHEMY!)

ABOMINATOR "Eternal Conflagration" CD¨ 11,50

(Brandnew album from this Aussie tornado!)

ABOMINATOR "Subversives for Lucifer" CD¨ 11,50

ABOMINATOR "Nuctemeron Descent" CD¨ 11,50

ABRAMIS BRAMA"Nar tystnden lagt sig" CD¨ 11,50***

ABRAMIS BRAMA"Live" CD ¨ 11,50***

ABRAMIS BRAMA"Dansa tokjavlens vals" CD ¨ 11,50***

ABSCESS "Boubon, Blood and Butchery" CD ¨ 11,50

(24 track collection with all the rare songs from various EPs, Splits and an unreleased rehearsal from 1999. 12 page booklet and a coverartwork by Dennis Dread)

ABSCESS / BONESAW "Split" Mini CD ¨ 8,50

(All new studio material from both bands)


ABSCESS "Damned and Mummified" US-CD¨ 11,50

(aaaarghhhh!!!! Perverse and filthy as always!)

ABSU "V.I.T.R.O.L"CD¨ 11,50

ABSU "The Sun of Tipareth"CD¨ 11,50

ABSU "The Third Storm..."CD ¨ 11,50

ABSU "Mythological occult metal" Double CD ¨ 13,00

ABSU "s/t" CD¨ 12,00

ABSU "Tara/ The Eyes of...." Digipack (incl. thick booklet) ¨ 11,50

ABYSMAL GRIEF feretri  CD ¨  11,50

(New 3rd album. Horror Italian Doom Metal. Darkened and Necromantical!)

ABYSMAL GRIEF "We Lead the Procession" CD11,50

(Italian Horror Metal)

ACCEPT "Stalingrad" CD/DVD (embossed) ¨ 15,00

(New album! Total Flying V Guitar-power in the typical ACCEPT style, with catchy melodies and great solos. Comes with Bonus DVD incl. livesongs and clips. The album itself includes a bonus track with "Never forget")

ACHERON "Rites of the Black Mass" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(Absolute essential album that has to be in every good Black Death Metal collection. With now members of SATHANAS, EQUINOX; etc. Comes with nice booklet and 5 bonus tracks from the demo.)

ACHERON "Those Who Have Risen" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

ACHERON "Final Conflict" CD ¨ 11,50

(Vincent Crowley returns with his dark force of ACHERON! BRANDEW studio album)

ACHERONTAS "Amen Ti"" Foldout-Digipack ¨ 12,00

(Deluxe Digipack)

ACID "Maniac" CD ¨ 14,00(Back in Stock!)

(Also deluxe HIGH VAULTAGE release, this time with three rare bonus tracks)

ACID "Engine Beast" CD¨ 14,00(Back in Stock!)

(one more great deluxe CD with bonus material)

ACID "Maniac/ Black Cat" Mexcio CD ¨ 11,50

(Classic Metal Attack from Belgium)

ACID SPEECH "Corrosive Riot 666" MCD ¨ 8,50

(Brazil Thrash Metal)

ACID STORM "Why?... Dirty War (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

ACID WITCH "Stoned " US CD ¨ 11,50

ACID WITCH "Witchtanic Hallucinations" US CD ¨ 11,50

ADORIOR "Author of Incest" CD¨ 11,50

ADRAMELECH "Terror Of Thousand Faces" CD¨ 11,00

( 3rd album of these finish masters of nordic Death Metal. Always true to their sound, this album delivers 10doses of fast, heavy and aggressive Death. Their most extreme offering to date!!)

ADVERSARIAL"All Idols Fall Before the Hammer" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(Debut full-length from this filthy three-piece Canadian blackened metal of deathband)

AEVERON(Ger) "The Ancient Realm" Digi.MCD¨ 9,00


(Plays fast and raging Black Metalfrom Hungary inspired by the old DISSECTION, TAAKE, TORMENTOR, etc)

AFFLICTION GATE "Aeon of Nox (From Darkness comes Liberation)" CD ¨ 11,50

AFFLICTION GATE "Shattered Ante Mortem Illusions" MCD¨ 8,50

AFTERMATH "25 Years of Chaos" 3-CDs + DVD ¨ 25,00

(80s Thrash from Chicago. Incl. all demos. Comes with 16 page booklet. Lim. 1500)

AGATHOCLES "Mince Core History 1996-1997" CD¨ 9,50***

(Collection of EPs by this old Belgian band)

AGATHOCLES "Mince Core History 1989-1993" CD¨ 9,50***

(41 (!) songs packed on one CD! Death Grind with a doze of Pogo-Power!)

AGATUS "The Weaving Fates" CD 7,50***

(Atmospheric Dark Greek Metal for fans of old ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, etc)

AGENT STEEL "Omega Conspiracy" CD ¨ 7,50***

(Special price for a new album)

AGENT STEEL "Unstoppable Force" CD¨ 9,50

AHRIMAN "Kˆdkin ÷sveny- Mistpain Death" CD ¨ 7,50***

(symphonic Epic Blackness in the raw but professional way from Hungary. Impressive artwork and layout)

AKTISA "La Greande Infamie" CD¨ 11,50

ALCOHOLIC FORCE "Alcoholic Force" Chinese MCD ¨ 8,50

( Columbia Thrash in 80s style)

ALASTOR "Infernal Lord" CD ¨ 11,00

(Brandnew album from the Portugal's raging Black thrash hell!)

ALASTOR "Demon Attack" CD ¨ 11,50

(includes the "Demon Attack" album and "Gates of Darkness" session from 1996. 19 trax in total)

ALEBRIJE "Alebrije" US-CD¨ 11,50***

(Speedy Heavy Metal with melodical Spanish vocals, very well done. For those who love traditional stuff with twin guitar melodies)

ALKATEYA "Lycanthropy" CD¨ 11,50

(Portuguese classic metallers from the 80's, strike back with a new album)

ALLFATHER (can) "Weapon of Ascension" CD¨ 9,50***

(Reminds a bit of ORDER FROM CHAOS with raging drums and sometimes blackened guitars)

ALLTHENIKO "We will Fight!" CD¨ 11,50

(Heavy Metal/Thrash in pure '80 style, played with total skill. Similar to old ANNIHILATOR, PRIEST and perhaps NOISEHUNTER etc! Contains bonus track and bonus video)

ALTAR OF OBLIVION"Sinews Of Anguish" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(Epic Doom Attack)

AMESOUERS (FR) "Ruines Humaines" MCD¨ 9,00

AMMIT "Hammer of Darkness" CD¨ 11,50

ANAEL "From Arcane Fires" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(new album from German ANAEL!)

ANAEL (Ger)/ LUST (Canada) Split CD ¨ 9,00***

ANAL VOMIT "Sudamerica Brutal" Peru CD ¨ 9,50***

(South American Black Death cult. The Demo from 1998 plus rare live trax. ‡ la old SARCOFAGO/ HADEZ; etc)

ANAL VOMIT "Gathering the Putrid Demons" CD ¨ 11,50

(NEW ALBUM from this Peruvian Devil. For fans into old style South American wrath ‡ la VULCANO, SARCOFAGO; etc)

ANAL VOMIT/ GOAT SEMEN"Devotos Del Diablo" Colombia CD (lim. 666) ¨ 12,00

ANAL VOMIT "Demoniac Flagellations" CD¨ 11,50

ANAL VOMIT "Depravation" CD¨ 11,50

(South American Death Metal with ex-HADEZ madman Toni Destructor)

ANATOMIA/ GRUDGE / COFFINS "Doomed tpo Death, Damned in Hell" CD 11,50

ANCIENT "Svathalvheim" Digipack CD ¨ 11,50

ANCIENT "Det Glemet Riket" CD ¨ 11,50

ANCIENT "Eerily Howling Winds - The Demos" CD ¨ 11,50

ANCIENT GODS (USA) Mystic Lands MCD ¨ 9,00

(pure death. Extreme , fast but yet melodic. Feat. THE CHASM member)

ANCIENT RITES "Rubicon" Digi-CD¨ 11,50

ANCIENT WISDOM (Swe) Cometh doom, cometh death CD¨ 11,50

ANGEL OF DAMNATION "Carnal Philosophy" CD ¨ 11,00***


ANGATYR "Sejr" CD¨ 8,50***

ANGMAR "The Razorblade Redemption" CD¨ 11,00***

ANGMAR (fra) "Metamorphosis" CD ¨ 11,50

ANGEL CORPSE "Hammer of Gods" CD ¨ 11,50

(The crushing Debut, back in stock. For fans of old MORBID ANGEL)

ANGEL CORPSE "The Inexorable" Digipack CD¨ 11,50

ANGEL CORPSE "Of Lucifer and Lightning" CD¨ 11,50

ANGEL CORPSE "Iron, Blood and Blasphemy" CD ¨ 11,50

(The band's finest moments, Ep-stuff, covers and rare recordings)

ANGEL CORPSE "Exterminate" CD ¨ 11,50

ANGEL WITCH "Screamin' 'N' Bleedin'"CD¨ 11,00

(Rare andhard to find second album from the English NWoBHM legend ANGEL WITCH , with new artwork, photos and several great rare Live-bonussongs it is re-released.Re-Mastered with more powerful and energetic sound. ANGEL WITCH still played their typical NWoBHM style in an updated Mid 80s Metal version and a touch of BLACK SABBATH's "Heaven and Hell")

ANGST SKVADRON (Nor) "Flukt" ¨ 11,50

ANIHILATED "Path to Destruction" Chinese CD (+ OBI) ¨ 11,50

(Old thrash metal from UK with a raw punky edge. The old "Path to Destruction" Ep from 1986, the "Speedwell Sessions 1985" and 5 live attacks. Comes with thick booklet)

ANIHILATED (UK) "Scorched Earth Policy" CD ¨ 11,50

(Brandnew album from this British 80s Thrash Metal band. And they still know to deliver the Thrashing goods!)

ANIHILATED "Created In Hate (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(The debut album! One of the very few good Thrash forces in the 80s that came from the UK)

ANIHILATED "The Ultimate Desecration (+ Bonus)" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(One of the finest UK Thrash Metal releases ever. Originally released in 1989 this new remastered version included liner notes, bio, pictures and lyrics. It also includes 3 bonus tracks)

ANIMA MORTE "Face the Sea of Darkness" US-CD¨ 11,50

ANNATHEMA "Annathema" Chinese CD (+OBI) ¨ 11,50

(Serbian Cult Thrash Speed act in the 80s vein. Limited and numbered to 1000 copies. These recordings from 1989 for the first time on CD)

ANTACID / HATRED "Metal Chaos Across The World"Chinese CD ¨ 11,50

(May/Col Heavy Speed Metal)

ANTAEUS "Cut Yourself..." CD ¨ 11,50

ANTAEUS "De Principii Evangelikum" CD ¨ 11,50

ANTAGONIZED "Intence Perversions" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(old school blaphemous death metal from Panima featuring ex-MALEVOLANT CREATION member on Drums)

ANTEDILUVIAN "Through the Crevix of Hawwah" ¨ 11,50

(Heavy and dark Canadian Death Metal with deeeep vocals)

ANTHRAX "Fistful of Metal" Brazil CD ¨ 11,50

(the 1st album when ANTHRAX still ruled. with original singer Neil Turbin, incl. "Metal Thrashing Mad" and "Soldiers ofMetal")

ANTI "The Insignificance Of Life" CD¨ 7,50***

(re-press of this depressive black metal album, again available in same layout!)

ANTI-CIMAX "Raw Live 1984 - 1986" Peru CD¨ 9,50***

(Total old Hardcore power with aggression)

ANTICHRIST (Swe) "Forbidden World" CD ¨ 11,50

(Sweden's Thrash devils)

ANTICHRIST (Can) "Sacrament of Blood" US-CD ¨ 11,50

(Early 90s Canadian Black Metal in the BLASPHEMY vein)


(Total Grind attack with a Punk edge. Great if you wanna get rid off some aggression)

ANWYL"Postmortem Apocalypse" CD ¨ 7,50***

(Blackened Death attack, bit like ANGEL CORPSE on DRAKKAR Productions)

APOLLYON "Diaboli Gratia" US-CD ¨ 6,50***

APOKALYPTIC RAIDS "The Third Storm" Brazil CD¨ 11,50

(New album full of HELLHAMMER-ing aggression and heaviness)

AQUER (Chile) "Athanatos" CD¨ 9,50***

(Southamerican Occult Deathrashing Black Metal Evil, in the old barbaric style)

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