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AAA Screening Programme Comms Strand C Core Actions
AAA Screening Themes this delivers against:

Primary Care Engagement, Prior During and After screening round

Project Lead

Hilary Sales

Objectives (these are the key deliverables required for the project to be successful)

A “mini” consultation on info and comms content and channel issues with GP practices and feedback into overall programme strand

B Assessment of screening round and segmentation of practices – heuristic assessment by region/access/Health needs

C Creation of deployment plan for GP engagement - segmented to 3 Wave response(Pre, mid and post screening round) per practice per phase of programme ( GP/Practice Managers/Practice Nurses) and additional advisory comms to LMCs and emergent CCG stakeholders

D Verification of contact lists for hardcopy and e communications – script generation for follow up with practices

E Script and FAQ developed to facilitate enquiries and courtesy call follow ups

F Round launch event - small event to publicise “spearhead screening round 2012 with build up to 2013 National rollout – if budget available

G Phased send of comms packages via available channels to LMCs and CCGs and practices according to plan (Action A

H rolling evaluation of phases and screening round – feedback to sectors and practices on penetration

I Remedial communications push as per D for low penetration areas

J End of round comms penetration assessment – present findings to NHSL and NAAASP

Budget (if relevant)


Proposed timescales

Ongoing from Nov 11

In addition to these theme actions a broader action plan has been developed. – See appendix A

Measuring the success of the action plan

Performance monitoring will be collected each quarter by the RFH AAA Screening programme and submitted to commissioners who have overall responsibility for ensuring the uptake and implementation of the UCSAP and commissioning the impact assessment and evaluation of this strategy. The Action Plan will also be subject to annual monitoring as part of the annual commissioning assessments which includes a requirement that:

  • Partners receive appropriate information

  • Communities are engaged and informed
  • Men including those at targeted by the screening round – are involved and informed

  • Clinical leaders and professional groups are engaged and appropriately briefed

  • There is a programme strategy for dealing with the media in line with NHSL and NCL provisions especially with regards to roll out developments supporting the national development in 2013


NCL AAA Screening Programme Campaign Phases and Actions










Phase theme

Operational delivery

Communications scoping and development

Build year campaign

Main launch year

Continuity and sustainability

Phase summary

Operational delivery

Scoping and reframing

Promotion and development

Alignment and support to the national rollout

Building a sustainable legacy for AAA screening

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