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Urge to Purge Batch 2

#12,0001 – Tags = 1(LRZ)

Description: divided attention


Divided attention – now we can divide our attention without any organic integration among them, and they are often of things themselves that are divided. There can also be undivided attention of a still divided thing. What we need is an organic integration of the divided things in the mind, with the synthesis of imagination, rather than the divisionary logic of reason.

Even when we can give our undivided attention, it is most often about something divided and schematized/schematizing.
#12,0002 – Tags = 3(IJRT)

Description: from organic (fascist) societies to an inorganic world


from organic (fascist) societies to an inorganic world.

7 to a couple hundred various fascist societies used to exist, with organic spheres. now there is a world society somewhat, to varying degrees, of globalized individuals. Each person could be thought of as their own organic fascist society in a certain way, making themselves rigid and not destabalized.
#12,0003 – Tags = 1(DR)

Description: hobbes war of all against all is now reigning true


we are moved from organic differences to such divisiveness that Hobbes utterances about the war of all against all are now reigning true.

#12,0010 – Tags = 7(VW)

Description: circumscribe


circumscribe, circumstance – what is around a stance, a stability, a stable concept, with various things circulating around it

#12,0011 – Tags = 1(RZ)

Description: a thing ends because it is a thing


a thing ends because its a thing, and it has a cut off ability to relate to other things

#12,0012 – Tags = 10(AC)

Description: beyond representative democracy


beyond representative democracy – why do we need to aggregate ourselves into these systems of large interactions? Why can't we just do things, and then as we do them, if there are those that don't like the actions we undertake, they can undertake other ones. Rather than all voting, can't we all write articles, talk, cohort, and change one another, and do it to no end? We aren't doing all this to convince of one person to represent us. Some of the assumptions of representative democracy are that there are individuals, and there are individuals that can represent the needs of others.

#12,0013 – Tags = 1(U&)

Description: preoccupation with technology and communication


computers as the movement of language to a smaller level, meaning more of it can take place, which is a good thing in many ways, that it can take place faster and more of it, but it can also lead to a preoccupation with nothing but this communication, and a forgetting about all else that matters

#12,0020 – Tags = 1(ERZ&)

Description: concepts solidified under a dominant symbolic order become stagnant


these names, that we attribute to these concepts. But these concepts solidified in a dominant symbolically recognizable way in these figures, in the marx, even though they may have undergone the most dynamic change out of the plane and boring from whence they came, from the seminar members, from the discussions. By accident, from

a pull away from symbolic ownership is necessary. Representationalism doesn't exist as a connection between the linguistic act and the thing it is supposed to be about, but it is a forcing and narrowing of energy to flow between two things, in a superficial manner, and these two things being unable to interact with the others.

#12,0021 – Tags = 1(EMR)

Description: how reified minds can go deeper


there are systems in a person's head that they could have one exclusive system in one part of their brain, and another in another part of their brain, that they move to each part as they are approaching new things – this is like the reified mind. Then there are people that have a simple one system set in their minds rather than a few simple systems, are still a reified mind in a degreed fashion, but still somewhat distinct from this first one. The way that minds can learn things that contradict, but not actually see the variants in between them and create a more subtle difference and go to deeper levels, is that they'll have seperate parts of their brain. One could have their science part, their math part, as all seperate and accessed exclusively. So not using the same parts, energy isn't flowing through the same parts, there is also the mind that can learn these things and integrate them with the whole, so that it creates a square circled (type of mind)... all these crazy subtle differences to where it's still a whole person. And so none of the methodologies are seperate, they all work with one another. This person will generally be more skeptical of systems because they'll have their own more subtle and subtley devised view for the world.

#12,0022 – Tags = 1(DMR)

Description: reification can purge out memories of humanity


because people are dynamic enough to change their brain and change the way the matter is related, and thus their experience, and their memories-- Because they do that, it means that reification can set in and actually purge out everything else there was. Or a reified type system can erode away. And so there can be said to be last inches of humanity, and last instances ethical considerations remaining in a widespread way. And so these can always be purged. People don't even have that left.

#12,0023 – Tags = 1(RV)

Description: violence doesn't solve reification


violence wouldn't solve reification, where lukacs might think it would by killing the more reified minds. It would reify them even further.

#12,0030 – Tags = 7(VW)

Description: objects as impervious


impervious, imperviousouity, imperviousness, as a word for objects that stay things. This might be what i could pair with analogousity

#12,0031 – Tags = 1(UZ)

Description: sun and energy making things spark up and send out waves


the sun makes things produce their own visual, whatever... waves are coming out of the things, as the sun touches them and makes this logic pour out. So it isn't actually our eyes doing much, they are just receiving these waves and itneracting with them. The sun is actually making them spark up and do things.

At absolute zero, you can't see anything nor interact with anything. Once you interact with something its by definition not absolute zero anymore.
#12,0032 – Tags = 1(DLU)

Description: being in the age of the exact copy and leveling


being in the age of the exact copy is indicative of how much leveling (to a particular level, such as atomic or molar) there has been, that we have brought things to such a simple level, rather than a flow of smooth between levels. We have made things that simple that we can actually replicate them exactly. It is indeed a poor story for differenation.

#12,0033 – Tags = 1(IMRT@)

Description: multiple personality disorder and reification


multiple personality disorder – or what explains not being able to access different parts of the brain, is that there is such deep schisms in the brain between areas that one can't even

there are such thick reified barriers, that when time exists for one, it just stops for the others (because they are not in motion). If you could look at a reified person's brain in their different states, you would see this (and rather than quadrants, they could be intertwined, but various more heavily connected parts would be a personality, and then their loose and infrequent connections with other parts. These different areas all have their own place for memory, their own functioning system. And so when a different personality takes over, the other ones are shut down—their is no time for them, they are stagnant—and so thats why they can't be accessed by the new one, because they are so cut off.

#12,0100 – Tags = 1(W&)

Description: arbitrarity comes first, then its privileging as necessary and important


what we choose to focus on when gleaning or skimming (as well as involving ourselves with anything) isn't chosen by us because its in itself necessarily important. It becomes important and seemingly visible as we read into it significane—what we glean out initially is arbitrary. This idea can be understood as better under the rubric of we and meaning humans and maybe all life forms, and the arrangements they privilege come arbitrarily first and then afterwards become important and necessary.

#12,0101 – Tags = 4(NOW)

Description: four, as number of journal


four, as number of journal, is non-binary, and first even after 2

#12,0102 – Tags = 1(DU)

Description: the potential of a blank wall


the blank wall holds within it the potential for infinite more differentiated universes than all the difference currently existing.

#12,0103 – Tags = 1(MU@)

Description: we are right above the rationality that seeps into infitisimmality


we are always right above the level of rationality (statized and ordered), that seeps into infitisemmiality as a hierarchy. we have the potential to bring motion to lower and lower levels mostly by thinking and becoming obsessed with the small and the subtle

#12,0110 – Tags = 1(KLM)

Description: kant's antinomies show how there can be different mutually exclusive things going on in one mind


kant's antinomies of reason show how one logic can work itself on one system of the brain, while another can work on another part, and the two can be mutually exclusive in that they don't materially connect, and thus don't logically connect.

#12,0112 – Tags = 7(VW)

Description: engi”near” as opposed to engi-ne-large


engi"near" as opposed to engi-ne-large - meaning changing things in the small level instead of being obscessed with really large things

#12,0113 – Tags = 1(LR)

Description: “understand” as standing under knowledge


"under"-"stand" - standing under knowledge - not moving

#12,0120 – Tags = 1(MRV)

Description: violence as we think of it is subsumed under violence in materiality


violence as we socially think of is subsumed under violence in materiality, the division and seperation. people living in cities with all these surfaces cutting through are living in material violence.

#12,0121 – Tags = 1(TX@)

Description: emotion and time


the reason that time can go slower is that so much emotion is going on (perhaps emotion oscilliates a lot, from an optomistic to a pessimistic, in a matter of seconds). Emotion is what I have until sort of left out, or not taken fully into account, but it has a huge experiential quality. And perhaps emotions aren't possible to put on a continuum or even in a plane or sphere of possibile degrees of difference, but they themselves are just different, and not invertible.

Perhaps emotion is subsumed under phenomenology and is one type of experience
#12,0122 – Tags = 1(W)

Description: pun - love is double you, (or W)


#12,0123 – Tags = 7(IVW&)

Description: knowledge as arcane, vacuous, and ward churchill random


arcane means something that is difficult to open, or thats shut, especially refferring to knowledge a reified thing could be said to be arcane. Vacuous, which means devoid of meaning/substance. This could be used to describe a bunch of similar atoms that are hanging around not connecting, they all become vacuous

idea for essay “why ward churchill should be read” - he might be a controversial figure that we might want to steer clear from, but he is an example of the symbolic order ruining this whole person's ability to intellectually make an argument, because he said some things that upset feelings and it was brought up to the media propaganda sphere.
#12,0130 – Tags = 3(CEWX)

Description: dependent on energy resources, we have greatly misattributed what we are


with the dependence on oil that keeps being pointed out- i think reduces what humans are and what we can do, and the fact that we had to produce so many technologies and ideas for us even to get to the point where oil is of use to us. So i think just to say that humans are dependent on oil and we just have to change our energy sources is a great mis-attribution of what we are capable of, and also what the problem really is

#12,0131 – Tags = 7(I)

Description: the reclaiming of a word


essay idea – reclaiming a word. And it could point out some of the many difficulties that come out even to reclaim a word like communism or totalitaranism, and how its been inscribed and meaning has been dedicated to it, and the battles you have to go up against to reclaim it, but how its important to do that

and also strategies about how to do it.
#12,0132 – Tags = 1(R)

Description: the unreifiable


it is that which can never be reduced. It is that night you drive through, and the night which drives through you

#12,0133 – Tags = 10(C)

Description: drugs aren't requisite for true trancer


trance and philosophy

for the really true trancers drugs are not a requisite. Armin has his armies of devotees because it is a “natural” drug.

#12,0200 – Tags = 1(DW)

Description: trance as not based on memory recognition


Trance music is that which doesn't go based on memory recognition. You can see how insane people are about a new song they've never heard before. It's very immediate, it doesn't have to instantiate itself first, it can grasp people instantly

#12,0201 – Tags = 1(DR&)

Description: language can't represent reality


language can't represent reality because it is enmeshed in it. The project to have a language that represents this complex reality, is an evolving mess towards a regressive STATE of affairs.

#12,0202 – Tags = 1(BHR)

Description: analytics (gatekeepers) attacks on hegel


if it is called a reading at all, it'll be called a bad reading. And indeed it does challenge their reading and so to them it is bad and must be disarmed. But as it might be contentfully weak, which I agree it might, it challenges the form that keeps static and imprisoned hegel. The form to which they are the guards, to which they are making themselves. And so this can be seen as an contentual attack to disentigrate forms, and the contradiction that might exist within hegelian scholarship, which is that hegel has a viral (in a good sense) and explosive philosophy, that is being kept bottled up and put on display, but the display is through a looking glass that inevitably makes it 2 dimensional and a reified eternality. The interaction and development that hegel would have loved so much, even if it so happened that it didn't happen in exactly the dialectical way he tried to elaborate, is stifled by the gatekeepers.

#12,0203 – Tags = 3(MPR)

Description: land, bread as finite, then for peace?


title for my discussion about materially understanding everything - “land, peace, and bread” and how peace doesn't happen b/c there is finite land and bread, but that isn't inherent of course, it is a question of organization. But now to look at not what law means, but what it does, what private property does to restrict movement. It acts on the ideological level primarily, but acts in the external to human bodies level as well.

#12,0210 – Tags = 7(VW)

Description: fanaa-loco-motion



#12,0211 – Tags = 1(CDZ&)

Description: trance artists/songs to mention, and connectivity in trance


trance essay – make sure to mention james holden's nothings (and horizons) – nothing is doing with language, showing it as superficial but it shows how important voice or intention, but its almost better when its not saying anything

trance actually creates more points of connectivity to itself and it connects to more things, because its so dynamic, and it actually increases the level of conscious being that we are, rather than just having our energies refocus on something more in depth and immanent and less static, maybe it actually produces, in a sense, more energy

morphing mirrors, michael solex, ultra vibe, the andain remixes

trance causes the goosebumps, a want to connect out, so mention this too.
#12,0212 – Tags = 1(MRU)

Description: unions inabilities to organize because of micro divisions


the inability of unions to organize in the age of information rather than in the previous age of mass production, is because of the going of materiality to deeper and smaller divisions, micro-divisions. They are disconnected at higher levels.

#12,0213 – Tags = 1(MRU)

Description: mutual exclusive, and seeing 3 dimensional from multiple viewpoints


start out an essay with talking about how eyes can turn something 2 dimensional into a 3 dimensional... and then talk about how methods are expanding and people are learning more and more methods. BUT, instead of holistically integrating these all, because each is “mutually exclusive”, there is a multiple levels of thought and multiple personality disorders of different methods that a person shifts to in certain contexts.

Also the 2 dimension into 3 dimensions is analogous to one taking it deeper in their minds

#12,0220 – Tags = 5(U)

Description: english words but inscribing different meanings


idea for novel, have people raising their kids using english or whatever their dominant language is, but have them say things but do things that are contrary or just different to what they are doing, have them say “fuck you honey” very nicely, and yell “I love you”, and so on, to where the other person could be using all english but have it all inscribed differently.

#12,0221 – Tags = 1(JR)

Description: western assumptions about mapping the outside


the western universalist idea, that all can be captured and changed in the minds of a person, is inherently debilitating at the same exact instant it seems empowering. You get the Gods eye view of the world, but its really a God's eye view of some simple stupid map that is as accurate as shit smeared on toilet paper is of a far away situation.

#12,0222 – Tags = 1(MRUV)

Description: information technology as a nuclear bomb slower acting


information technology is a nuclear bomb that is a lot slower acting, but it divides up materiality in smaller and smaller ways

#12,0223 – Tags = 1(DJW@)

Description: we shouldn't level ourselves to being human, as we have evolved


evolution, we have evolved into what we are now, and there is no stability to what is “human” so we shouldn't try and make us all leveled, through whatever ideological system asks for it. We are still evolving and if we have evolved into competitive creatures, we could just as easily evolve out of it.

#12,0230 – Tags = 1(UX)

Description: legos, and doing things at a small level


minuturization – i grew up with legos, doing small differentiations rather than simple differentiations at larger levels, and this gave me a greater appreciation of the immanence of things. You can appreciate small immanent things from which you can get the same phenomenological experience as if you see them in the large, and so there is little point in doing too many large things if it is unnecessary. In this respect there is a lot to learn from children and what they play with, and that when we grow up, we feel the need to move big things, but its not all together clear that this is progressive or necessary.

#12,0231 – Tags = 4(W)

Description: heterodoxy will become our orthodoxy


for journal introduction

heterodoxy will become our orthodoxy
#12,0232 – Tags = 1(LV)

Description: its not epistemic violence, its epistemology is violence


its not epistemic violence, its epistemology is violence

#12,0233 – Tags = 1(DMXZ)

Description: all perception ways are complex forms of interaction within materiality


vision, sound, and all the perceptions are all methods and highly complex forms of interaction with materiality.

#12,0300 – Tags = 1(NW)

Description: jame vu over deja vu


the privileging of jame vu rather than deja vu. This fits in with the idea for the essay – eternal differentation (the one opposed to nietzsche's eternal return)


There is no jame vu, b/c if that is to happen, the person is different, so its not a repetition

#12,0301 – Tags = 1(BLM)

Description: science creating the laws


science takes a niche out of materiality and organizes it in a deterministic fashion to derive “laws” and what not, and regularities, but it is creating these regularities and it tries to create them everywhere.

#12,0302 – Tags = 1(LM&)

Description: knowledge as a language imposed


the anti-epistemology

knowing something, or knowledge as a social thing, outside of one person, is really the proliferation of a language, such as mathematics, that started in one person's attribution of numbers to things, and has since been winning in the evolutionary process and is now inscribed on a vast amount of persons. It “seems” logical because it is logical, it is the basis of logic, its own evolutionarily evolved system. However it is a form imposed on materiality that is not necessarily universally there.

#12,0303 – Tags = 1(DELRXZ)

Description: a dynamic mind into simple things


when someone puts their dynamic mind into a more simple method of doing things, like into a rational system, they are derailing their energies from doing more dynamic things, because they are devoted to being in this simple system. But there is a simple logic that completes the system and can make it effectively closed so they can't put their energies in it anymore and must put it other places. This completing of the equation of the simple system, and providing simply the words, serves as adequate phenomenological experience on the part of the imprisoned mind to effectively block in a big way any further interaction with simple logical system, which means that at least that system is finished. In other words, one was talked into math, rather than dynamically experienced into it, and then they just happened to devote and channel everything into that math system. So just like they were talked into math, they can be talked out of it, as the talking can effectively block any further interaction with the dumb logic, leaving it there as an impenetrable thing in the person's brain, that can be interacted with anew and turned into something much more subtle and without the leveling that was apparent in the matter in its simple stage.

#12,0311 – Tags = 7(V)

Description: horripilation and sciolist


horripilation - technical term for goosebumps

sciolist - one who has only a superficial knowledge

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