Useful Tips, Links and Information

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Useful Tips, Links and Information

Stacy Bodin


Born with a moderate hearing loss, I have always been at a disadvantage by society’s terms of hearing. Fitted with hearing aids at the age of thirty years old, I made a conscious effort to use my disability as an advantage in my classroom.”

In essence, I feel that just as my hearing aids are tools which have helped compensate for my hearing loss, I believe computers are tools which help students meet individual academic needs and challenges.”
Stacy Bodin

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.”
                                                                                                           - Abigail Van Buren


Key Elements: Time Management, Responsibility and Cross Curriculum Plans 

1. Setting the Stage

  • ·STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM-Talk to the children on the first day of school about technology in the classroom.

  • The first day of school my students use the computers. I usually put in a Living Books Series CD at five or ten minute interval

  • Go over how (and why) they are expected to behave. State the consequences if rules aren’t followed. Discuss how crucial it is to remain on task. BE FIRM!
  • Find  “time management” strategies to utilize the time productively.

  • Students need to be aware of the routine and expectations before they sit at the computers.

  • Be extremely clear that they are to go back to their desk and complete their assigned seat work or work they missed while on the computers!

  • Start with a kitchen timer and time them for one or two weeks at five or ten minute intervals.

  • Get a couple of children to help start you off. Explain to the children that they raise their hands and “Tech Teacher” will go help them.

  • OFFER REWARD - They have a chance to become a “TECH TEACHER.” 

  • DIRECTIONS PLACED IN VIEW-Place the directions near the computer for them to learn how to follow by reading it.

  • Saving work for another day and saving printed work in TECH BINDERS

  • Signing name on board

  • Share information with children and parents

  • Mesh technology lessons with the state expectations

  • Documented in a variety of ways

    • Tech Binder and Journals were kept by me and the children.

    • Electronic Portfolio was created. 

    • Parent Communication

    • Detailed Lesson Plans 

2.  Create or locate plans to make it work-Locate State Expectations to correlate with technology.   

  • See Vermilion Parish's Technology Plans (Created by VP teachers) Includes plans at all grade levels.


  • (Gathered Planning Sites)

  • - Making Connections Site

  • Some of my units include plans with Louisiana GLE's (This site doesn't have all of the additional Vermilion Parish requirements yet!)

  •  Abraham Lincoln – Civil War Unit

  • ABC Digital Photo Order -

  • Country Mouse- City Mouse - MAPS (August)

  • Helen Keller Unit -

  • Erath Unit - (Community) -

  • Weather - (Wandering Wanda Unit) -

  • Space- (Sam’s Out of Space Journey) -

  • Johnny Appleseed –Tall Tale Sites (November)

  • Native Americans - Unit Slides -
  • Presidents -List of Sites -

  • Martin Luther King

  • Stacy Bodin's site (Technology Corner)

  • (Dozier Elementary's Site

  •  Dozier's Online Newsletter

  • Helpful Classroom Sites

    •  (VP Technology Plans)

    • (Children's Corner-Children's interactive activities)

    • (Presidential Page to research)

    • (Math Fact Cafe Site)

    • (Interactive reading sites for all ages)

    • (Interactive Story Maps)

    • (Free Play Music)

    • (Free Graphics Site)

    • (Tall Tale Site)

    • (Additional PowerPoint Templates)

    • (Reading Links)

    •  (Writing/Language Links)

    • (Poetry Links)

    • (History Links)

    • (Geography Links)

    • (Science Links)

    • (Weather Links)

    • (Fun Links)

    • (Pre K Sites) By Rima Duhon

Professional Sites 

    • ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

    • (Caret Research Site)

    • - NETS Standards (National Education Technology Standards

    • -  LCET (Louisiana Center for Educational Technology)

4. Find Tools, software and Strategies that work in “your” classroom, whether it be a one computer classroom or a computer lab. 

MS Word (or any other word processing program), PowerPoint, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Timeliner, Kid Pix, Graph Club, Neighborhood Map Machine, Community Construction, Reader Rabbit, Internet-FREE
 6.  Riddles and PowerPoint together are an awesome combination to excite children.
Graphic Organizers are also wonderful tools.

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