Useful Web Sites for Teaching and Learning Chinese

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Useful Web Sites for Teaching and Learning Chinese

Collected by Tianwei Xie

California State University, Long Beach

June 2001

This list contains the web sites that I have started to collect since 1997. During the past years, the list has been updated regularly. However, some new web sites appear every day and some sites became inactive or impossible to be accessed. Users of this list should be aware of this fact and make appropriate adjustments.


Introduction to the Chinese Language 3

Learning Pronunciation 4

Learning Conversations 6

Discussion and Chat 8

Learning Characters 8

Learning Grammar 11

Reading Materials 12

Listening 14

On-line Dictionaries 15

Learning Chinese Translation Online 17

Testing Your Chinese 17

Links for Chinese Studies 18

Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Schools Offering Chinese, Chinese Language Associations 19

Language Research, Textbooks, Learning Materials Database 20

Chinese Bookstores 22

Search Engines 24

Seek Help from Experts 25

Learners' Experience 25

CD Titles and other multimedia programs for Learning Chinese 25

Review Articles 26

Learning Chinese CD ROMs, tapes and software 27

Study Abroad 30

Other Resources 31

Introduction to the Chinese Language

How many people speak Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese Outpost

Mandarin Chinese Profile

Chinese Language: Questions & Answers

Online Chinese Schools

(An on-line learning school. Free for teachers. $16 for six months for students)

Online College of Chinese Language

(All Chinese courses of this website are authorized by the National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. This site can be best viewed in IE4.0 or above with a screen display 800*600. )

Learning Pronunciation

Bell Lab Chinese Text-to-Speech Synthecizer (big5)

(Type Chinese characters or pinyin, sound will be generated automatically)


Bell Lab Chinese Text-to-Speech Synthecizer (gb)

Branner, David Prager

Guide to Gwoyeu Romatzyh

Learn Pinyin

Harvard Univ.

Chinese Pronunciation Guide

Hill, Harold C.

Pinyin, Wade-Giles, Yale: Comparative Romanization

Hill, Harold C.

Zhuyin Fuhao [BPMF] Transliteration

Li, Sanpao, California State University at Long Beach

Pinyin Master

Moran, Patrick

Patrick Moran's drawing to teach z, c, s, zh, ch, sh, r, j, q, x

Peterson, Eric

Chinese Romanization Converter (Pinyin-Wade Giles-BoPoMoFo)

(This tool will not convert characters to pinyin. It will also not convert pinyin to characters. It only

works between different Romanizations and Zhuyin Fuhao.)

Sciban, Shu-ning and Xiao-jie Yang, Univ. of Calgary


Chinese Pinyin

(Free registration. Fundamental course for beginners to grasp the key to the Chinese pronunciation by learning its phonetic system.)

The City Univ. of Hong Kong

LISRC Computerized System for Learning Pinyin

Univ. of Iowa

Practice Your Pinyin

Warmington, Richard

GR Junction

Learning Conversations

A Brief Introduction to Shanghai hua

(In Japanese)

Bai, Jianhua, Kenyon College

Video Clips of Survival Chinese

OCAC Taiwan

Mandarin Classroom

(all levels)

Singapore Promote Mandarin Council

Basic Business Mandarin Chinese

(Texts and sound, intermediate)

Foreigners in China

(Free registration. This course provides a quick solution for foreigners who are going to travel, work or live in china to grasp the most commonly used spoken Chinese.)

Xie, Tianwei

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online(Level I, big5 version)

(Fifteen Units in Pinyin, English, Characters and Exercises with sound)

Xie, Tianwei. Translated by Gwon, Young June

Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online (Level I) for Korean speakers

Discussion and Chat

Harbaugh, Rick

Chat in Pinyin

(Students can chat here in Pinyin).

Huang, Kaibo & Huizhen Wu

Chinese Learners Chat Room

(allow gb codes)

Xie, Tianwei

Voice Discussion Board

(This voice forum will allow you to record and post your message to the discussion board. You can also send voice

e-mail. No need to download software.)

Learning Characters

learning characters

(Search by Pinyin)

(Search by English)

(Search by textbooks)

Harbaugh, Rick

Chinese Characters: Questions and Answers

Moran, Patrick

Patrick Moran's character practice sheets for downloading

Animated Chinese Characters

(Stroke orders are animated, covers Characters in PCR Book I)

Peterson, Erik

Chinese Character Flashcards

Chinese Characters

(Free registration. Fundamental course for beginners to learn the writing, structural characteristics,

stroke order, and development history of Chinese characters.)

Taylor, Insup and M. Martin Taylor (Amsterdam: John Benjamins)

(A Book about Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean and Japanese)

University of Iowa Students

Chinese Flashcards


(The flashcards based on the textbook)

University of Southern California

Animated Chinese Characters

(For users of the textbook Interactive Chinese)

University. of Virginia

Learning Chinese Characters

(For users of the textbook Interactive Chinese )

Wang, Youqin

The most commonly used 500 characters big5 version

The most commonly used 500 characters GB version

Xie, Tianwei, Andy Kam and Howard Chen, UC Davis

Characters with animation


(Big 5 version)

(GB version)

Xie, Tianwei

Chinese Calligraphy Page


Yin, Jinghua

Writing Sheets for Practical Chinese Reader Character

(pdf files)

Learning Grammar

Jacob, Mary, UCD

Practical Chinese Reader: supplementary teaching materials

Xie, Tianwei

Practical Chinese Reader: Self-Tests

(For PCR textbook users, elementary)

Reading Materials

CEBIS (Chinese-European-Business-Information Server)

Reading Page

Stories of Proverbs

East Asian Collection Chinese Studies WWW Virtual Library

Harbaugh, Rick

Chinese Classics Reading

(Lao Zi, Confucius and Sun Zi with online dictionary)

Moran, Patrick, Wake Forest University.

Black Dragon Curls Around China's Heart

(A serial novel for beginning readers of Chinese. The story takes place in China during the Twenty-third Century.)

Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Chinese Online Reading Assistant

(Advanced, glossary and sound provided)

Univ. of Southern California

Stories of Chinese Idioms

Univ. of Southern California

Humor Stories

Univ. of Southern California

Chinese Myths

Univ. of Southern California

Progressive Readings

University of Virginia

Chinese Reading World


CanThink Web Radio on Demand (Taiwan)

Chinese Internet TV

(In Chinese gb)

Chinese Radios and TV broadcasts

(In Chinese)

Hu, Mingliang

Video Exercises

Shaeffer, Marlowe, Annie Yang and Jing-Heng Ma, Chinese Department, Wellesley College)

Learn Chinese Fables by Listening

(Integrated Materials for Intermediate and Advanced Students)

Shea, Marilyn

Chinese Experiences

(Listen to Chinese words and sentences)


(The Internet Broadcast Channel)

Chinese-Language Radio Broadcasts

Xie, Tianwei

Learn Chinese using Voice of America

(For advanced learners)

On-line Dictionaries

Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong

Cantonese Pronunciation Dictionary

(Characters can be searched. Cantonese pronunciation can be heard and cross referenced)

Harbaugh, Rick

Chinese Character Genealogy (Online Chinese Dictionary)

(The best online Chinese dictionary providing pronunciation and meaning of the phrases, the history of Chinese characters. Needs big5 supported Chinese system)

Harbaugh, Rick

Web-based Chinese Character Dictionaries

(Searchable. Type a character in Big5 code and you will find it from various online


ok88 company

English-Chinese Dictionary On-line

(Produces gif files for characters)

Peterson, Erik

Chinese Annotation Tool

(This tool makes learning to read Chinese easier by automatically marking up the words in a Chinese text with their pronunciations and dictionary definitions.)

Peterson, Erik

Chinese Character Dictionary

Warmington, Richard

CEL (Chinese-English Lookup)

(An online dictionary)

Learning Chinese Translation Online

Automatic Traslating English Web Pages and Text into Chinese

Translating the Internet

(Request automatic translation through email)


Ye, Zinan

Learning Chinese Translation

Testing Your Chinese


Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test (CPT)


Cantonese Proficiency Test

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), The Chinese Proficieny Test

(gb code)

HSK in Canada

HSK in Michigan

Links for Chinese Studies

Chan, Marjorie


(The most recommended page for Chinese Studies)

Harbaugh, Rick

Chinese Discussion Board

(If you have any questions related to learning Chinese, this is the place to ask)

Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Schools Offering Chinese, Chinese Language Associations

China Institute

Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools

Chinese Language Teachers Association

Chinese School Association in the United States

Cornell University

FALCON intensive study of Chinese

French Chinese Language Teachers Association

National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools

(Links to Associations of Chinese Schools)

Xie, Tianwei

Chinese Programs at Universities and Colleges

Xie, Tianwei

Chinese Schools

Language Research, Textbooks, Learning Materials Database

Academica Sinica Classics Database

(big5 code, searchable)

CALLHOME Mandarin Chinese: Speech Corpus

Chinese Classics

(big5 codes, searchable)


(Chinese Academic Journal Database, searchable)

Language Information Sciences Research Center

Synchronous Corps

Marilyn Shea

A database of Chinese vocabulary

Rosetta Project

(Building a near permanent archive of 1000 languages)

Shandong Univ.

Complete Collection in Four Treasuries Electronic Library

(gb codes)

Taiwan Today

(Intermediate Chinese)

UCLA language teaching materials database

(This web site provides information about teaching materials for the less commonly taught languages, institutions where instruction in these languages can be obtained, and profiles which provide socio-linguistic and geographical information)

Univ. of Hawaii

Multimedia Software for Learning Chinese

Zhang, Zhengsheng

Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Digitized text

Zhang, Zhengsheng

Lab assignments

Zhang, Zhengsheng

Integrated Chinese, Level 2 Digitized text

Chinese Bookstores

Asian Rare Books

Cheng & Tsui Company Chinese Collection

(Chinese Children Books, Video's, Audio and computer CD's, and other material for libraries, ESL Programs, and government institutions for teaching Chinese Culture and Language)

China Books Periodicals, Inc.

Chinese Arts

Great Wall Books & Arts

Multilingual Books and Tapes - Chinese Materials

Nan Hai Co., Inc., U.S.A.

The Bridge of East and West Culture

Paragon Book Gallery

Powell's Books

World Journal Book Store

Search Engines

Alta Vista Chinese Search Engine Big5

Alta Vista Chinese Search Engine GB

Google Search Big5

Google Search GB

(Over 20 million university and education pages indexed and ranked in order of popularity)

Yahoo Chinese Search Engine Big5

Yahoo Chinese Search Engine GB

Seek Help from Experts

Experts Willing to Share Knowledge of Chinese

(They can help you if you have questions related to learning Chinese)

Learners' Experience

Harbough, Rick

Learning Chinese Forum

Jacob, Mary

Learning Chinese Tips

Maclay, Callum

Learn the Chinese Languages both Mandarin and Cantonese with the System Method

McLoughlin, Ian

CD Titles and other multimedia programs for Learning Chinese

Review Articles

Chu, Cecilia, UC Berkeley

Chinese Character Tutor

Chu, Cecilia, UC Berkeley


Chu, Cecilia, UC Berkeley

Professional Interactive Chinese

Chu, Cecilia, UC Berkeley


Irving, Robert, Monash University

Power Chinese 1.01

Wang, Jun, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Professional Interactive Chinese

Zhang Zhengsheng, SDSU


Zhang, Zhengsheng, SDSU

CALL for Chinese: Issues and Practice

Zheng, Tongtao, University of Tasmania

The Passage to China

Learning Chinese CD ROMs, tapes and software

66 Communication Inc.

Learning Chinese is Fun

Amtrade Com

ABC Interactive Chinese

Bourgire, Dana Scott and Ronald R. Robel

Critical Language Series: Beginning Chinese

Brandl, Klaus, Qi Yang, and Chris Delucia

Pinyin Tutor

(You can find and buyChinese software here)

ChineseTapes, Videos, DVD...


(By Prof. Li Sanpao and Jeff Winters, California State University, Long Beach)

Easy Chinese CD for Windows

Beijing T-Best Multimedia

Easy Mandarin

(A series of CD-ROMs including speaking, reading and writing)

FlashWare International

Chinese Character Tutor

Hamiltom College Multimedia Learning Software

InnerTalk: Learning Chinese

(Tapes and CD)

Ningxia CDT Auto-control Technology Ltd, China

Standard Chinese Course

Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese

(Audio tapes, recommended)

Resources United International

Step into China

Sinologic Software


The Rosetta Stone

Language Library

Venture Tech, Inc.

The Professional Interactive Chinese

Wenlin Institute, Inc.


Zhang, Zhengsheng, SDSU

Mandarin Pronunciation

Study Abroad

East China Normal University International Chinese Culture College

Glexchange: A Bridge between East & West

Learn Chinese in China: a private Chinese homestay program

Study in China Information

Studying Mandarin in Shanghai: A comprehensive guide to Chinese language schools

WorldLink Education

Other Resources Basic English-Mandarin

(play games and learn words)

(Collection of sites of learning foreign languages including Chinese)

Cheng, Qinghai

Business Chinese Syllabi

The Complete Reference to China/Chinese-Related Web Sites

Chinese Exercises

Chinese Language Resources

Chinese Multimedia Tutorial

Chinese Studies Web Resources

Chinese Tutor

Chinese Way To Go

DrDo Chinese Multimedia Language Trainer

Easton Language Education

Electronic Classroom of the Qianye Business University (Japan)


(Kids Songs in Chinese)

Hawaii Univ.

Integrated Chinese


Mandarin Chinese (Huayu Jiaoxue)

Hong Kong Univ.

Multimedia Project for Teaching and Learning Chinese

Hu Mingliang's Page

(Chinese Exercises, etc.)

Huang, K.

Learn Chinese Online

Human Langauges Page

(Links to many human languages including Chinese)

International Chinese Culture College (East China Normal University)

La Trobe University

Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning

Language Resource Directory

Learning Express Inc.,

Follow Me Learning Chinese

(Video tapes, books)

Linguaphone, UK

Liu, Wenzheng

Hanyu Online (Canada)

Nelson , Michael

Chinese Language Maintenance Program and Learning Technologies

Network for Teaching and Learning Chinese

Nicholson, John

Mandarin Chinese

Niigataum University (Japan)

OCAC Education Center Online (Taiwan)

Online Chinese Langauge College

Peterson, Erik

Chinese Tools Online

Renmin Ribao [People's Daily]

Chinese Lessons for Pre-Schoolers

Teach English, Learn Chinese

Univ. of Hawaii

Chinese Net: On-line Lessons

Waseda University (Japan)

CCDL Project

Chinese Langauge Related Info Page

Online Mandarin Course

Xie, Tianwei

China and Chinese Culture (Websites)

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