User Friendly Answer Key: Name the setting: Santa Rosario, California

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User Friendly Answer Key:

  1. Name the setting: Santa Rosario, California.

  1. What three things does Kevin worry about?

1. Louis

2. His reputation as a nerd

3. Chuck Linke

  1. A good word to describe Kevin’s character is: intelligent.

  1. Kevin’s dad works as a computer designer.

  1. Name the girl who makes fun of Kevin: Ginny Linke.

  1. One way Louis takes revenge on Chuck Linke?

Louis has him arrested.

  1. What is the effect when Louis is patched into a new modem? He could access data banks all over the world.

  1. What puzzles Kevin’s father when he returns home to work on the computer? That Louis spelled his name Louise.

  1. How does Kevin’s father change Louis? At the end of the story he deletes the personality and makes him a regular computer.

  1. What caused Louis to act the way he did toward Kevin? He had feelings for Kevin and was jealous of Ginny.

  1. This story described a computer that developed feelings after having a personality program installed.

  1. How does the computer reveal its character to Kevin? Through his actions and messages.

  1. Kevin’s father shows him a printout at the end of the story that probably shows Louis’s true feelings for Kevin.

  1. In the title the theme of the story is being reinforced because it reinforces Louis’s feelings for Kevin.

  1. Compare Kevin and Louis, how are they similar and how are they different? Use details from the story.

Both Louis and Kevin are caring thoughtful toward one another. Louis tries to protect Kevin’s feelings by causing trouble for Ginny and Chuck. Kevin feels bad about Louis’s actions and decides he must disconnect him. Louis and Kevin are very different Louis is vindictive and cruel. He makes crank calls to Ginny, gets Chuck arrested, sends junk mail to their house and calls the IRS on them. Kevin does not plan revenge even though his feelings were hurt. He just quietly gets off the bus after she hurts his feelings.

Idioms are phrases that have a figurative meaning. The words in an idiom do not literally represent their true definition but when combined their meaning becomes something completely different.
Examples from the story User Friendly:
Miss the boat means: miss an opportunity.
Pull the plug means: let die.
Out in the cold means: left out.
Loosing one’s mind means: going crazy.

Great weight taken off one’s shoulders means: got relief.

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