Using green screen software

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  1. Buy software. We bought green screen software from

  1. Assemble a green background. The green screen we use is a green sheet that we glued to the wall.

  1. Take pictures. Take pictures of people in front of the green screen.

  1. Find background pictures. We took digital cameras home and took pictures of old buildings, fields, flowers, trees, and other things that would make good backgrounds. We also got background pictures from our technology teacher and from, which has

copyright-free photos to use for education.

  1. Upload pictures. We upload all background and green screen pictures to the computer we are using and save them in our folder.

  1. Green Screen Wizard. We open Green Screen Wizard, add the picture of the person we will be working with, then add the background we think goes best with that person. We modify the pictures and save them to print later.

Modifying Photos on Green Screen Wizard
Using Green Screen software, we are able to rotate, size, color, and manipulate the photos we are working on.
To add photos and backgrounds To change the size of the person, use scale.

To change the color to black and white or sepia, To save your picture, click Save Image.

use effects.

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