Using the Seven Hats to Respond to Literature Blue Hat: Controls which hat goes on and off

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Using the Seven Hats to Respond to Literature

Blue Hat: Controls which hat goes on and off

  • Blue Hat tells us when to switch hats and indicates what type of thinking is needed, and the Gold Hat reminds us to apply the Christian lens to the story.

White Hat: Information and facts about the book

  • Title

  • Author and Illustrator

  • Awards that the book may have won

  • Plot - what happened, story map, Top Level Structure,

  • Characters - names, what they look like

  • Setting

  • Worldview and ethics of the author

Red Hat: Discussing feelings, likes and dislikes

  • How did the book make you feel?

  • How did you feel when the character did…?

  • How did the ending make you feel?

  • Did you like the story, illustrations, characters etc?

Yellow Hat: Benefits, good points and advantages

  • What was the advantage of solving the problem that way?

  • What are the advantages of…?

  • What are all the good points about...the character, the setting, the ending etc?

Black Hat: Disadvantages, dangers and problems

  • What are the dangers involved in visiting … (the setting of the book)?

  • What are the disadvantages in trying to solve problems that way?

  • When ____ did _______, what problems did they encounter?

Green Hat: New ideas, creating, adapting, innovating

  • Lets write a new ending

  • Write an acrostic about the main character

  • Draw new illustrations for the story

  • Think of a different way to solve the problem

  • Write an innovation on the story

Gold Hat: How does the literature support or oppose Gospel


  • Do any of the characters show integrity and good character?

  • Does good triumph over evil?

  • Does the story line parallel any Bible story or serve as an allegory of a Bible story?

  • Does the story promote what is good or sensationalize what is evil?

  • WWJD? How would a person like Jesus respond to the literature?

  • Write a different ending where justice is seen to be done if there is not a fair resolution.

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