Valentine middle school 2014-2015 handbook for students and parents

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Section 1 - Intent of Handbook:

This handbook is intended to be used by students, parents and staff as a guide to the rules, regulations, and general information about Valentine Middle School. Each student is responsible for becoming familiar with the handbook and knowing the information contained in it. Parents are encouraged to use this handbook as a resource and to assist their child in following the rules contained in this handbook.

Although the information found in this handbook is detailed and specific on many topics, the handbook is not intended to be all encompassing so as to cover every situation and circumstance that may arise during any school day, or school year. This handbook does not create a “contract.” The administration reserves the right to make decisions and make rule revisions at any time to implement the educational program and to assure the well-being of all students. The administration will be responsible for interpreting the rules contained in the handbook. Should a situation or circumstance arise that is not specifically covered in this handbook, the administration will make a decision based upon all applicable school district policies, and state and federal statutes and regulations.


This handbook also provides notification of the policies of Valentine Community Schools regarding Safe and Drug Free Schools, nondiscrimination, harassment, parental rights afforded under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, rights under The Family Educational Rights Policy Act (FERPA), disclosure of information to military recruiters, staff qualifications, student privacy protection, parental involvement, and homeless students.

Valentine Community Schools is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution.All teachers at Valentine Middle School are highly qualified. Specific qualifications can be supplied upon request.

Section 2 - District Organization:

Valentine Community Schools is a Class 3 School District which includes Kindergarten through Twelfth Grades. Valentine Elementary School located at 615 East 5th Street includes Grades K-5. Valentine Middle School located at 239 North Wood Street includes Grades 6-8. Valentine Rural Elementary Schools operate throughout the District and include Grades K-8. Valentine High School located at 431 North Green Street includes Grades 9-12. All schools are organized and operate under the laws that govern Class 3 School Districts and all are served by the same Board of Education.

Board of Education Administrative Staff

Cort Dewing, President Jamie Isom, Superintendent

Susan Beel, Vice President Andrew Cronin, High School Principal

Kent Lopez, Secretary Jeff Sayer, Middle/Rural School Principal

Dean Churchill, Treasurer Cindy Wobig, Elementary Principal

Will Fischer, Member Gus Brown, 6-12 Activities Director

Clint Assarsson, Member

Middle School Faculty

Gina Breuklander (Reading, Art)

Rose Dredge (Special Education)

Tammy Gass (Social Studies, English, Keyboarding)

John Neil Graham (Social Studies, Computers)

Becky Lancaster (Math, Science, Nebraska Studies)

Kate Major (Reading/Math Intervention)

Katy O’Kief (Media Specialist, Info Tech)

Kevin Pettigrew (Math, Character Ed)

David Prasch (PE, Drivers’ Ed)

Cody Roes (Physical Ed, Health)

Bonnie Rothleutner (Counseling, Badger Pause Coordinator, Careers)

Tammy Russell (Vocal Music, Band)

Melanie Steskal (Reading, Computers, Social Studies, Art)

Margaret Stoeger (Special Education)

Joanna Utecht (Science, Art)

Lindsay Wonnenberg (English, Current Events)

Lori Clapper and Stacy Stec (School Nurses)

Shawnee Latimer (Speech Therapist)

Cristen Witte (Special Education Coordinator/School Psychologist)

Section 3 - Valentine Community Schools Calendar:

See front cover of this handbook or find the school calendar on the school web site at


Section 1 - School Mission Statement

Valentine Community Schools will prepare our students for an ever-changing world.

Section 2 – School Improvement Goal

Student performance is continually monitored through data collection and analysis.

Section 3 - Goals and Objectives

To meet the unique needs of Middle School aged students, the specially trained staff and selected curriculum at Valentine Middle School intends to:

provide an opportunity to develop a set of values by which students can live and which are compatible with society;

stimulate creativity, exploration, and independence;

increase a sense of self-worth and the worth of others;

strengthen basic skills and introduce conceptual learning to the degree which individual student maturity levels and abilities make possible;

provide the atmosphere for interpersonal relationships fitted to the students’ emotional and social maturity levels;

develop physical coordination and skills, pride in health, and a wholesome attitude toward physical growth and changes.

Section 4 - Mutual Respect

Valentine Middle School expects all staff members and students to be treated with respect and dignity. A show of disrespect toward a staff member or insubordination on the part of the student will not be tolerated.

Section 5 - Multicultural Education

Diversity has been a part of our country since it’s beginning. Multicultural education enables students to understand our country’s racial, ethnic, and ancestral backgrounds. Contributions and perspectives of many diverse groups are infused into the curriculum to help prepare students to live, learn, and work in a pluralistic world. Multicultural education is incorporated into all academic areas.

Section 6 - Concern Procedure

The Board of Education, administration, and staff of the Valentine Community Schools want to do everything possible to ensure that each student’s educational experience is a worthwhile and positive experience. We are committed to working with students, parents and guardians, and the community to have the best staff, programs, and materials possible. The proper procedures for a parent or student to make a complaint or raise a concern about school staff, programs or activities are set forth below. Other procedures exist to address discrimination or harassment, the bullying of students, and to challenge disciplinary actions, and such other procedures should be used to address those types of concerns.

1. Complaint procedure:

Step 1. Have a scheduled conference with the staff person involved in the complaint matter.

Step 2. Appeal to the Principal if the matter is not resolved at Step 1.

Step 3. Appeal to the Superintendent if the matter is still unresolved at Step 2.

Step 4. Appeal to the Board of Education if the matter is still unresolved at Step 3. Written appeal should be made within five (5) days of the Superintendent’s decision.

2. Conditions Applicable to All Levels of Complaint Procedure:

All information to be considered at each appeal step should be placed in writing in order to be most effective. Appeal decisions shall be expedited as quickly as possible. A decision at any level should be rendered within ten (10) calendar days, unless a legal hearing is requested or required.

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